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Misc Adult Mods

Misc adult mods, patches, or plugins for other games not listed.

117 files

  1. Submitted

  2. Tales of the World Radiant Mythology Nude Mod

    Nude mod of TOTW RM.
    Unequip everything.



  3. Starwarsbattlefront2 Nude Rey replaces Gunner Reinforcement

    Nude Rey mod replaces the Gunner Reinforcment REQUIRES 1 Nude rey mod
    Credit to Imsorryhan for the Nude rey model:https://www.nexusmods.com/starwarsbattlefront22017/mods/2743
    Load my mod ABOVE THE NUDE REY MOD
    Thank you to the 18 people who took part in the poll for me to release this mod.I originally wasn't going to release it because I just wanted to see if I could make it possible.I most likely will not update this mod further for me it was more of a can I do it rather than a actually mod I wanted to do.But anyways I hope those who download it enjoy it.
    V1- 4 Apperances only have one active
             Nude rey with her default hair
             Nude rey with a commando Helmet
             Nude rey with a Mk1 clone Helmet
             Nude rey with a MK2 Helmet
             She has kept the original voice lines of the gunner because with the helmets it can feel like a different character.

    Here is a thread were you can leave me feedback and see some previews.
    Here is a poll to decide which Big nude mod for the Trooper Factions I should Focus on.
    I have now created a Discord Server to discuss my nude mods with me.If you want to join please send me a Message here on Loverslab and I will send you the Invite link.



  4. Starwarsbattlefront2 Nude Leia replaces Anakin

    Nude leia Replaces Anakin with 3 Apperances and a bonus helmet option.
    Again all credit for nude model goes to ImsorryHan
    Nude Leia replaces Anakin's 3 Apperances with a bonus helmet apperance on seperate file.I really enjoyed making this one it felt like a great idea.I finally Learned how to put helmets on the nude bodies so the helmets will bring more life to the nude mods that are currently available to me to use.Again can't thank ImsorryHan for releasing his files without them I wouldn't be able to make them.
    I think I may make a SFW Clothed mod for Leia replacing Anakin too.Future updates for this mod will include different Hairs and Helmets if it is desired.Maybe Text edits and Starcards.

    V1- 1st Apperance-Nude Leia with Hoth hair
           2nd Apperance-Nude Leia with Anakins Robe
           3rd Apperance-Nude Leia with Rey's Hood
           4th Apperance-Replacing the Hood is A clone MK2 Helmet.
            Optional Files- White Jedi Robe and White Saber
     Optional files go above the main mod to work.Also don't have Nude Leia mod by Imsorryhan and my mod both active my mod has it installed already.The HOOD/HELMET APPERANCE BUGS the heads hair to fix it change the character model after selecting the apperance then the hair or hood will appear.Don't have the Leia Nude mod and my mod both active my mod has the Leia nude mod too.
    Here is a thread were you can leave me feedback or suggestions.



  5. Starwarsbattlefront2 Nude Rey replaces Darth Maul

    Nude Rey Mod replaces Maul
    Nude Rey mod is Required- https://www.nexusmods.com/starwarsbattlefront22017/mods/2743
    Enhanced model- https://www.nexusmods.com/starwarsbattlefront22017/mods/2931
    All credit for the nude Model goes to ImsorryHan
    Enhanced model credit to Horned Maul
    I swapped Maul with the Nude Rey mod it is REQUIRED and my mod needs to be loaded ABOVE it. It works with both the original Nude Rey mod from Imsorryhan and the enhanced model from HornedMaul.Thank you for releasing this great mods.
    Future Updates will Include the rest of Reys Hair's hopefully and her Hood.Maybe some Face Paint too.


    V1-Replaces Maul's Default Skin with Nude Rey with her 1st hair from Ep7
         Update-Replaces Maul's Default Skin with Nude Rey with her Ep8 hair
            Optional red hair Rey's Ep8- Red Version NEEDS TO BE BELOW THE NUDE REY MOD.
    Also included optional Yellow Maul Sabers Replaced it Must be Loaded ABOVE my main mod to work.

