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Adult Mods

Misc adult mods, patches, or plugins for other games not listed.

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  1. Rimworld - Voluptuous Bodies - Futa Version

    This is simply another updated version of Oramu's/TY Voluptuous Female Bodies mod for Rimworld on steam. Only this one has an added feature.

    Works with latest version of Rimwold (V1.0.2059)

    Compatible with existing saves and toggled on and off with no corruption of save file data.

    Please note this is not my mod and I do not intend to take credit for this work.
    I have simply updated for the current version of Rimworld. The only addition I have made to this mod is added a penis.

    1. Download Zip file.
    2. Un-zip file to desktop.
    3. Copy 'Voluptuous Bodies 1.0' file into steamapps/common/Rimworld/mods folder.
    4. Enable in 'Mods' menu in game.
    5. Enjoy.



  2. Rimworld - Voluptuous Bodies + Clothes

    This is simply a updated version of Oramu's/TY Voluptuous Female Bodies mod for Rimworld on steam.

    Works with latest version of Rimwold (V1.0.2059)

    Compatible with existing saves and toggled on and off with no corruption of save file data.

    Please note this is not my mod and I do not intend to take credit for this work.
    I have simply updated for the current version of Rimworld. Nothing about the mod itself has been altered/changed.

    1. Download Zip file.
    2. Un-zip file to desktop.
    3. Copy 'Voluptuous Bodies 1.0' file into steamapps/common/Rimworld/mods folder.
    4. Enable in 'Mods' menu in game.
    5. Enjoy.



  3. [Rimworld] RJW and QE Patch

    I've created recipes for RimJobWorld Private Parts for Questionable Ethics 
    Questionable Ethics
    Also Contains a few other parts.
    3 of which require this link as giving credit where credit is due. (https://www.fenoxo.com/play-games/) Trials in Tainted Space.



  4. Sexbound (2.7.6) Human Eyes Reskin

    This is Sexbound 2.7.6 with a reskin to the human eyes, the eyes are based from a clientside mod I have put together, that adds nudity with genitalia and, the human eyes reskin. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kmWyVPW74M8TnCzjLjtcoLHYTvbB2C5Y 
    This mod was mostly a test of the waters, if this mod gets a following, I will continue to update it, alongside Sexbound. I will also patch the other species, to be more eye pleasing.



  5. [Starbound] OmniBrowser

    Sorry for the immediate lack of content for this, but there will be content uploaded soon.  Stay on the look out!
    OmniBrowser is an API / Framework that aims to enable modders to create interactive objects that pop open a browser window for displaying animated media. Currently, it is possible to configure both interactive furniture objects and handheld active items to pop open a browser window. Modders are encouraged to change the title, subtitle, and image icon of their browser window to fit the theme of their mod.
    • <A> or <Left Arrow> : Go to next image.
    • <D> or <Right Arrow> : Go to previous image.
    • <W> or <Up Arrow> : Go to next gallery.
    • <S> or <Down Arrow> : Go to previous gallery.
    • <=> : Zoom in on current image.
    • <-> : Zoom out on current image.
    • <,> : Slow down the animation rate.
    • <.> : Speed up the animation rate.
    • <m> : Mute / unmute the gallery music.
    Compatible Mods
    Lewd Felin TV by Fluff the Felin & Artus
    Lewd Felin Fun TV by Fluff the Felin & Artus



  6. Sexbound Ningen Race Support

    This patch adds race support for the SexboundAPI of Ningen race mod
    Place the content in the starbound mod folder
    [Sexbound API]
    Sexbound API by Locuturus = https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-starbound-sexbound-api/
    [ Ningen Race Links ]
    = Non-Steam Version =
    - Original Version -
    = Steam Version =
    - Original Version -
    Race Compatible to Pregnancy:
    Ningen Human Apex ??? Kemono Neko Felin  
    Please Note that pregnancy will only work if the pregnancy.config code for "enableCompatibleMates" is set to "true". The config is located: SexboundAPI\scripts\sexbound\plugins\-.
    Credits to the (RIP?)Original Race Author:
    = ODABATSU / 織田バツ =
    Be Advised:
    For those who wants to edit this support, please ask for permission from the author of this support first before you make changes, and reposting this support and changing the author of the support will be reported, Original Race Author has also have the rights of taking this down if by request has been given.



