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  1. The wizards act differently. Hermione for example has some random events that can be triggered. Probably not going to change much with how it all works, since the mod is nearing a state where it won't be getting more updates.
  2. Yeah, should be save compatible. Just going to be a handful of new events, and fix or three.
  3. I took a look at this. Found the issue, and it'll be corrected in the next release.
  4. - Bonus content - I'll check my error.log, but the brothel part is someone's contribution. It wasn't what I'd call the clearest addition, and I don't know if I'm interested in picking through it. The other one, makes me wonder if I had an image I wanted to use instead of lilith_prison, and somehow botched adding it or what. I'll take a look and see what I find. - The currency things are from the offmap pieces that were removed. Something must be hanging around.
  5. - Don't build them. I don't recall exactly what, but the method to have them not appear at all wasn't working completely as intended and was filling the error.log with, well, errors. Not something I'm looking to touch further. - No rest for the weary? - No idea. - Odd, and no idea. Regarding progress, I've survived the holiday period, got my fill of fun and disappointment from CyberPunk 2077, and I just recently (thus my being back here in the thread) decided that I should get back to doing that last bit of content I wanted to add. So, I'm here to peek at the forum q
  6. Documents > Paradox Interactive > Crusader Kings II > logs In there, you should have an error.log file. Can you past what it is showing? If it's more than a handful of lines, please post it in a Spoiler block.
  7. None of the changes made above should impact save files. Same with the next/last planned update I've got. Version 1.83 was the last version that wasn't save game compatible with earlier versions, so as long as your save file is from 1.83 to current (1.88), you should be fine.
  8. Heh. In case someone managed to download the 1.88 file that was there for about 5 minutes after it's initial upload - delete that one and then download the current one. I found out I zipped it before saving two of the files that had changes.
  9. Alright, instead of delaying this longer. I'm just going to post 1.88 with the fixes. This also means that I'm still planning at least one more future update as well, which will have the handful of events I wanted to add. Plus - I was thinking, for those who enjoy the Drax70 image add-ons, I might just upload 2 versions of the mod. One default Dark World, the other Drax70 Dark World. With the only difference being the Drax70 image pack is already integrated. Would that be of any interest? If so, I'd probably do it with the future release, not this one.
  10. Alright, I'm adding some events, and didn't get them done just yet. Probably won't be tonight, due to work. Nothing super awesome. Just a handful or random events.
  11. Okay. I might have something else to add, but right now, worst case, this is what would get posted this weekend. v1.88 (Dark World Reborn) - Removed the Wellspring offmap entity. It was an idea from years ago for magic that never got implemented and I went with an easier method. - Corrected an issue where the mana potion was not removed after use. (thx DrPill) - Corrected an incorrect ball image (thx Drax70) - Corrected an issue with a bad event_target on the event where a female commander may be ambushed. (thx Ensavil) - Corrected an issue with a desc
  12. It might be. Look at the first page, second section that is a bunch of Q&A stuff, and then look at the last one that talks about how to set-up compatibility with an overhaul like the AGOT mod.
  13. Nothing actually implemented along those lines. One of too many plans I had.
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