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Welcome to your new home, breeder! Alternate start scenario and unique location with lightweight quests, lore-friendly stories and so many super mutants...


Hello beta testers. This is a prerelease of the first phase of what's planned to become a much larger mod. I have playtested it extensively and fixed all the bugs I encountered, but I'm certain there are plenty more for you to find. Please let me know in the support topic if you run into problems with the setting or new gameplay features. I can also try to answer specific questions there, within reason, but first make sure you've read everything on the file page and initial few support posts where frequently asked questions and known bugs will be tracked. No offense, but for now I'm not interested in your ideas on what else I could add, I already have a planned feature list longer than a behemoth's belly bat. What I need help with is improving what's already implemented, so if you're interested in doing that your assistance is most welcome.


Please be aware that this mod includes references to non-consensual sex, human bondage, extreme violence, snuff, bestiality, drug and alcohol use, forced breeding, breastmilk, fat fetishism, degrading speech, pee play, and all sorts of similarly perverted fare. Engaging in any such activities is entirely optional, but if you're easily offended by these ideas then this mod is not for you. This mod will theoretically work with a male protagonist and even alternate race mods, but it's designed around playing as a human female (sorry guys!).


So what the hell is in this?


Without giving too much away, the mod consists of a central area where super mutants are fertilizing human women the old fashioned way, and using them to incubate new super mutants. You'll also find that the Commonwealth strain super mutants have learned to harness F.E.V. based fertility hormones which improve their chances of reproducing, and they may occasionally inject you with some during sex (as well as confiscating any birth control you're carrying, you won't be needing that any more). While under the lasting effects of the drug, you and any followers will be able to move freely among super mutant camps as long as you remain naked and don't equip any weapons (the included HUD indicator can help to warn you whenever you forget you're armed or clothed).


Anything to know about installing?


Not much... it's a FOMOD package, so use a modern mod manager that can support those. You do need all the DLCs since it takes assets from most of them for added flavor, and F4SE because the game's scripting engine is somewhat limited without it. Other mods are optional.


There is no actual pregnancy mechanic included, but the scenario is meant for use with Family Planning Enhanced with its separate FPESuperMutantAddon.7z or Family Planning Enhanced Redux with Wasteland Dairy's Offspring plugin, and has some soft script integrations with either of those if present. AAF is, of course, strongly recommended (and no, I won't even attempt to explain how to install AAF) but is not strictly required to use the mod, you just won't be having any sexy-time animations without it. With AAF you'll want either Creature Resources or Ultimate AAF Patch so that greenies have appropriate sex organs and a dismemberable skeleton. Installing Mod Configuration Menu will make it possible to toggle some of the mod's features off and on, adjust settings or access debugging functions. HUDFramework is used by the optional on-screen indicator for armed and clothed states.


There's also soft integration with or support for additional mods which may enhance your experience: Unhealthy Craving, Skimpy Armor Keywords Resource, LooksMenu, Better Living Through Cumistry, Provocative Perks, TSEX, Sex Attributes, Sexual Harassment, Animated Tentacles, Commonwealth Captives, Real Handcuffs, Devious Devices, DD Armorbench Unlocker, Bound in Public, Advanced Needs 76, Light 'Em Up, Myopia Simulator, Get Dirty, CWSS, Immersive Animation Framework. Many of these integrations rely on RobCo Patcher configuration, so will activate transparently if it's installed.


Additional mods you might want to consider using with this: Chem Visuals, Alias Settlers, Alias Mutants, Behemoth Weapon Variety, Super Mutant Behemoth 4k, LC's UHD Super Mutant Hound 4k, Splashzone's NSFW Texture Mashup.


Conflicts with other mods?


The perks in this mod were inspired by, and are therefore mostly redundant with, Beneficial Nudity Redone (thehurtbear) and Passive Radiation loss while Nude (Modfreak). If you plan to acquire the perk books from the Colostrum Cave Adventure quest, you should probably uninstall those mods.


