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  1. I think some of those mods are going to end up on mod sanctum modsanctum.org but that site is still on closed beta right now. Supposedly going to come off beta sometime this month, but ?????
  2. Maybe you ought to tell us what mod you're talking about... Or use FO4Edit to look them up yourself Or use In Game ESP Explorer
  3. You've already been pointed to lots of great resources by the previous posters. May I also suggest going to Youtube and looking for installation tutorials by Gopher and Gamer Poets. Things like how to install your game, how to install and use FNIS and xEdit and other addons. Also general tutorials by either of those two on how to use whatever mod manager you choose (Vortex or Mod Organizer 2). The time you take to learn to properly set up your game is well spent and will help avoid problems down the road.
  4. Thank you for the reply. Making things for an older game isn't silly though, if that's the game that you enjoy. I only play Sims4 occasionally, and never played Sims3. I'm much more a fan of The Elder Scrolls, and to a lesser extent, Fallout series. People still pump out new mods for that genre for games that are 15 years old, and are primitive by todays standards. Thanks again
  5. Unfortunately nothing jumps out at me as causing your problem with not being able to equip stuff. On a different topic though, it looks like you have both 4Play and AAF set up to run sex scenes. They probably shouldn't work together. Here is an excellent guide on setting up AAF to run in your game, if you're interested:
  6. Are you using the Patreon version of Wicked Whims? I think there's a file here on LL called Inappropriate Unlocker or something like that. Try installing that.
  7. I wonder how many people will even get the reference to Bobbit anymore??? I apologize in advance, since you've probably been asked a billion times, but have you ever thought about porting your stuff to Sims 4? You have so much great content.
  8. Please read the post just three short posts above yours.
  9. In addition to the excellent guides already linked to by Marg597 and Psalam, check out the STEP Project STEP
  10. OK, had a quick look at the SSE FNIS page. Didn't download it, but have an idea When you installed the Creature Pack with MO2, did you manually check the files when you installed (in the install window, there's a "Manual" button in the lower left corner. If you did, did it say if the file was set up properly? If not, you might need to right click the nested "Data" folder and then "Set as Data Directory" as sometimes MO doesn't handle nested Data folders right. Gopher has an excellent set of MO1 tutorial videos on Youtube, which probably are 99% applicable to MO2 as well. Check them out, and maybe also another Youtube creator called Gamer Poets
  11. Thanks @vaultbait I had actually downloaded the GrafPanzer replacer already, just wasn't sure if I wanted to use an esp slot for it, but I guess now I will. Or try merging it or flagging it as an esl...
  12. Apologies if this has been posted here before, but has anyone else noticed that Cait has no hands using the version of her outfit included in this mod (1.80a I think)? Yes, I built the outfits in Bodyslide, and all the other outfits seem to be OK so far.
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