  7. Sexbound Futanari

    You know what this mod does.
    Supports everything from effects, sprites, to pregnancy for the modded gender.
    Everything else will still follow the restriction of the base API.
    Important: Requires Sexbound API 2.8.1 Beta.
    Will probably not work on any other version so do not ask why it is not working.
    Extract the zip into your /starbound/mods/ folder.

    Credits: Thanks to Locuturus and red3dred. Been fun digging through and learning from your files!



  8. Deerkin Sexbound & Race pack

    This file includes the race Deerkin for starbound and female sprites for sexbound 2.0. Please note that there are ONLY female sprites for sexbound as of this moment.
    The Deerkin sprites were not made by me, all I did was edit sprites to make them sexbound compatible. All credit goes to the original creators.
    I will try and work towards adding in support for male characters and fix up issues with character not appearing in bed alone



  9. [Starbound] Throwing Heart

    Throwing Heart Projectile

    This mod introduces a new weapon called the Throwing Heart, and requires Sexbound in order to function.

    The Throwing Heart can be thrown to induce damage and lust effect, and can also be found in chests. However, this does induce damage equal to the kunai, and should be used with caution in populated areas.



  10. [Starbound] Anime Ahegao Emote

    Ahegao Emote
    This mod changes the human ":o" emote to be an ahegao. I highly recommend using a mod that changes human faces to be more anime, otherwise you'll experience a graphical error. This mod is compatible with Sexbound and functions nicely during the animations.



  11. Rimworld Busty Bodies

    *UPDATE 2/16/2019*              Fat body updated, mod is complete for now
    Adds endowed women to rimworld
    there are no armor/outfits currently
    original art from Bermasin aka ber00
    I sujest using camera+ mod to be able to zoom in
    compatable with rimworld 1.0
    Please extract to your mods folder under rimworld. 
    Look for MoreDetailBody in mods when you start the game
    Dont double extract or mod wont work and will appear out of date for rimworld 1.0
    Dont do:                              Mods/MoreDetailBody/MoreDetailBody/
    Do:                                       Mods/MoreDetailBody/



  12. Naturally Horny

    The Naturally Horny mod is pretty straight forward and simple:

    It aims to create a natural cycle of interactions between NPC's and Sexbound's interactions.

    NPC's will slowly grow horny over time, and eventually will use sex-enabled beds on their own, including crew-members.
    Once in bed, they will only leave once they've had enough, or by using the books from Lewd-bound, one can make them stop being horny.
    This was requested by a user, so i ended up making it a modular edit. It is meant to only work for the Sexbound version of same number, so beware when updating. I'll try to keep with Sexbound and keep this up-to-date as long as necessary.



  13. Lewdbound

    So.... Hoh boi.... Lewdbound, originally created by the /sbg/ (Starbound general board) by users who called themselves "Elmo, Jessie, Jizzlord, Soma" and many /sbg/ anons, is a mod that adds lewd items of a variety of types. Clothing, "crops", food, usables/guns, even fuel.

    I wish i could track down the original owners and just hand them the mod/ ask if they mind-- but alas, i've delved deep into boards, but either they're completely gone, after several wipes and such, no link to them seemed to work. If you know or are the creator, please contact me.

