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  1. From what was provided to me by Drax70, it seemed like only a handful of events were modified to use the sounds. Since I don't use the sounds, I myself have no plans on editing events to include them. If Drax70 ever hits me up with an updated group of events with the sound specified, then I'll gladly repack and post it. Also - there is a small chance I may still post an update to CK2. CK3 still doesn't allow for me to create a character from scratch and assign a dna string to it. So, I'm unable to create some of the characters that I was wanting to use in CK3, unless I do it as historical figures on a specific start year - which I don't want to do.
  2. Have you verified what global flags you have active?
  3. Your current ruler should be an orc, and there should be a global flag called dw_goblin_orc_alliance. You can use a console command to check to see what global flags there are active. My CK3 modding is going better this time around. Well enough that I've begun playing around with how Dark World will look in CK3. Outside of a mod conflict, the only other thing that I can think of offhand, is if your court is so large that you're pressed against the CK2 court threshold. I believe there is a vanilla game rule where you can remove or ease their court size restrictions, but a vanilla CK2 feature is to immediately kill off characters if the court is too large. I've tried to get around it on some characters by flagging them as historical characters - as historically flagged characters are supposed to be immune to the culling, but I can't say off the top of my head if I've applied that to all of the npc's.
  4. Alright - I've a really small update that I'll be posting this weekend. Really small. Like tiny. It may also be my last update for this mod. I finished my CK2 and CK3 play sessions, and I've decided to try a couple simple tweaks for CK3. If my modding foray isn't as cumbersome as it first seemed when I put together something for CK3, then I'll shift gears to building up a mod for that game. If CK3 modding still proves cumbersome or frustrating, then I'll probably swing back for a couple more updates to this mod. Here is the planned update as of this moment. v1.92 (Dark World Reborn) - NOTE: This update is compatible with Save Games created with DWR version 1.83 or later. Save games with earlier versions of DWR will break. - New Event (just one) - Tweak: Demon and Vampire Seduction decisions will only be used by the ai every 2 years. Previously, demon seduction had no restriction and vampire seduction had a 6 month restriction. - Tweak: Not playing with Hero and Villain content will disable the associated buildings.
  5. There is a random event that can fire, which allows you to expand on what the brothel offers. It's competing with other potential annual random effects, so you might not get it for a while. If you know how to use the console to trigger events, try triggering DWCourt.300
  6. So, after looking at the game files, I can see that I use the potential = { has_xxxx_content = yes} method on the wizard tower related buildings, so I'm leaning more towards never having cared or thought of excluding the hall or lair buildings. It'll be in the next update for those of you who expressed seething hatred towards their existence.
  7. I have no plans on making any future CK2 mods. The next update might be my last one. Going to have another play session of CK2 this week, followed by one of CK3 and I'll determine if it's time to switch my seemingly diminishing time to mod, over to CK3 finally. Dark World Reborn does not have any such game rule. Alas, I cannot speak to why another mod's game rule may or may not be displaying. Unless we've somehow named two rules the exact same thing - which I doubt - there shouldn't be anything in DWR that's preventing it from being seen. The only time I myself as a player have seen where none of the game rules I was expecting to see, weren't there - was when I had two .mod files which both tried to point a mod of the same name to two different folders (so the game didn't do either of them). For a version or two - this would have happened if you had both the default DWR and the Drax70 DWR variation. No idea of course if you're seeing something similar, but I figured I'd share the one time I encountered the same issue. I don't use CK2+, but some others in the past used DWR with it, and they did mention that there were a couple things they had to do to get them to play together. In theory - it's somewhere within the 200+ pages of this thread. If it doesn't generate unhappy lines in the error.log file, I'll take a look at including it in the update. I want to say a couple of us wrestled with getting an error free method working many moons ago. Of course, I could be entirely misremembering it - since I always play with the content enabled.
  8. Were any other mods updated? You shouldn't be seeing the trait disruption, as no traits were modified (unless your last save was something earlier than version 1.83 of the mod). This would also impact the custom portraits, as those are trait based. Even if a trait was taken away, I'm pretty certain it would impact everything in the save game.
  9. Looks like it should be pretty easy. One of the later additions for CK2 modding was the means to set certain decisions to be used by the ai only at a certain frequency (ai_check_interval). It was such a late addition, that it only is used on a handful of decisions. The demon seduction decisions doesn't have it, and the vampire seductions is set to be used every 6 months. I'm going to set it to where said vampire or demon can only use the decision once every two years, and let's see if that helps. Sometimes, it seems like when deciding a target, the the player will be the preferred target, regardless of whether it's supposed to be random or not. So if we're seeing that happen, where the player is getting 10 events every two years from the 10 possible individuals using it, then I'll take another approach in dealing with it.
  10. New version has been uploaded. Working on the next update. Going to take a look at the Vampire Seduction event that was mentioned by a couple folks as seeming spammy for the next update. I've one or two more Red Sonja events to add. Beyond these couple of things, we'll see what shakes out.
  11. I've one or two more events to add before I wrap it up and post it. So, maybe tomorrow? As of right now this is likely what the final change log will be. At this point, I already know that I'll be working on another update, so it's not the last one yet. Change Log: v1.91 (Dark World Reborn) - NOTE: This update is compatible with Save Games created with DWR version 1.83 or later. Save games with earlier versions of DWR will break. - New Events - New Artifacts - Fix: Red Sonja will now stop adventuring when the arc completes - Fix: Those with breeding artifacts, such as the breeding collar, might get knocked up in the stable events - Fix: An option name string to show the correct localization in a Harley event - Fix: An error in a trigger that prevented Sorcey from being recruited - Fix: An error that could prevent the intended use of the Elder Blood potion. - Tweak: Elder Blood was set to be a 1 in 5 chance of making a vampire who drank it, an immortal. I improved the odds to a 1 in 4 chance. - Fix: A scope error that would make a pregancy for the player, when they were not the one receiving the seed. - Fix: An issue where some hero/villains with multiple images where being recognized for image swaps
  12. Oof. Some kudos on the code review Nocturina. I have to admit that so far I've had to stare at a couple of them a bit longer than I would have in the past, in order to ask myself, just what the hell was it I was trying to accomplish. Your detailed message though has definitely helped in getting them looked at. Also - the reference to practical_age not being around when the mod was originally created, I have to say that NOR and NAND, and probably a third of conditions, commands and scopes didn't exist either when the mod was originally created. To include useful features now like the scripted_effects and scripted_triggers. It's actually one of the reasons the mod has been overhauled more than once.
  13. So, I drank a bit more than normal this weekend, and had a good time as the sports teams I follow both did well in their respective games. In other words, I didn't wrap up things like I had planned this weekend for an update. I'll do it though at some point here in the next day or two, and I'll take a look at what was posted above and see about incorporating some of those changes if I agree with them.
  14. Which event are you looking at modifying? If you can provide the event name/number, I'll take a look at it.
  15. That section for the female ruler could be condensed to just the following: I could technically simply say has_artifact = dw_breed_collar, however, it's checking for a flag, to allow for more artifacts to work. They'd just need the have the word breed in the flag section for the artifact. I did it like that originally because I thought I'd include more, and to allow for any mods that wanted to add such an item for compatibility. Event targeting only is used when you're going to apply or check something against a target that isn't the ROOT (usually the one viewing) entity for the event. if = { # If there is a breeder artifact limit = { any_artifact = { has_artifact_flag = breed } } set_character_flag = dw_pregnancy_horse character_event = { id = dw_visits.9030 } } I'm actually pretty certain that has you've got it written, it wouldn't work. The above part that I posted though will be in the next release that should be out this weekend.
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