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  1. Hi Ashal et al,: I'm consistently getting a weird sequence when I visit the site, has been happening for several days now. I don't know if it's related to any of the recent site updates, or just something weird on my computer. When I open my browser (Google Chrome if it matters) and type in the url for LL, the first page it takes me to is the warning page that you must be 18 to enter the site. When I click "yes" it then takes me to a LL "URL not found" page, and acts like I'm an unregistered guest. If I then click on the Lovers Lab icon/graphic in the upper left, it brings me finally to the forums page, where I am still signed in (I leave myself signed in on my computer and set it to remember me), along with my notifications in the top left. I haven't erased my cookies recently, and I'm not having login problems with any other site. This is more just a mild inconvenience than anything, just an minor annoyance that I have to make a few extra clicks to get onto the site. Again, this may just be something specific to my computer, since I don't think I've seen anyone else with this same exact problem. Just figured I'd pass it along in case you're bored sometime and want to look into it.
  2. Has anyone heard if it's going to allow mods? The website doesn't say, so I'm guessing not.
  3. So what version of WW are you using? If you just now downloaded a new version of WW, it probably isn't compatible with your old version of the game.
  4. Small misalignments like that might be unavoidable. It could be possible that that if you're using an animation designed for one body type, and you're using a different body type in your game, SL might not be able to account for that. The heads or bodies might just be slightly different sizes or dimensions, and what might be perfect with CBBE/SOS bodies might be just a little bit off with UNP/SAM bodies (or vice-versa).
  5. I notice something like that too once in a while. I don't know, but have wondered if it's due to the huge number of mods I have and some sort of script lag??? May be totally wrong about that though.
  6. Do you also use Basemental Gangs? Did you delete your localthumbcache.package in your main Sims folder? Also, search your mods folder for duplicates of Basemental. Some mod authors package unexpected add-ons like that when they publish their mods. EDIT TO ADD: Your WickedWhimsInfoLog will also show if you have any duplicate files.
  7. Short answer - I don't have it either. Long answer - I didn't realize it until I read your post, but Migal pulled all of his mods off of Nexus after the recent changes there. He does have a new Patreon with the username Migal130, and his own website that says he wants to host all of his own mods https://migal3d.com/ It looks like he's only got one of his Skyrim mods there so far though, so will have to keep an eye out and hope he gets all of his stuff posted soon.
  8. You need to post a screenshot of your FNIS output - the orange window you get when you run FNIS
  9. Remove the Basemental Drugs and/or Gangs mods until they get updated.
  10. There will be lots of mods that are broken right now. Nisa and LilMsSam have both put out statements about how big of a project updating for the patch will be. Clothing and build mods are probably OK (although I have older build mods that haven't worked in a while), but any mod that alters gameplay may need to be fixed. That's more than just WW, it includes stuff like Wicked Perversions, Basemental Drugs and Gangs, etc.
  11. Did you read any of those other threads? WW won't work until Turbodriver pushes out an update, which will probably take a day or two. Turn off auto-updates for TS4.
  12. You realize there's already at least one other thread on this topic, started just a few hours ago?
  13. So as not to overlook the obvious, did you re-run FNIS after you checked the arm fix and disabled Babo? Also, did you delete your old FNIS output before re-running it? If you didn't, the Babo data might still be there.
  14. I have little doubt WW and numerous other mods will be fixed. This happens every time EA releases an update. Nisa, Basemental, LilMsSam, Deaderpool, and other big name mod authors will all have to check their mods and update them for us. Also, don't forget to go to your game settings and re-enable custom content and script mods. Updates will usually turn off those settings.
  15. I can't say I blame them. I'm a lifetime member there, and I'm sure I've gotten more than my moneys worth with my frequent browsing and downloading over there. Are there really any sites left that sell lifetime memberships, at least at the bargain prices Nexus does/did? Just like LL, Nexus has bills to pay too, and I can't blame anyone for wanting to make a dollar and a cent.
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