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  1. It looks like you have the Oldrim (legacy Skyrim) versions of Devious Devices (or whatever DD is from) installed. Make sure you have the SE versions of the mods.
  2. Avanchnzel - site of Unfathomable Depths?
  3. Are you saying you already have Nexus Mod Manager and you want to know how to add LL mods? I haven't used NMM in years, but I think there's a "+" symbol somewhere on the upper left corner, or one of the other icons that will let you manually add/import a file or mod.
  4. that's not part of Tolvald's Crossing, is it???
  5. I think I vaguely remember the mod you're talking about but never used it myself so I don't remember the name. If I remember right, MXR Mods did a review on it on his youtube channel, if you have to, go look at his channel and see what he's reviewed.
  6. Just to expand on this a little more, you can still use Alternate Start to give all of your mods a chance to load up/initialize safely, and then choose the vanilla start option when you go to the Mara statue. No matter how many times I've restarted Skyrim, I still like that first few seconds hearing the wheels creaking and horses snorting as the music comes up and the picture fades in.
  7. Gopher on Youtube also search on yt for gamerpoets as @Gukahn suggested, Google is your friend
  8. I don't know anything about Defeat, but may I suggest that you forget about trying to install mods manually? If you, as you said "got lost trying to figure out mods" then a mod manager will be much more forgiving than will a manual installation. Either get Vortex or Mod Organizer 2 and invest the time to learn how to use them (the basics really aren't difficult at all).
  9. I haven't actually played Skyrim in over a year now, so haven't tried yet. I did Morrowind, and now getting ready to try Oblivion, and then at some point in the future will go back to Skyrim.
  10. No worries, and thanks for the prompt reply. I know I should make the switch to SE, but there are a couple of mods I really like that are still LE only. I'm thinking I'm going to just run two simultaneous playthroughs with distinctly different characters, one in each version.
  11. Looks amazing! Is there any chance for LE support in the future?
  12. The one good thing about SBC being on hiatus is it's allowed me the chance to play some other games that I've been neglecting and never finished, or in some cases, never even started. Once SBC returns and EtR's upcoming Whiterun mod drop (I know you've been collaborating on that one as well) I'll be right back to Skyrim. Can't wait!
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