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  1. Aquire or dump your own game.
  2. Aquire our IPS
  3. Use this and patch rom https://www.romhacking.net/patch

Additional Info:

If using RetroArch.

  1. Rename the IPS exactly the same name as your rom.
  2. Launch the game (this is a patch on the fly method and does not require patching roms directly every time).


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Edited by Sotaeko

What's New in Version 1.0.1


  • New Title / Patch Version
  • Play as Red or Blue (version alternative)
  • Female Protagonist/Rival
  • Bugcatcher - (OC)
  • Fisher - (OC) Manga Yellow
  • Rocket - (OC) Edited
  • Swimmer - GSC Swimmer
  • Giovanni - GSC Executive
  • Biker - B/W Cyclist
  • Gentleman - GSC Teacher
  • Lance - GSC Clair
  • JR Trainer - GSC Picnicker

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