    Here is a thread were you can see previews of mods I am working on and were you can leave feedback or Suggestions.



  6. Starwarsbattlefront2 Nude Iden Versio Replaces Kylo Ren

    All credit for the nude Model goes to ImsorryHan
    Every since Imsorryhan released his Awsome Nude mods I wanted to use them with other characters. I have had this Idea of using Iden with kylo ren as a sith .So I decided to make it myself.Thanks Imsorryhan for sharing your project files.All I did was swap kylo with nude Iden.If you are going to use this mod only have this one active not both this mod and Nude Versio Mod.My mod has them both active since I don't know how to use blender or import models. It took me 2 whole day too even figure out frostyeditor not very begginer friendly but I figured it out so I thought I would share it since there isn't many adult NSFW mods for this game. 

    Don't have my Nude Iden Kylo Mod and the Nude Iden mod by IMsorryhan both active my mod has it installed already.

    V2- 4 Apperances
           Nude Iden with regular hair
           Nude Iden with Rey's last jedi preorder skin hair
           Nude Iden with Rey's last jedi preorder skin hair and a cape with hood down
           Nude Iden with Cape and Hood Up
        2 Eye Version Regular and Sith eyes from Maul
     Helmeted Version- Nude Iden with her Helmet
                                    Nude Iden with Sith Trooper Helmet
                                    Nude Iden with Kylo's 2nd Helmet with cape hood down
                                    Nude Iden with Kylo's 1st Helmet with Cape hood up
      Kylo's 1st Helmet and Sith trooper Helmet are Buggy to Fix Select the apperance and then switch character Model and select Kylo Again.
     Also comes with optional Vader Lightsaber Files red and Purple and Black and a Custom Abilities mod too which need to be Above the main mod.
    Here is a thread were you can see previews of mods I am working on and were you can leave feedback or Suggestions.
    Here is a poll to decide which Big nude mod for the Trooper Factions I should Focus on.



  7. Boukenshas Binder - Stories of Captivity

    Boukensha's Binder - Stories of Captivity
    I have been writing events for the mod Captivity Events by BadListener              
    Aside from some troubleshooting i haven't released any of them.  Now i feel i have added sufficient events at a quality i am happy with to let others enjoy them as well.
    My events don't overwrite anything.  They are perfectly compatible with any other events (aside from overlapping event names let me know if you get them). 
    So you don't have to worry about other event writers overlapping mine. 
    This mod does nothing without BL's  Captivity Events!
    What to expect?
    I intend to make this mod as varied as possible, including all kinds of kinks, some you may be into, others not.  The mod uses MCM you can go to the Mod Options and turn off certain tags.  This should make it so these events don't show up.  My events tend to show up casually and branch out (usually) in dozens of directions, allowing you to enjoy the same event many times over.  If events trigger too often (not specific events just events in general) you can use the MCM sliders to change the wait between event triggers.
    However some events have specific requirements.  As an example i have some events that only happen when your female character is over the age of 50.  So if an event you know of doesn't trigger you might not be in the right situation.  The big trigger is having prisoners in your party and being captured yourself (as the title Captivity Events suggests) but other things such as raiding a village or waiting in town etc... all play an influence in when an event triggers.
    Plenty of events result in consequences that may be detrimental or beneficial for you, none however are game breaking but it may be a good idea to lengthen the time from the standard wait, especially early in the game for random and captor events.
    As of right now my events include:  Sex, Violence, Bestiality, Snuff, Necrophilia , Rape, Domination, Prostitution, Slavery, Scat, Urination, Humiliation, Gore, Guro, Castration.   --  I may have forgotten one or two but i think i have the important ones down.  (there is no tag for Necrophilia yet, i warn you in the event, several others don't either, often your choices clearly anticipate the result but not always).  Plenty of tags still don't exist so if you really, desperately don't want to see some of these kinks i would advise you not to download my mod, it can get a bit intense.
    It goes without saying that i don't condone (at least several of) these things as acts in real life.  But let's try to live free in our own imagination.
    My mod also adds plenty more "generic" sex events.  The whole point of my mod is to round out Captivity Events, not just focus on one thing but eventually have at least a few events for every situation.  Most of the events i add are Mega-Events, as previously mentioned they branch out a lot and have many random elements.  Every time i try making a small-scale event it just ends up growing and growing.  Often long after being finished and uploaded i still add things to it.  Hopefully all this will keep the mod interesting for a long time.
    To install:
    It's very simple, export the file at: "Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\zCaptivityEvents\ModuleLoader"  inside the folder there should now be one called Boukenshas_binder next to CaptivityDefault and CaptivityRequired.
    That's it you're done, Enjoy!
    If anything doesn't work or if you have a cool idea for an event?  Tell me in the support section.  Maybe it will find it's way into the next update.
    Special thanks
    BadListener for one of the only sexy mods currently available in bannerlord and his images.
    HellFont for the great images i'm using here.
    I'm adopting the same "version numbering" BL does so if your current version matches my number it should work, if i'm ahead or behind anything could happen.  Example
    1.4            Is the bannerlord version.
    .0              (or .1 or .2 etc...) is stable or beta versions before they swap places, i always make my mod for the stable version but it usually works for the beta branch (TW hardly ever touches the events).
    .62            Is BL's version of his mod, try to use the same number between his and my mod here, my mod doesn't do anything to crash but mismatches in code might prevent my events from loading.
    .X              My mod version, this is really for administrative purposes as i don't change functional code so this number hardly matters for compatibility purposes.



