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  1. have 2 rapes happen at once by chance vanilla Rimworld only spawns pawns above 14 years old, for kids to appear in raids, caravans and similar you need a mod like this one
  2. Armbinders and the like have been moved to the RJW-ex addon a while ago
  3. no problem CnP = Children and Pregnancy BnC = Babies and Children The first file is the stable version, the second one is experimental, read their changelogs to see what you want to use for your modlist, both should work with Rimworld 1.2
  4. Posting here for the non Discord folks, enjoy RJW Dragonians Tail Slap update - by Abraxas, from Discord, 2021 Jan. 3. STABLE -Optimized code by changing patches to inbuilt code(Can use weapons patch + can wear normal clothes patch + spawn with Healing Hediff patch) -Cleaned up some xml files -Removed DR_PawnBase and shifted Dragonians to BasePawn -Added Tail as a viable attack tool -Dragonians no longer walk on their Tails but it should contribute to movement -Nymph kind -Rarer Dick girl and Futa variants. If time allows it I might come back to insert them int
  5. Parts randomly change size when you hover over then if the pawn was created with prepare carefully, hence the incompatibility tag.
  6. The download button always links to the latest release
  7. No, last I've checked only the nephila addon requires the royality DLC
  8. Don't override the mod files next time you update, reinstall RJW
  9. People don't even read the giant red message on top of the OP which clearly says they need to post a hugslog to get accurate help, I see nothing that I could do anymore if you have an idea how to make people aware about issues like the prepare carefully thing or hugslib it would be greatly appreciated
  10. Autosorters don't work when you load more then 4 mods Some humanlike alien races errors (xenn race?), try to move the race mods to the bottom of your load order and rjw stuff even lower, sort your mods, remove prepare carefully, try without zlevels, Update Rjw animation addon each time you update rjw. Did you override your rjw mod folder? If so reinstall RJW. In general my game only failed to generate a planet when I loaded mods with their requirements missing, good luck
  11. Order your modlist and if you still have problems send your hugslog (press Ctrl + F12 in game)
  12. read the first sentence of that post, crossed out mods don't have a 1.2 version. I wouldn't recommend you to use these in 1.2 check the brothel tab, the screenshots are a bit outdated there
  13. that doesn't work anymore ever since the parts changed to the severity system
  14. read FAQ, could be sex need decay setting, breeders charm or hypersexual trait that setup should be working, your Hugslog (press CTRl +F12) could help to identify the issue
  15. It cries about missing vanilla faction expanded classes, I'm not sure why it searches them, but I guess you can try to clear your config files (in ...\AppData\LocalLow\LudeonStudios\RimWorld by Ludeon Studios\Config resets your settings) and reinstall your Rimworld game
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