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Player Can Enslave

   Making  a slavery mod on Kenshi is extremely difficult. I've been working on this mod for a year and a half now, and I've done my best to enhance the features while trying to stabilise the mod.
You'll need to carefully read the guide below to understand how to use this mod.


Mods list :

  • Player Can Enslave EN.zip : The main mod in english
  • Player Can Enslave FR.zip : The main mod translated in french
  • PCE Viera.zip : This addon allows you to run this mod on Vieras



   Player Can Enslave is a slavery mod inspired by "Players Slavery". Like all slave mods, you'll need to build a slave camp very close to a town/village/camp so that your slaves can work.  Like all other mod authors before me, I've tried to find solutions to this problem and like all other mod authors before me, I've failed... I don't think there are any solutions to fix this, but I think I've managed to find a compensation system by setting up different phases to convert the slaves:
1°) Slave NPC
2°) Slave PLAYER not emancipated
3°) Slave PLAYER emancipated (and in conversion phase)
4°) Slave PLAYER converted = PLAYER character


When you play this mod for the first time, it seems to have fewer options than others slavery mod, but what makes it different is that it has a very large number of settings and slave behaviours that will give the player a better slavery experience:
- A new game start "The budding slavers".
- Only 2 main functions "Work" or "Bodyguard" and 7 secondary functions.

- You can capture slaves yourself or buy them from slaver's shop.
- You can recapture escaped slaves.
- You can change slavemaster (For both NPCs and unmancipated slaves who join your team).
- Command only the slaves you own.
- Break your slaves to force them to join you.
- Emancipate slaves who have joined you (present advantages and disadvantages).
- Slaves can rebel and refuse to obey, or even attack you (unfortunately only individually).
- Slaves who have joined your team may still try to betray you (unfortunately only individually).
- The player has no control over the length of time a slave obeys orders, this is managed randomly according to one or more time bands.
- A slave who is stronger or weaker than her/him master/mistress will influence the duration of her/him obedience and his ability to rebel.
- Slaves have a large number of dialogues to promote immersion.

- Take care of your slaves can increase relation with their faction.

- Customise your slaves with colourful outfits.

- New building and research specific to PCE.
- Most buildings (including walls and gates) can be built at your slave camp.
- Some buildings have been improved for the slave camp to make management easier (farm and various machines can accommodate more items).
- The more slaves you own, the more likely you are to be attacked by the anti-slavers.





*Cooking Chewsticks

*Cooking Cooked Vegetables

*Cooking Dried Meat

*Cooking Dustwich

*Cooking Foodcube

*Cooking Gohan

*Cooking Meatwrap

*Cooking Ration Pack

*Cooking Rice Bowl

*Fashion slave

*Fashion slave - Colour everywhere

*Imprisonment I

*Imprisonment II

*Shackles I

*Shackles II

*Shackles III

*Shackles IV

*Slave Ore Mine I

*Slave Ore Mine II



Shackles Bench







Craft your shackles here :

- Light Prisonner shackles

- Medium Prisonner shackles

- Heavy Prisonner shackles


The heavier the shackles, the greater the stats penalties.


Shackles Key Bench







Craft here your shackles Key.


This key will enable you to emancipate your slaves and break their chains, which means :

- They lose any slave status

- They can run faster

- Work faster

- Fight better

- They may also be tempted to take advantage of their liberation to run away and leave your team.


Slave Ore Mine







Ore mines with very low production rates.



4) GUIDE :


4.1 Build your town in a suitable place



Your outpost

   The enslavement of people necessarily requires the construction of "Shackles" and "Prisonner Cage". Shackles technology can be developed with a "Researh Bench II", and "Prisonner Cage" with a "Researh Bench III" as usual.
Your first job is to build an outpost far enough away from another town and a slave camp enough close (but not too close) to that town (see the map for a better idea of the distances). I recommend that your outpost and slave camp are in the same zone as the town, as I've seen a few bugs (slave camp turning into outpost when these conditions weren't met).
   First build the walls/doors of your outpost before building those of the slave camp. Once your outpost contains several buildings as well as walls and gates, it will be established as your outpost for the zone, then the slave camp you build very close to the town will be easier to detect as belonging to the town.