  8. Plague's Events for Bannerlord Captivity Events and EventExtensions

    About the File:
    These are Events an addition to BadListener's Bannerlord Mod: Captivity Events Mod for Bannerlord. Additionally, as of writing this the current Event also utilizes outcomes from Tranfer's TBCaptivityEventsExtension (Specifically, the dream sequence and the Rebellious slave outcomes).
    The goal and focus of my event addons will be to add several layers to the events. Basically, to make each event a "choose your own adventure" type event. My goal is to get an event to a 4th or 5th event page. If you don't like an event that progresses, you probably won't like my events.
    Warning - Be aware that these events may show non-consensual, slavery, bestiality, and aggressive sexual content. I do plan to write some more consensual stuff as well as it goes on, and as I move forward I will separate them. That content of these events in no way is an endorsement of actual sexual violence in any way.
    Ensure you have Bad Listener's amazing Bannerlord Mod: Captivity Events installed first.
    Then, currently these Events utilize Events and images from TBCaptivityEventsExtension, so you will want to install those addon events as well.
    Again, to be clear, these events use both events and images from those mods that are NOT included in this mod.
    Then, just drop this mod into your Modules folder like anything else. It should overwrite anything. You can also just dig into the events folder and drop my xml files into your current events folder, which is normally located at
    DRIVE:\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\zCaptivityEvents\ModuleData\CECustomEvents\Events
    That should be it unless I begin to add in my own images (sprites).
    If something isn't working, please post. I can't say I'll get on every day, but I'll try. Please keep in mind, I consider myself slightly rookie at this time and have only a fraction of the knowledge that others have in working with this code. I do however, enjoy problem solving and will try to help in any way I can. Please be aware that I'll likely tweak certain penalties and rewards as I get more familiar with it all and write more events. I ran through this event 10 times and did every outcome, and did not have any issues.
    Special Thanks
    I'm actually pretty excited to share something with a community I've been apart of for so long.
    I'd like to thank transfer for creating TBCaptivityEventExtension, as it is what got me into the game to begin with and also helped me learn how to write my own event. I also would like to thank Transfer for all the time spent explaining things to me. Also for allowing me to tie into his events and use his images.
    Certainly thanks for BadListener and his fantastic Captivity Event Mod, default events, and images. Without it, we wouldn't be here.
    I'd also like to thank all the Mod Authors of LL in general, for creating amazing mods that I've used in Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Rimworld, and Sims 4. The sheer hours of entertainment and amazing ingenuity of this community is simply amazing.



  9. SG's Bannerlord CE Events

    Right now Slaver events is a set of prostitution progression events where you are prostituting out a female hero prisoner, with 3 different lines of progression, being Pillory, Alley, and Nobleman. Each one has roughly 7 levels of events spread out over an increasing prostitution skill, from 1-100, though the final events will be triggered all the way up to 1000. There is also one prostitute slave random event, and the other file has one event where you let your men have some of your prisoners. 

