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  1. Skömer

    Can someone help?

    Order your modlist and if you still have problems send your hugslog (press Ctrl + F12 in game)
  2. read the first sentence of that post, crossed out mods don't have a 1.2 version. I wouldn't recommend you to use these in 1.2 check the brothel tab, the screenshots are a bit outdated there
  3. that doesn't work anymore ever since the parts changed to the severity system
  4. read FAQ, could be sex need decay setting, breeders charm or hypersexual trait that setup should be working, your Hugslog (press CTRl +F12) could help to identify the issue
  5. It cries about missing vanilla faction expanded classes, I'm not sure why it searches them, but I guess you can try to clear your config files (in ...\AppData\LocalLow\LudeonStudios\RimWorld by Ludeon Studios\Config resets your settings) and reinstall your Rimworld game
  6. If you only use vanilla expanded factions it probably works. I need my faction control and that's why I don't recommend VFE. if you enable direct control you can order your pawns to do certain actions with a right click, if that doesnt work for you check out the FAQ
  7. Vanilla expanded mods are generally only nice looking but badly executed under the hood, VFE gets you errors with pretty much every other faction mod (faction control...) and some race mods that add factions
  8. collecting all these links, wow that's dedication although a simple Hugslog (Ctrl + F12) would give us the entire modlist, load order, and errors in your game to work with, to quote @tory187: the only thing I can say right now is that I really hope this is not your actual load order, STOP using autosorters and take a look at this guide or my condensed version
  9. you most likely overrode your Mod folder, do a clean RJW reinstall and then post a hugslog is its still bugged
  10. The load order needs some changes (RJW +Addons last, beautiful bodies just above that, vanilla factions expanded and expanded prosthetics higher), luckily you don't have that many mods, check the load order guide. The errors seem to be related to the combat shields mod, if the changed load order doesn't fix them, I'd try without it. I also strongly discourage you from using prepare carefully. Good luck!
  11. As the OP, tory and malgrumm said post a hugslog (Ctrl F12) the vanilla errors don't help much to nail down the issue Change the mod settings for the Children, School and Learning mod, if you dont want that to happen
  12. the update is posted as a comment and linked in the addons list
  13. did you look at the RJW settings and activate rape, zoophilia and co.? Most features are disabled by default
  14. read FAQ, reinstall RJW and dont override your RJW folder next time you update
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