The slave camp


   /!\ Don't build a slave camp if you didn't have an outpost yet.
   /!\ Use only the buildings marked with an asterisk (*) to build the Slave camp.
Start by building a few "*Small Shack", "*Well", "*Stone Mine", "*Ore Mine" etc. If you build these buildings too close to your outpost, they will be considered as belonging to your outpost and your slaves won't be able to work there. Keep a constant watch and make sure this doesn't happen!
If you see "your outpost" in the bottom right-hand corner of the game and on the map, this means that your slave camp is considered an outpost and you won't be able to make your slaves work there. You can try deleting the last buildings created, but often this won't work and you'll have to reload your savegame, rebuild everything elsewhere or reimport your game without the buildings.
Then build the "*Defensive wall" and the "*Defensive Gate" for your slave camp. Be careful, doors tend to create outposts easily, so it's best to build just one.


Slave camp/outpost distance




4.2 Get ready to welcome your slaves


  • Develop the "Shackle I" technology (you need a "Researh Bench II"). Then build a "Shackle Bench" and start to craft some "*Light Prisonner Shackle".
  • Develop the "Imprisonment" technology (you need a "Researh Bench III") and build some "Prisonner Cage" inside a building in your outpost.
  • Develop the "Imprisonment I" technology (you need a "Researh Bench III") and build some "*Prisonner Cage" inside a building in your slave camp.

4.3 Capture slaves


   As this mod uses dialogue, I haven't authorised the enslavement of NPCs who can't speak (like cannibals and fogman). You should be able to capture all the other NPCs from the original game (as well as those added by other mods, provided they inherit the dialogues from the vanilla game).
I've created a very strict procedure for various reasons (mainly to avoid capturing or controlling slaves that you don't own).


So to capture a slave you have to:
- Not be ally with anti-slavers.
- Make sure s/he injuries but not KO.
- Lock her/him in a "Prisonner Cage" in your outpost (and inside a building).
- Chains her/him with a "*Light Prisonner Shackle" (or higher shackle), then you can see your slave will got the "Escaped slave" status (the slave must have locked shackles).
- Make sure your slave is conscious (not KO) and start healing her/him to start the capture dialog and make her/him your own (the character who heals her/him will be her/him "slavemaster").
- A "selling slave" windows popup. Just sell the slave for 1 cat (this means you'll earn 1 cat).
- Now the slave is yours, s/he got the "Slave" status and when you mouse over the status you'll see the name of her/him master/mistress (except for some characters where the name display is buggy).
- (Wait the end of the dialogue before capture another one).
- Keep your slave in cage and talk to her/him (sometimes the bubble doesn't appear and you just have to pick up your slave and put her/him back in the cage). Select "Come on, let's start by getting you out of your cage".
- After that, your will be able to give order to your slave. Here I recommend to immediatly give the command "Stop! Don't do anything!" to avoid a minor bug (see the "4.4 Player Order/Get out of your cage!" section for more details).


Note: You can capture slaves from other factions if their shackles are still locked. Just follow the procedure above and ignore the chaining step as the slave is already chained.


4.4 Player order


Capturing a slave does not mean that s/he will be docile and obey you without resistance. Slaves may refuse to obey at an order, then get stubborn or even rebel and attack you.
When you give an order, a first rebellion test determines whether the slave refuses to obey. If it succeeds, a second test will determines whether the slave get stubborn, attacks the player or finally accept to obey you.
What's more, if your slave loses her/him "Slave" status and becomes an "Escaped slave" or an "Old slave", s/he will stop obeying and you will no longer be able to give her/him orders (you will have to take her/him back to your outpost to recapture).
Slaves will become "Escaped slave" if their master is too far away or knocked out.


