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  1. You don't fix it. It isn't an image load issue. It's an issue where some narrative windows simply don't have a larger image for the event. The smaller image is the native CK2 image size for events. When this mod was first done, the larger narrative window wasn't a thing, so even some images related to this mod have the smaller images (although they've been getting updated here and there the past few releases). Since I know this can be visually jarring, I'm planning on making a change at some point in the future, where I'll have narrative_events not use the larger window by default, and they'll instead only use it if a larger image is present. To do this though, I'll need to go through every single narrative_event in the mod, so I'm putting it off for now (although the time is getting closer).
  2. Without going through the Bordello Overhaul quest line (only available if a bordello is built in a castle), it will likely remain without additional choices. However, that one choice pulls from a random list. Right now, most of the lists just have one valid option. The number of potential events to be selected from that random list is expected to increase. So for example, in the future, if you choose to spend time with a woman, instead of one event constantly appearing, the visit could pull from one of five possible outcomes for that visit. Once upon a time I wanted something more detailed, but to be honest, to do it properly with various options and kinks available as options could almost be an entire mod unto itself.
  3. I plan on revisiting/improving upon the slave bodyguard option, to where having one would lessen plot chances against you. Less likely to happen at some point is where a bodyguard would be able to take actions in certain events - simply because of the sheer amount of updates that would need to be done. So if it does make it in, it'd be in a few specific events, and not wide spread.
  4. I don't think that'd work so well, especially since folks have shared how different religions have ended up with other racial characters at their head (my favorite was Pope Fenris). It'd be more work than I'd be interested in to first keep them out of positions of power in a religion, and then to have special religion based hunting events. That aside, I often play 'purist' type games where my human ruler tries to purge the non-humans from the realm. There's enough already in play that allows things like that without needing special religion based events. That said, it is an interesting idea to have a law that would make being a non-human a criminal type offense. I'll add that idea to my ponderings.
  5. You could be a human with poor luck in fertility and still have the game over in 20 minutes. It's happened to me a number of times, especially when playing un-modded CK2. So I'm not really seeing an issue, other than it's presently clear that Dark World Reborn isn't friendly to vampires being able to expand their bloodline. So if you're starting the game with a ruler, that has no children at start, and you're a vampire right out of the gate, then you're clearly playing at a higher than normal difficulty curve. Your starting selection definitely influences the difficulty level you'll face.
  6. The brothel portion of my mod doesn't have anything that should trigger as rape. And while I used to have a rape trauma modifier I used, I've moved on from it to different modifiers instead. In fact, I just commented the event modifier out of my code, and ran Validator. If I was still using it anywhere in my code, Validator should have generated an error as I'd then have a missing modifier. I received zero errors related to it, so you're likely talking about something related to another mod. The Elder Forest Empire is also not related to my mod. Horse stable - it'll likely get some new content soon, but I can't say I see this one being added to it, but who knows. Illusion from the past - interesting concept. Could be worth exploring in the future. I used to have it where if a werewolf and vampire mixed, that the result was death. It was trimmed largely for performance tuning and I don't see it coming back. You're also referencing two items that have been discussed as disappearing (and one actually did with this most recent update - annual health loss). Artifact - unlikely Ruler as a traveling entertainer - extremely unlikely. Intensive training course? Based on what you asked, doesn't make sense to me. Starvation - unlikely, but who knows.
  7. I changed nothing else related to vampires in the recently released update. I just removed the annual health loss. If things progress well with the update I'm now working on, I expect to revisit the thralls and potentially tweak things there, so the current health gain should still be in effect, which may be a little OP, but meh, since it's not a required action I'm leaving it to folks to self-regulate themselves.
  8. Since I'm going to be adding some vampire stuff anyway, maybe I can add some kind of kidnap and mark a kid mechanism. The 'marked' kid then becomes part of your bloodline. To give it some semblance of balance and to force decision making, you can only 'mark' one living heir. So unless they die, your counting on that single point. Also, they wouldn't be a vampire unless you turn them. More like a special kind of thrall.
  9. I'll take a look. That's around the time I did the trait overhaul, so something could be borked from it.
  10. It should be. No new traits or things that should mix-up indexing.
  11. Alright, a little information on what I'm looking to do regarding therianthrope's with this next update. So it's an update that will impact werewolves, neko's, kitsune, pretty much any were-beast/shapeshifter. For those needing a quick clarification: Therianthropy is the mythological ability of human beings to metamorphose into other animals. Just about every culture around the world has some sort of example of tales regarding it, and it's generally seen as a mixture of humans and animal spirits. Using that inspiration, I'm removing the present mechanism that werewolves have that drive them to hunt in order to stave off the beast within. The beast within will still exist, and its risk will span all therianthrope's, as cultures with even noble examples of these beings, also have examples where they've turned on humanity in dangerous fashion. Instead, the annual check will instead look at a therianthrope's different traits to see if it's losing its way. Too many sins or other negative traits, and not enough virtues, will give a therianthrope a heavy negative opinion modifier to represent their lashing out at others and generally being seen as difficult and dangerous to be around, for both humans, and even their own kind. The 'Go on a Hunt' decision will be tweaked, and expanded to more than just werewolves. I might rename it, but we'll see. It'll instead become something that is mainly flavor, unless you're beginning to slip. If you're beginning to slip, a chance to correct your path may be 'unlocked' during the hunt option. If this works out how I hope, it shouldn't be a big issue for a player character, unless they're specifically playing someone that wants to deeply wallow in sin and dangerous traits. It may be a little more difficult for NPC's, since they're not allowed to hunt as frequently as the player (resource throttling reasons). So feedback will be key from those who go pretty heavy in the were-critter play sessions. Edit: this update also means that werewolf players, like vampire players - will no longer have what amounts to mandatory actions to take regularly (feed for vampires, hunt for werewolves), that could get old over time and be more of an interruption than an extension of game play.
  12. Hrm. Yeap, that'd be the case currently. I was off on my initial response as I didn't apply it as a percentage. My intention wasn't for them to ever reproduce. I prefer them to make more vampires through the embrace. Others have clearly achieved it though based on posts they've made, so it's clearly being worked around somehow (although they may admittedly be modifying their game files, I get the impression from a couple that they worked around it without doing so).
  13. I'm hoping to get some form of it in the game. It was originally based on a werewolf council idea that never came to realization, so I'm going to have to update parts of it, but something akin to it is presently in the plans for the next update.
  14. They typically don't, but a -100 to fertility can be overcome with other traits, the proper focus, and other events that give fertility modifiers.
  15. New version posted, new work already under way. I feel like it's been awhile since I've added a real sizable number of events, so that's going to be my main focus this time around (adding new events), with some of those including some new werewolf and vampire content, as well as a lot more.
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