    Inside the Slaverevents is now a slave training menu, which for the time being is activated randomly. There are 3 main categories of slave training to choose from, with each having specific training events to choose. Right now Degradation-Pet, Verbal Abuse, and Denial have content. All others will just cancel out of the event, as I haven't gotten around to writing stuff for them yet. 

    I am working on making a somewhat in depth slave training system, with multiple states (Hated-Depressed-Neutral-Reluctant-Trained-Horny) determined by slavery level, and random chance for decisions to be unsuccessful, neutral, and successful, each leading you down different paths and options, but generally ending at the same point.  It currently has the first preview into the training menu, which at the moment will be a random event that will allow you to train your female hero captives. Right now, Walk like a pet, Verbal Abuse, and Denial have their first set of events. For reference, just the one state for this one decision has 37 events tied to it, so please be patient with me for updates, as this is going to be a long project. I will be trying to work on one state, starting on one extreme and then going to the other, at a time, so as to allow each decision to have some content before moving to the next state. I will also be leaving the highest tier state, hated right now, to be played indefinitely as opposed to the player being locked out of them once the slavery level gets to high, where it would lead into the next state. Just as the prostitution events require one point, so to does the training options, these should be easier to come by via other events, but the next part is important if you want to go ahead and guarantee you get a point in either:
    The prisoner must have at least 1 point in the prostitution skill before the events will fire, or 1 point in the slavery skill for the slave training menu. These can be added via the "let's have some fun-enslave her" option, which should now be added with no additional steps required. 

    1. Download the zip, then use your preferred zip program (have had problems with winrar, would recommend 7zip) to unzip here into your module folder where zcaptivityevents is

    Contents: Mindbreak, Non-con, prostitution, Slave Training, Handjob, Denial, Deepthroat, Blowjob, 




  10. TBCaptivityEventsExtension

    Non-consent and slavery-themed extension to the CaptivityEvents mod for Bannerlord. 
    This mod is still in Beta state - bugs and inconsistencies are to be expected. Please:
    a) report them in this thread
    b) help me distinguish between issues that crop up in the base mod (CaptivityEvents) and those which only crop up when you have TBCaptivityEventsExtension installed.

    This mod includes sensitive content of a sexual nature relating to the following subjects:
    Non-consensual sex Slavery / Mind-break Bestiality, including: wolves, horses, insects (chaurus) I assume by being a non-trash human you object to noncon and slavery in real life. 
    If, however, you object to noncon or slavery in your gaming experience as well, and still want more events, you're welcome to use this mod - just remove any images you object to (or all of them) and delete the Events files which you find objectionable - each file should have the above associated tags listed in their names for easy removal.
    Please let me know if you find any that are mislabeled and I will fix the issue in my next update.
    This mod adds events and images to extend the behavior of CaptivityEvents. Please refer to the associated License (Modified MIT) for legal concerns. If any party associated with any of the content provided by this mod wishes for its distribution to cease, please let me know. Features
    More captor scenarios, both for slaves and captives. Enjoy a deeper slavery experience: Balance your health with your servitude and try to escape before you find yourself your master's willing slave. Get sold to the Arena for a day for the crowd's entertainment. Dream of freedom and better days to regain health - but beware nightmares! Keep your men's morale up by showing them your marital skills. If you're looking for captor events, I recommend installing one of the other event mods. If you're looking for captive events, you're in the right place.
    Make sure you have CaptivityEvents installed This mod does nothing without it. Download the TBCaptivityEvents file. Unzip the file into the Modules folder of your Bannerlord installation. Open the Modules folder and check that the TBCaptivityEvents folder is present.  