    Disclaimers apart, here's a chunk of what Lewdbound has to offer, including my additions and edits, and integrations into the Sexbound mod:
    Lewdguns of varied races and types, they fire projectiles that spawn liquids upon impact, of the semen and piss variety and will cause NPC's to become sex nodes akin to the Aphordite's Bow. A Fishing-harpoon-bow called the Fish poker. (? Yeah i don't know either.) A bound-floran "crop" that can be grown to acquire Floran Flower-cones (Their dicks, yes), used in food crafting, and acquiring the floran lewd-gun by normal means, Supposed to be sold at the Penguin Bay. Pregnant Scientist clothing. A variety of food items made from the liquids generated by the Lewdguns. All of which are probably going to cause your clothing to become invisible temporarily. Lube to produce semen liquids without using a lewdgun. Cum-fuel-cells! For your ship! (FTL fuels) (Requires Frackin' Universe for this feature) A cum-powered generator Appears to be disfunctional, is not compatible with FU. Cum and crafting-recipe unlocks support for the following species: (Feel free to request a compat for dick and liquid for your species)
    Additions of my own and contributions of others:
    Shot-lewdgun, a joke weapon that is actually a very viable weapon. Just beware that its primary fire will still turn NPC's into nodes, or at least try to. The Lewd Magazine and the Hole Bibel: Prototypes of what Sexbound can do with the "Arousal" system: One will cause NPC's that are hit to reach out to sexable furniture akin to the Diabella Statue, while the other will not only remove them from sexables, but also prevent them from becoming "aroused" for 5 minutes. These have no impact on players. A vending machine (Sprite by Eiko, much appreciated!) from which to acquire most of the unobtainable Lewdbound items (Lewdguns, mattresses, magazines, etc) The Donglenator (Box of dicks) using the LewdScripts! It spawns functional and animated dicks for your character, inherits your character's name and species. CleanMattresses! Like the sexbound_prisonmattress, these thin objects have all 6 positions enabled, aren't too ungly, and include racial tags, so you too can get your tenant's prefered species and theme right! Currently has 15 variants, for 6 of the 7 playable species.
    Here's the actual Changelog i've kept, its also within the file.



  14. braixen sexbound support.

    before anyone ask i made this race. this comes with a nsfw edit of the race which is the pixel nipples.  version it works for are 2.6/2.7 of sexbound. if you want the sfw verion of the race here  and the sexbound mod it self. and remember you can edit and do what you want with this mod, as the maker of this race and support i give full allow to anything.
     and https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/braixen-the-pokemon-theme-race.5640/



  15. Sexbound Bunnykin - 2.6+

    This mod/patch adds support for Bunnykins in 2.6/7 
    This mod was made by DargotDruid originally for 2.5. However he hasn't been on since september 21 2018. I can only hope this will give bunnies out there some happiness.
    Already got permission by the original author of the bunnykin race as well so we are good~.



  16. [Starbound] Statue of Dibella

    Coming from the Elder Scrolls Universe, the Statue of Dibella can be used to cause all nearby NPCs to become highly aroused.
    Note: The mods folder is located here for Steam users on Windows:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\mods
    *This mod was made for Starbound v1.3.4.
    1) Extract the contents from .zip file.
    2) Move all of the extracted contents into your Starbound mods directory. (Overwrite the previous version.)
    3) Finished.
    Latest version of Sexbound
    This mod adds the ability to create a "Statue of Dibella" object that can be placed on the ground. Its invisible effect instantly arouses all NPCs within a 25 tile radius, and they will automatically seek out the nearest sex-enabled object that has the item tag "sex". While the Statue is activated, all nearby NPCs will max out their arousal every five seconds, and it must be deactivated to prevent the NPCs from continuing to become aroused.
    You may craft this object with the standard Workbench.
    1) Open the Workbench crafting window.
    2) Choose the tab with the portrait and chair.
    3) Scroll down to find the Statue of Dibella.
    4) Craft it - Supply x10 Gold bars.
    1) Ensure that you have admin privileges. Type /admin into the chat.
    2) Type /spawnitem statueofdibella
    3) Catch it!
    Use It
    1) Ensure that both NPCs and sex-enabled furniture objects are nearby.
    2) Drag the Statue of Dibella from your inventory to a clear surface area.
    3) Activate the statue by touching it.
    4) Nearby NPCs will max out their arousal stat.
    5) All aroused NPCs will move to and lounge in the nearest sex-enabled furniture object.
    (Optional) Deactivate the statue by touching it.