Below is the list of commands you can give your slave:


Follow me!

The slave follows your character.

Duration : 48h
Chance to refus to obey : 5.6%



Follow your master

The slave follows her/him master/mistress

Duration : 48h
Chance to refus to obey : 12.2%



Protect me!

The slave protects your character as a bodyguard

Duration : Random periods of time (between 1h and 24h), after which the slave can renew a new random period or rebel against you.
Chance to refus to obey : 20%


Come on, work!

The slave will work for you.

Duration : Random periods of time (between 18h and 252h), after which the slave can renew a new random period or rebel against you.
Chance to refus to obey : 10%


The slaves work from 5h to 23h. At 23h, they automatically return to their cages, and at 5h they go back to work.
By working so hard for you, they'll eventually get fed up and beg you to let them go. Don't do something so stupid... instead, keep breaking them by offering them the 'chance' to join you. Of course, they'll resist, but after a while you'll manage to convince them... (the success rate is deliberately low).
Good to know : The game engine prevents slaves from starving, so their hunger will never fall below 100 as long as they have the "slave" status.


Minor bug: sometimes, slaves may stop working, stay in their cages, or attack each other. These behaviours were not intentional, but they remain relatively rare and add a little spice.

Stop! Don't do anything!

The slave stops all activity and stand still

Duration : 2h
Chance to refus to obey : 0%

Go back in your cage!

The slave returns to her/him cage.

Duration : always
Chance to refus to obey : 9%


Get out of your cage!

The slave leaves her/him cage.

Duration : 1h
Chance to refus to obey : 0%

Minor bug: when the instruction "Come on, work!" is used just after an instruction "Get out of your cage!" : Slaves will not stop going in and out of their cage between 23h and 5h. To solve this problem, you need to order a "Stop! Don't do anything!" just after a "Get out of your cage!". It's boring, but I can't solve this problem easily.



I've had enough of you, get out of here! You're free...

You release the slave and s/he will run away if your defensive gate is open.

Duration : 24h
Chance to fail : 0%


Minor bug: if the slave is locked up (has no access to the outside) at the time of this instruction, the slave won't run away and will stand still.



Fed up with being a slave? You can still join us...
Chance to fail : 100%
The slave will systematically refuse to join your team (I absolutly don't want to allow slaves to be recruited in this way). This option was actually intended to provide another feature but proved impossible to develop. I've left this dialogue option for roleplay use only.


[Knockout her/him]
You knock out your slave (useful for access to their inventory).

Duration : 5s
Chance to fail : 0%

4.5 Taming phase

If you want to convince your slaves to definitely join you, they'll have to go through several conversion phases before becoming full members of your team.
Below are the different phases:

Slave NPC



The first stage is when the slave is still an NPC. S/he can't work in your town and you have to use the "Player order" to give her/him instructions.


Changing master/mistress (only if your slave got the "SLAVE" status and have locked shackles)
- Just put her/him in a cage inside a building (no need to be in player town)
- Heal her/him
- Sell the slave for 1 cat

(Don't abuse this feature by repeating the process with the same slaves and the same masters, because sometimes the game crashes. I've never understood why).


Recapture process (only if your slave got the "ESCAPED SLAVE" or the "OLD SLAVE" status and have locked shackles)
- Just take her/him back in your town, in a cage inside a building
- Your slave must not be KO
- Heal the slave
- Sell the slave for 1 cat


Slave PLAYER not emancipated



   A "Slave PLAYER not emancipated" is a slave who is a player character but still has slave status (must keep her/him shackles).  
This second stage is reached when the slave agrees to join you. The slave will be able to work in your town and you will be able to manage her/him like any other of your characters. S/he'll be completely docile and won't be able to betray you.