    If something is broke, let me know in the LL support thread, preferably with your best guess as to the event that caused it. Please check that the issue doesn't occur in base CaptivityEvents first.
    The Bannerlord team, for making a great game and continuing to support it. BadListener, for writing CaptivityEvents and being responsive to questions and suggestions The various modders of LL, specifically those involved in Skyrim Special Edition Various other modders who have improved my Skyrim experience (In case you hadn't guessed, all of the original images included in this pack are generated by screenarching a Skyrim installation) I guess I should technically thank Bethesda for making a game so buggy it inspired an entire community to work for years to make it worth playing.



  11. SadSun's Events For Badlistener's Captivity Events

    This is the repository for all of SadSun's Events.
    Credit goes to BadListener for updating these events.
    Install: Drop the unzipped folder into your modules folder. (I don't use vortex, but you can probably install that way too.)
    If any of the original creators of any of the images used within this mod wish them to be removed, contact me and I will do so promptly.



  12. Bannerlord Mod: Captivity Events

    Captivity Events

    Captivity adds custom events to captivity system (captor, captive), prostitution menu, and the loss of armor and weapons for the player, various parameters to loss of renown to relationships as well as quests to retrieve missing equipment. A key feature of this mod is the ability to customize your own events with images and your own event chains and dialogue.
    Help Required
    Need more artists to create some adult/non-adult backgrounds. (New default events help required, message me if you are open to assist) Need more writers for more events to cater to more tastes. Translators.  
    Delete the old mod completely before installing new one. VERY IMPORTANT! If you are installing manually please read the README as well. This mod affects save-data make sure to make backups of your saves.  
    LL Version Additional Content
    Contains some modified event text that doesn't follow nexus guidelines. Contains the Gif Sub Module.  
    Nexus Link:
    "Remember LL will always be updated first."
    Discord Link:
    1020 is out! (Default Rework in Progress)
    Custom Module Loader Supported

    Event Writers, please refer to zCEDefaults inside of fomod, move it to Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules

    Road Map (Coming Soon)
    Randomized/Conditional Images - Randomize background images based on conditions or weight.
    Progress Events - Support for events that require a party to stay in place for a duration.
    New Default Events - New default events and standardized art in the making (Need some artists).
    Randomized Captors - Captors will be selected at random from the party, not just party leader as it is currently.
    Companions - Companion will be included within the events.
    Already Supported
    Custom Events and Loader - Make your own events and load them to work with this mod.
    Moving Images and Custom Images - Insert your own images or make animated images using the animation XML.
    Various Custom Conditionals - Various Custom Conditional (Location Flags, Raiding Flags, Day/Night Etc) included in the XSD file for you to work with your events.
    Custom Quests and Strip Consequence - Lose your gear on loss and go on a quest of chance to reclaim it after escaping.
    Random Events - Random Events that don't require captives.
    Captor Events - Events where you are the captor.
    Brothel - Own your brothel where you can enjoy yourself, work as a prostitute or become an owner and put your captives to work.
    Custom Skills - Custom Skills/Flags Supported.
    Create New Characters - New custom generated companions/captive heroes via events.
    Special Thanks to
    LogRaam - For the special CEEvents Story Compiler and assisting with the Mod. YoungSailorGlitter - For assisting with implementation of Custom Events into the Mod. @YoungSailorGlitter SadSun - For writing some of the default events. @SadSun
    TB - For assisting with writing and image finding. @transfer
    Stronggater- For assisting with writing dialogues. @stronggater
    Helfont - For assisting with images.

    Please message me if you have any trouble installing
    Common Issues
    If you are experiencing crashes on startup please remember to unblock all dlls in \zCaptivityEvents\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\.

    If less than 100 events are loading. Make sure your folder looks like this.

    Please Enjoy!



  13. Victor133x's Lewd Resource Pack

    I created this resource pack for personal use and for sharing with a few friends, but I figured I might as well share it on the internet as well. I hope whoever uses it will enjoy it. The pack consists of various re-textured and edited Minecraft texture files. Replacing the texture of the beds, paintings, Icons UI, and even the damage sounds with lewd content. All sorts of things that I find cute or lewd. Anime traps, femboys, futanaris, beastiality, gender bender characters, bunny suits, and some other stuff. I referenced off of a few minecraft texture packs online to help myself. I hope to add more content to my resource pack in the future.
    -Textures Changed-
    Icons UI
    Damage Sounds
    I made this resource pack for Minecraft version 1.15.2, but I'm positive it works on many other past versions of Minecraft as well.
    Drag and drop .zip into Minecraft's resourcepack folder and enable inside game. You can also unzip and place the folder into the resourcepack folder. Example:"C:\Users\User1\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks"

    Feel free to like & leave a comment if you enjoyed the resource pack. All credit for artwork used in pack that wasn't created by me goes to their respective artists.
    Yes, the sounds were voiced and edited by me. ^//^ Remove them if you wish.



