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  1. Do you use some other mod manager now, like Vortex or something else? I am not familiar with that follower mod, but if you use something else already, have you tried to install it with that?
  2. I'm only just getting back into the Sims after a 2-3 year break. If I remember right the LMS mod will hire a random Sim, and then you use cheats/console to make the Sim the way you like. I don't think it hires family members.
  3. OK, trying to answer my own question or find another way to do what I want, I probably need to get the Discover University pack and build some servo maids and nannies. I'll have to see if I can then give them a human form somehow.
  4. Wicked Pets and all mods from that author are no longer on this site, and in any event, the author combined Wicked Pets with another mod into Devious Desires a few months ago. Wicked Pets may not be compatible with the latest patch/update of The Sims 4. Colonel Nutty (the author) has a Patreon and a Discord, your best bet is to try to get support and updated versions there.
  5. As the title suggests, I'm curious if anyone has tried using a WW Porcelain Doll as a live-in maid or nanny from the Little Ms Sam mod here? I'm wondering about general compatibility - do the dolls have any sort of AI that would override the maid or nanny AI? Would being a maid or nanny cause any difficulties in the dolls fixing their own needs? Also a general question about the dolls - do they age, or is their age locked like a vampire? Yes, I realize I could cheat their age with MCCC or something, just wondering if that's already a feature. I used to use
  6. Thank you Peco328! I actually use Cinerotique too along with the package to put all content onto one channel and love your mod! Now that I know what it is maybe I can look into updating it and having both on separate channels
  7. So I finally got it narrowed down and found the culprit STN_Rev_0_6g.package I have absolutely no idea what that package file is for, the date on the package is from 2019 (but I don't know when I would have downloaded it). I wish I had more expertise at Sims modding, if this was Skyrim or another TES game I'd open it in XEdit or Creation Kit and have a look. I did a Google search for it and only get some images that point towards "Teleport Any Sim" and while I remember looking at that a couple of years ago I don't think I ever downloaded it. Not to mention that the m
  8. Thanks for that. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what the heck mod (BG) was supposed to represent. Base Game never occurred to me. Thank you!
  9. The answer is probably obvious to everyone else, but what is/where do I find "enigma dresser (BG)"????
  10. My UICheats is and has been up to date, just checked the Patreon page to make sure, so it's not that. Same with MCCC. Didn't know there was a repair game function, but unfortunately that didn't help either. Really not looking forward to the 50/50 method and trying to sort all my stuff as I've got so much of it. Some of it probably does need to be weeded out though, such as build items that just don't work or I didn't like. Too bad there's not something like MO2 for the Sims to let you see at a glance where you have conflicts.
  11. I have a very heavily modded Sims 4 game, although most of it is clothes and build items, or WW related stuff. However, something (probably a mod???) is interfering with some displays. I get some moodlets (lower left corner) that just show, for example, "uncomfortable +2" or something like that, and some messages in the upper right that have an icon but no message displayed. I was trying to find my utility bill on the mailbox pie menu today, and it wasn't labeled. I clicked on the unlabeled pie menu options and finally got this (the picture below). It looks like it s
  12. Start over. You may want to consider a clean install of your game if you've messed with it too much. Before you do anything else, look for some of the pinned tutorials here, and look for tutorial videos on Youtube by Gopher or GamerPoets on how to set up your game and install mods.
  13. What mod manager or mod installation method are you using? Is FNIS installed properly? (hint, probably not) Are you using the proper animations for your version of the game? i.e. SE animations for SE or LE animations for LE Post a picture of your FNIS output
  14. In addition to the possibilities of COVID, burned tongue, dehydration, you also need to think about abcess/infection that needs antibiotics or I&D. If it's been 3 days already and it's not better, then it's time to see a doctor, insurance or no. Look for an Urgent Care type center, usually a lot cheaper than an Emergency Department. If you go to an ER that gets public funds, they have to provide at least basic care regardless of ability to pay (but they can send you to collections as a last resort). Most hospitals will be happy to work out a payment plan with you if you nee
  15. 1st person almost exclusively. One of the main reasons I never even got close to finishing The Witcher 3 was lack of first person controls
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