   This behaviour will remain true as long as s/he keep the "Slave status". "Escaped Slave" and "Old Slave" may be tempted to betray you. Like all slaves, as soon as s/he is too far from her/him master/mistress, s/he becomes an "Escaped slave".
   To reassign the slave status or assign them another master/mistress, put them in a cage and heal them (no need to be in player town). This will have the advantage of giving them the "Slave obedient" task (which doesn't do anything special, but is more immersive in terms of roleplay).

Slave PLAYER emancipated



This third stage occurs when you want to show your slave that you are beginning to trust her/him enough to remove the shackles.
You can do it in two different ways:
- Cut them off (has disadvantages but does not require any special research)
- Using the shackles key (The best option but requires a "Research Bench IV")


/!\ Unlike the previous stage, once freed from their chains, emancipated slaves may be tempted to betray you.
In monologue, you'll be able to hear their thoughts at different times, allowing you to gauge the progress of the breaking process. There's absolutely nothing you can do to influence their reaction. Eventually, they'll run away or resign themselves to accepting their new life with you.


Note: To progress in this phase, you'll need to take them with you into the outside world to test their willingness to join you.


Cut off shackles

If you cut off the shackles, the status of your slave will change over time from "Slave" to "Escaped slave" to "Old slave" and finally disappear.

/!\ If you use this method, the 'escaped slaves' won't be able to progress to the conversion phase, the only thing they can do is betray you (so keep them away from other NPCs until they at least achieve 'Old slaves status').


Shackles key

The shackle key can be made at the "Shackle Key Bench" (requiert the "Shackle III" technology, available with a "Research Bench IV").
To use the shackles key, you need to :
- Be in a player town
- Put the "Shackle Key" in the inventory of the slave you wish to emancipate (because I can't make it work in the opposite direction).
- Your slave must not be KO
- Heal the slave (Note that the healer must not be a slave, otherwise this behavior would be stupid...)

Slave PLAYER converted




Converted slaves are identical to player characters, except that will occasionally display monologues over their heads that leave no doubt that they are completely loyal to you.


Of course, these monologues will end up being deactivated. However, if you like them, you can reactivate them, simply by :
- Being in a player town
- Put the "Shackle Key" on a wounded player character
- Heal this character with your "converted slave".


Then you should see the following message appear:
"Let me see that terrible wound...".
If you don't, it just means that the messages for fully converted slaves are still activated, or that your slave is not yet fully converted to your cause.



4.6 Improving relation with slave faction


   You have to know that every time you capture/recapture/change slavemaster, you lose 4 relation points with the slave faction. I don't like this because the slave faction shouldn't know you've captured someone and changing slave masters shouldn't have any effect on relation points. I'd like to re-credit you those relation points just after losing them but I have no way of doing it properly. So, I've added a new feature that will give you 4 relation points if you heal your slave.



- Heal your slave (outside a cage)

- Your slave must not be starving (hunger > 200)

- You're still neutral with her/his faction  -30 < your faction relation < 30 

- You didn't use this feature since 48h (cooldown 48h)



4.7 Buy slaves from the slave trader


  This feature is not designed for buying several slaves at once (you can get away with it if you use the pause button at the right time, but I wouldn't recommend it).


Make a slave your own:

- Talk to the slave trader with the first member of your team and buy a slave.
- Wait for the slave to come and talk to you.
- When the sell window appears, sell the slave for 1 cat.

- Replace his unlocked shackle with a locked one.


/!\ If you close the windows instead of selling the slave, you will no longer be able to enslave him and you will have to start again by selling him back to the slave trader (by carrying your slave on your back) or taking him to your base to capture him in the usual way.


   As long as your slave keeps unlocked shackles, you'll only have access to limited player commands. I force that the slaves have locked shackles in order to keep the mod running properly.



