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  1. you are on there since tuesday Edit: It seems like Loverslab didn't carry the change over to this threads OP, so that's a site issue
  2. Loverslab notifies everyone each time I just edit the description page, very annoying, bother Ashal about fixing that
  3. this is why I wanted to make sure that all screenshots are made with only RJW installed, for this one ask @Ed86
  4. all of this and more tells us a hugslog. That's why there are big red letters on the OP telling everyone they should post a hugslog when they want a problem solved here, but nobody can read apparently the guide how to change genital size is in ⇒FaQ idk how presets are saved, presets and UI are still a major disadvantage CE has when compared to prepare carefuilly the best setup guide is the rwom guide compatibility got broken some time ago, but I still recommend to disable children for CSL unless you like immobile pawns because of double pregnancies as fo
  5. if it changes sizes in game you might have broken the pawns with Prepare Carefully, if it just happens when you load a character editor slot then that's normal adding a big mod and not to know what patches it needs is indeed the worst, I'm pretty sure I spent more time tweaking modlists and restarting the game then playing Rimworld I use the furniture stuff with no problems, RJW Discord really hates vanilla expanded more then it deserves imo
  6. There are a few things you can do to have a more stable mod List: 1. Don't change your modlist while you have running save (unless absolutely necessary) yes it's annoying when you see a mod you want to add but the more it changes mechanics around the more can go wrong 2. Make a plan for which major overhauls you want: yayo or combat extended, which medical overhaul, which alien races, any children mods and all the other major gameplay changers so you know beforehand what compatibility patches you need to look out for (or you have to make yourself) - I like to go with a mod List per t
  7. they will probably not, if your Rimnudeworld isn't working try to reinstall the latest version
  8. I know of: MaliBody Chanfafa x MaliBody apparel patch both have individual hulk textures for each gender found in ⇒Recommended Mods⇒Body Textures
  9. timeouts happen here occasionally I figured out how to do ⇒, enjoy the new interlinked experience
  10. Last time I've checked the cocoons stay until surgically removed Thanks! the issue with the "⇒" links is that they aren't links at all, there is no native function on Loverslab (that I know of) to make links to a part of a post so I added "⇒" to indicate I am referencing a specific section, just without the convenience of a link that directly jumps you there. I didn't look at the suggestions list for a long time, I guess I should cross out all the stuff we have now
  11. It used to work like this last time I've tried, but that was a while ago, I guess I'll remove that
  12. RJW adds the vulnerability stat the threshold for it to take effect can be adjusted in the settings haven't heard complaints lately
  13. have 2 rapes happen at once by chance vanilla Rimworld only spawns pawns above 14 years old, for kids to appear in raids, caravans and similar you need a mod like this one
  14. Armbinders and the like have been moved to the RJW-ex addon a while ago
  15. no problem CnP = Children and Pregnancy BnC = Babies and Children The first file is the stable version, the second one is experimental, read their changelogs to see what you want to use for your modlist, both should work with Rimworld 1.2
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