  17. Sexbound Lombax All-in-One Races

    This patch adds race support for the SexboundAPI of the Lombax Races requested by CaylePolin. This supports includes 3 races: Lombax Pointed, Lombax Striped and Markazians.
    Unzip the content in the starbound mod folder if Non-Steam Version/
    [Sexbound API]
    Sexbound API by Locuturus = https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-starbound-sexbound-api/
    [ Lombax Races Links ]
    = Non-Steam Version =
    = Steam Version =
    Race Compatible to Pregnancy:
    Lombax Pointed Lombax Striped Markazian  
    Please Note that pregnancy will only work if the pregnancy.config code for "enableCompatibleMates" is set to "true". The config is located: SexboundAPI\scripts\sexbound\plugins\-.
    Changelog :
    1.0.0 - First release of the Race Support.
    Note :
    Screenshot GIF preview seems to be slow due to 100+ frame per sec without delay and CS6 converting a video to GIF seems to be not a good idea.
    Credits to the author:
    = CaylePolin =
    Be Advised:
    For those who wants to edit this support, please ask for permission from the author of this support first before you make changes, and reposting this support and changing the author of the support will be reported, Original Race Author has also have the rights of taking this down if by request has been given.



  18. VENUS - Animated Body Mod

    Version 0.2 - Hylotl Update is now live!
    This mod edits the bodies of females in the actor2 position, making them quite a bit more ladylike.
    Currently, the mod supports human, apex, floran, and hylotl races. Next on my list is Glitch.
    Note: The current version only supports females in the actor2 position - so no improvements if the female is topping. I hope to fix this in a future update.
    Note: I am almost positive there's an easier way to do this, but I'm an artist, not a modder. If you know how I can make it install automatically, please let me know and I'll make an update.
    1. Download the UNPAK version of Sexbound.
    2. Download the "Sexbound_VenusBM" file.
    3. Unzip both files.
    4. In your mods folder, replace the PAK version of Sexbound (if you have it) with the UNPAK folder.
    4. Place the "artwork" folder from the Venus mod into the Sexbound folder and overwrite existing files.
    Please feel free to use the assets in this mod to create your own edits of it, or as a basis for custom races. If you do so, however, please credit and link back to the original mod in your upload. I hope you have fun with it, and I look forward to helping out this little community with some artwork.
    Yours truly,



  19. Sexbound_VenusBM0.1_Apex.7z




  20. Sexbound_VenusBM0.1_Floran.7z




  21. Sexbound_VenusBM0.1_Human.7z




  22. VAM Cuffs and Chains (and Rope)

    Unchained.assetbundle for VAM.
    It contains a procedural chain and some cuffs. To make the asset work you need to create two CustomUnityAssets.
    Set the first Asset to ProceduralChain.prefab or Chain.prefab from unchained.assetbundle and add script ProceduralChainV2.cs as plugin. The second asset, you can set to whatever you like. Add the scripts cuffs.cs to the second asset as plugin and select the connected Atom in plugin gui, it will only show valid targets.  
    If you like to create your own cuffs, set the objects pivot to the point where the chain should be connected and take care to not intersect with a collider at this point.
    The previous version "my.assetbundle" contains some roped cuffs in early stage. Roped cuffs are hard to make procedural cause you need to alter the skinned mesh if you change the bone count. I wont put any effort into that...
    Known issues:
    - the Left arms collider of the vam person seems to be different to the right, maybe a little bit smaller. Cuff on the left tends to slip away or clip through... Can't do anything against that
    - please report bugs getting bored
    - none, it's done...
    ***HINT: If you turn of Physics and Collision on the cuffs object, you can move around the cuff while its still connected to chain, you should always set the controls of the cuff to off***
    *** Chains Param depend on each other, you will have to find the best combo for each object, scale, link count combination and chain orientation, also the force pulling on the cuff makes a huge difference. ***
    Just share, don't care...
    That's how a connectable object should look like, there is no Rigidbody component nor joint. Try to avoid meshcollider, capsules seems to work best....