4.8 The budding slavers


   PCE contains a new GameStart "The budding slavers", where you start with a squad of 6 people, 1 slave (the master will be the 1st member of the group), 5000 cats and bags full of resources. This GameStart is designed to help you get to grips with the mod.
   Starts by talking to your slave and getting him to follow his master (this will prevent him from becoming an 'ESCAPED SLAVE' stupidly). You can see that there's a slave camp dedicated to you, but don't build your slave buildings next to the town (remember that you have to build them very close, but not too close).

   As explained in section 2.1, you should start by building your outpost first. Go quite a long way from the slave camp where you are and build a 'SmallShack', then go back quite close to the slave camp and build a '*SmallShack' (with the asterix). If the distances are correct, the *smallshack will be attached to the slave camp and won't create a player town, then build a '*well' and try to get your slave to work there (remember that slaves only work between 5am and 11pm).

Below is where I built my slave camp and my outpost: (Map with max zoom, you can see my slave camp is not in Player's slave camp)






The *SmallShack





The *Well





The slave is working well...











Just unzip the content of the main file (Player Can Enslave EN or Player Can Enslave FR) and copy/paste the 'Player Can Enslave' folder in Kenshi\mods
So you should get Kenshi\mods\Player Can Enslave

Optionally, you may want to use the PCE Viera addon






 /!\ PCE Viera is designed to work with the FFXIV_Viera_Race version published on 12/02/2024 by Don Fuego


Just unzip the PCE Viera.zip and copy/paste its content in Kenshi\mods

So you should get Kenshi\mods\PCE Viera


Note that in your load ordrer PCE Viera must to be loaded after Player Can Enslave





Regarding compatibility with other mods, Player Can Enslave is :
- Completely incompatible with other mods that add dialogue to NPCs that are slaves to the player (all complex slavery mods).
- Possibly incompatible with mods that modify vanilla game research.




   As this mod uses priority dialogue on the player's slaves, it will be completely incompatible with any other slavery mod. Compatibility with dialogues added by other mods will be preserved as long as these mods do not add dialogues on the player's slave NPCs.


   This mod also modifies the vanilla game's research in order to unlock equivalent constructions for the slave camp (e.g. *storm house). There may be compatibility problems with other mods that modify vanilla game searches (need to be confirmed, I don't yet know if the game engine will be able to make a merge or only keep the modifications from the last mod loaded).





Thanks to :

- Ears (Designed Slave collar and rag skirt/rag skirt short outfits and allowed me to add them in my mod).

Edited by Machiavelique

What's New in Version 1.0.3




- Added the "Slave dress_v.a006" from Ears (collar + rag skirt + rag skirt short) as craftable shackles/clothes

- Added a craftable "Crop top" shirt to go with Ears' slave dresses.

- Added a new research "Fashion Slave" which unlock craftable slave outfits above (require Research Bench II)

- Added a new research  "Fashion Slave - Colour everywhere" which unlock craftable coloured slave outfits (require Research Bench III)




- Fixed crashs when recapture/changing slavemaster

- Added craftable shackles for hive race

- Slaves will have a slightly greater chance to have a short work period in order to encourage reactions.

- New feature : Take care of your slaves can improve faction relation (see the guide)

- New feature : You can enslave slaves if you buy them from the slave trader (see the guide)

- Updated PCE Viera to work with the latest version of FFXIV Viera Race (12/02/2024)




- Fixed the "Slaves PLAYER not emancipated" who progressed through the conversion phase when they become "Escaped Slave". Their behaviour has been updated on the main page.

- Fixed the "bodyguard" function. You'll no longer be harassed by messages saying that the contract is over and your slave will stop attacking those he considers enemies (e.g. other slaves). He will simply defend you when your character is attacked.

- Increases the chances that slaves will choose to attack you when their work period is automatically renewed:

  • Slaves weaker than the slavemaster: 1.7% => increase to 4.3%
  • Slaves stronger than the slavemaster: 16.7% => 16.7% (unchanged)





Original release

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