  14. Borderlands 2 Lilith See-thru Top

    Small mod to make Lilith's top see-through. Now with Tattoos!
    Requires Texmod, which you can get here. 
    Not intended for use with UHD DLC.



  15. Borderlands 2: Kinky Loading Screens

    This mod replaces all the loading screens in Borderlands 2 with (Borderlands themed) porn and nudity. There are two files; one for the base game and all DLC's except the Commander Lilith DLC, and one for the Commander Lilith DLC. Requires Texmod, which you can find here.



  16. Adult Borderlands 2 Expansion

    This mod is an expansion for Mr Flinty and fedess' mod Adult Borderlands 2, which while not required, I highly recommend to use with this mod. Basically, our mods add a whole lotta ASS and TITTIES to Borderlands 2, whether that be posters, graffiti, vending machines, billboards etc.
    My mod expands upon their work, by pornifying the following:
    Dragon Keep vending machines
    Dragon Keep paintings (Moxxi's tavern)
    Torgue DLC billboards
    Porn Magazines (now actual porn mags for... immersion)
    An optional file replacing the small image of Moxxi on the Moxxi weapons (Grog Nozzle, Rubi, Good Touch etc.) with a sexier version
    Requires Texmod, which you can find here. Just run Texmod, point it to your game .exe, and select the .tpf packages (like the ones included in this mod) and you're good to go.



  17. The Movies: Stunts & Effects - Mod Central

    Before we get started, please note: The Movies: Stunts & Effects is ABANDONWARE.
    The game is freely-available for download, there is NO piracy involved in downloading it, the company that originally produced it (Lionhead Studios)
    closed-up-shop in April, 2016.  I have provided two different sources to acquire the game LEGALLY in the 2nd post of the Support Thread.
    Thread is still Under Construction - Sorry for the delay - Take a look at the Support Thread, and comment if you care-to.
    There is no "Fomod"-type installation of mods for TM:S&E - all mods must be manually installed.
    If you are using JSGME (JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler) as-recommended in the Support Thread, the recommended method is to...
    (1). Disable any mods you are currently using in JSGME
    (2). Extract the .7z file to the location you prefer (Desktop or wherever)
    (3). Copy or cut/paste the mod folder into the "MODS" directory of your game installation
    (4). Re-Enable any mods you intend to use, with JSGME
    Voilà!  It's just that simple.
    Modders' Resources (Google Drive) - the "1ZVJV5T1S2xSLxl9GKjVrdMWiVz6L4PFg" link in File Downloads
         Unmodified assets extracted from an unencrypted early copy of the game.
             ALL of 'TM:S&E' Meshes & Textures
             ALL of 'TM:S&E' .INI files
             ALL of 'TM:S&E' Scene files
             ALL of 'TM:S&E' animation files (using the game's existing skeleton)... early on the 'To-Do' list is a project to find a suitable skeleton replacement.
             ALL of 'TM:S&E' 'StarMaker' heads (the meshes the game's basic engine uses for creating actors)
             ...and a collected assortment of the older, existing tools from the established 'TM:S&E' modding community
    Installing 'The MOVIES: Stunts & Effects' ------ Support Thread Post #2 
    Tech-Support & F.A.Q. ---------------------------- Support Thread Post #3
    ReShade: Installation & Configuration --------- Support Thread Post #4
    Video-Editing Software & Post-Processing ---- Support Thread Post #5
    Specific Information for Other Modders ------- Support Thread Post #6