  23. Fuchsia the Floran Slut Returns

    I've been hard at work to revive legacy mods.... well, not really. Lazily poking at code until things seemingly worked. But at least i got this done...

    Fuchsia the floran slut returns, now up to date, with 6 positions, and full dialogue! And also a futa version, for those interested!

    Many thanks to Locuturus, ChesterPiece, Alastor Void Watcher, and Dibz666 (Original creator of Fuchsia!), all you helped a lot! If not for Locuturus, we wouldn't have Sexbound in the first place, and ChesterPiece for the glorious animations, along with Alastor for supporting more species and keeping things clean! And of course, many thanks to Dibz, for making more content for Sexbound, so early in its development!
    This version of Fuchsia is basically, the same in function as the Legacy one, except for the Custom UI. And also, visual pregnancy support.

    Quick word, though; Pregnancies are supported, but are only visual and temporary. Fuchsia won't keep her pregnancies, and you won't stay pregnant (for long)-- As of 2.7, pregnancies for furniture NPC's was a bit fixed, but since they're not a real species, the pregnancy will end and nothing will happen, for the player at least, so you still can get pregnant, but it won't do anything.
    How do install!?!?
    Well, its as simple as downloading it and dropping it in the Mods Folder. Its a Pak file.
    How do get!?!?
    Assuming you have Alluring Toys Co installed, as part of the requirements, just interact with the machine and purchase your favored version of Fuchsia. Place it down, and interact. Object is 4 blocks wide and 2 blocks tall.

    If you have a issue, please report it as best as you can, and include your "starbound.log" file found within <your installation directory>/storage, in whichever way you prefer; Pastebin, annex it to the post, but for the love of all that is holy, don't paste over 500 lines of logs into the post.
    But can we do better?
    I'm open to criticism and suggestions, feel free to suggest and comment new content, improvements, nitpicks, and even submit your ideas to turns into new mods!



  24. Dragonian Race Mod RJW Edition [1.0]

    Dragonian Race Mod for Rimworld 1.0 (RimJobWorld Edition)
    This is custom race mod for Rimworld
    New Humanlike Race Dragonian  Good at melee combat. Shearing & Milking Appears only as Slave or Wildman. Texture change with health state  
    Rimworld Version 1.0 Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 RimJobWorld (load always last)  
    Mod Loading Order
    Core Hugslib Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 This mod RimJobWorld  
    Unpack the the zip content into "...steam/steamapps/common/rimworld/mods/DragonianRace RJW Edition " Activate it & the other required mods Restart game  
    Bug Report
    If you have any Error Log, Please report the link after press Ctrl + F12 , and detailed description what happened.



  25. Pregnant Males 2: Parenting Boogaloo

    The same old male-pregnancy enabler mod, now less annoying to install! And with secondary features!

    MPreg 2 brings the same old "free-pregnancy" option, allowing any NPC or Player to impregnate, regardless of genders.
    In addition, "polling of parents" is now a option, allowing the birthed NPC to randomly be the father's or mother's race, should they differ, at a 50/50 chance.
    Both functions include a toggle, allowing to only have FreePregnancy, or Polling of Parents, as you wish.
    To do so, simply reach into the mod's files, inside "scripts", until you find "pregnant.config.patch", where you can alter "true" or "false" to your liking.
    Please ignore the backup included, its only for reference.
    Installation is pretty simple: Extract the ZIP, drop the folder in the mods folder, done. That is, unless you want to enable/disable one of the two.

    Since Sexbound 2.6, male-pregnancy sprites are actually built into the mod, so i don't need to include visuals. The ones you'll see were made by ChesterPiece.
    Thanks to ArgobargSoup for the parent polling code, and ChesterPiece for including the mpreg sprites into the base assets of Sexbound!