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  1. you can use CSL together with RJW, "disable children" in its settings, as stated in the recommended mods section I guess this is caused by animations addon? always update RJW addons together with RJW remove the file in RJW\Defs\TipSetDefs
  2. What do you mean with "it doesn't work"? If you mean the buttons, they are only there for zoophiles, masochists and prisoners, after you enabled it. check out the FAQ
  3. the banner is ripped from a very family friendly video game i swear! Just wait until you find the RJW fork with male pregnancy enabled
  4. No need, this simple slavery has now compatibility in the main RJW version
  5. are you sure you are using Rimworld 1.1.2654?
  6. if you don't check settings yes only use the latest stable Rimworld release
  7. no Archotech parts are meant to be craftable, you apparently have a mod that allows you to craft vanilla archotech implants
  8. Use the latest stable Rimworld version 1.1.2654
  9. disable hardcore hero mode and install Rimworld 1.1.2654, the unstable builds are not supported by the current RJW version there isn't, archotech isn't meant to be craftable, do some quests the space on the main page is limited, if I started explaining what each sub mod does there would be no space left for the actual mod description
  10. I agree there, feel free to make a merge request with your changes, the current way to get the size you want with RJW only is cut the correctly sized part off someone else to stitch it on your patient
  11. just add it wherever, it should jump into place once you exit char editor, if I can believe the changelog
  12. its always better to have a modular mod, why cram everything into one, where no one can see through what anything does?
  13. the RJW sexuality slider was just a placeholder for psychology, if you dont want the traits either use Individuality or 1.1 Psychology (Prepare carefully has to be loaded for that, just dont use it), I'll see what I can do to the FAQ
  14. there are plenty of add-ons to choose from, all links are on the third post in this thread
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