  18. [WIP] Disembowell's FNAF Girl Models for SFM

    MADE BY: Scott Cawthon
    (Ported by me)
    After about 1.5 years (including procrastination + having to start all over again + learning Blender) I have finally ported a model worthy of a beta release. I like the artist Dismebowell ↑ who made the FNAF animatronics into his own style. The models were originally made for Cinema 4d and was later ported to SFM. However, they were decimated into a mess of tris which detracted from the original quality. This, others telling me "why don't you do it yourself?" and after getting my prescribed adderall for the first time, I finally sat down and learned Blender over the last year and a half.
    The starting model is functional but considered VERY beta because I'm doing some experimenting with how parts of the different characters interact with each other. The torso parts on all the characters are all practically identical. My thought; using the qc file to call the torso model for each of them and using a different skin. Every one of them would need different armatures since Chica and Bonnie's models have different parts (number of toes)
    Since this is an adult mod, I'm going to post here as well as SFMLab. I'm posting here for anyone that may have problems with the model (or the other models when they are uploaded). For the moment the current model available is Bonnie because I felt it would be the hardest one to do.

    Please rate and comment honestly, I'll try to help when I can.
    How to install
    Unzip the contents into the usermod folder of SFM (or a matching folder with a "materials" and "models" folder with a "gameinfo.txt")  
    In case you didn't notice, these models are solely made by Disembowell and Disembowell alone, the models are inspired by Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's game series. I do not own the rights of the characters or these models. If there was anything I would get credit for is the time I took time to optimize the models (when they release) for SFM. Disembowell's fan interpretations of the characters are © to him. The characters of Five Nights at Freddy's that these models are inspired by are © & ™ to Scott Cawthon. All rights reserved to them.



  19. Wolcen Nude Patch V2

    A new version V2 is available.
    Old "About":
    This is my attempt at making a nude patch for Wolcen, it is not perfect, but its a start.
    To use, simply place the folder "Objects" in your "...\common\Wolcen\Game" folder.



  20. Stardew Valley Kingguys Addon's

    Kingguys More Items
    kingguys more items is a mod that add Male machines, and some items to sell or use,
    machines use some materials to produce one drink (1-5 materials), intended to use with Manly Prostitution by undare,
    you can make Beer, Vodka , Liquor and Milkshakes.
    For SDV 1.4.3
    New Version for SDV 1.4.5
    Requeriments :

    PPJA - Fruits and Veggies : https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1598
    PPJA - More Trees : https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1671
    Milk for Milk by Undare
    Custom Farming Redux : https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/991
    Json Assets : https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1720
    [PFM] ProducerFrameworkMod - https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/4970
    *you need to delete all old files taht use CFR
    SDV Manly Prostitution by Undare
    Muscular Male Body by Undare
    SDV JUNK by Undare
    Paste all folders to you mod folder (Stardew valley directory)
    Undare for letting use his machines and items from Fratvalley
    CFR have some bugs so expect machines stopping working from nothing
    warning me if you see anything wrong



  21. [Pathfinder: Kingmaker] Lewd Portrait Pack

    Contains 127 portraits. The party bar icons are faces with an occasional nip slip, the other two (conversation, character sheets) feature nudity and sex.
    I also highly recommend you go and get this mod from Nexus, along with the prerequisite mod manager for it. It will allow you to set portraits of your choice (and many other options) for anyone in your party. There's also this mod that is supposed to allow you to change other NPC portraits, as well. I have not used it much, though it would be neat to have all the major NPCs lewded. It would be a matter of populating the folders, I think, not too difficult.
    To just install the portraits, unzip the file into your game's portrait directory. For me, that looks like so: C:\Users\PutYourOwnUserNameHere\AppData\LocalLow\Owlcat Games\Pathfinder Kingmaker\Portraits
    All the current portraits are for female characters. I might grab some out of the bunch later and do a handful of male versions with sexy action in the zoomed out bits. Done.



  22. Naked Farmer [Stardew Valley] [CP]

    Allows your farmer to be naked! Works well with my Horny Bachelors Mod. Choose from 12 skin tones (see photos), and cut status in the config. 
    Choose your clothes as normal... and then simply drag your clothes off! You can go completely nude, just take your shirt off, or even Porky Pig it!
    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns don't hesitate to let me know!
    You can join my discord server here: discord.gg/FXrdqUj
    And if you'd like, you can support me on patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/girafarig
    Check me out on Nexus here: https://www.nexusmods.com/users/34349595
    Please do NOT use, modify, or reupload my assets under any circumstances.



