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  1. Nude skin 2B for DOALR5

    thanks very much awkwardcultism & SaafRats, you help very a noob user
  2. Nier 2B DLC nude mod

    thanks very much,
  3. Nude skin 2B for DOALR5

    i see a video youtube where replaced ayane (or other) with a naked 2B (NiEr automata) i try with shaved body nuderemix (and SaafRats mod) + hair/face original mod ny huichii (devianart), but the result is this in attached image (it was expected) Anyone know where I find a body compatible with 2B, or a mod everything ready, but to leave costume 2B totally naked?
  4. Follow me for Sex

    same error here, orgy 3,4 or + actors dont work (animations three/four/five added). i ll be wait for fix, thanks for the mod
  5. you extract naked dungeons.bsa with bsa unpacker, then this file in scripts folder
  6. hi i want a little help, after changed cbbe t77 with hdt vagina to uunp with labia variants (leito labia), slave tats stop work and yps textures shavin cream and textures pubic. Could it be? I've uninstalled and reinstalled all the mods required by slave tats and nothing
  7. this mod is very cool
  8. try selecting the other wolf settings in the CF. i can fix it! used click clear creatures and reinstall in CF and even hdt wolf started working again, thnks for help, some animations I'm adjusting in sexlab editor
  9. hello people, if anyone can help me here, how do I stop the wolf from automatically expanding (increases setscale)? it's the only one that I'm having wrong placement problems in the animations, before I did not have this with MNC 9.3, wolfs gets too big without need, unfortunately his penis hdt does not interact and neither opens the vagina of the sluts , all rest creatures animals work perfectly ps: i use billy animations 3.0 & hdt beast 0.6 to animable vagina,and have already copied and pasted that fix (fixed_sslCreatureAnimationSlots_script) you left on the downloads
  10. BeeingFemale

    Hi, my character gave birth and everything went ok with animation, but instead of the baby, an item appeared in the inventory, and others options in the spawn on MCM are soul stones and a small child (actor) How do I get this baby here? http://www.loverslab.com/index.php?app=downloads&module=display&section=screenshot&record=637916&id=1284&full=1
  11. Can I hide the pink bar? I turn it off in the game menu (HUD) anyway so it stays fixed
  12. shaved pubic hair itching anims dont work here anymore i'm used version lite without devious device I had already installed all the required mods and first, your great mod, i like much
  13. Nier Automata - 2B Partial nude mod

    Http://pan.baidu.com/s/1nvpzCvB Link parece estar morto. Alguém tem uma cópia deste mod? https://www.4shared.com/rar/UAPcf896ei/3DMGAME-NieRmod0.html? I also wanted to