  23. Horny Bachelors [CP] [Stardew Valley]

    This mod makes the bachelors, and a few others, jerk off. It also gives the option to make the entire male population naked! There are a few fun little hidden secrets here and there too
    This is a SMAPI/Content Patcher mod, you'll need both of em to use this!
    In your config file you'll find a whole slew of options! Here are all of them:
    A switch to turn on/off whether the bachelors jerk off A switch to make the townspeople naked A switch to give the villagers new dialogue Options to make Shane shave, Harvey shave, Alex put on a shirt, Sebastian quit smoking, and Elliott cut his hair.  If the farmer is male you have two options, if you play as a girl, leave these as they are. Are you using my Naked Farmer mod? (found here) There's a switch that tells the game you're using that! A switch for whether the farmer has a cut or uncut penis. Options to give Kent, Demetrius, and Elliott pubic hair  
    See the basic jerk times below
    Harvey also has a notepad in his office.. you might want to check that
    I think thats all of it! Let me know any questions, concerns, improvements, everything!
    You can join my discord server here: discord.gg/FXrdqUj
    And if you'd like, you can support me on patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/girafarig
    Check me out on Nexus here: https://www.nexusmods.com/users/34349595
    Please do NOT use, modify, or reupload my assets under any circumstances.



  24. Yakuza Kiwami Pornstar Card Swap Mod

    Back again with a card swap mod for Kiwami this time. A little late, I know, but I'm lazy.
    What is this?
    It's a mod that swaps the in-game collectable cards for a more lewd alternative. This paticular mod swaps them out for random pornstars and lesbian scenes for the skill cards/super skill cards. (See "pornstar list")
    I left the stats as they were and built two different templates so I could edit everything in a non-destructive way. First template was the normal cards. There are 30 of these and the other template was for the skill cards (29). I changed around the placement of the stats, but did not change any of the stats themselves so you could still play the minigame. Cards are readable, but compression is a bitch and I have no idea how Sega do it. 😡
    Each normal card with the same super attack uses a lesbian scene featuring the two normal card pornstars on the skill card.
    Alex Tanner and Dani Jensen both have super attack "Omni Choke" which is a skill card. That skill card is them in a lesbian scene/image. (See below)
    Some skill cards have "super" variants and for that, both models are desplayed with a load on their face.
    Example of a "super" variant skill card. (Note: This will also have two normal card versions with the models and a common skill card like above. I added the foil look to the sides to show these are the rarer versions of the common skill cards.)
    Whereas some skill cards are not used as a super attack. These are:
    Finish Breaker
    Last Resort
    Tie Breaker
    Finish Time
    Counter Heal
    Mystic Heal
    For these, I added different lesbian groups in various poses/undress. (These pornstars are not included in the pornstar list as I selected images randomly and forgot to write names down, but some may be in there by a happy accident.)
    As you can see in the picture, when you pickup a card it says "Obtained Insect Card: Pornstars name" this use to be the original cards name (Kuwama's Ladybug, for example) I changed it to display the pornstars names instead. Sadly had to revert this back as you'd CTD(crash to desktop) sometimes when playing the mini-game. So when you pickup a card, it'll say the original cards name instead of the pornstars name, but at least the mini-game will not CTD on you.🤞 Merry Chrstmas!! 🎄
    Simple and easy drag&drop mod;
    Open the .rar file, drag&drop the data folder into your main games directory (Where the .exe is located.) and overwrite when asked.
    Pornstar List

    This is exlusivly for LL (LoversLab). This mod should not be re-uploaded to any other site. If you wish to share it, please link to this page.



  25. [StarSector] Image Replacer Mod

    This mod replaces the 50ish images in StarSector with art and hentai ranging from alluring to lewd. An attempt was made to keep the images as on-topic as possible while adding some sex appeal.



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