There are also some vanilla Fallout 4 locations where this mod adds items or characters and, while it's kept to a necessary minimum, anything altering these locations could lead to accessibility issues: Vault111Ext, WestEverettEstates01, WestEverettEstatesExt02. In particular, load UWBF after MHK if you use it, or else the bathroom in the Backyard Bunker won't be full-featured.


Armorsmith Extended removes underarmor coverage from many vanilla outfits, which causes this mod's internal nudity tracking to think you're unclothed when wearing them, but optional SAKR based nudity tracking is strongly recommended (used automatically if SAKR is installed) and won't be affected by AE's underarmor slot patching.


How do I start?


Find an innocuous looking safe just outside Vault 111, and you should be able to figure out the rest for yourself. This is intended for entry-level characters fresh out of the vault, so warrants a new playthrough. It should work with more seasoned characters, but probably won't be nearly as much fun. Of course, keep a save from before you installed this, and don't uninstall it mid-play either since it does have scripts. It probably won't break anything, but I'm not responsible when your game catches on fire. If you get stuck, check out the FAPs (Fucking Amazing Pointers) post for some possibly fun-spoiling details.




Milking Human Kindness


Welcome to your new home, breeder! No, it's not a settlement or even a workshop space, but it's stocked with all the amenities you deserve, and is suitable for long-term stays even in survival mode (so long as you don't mind the other residents). The super mutants here are non-hostile, but don't try to pet the hounds unless you want to lose a hand.


The breeding pit is outfitted with sufficient "furniture" to support all known super mutant sex animations, and an infinite supply of refreshments. As you gain access to more remote parts of this location, you'll also have a full set of workbenches at your disposal, with their inventories linked to each other and to some select workstations outside as well. There's even a doctor of sorts, should you find yourself in need of a bit of first aid or prenatal care, just don't expect any abortions!


What, you want to leave? You're free to go at any time! You'll just need to find a lot of radiation protection and a way to safely get past the the less friendly super mutants outside... Completing some of the other quests will make that a lot easier.


Colostrum Cave Adventure


This quest introduces you to a heretical sect of the Church of the Children of Atom, and rewards you with some (arguably overpowered if you don't mind the drawbacks) unique perks. Talk to the characters in the pit and look around for clues.


The perks you acquire will make extensive use of nudity tracking. While there's an internal nudity tracking system based on biped slots, SAKR's far superior nudity tracking will be used instead if installed.


Expand Your Mind, Your Holes Will Follow


Keep an eye on the "size queen" rating in your Pip-Boy, under active effects or in the perks list. You'll get occasional objectives to up your tolerance as it progresses, but the more stretched out you become the harder it will be to orgasm with "lesser" partners. Your openings will shrink back to normal over time, but you can also sometimes find drugs for sale which temporarily delay or dramatically speed up your recovery.


Advancing this quest requires AAF (it won't even start if AAF isn't present). You'll also want animation packs for super mutants, FEV hounds and behemoths to have sex with your player's gender and race. If you're playing as a human female, recent versions of Savage Cabbage's pack should be sufficient, but otherwise you may need to do some animation patching work. Specifically, animations with the player and these combinations of partners are needed: one/two/three super mutants, FEV hound, FEV hound and super mutant interspecies, behemoth.


A Druggie's Wet Dream


Once you've acquired at least one addiction, sleeping in one of the beds in the breeding pit will lead you on a quest to discover some powerful unique and legendary weapons which compliment druggie and nudist playthroughs.


One of the weapons will give you sudden drug flashbacks, so the Chem Visuals mod provides some great additional flavor when that happens. The "exhibitionist's" legendary weapons rely on nudity tracking, so see the related notes under the Colostrum Cave Adventure quest.



Credits and Permissions


All assets in Milking Human Kindness are reused from Fallout 4 or are the creation of the author, and are supplied free of charge to anyone who wishes to play. You're welcome to reuse any of the assets or scripts in your own creations, but don't repost this mod itself anywhere, and please let others know if you use any of its contents in creating any of your own published mods.




I could never hope to assemble a complete list of all the people whose work has inspired me either in concept or through example, nor those who have provided invaluable assistance on this journey. Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly thank the LoversLab community, all the modders who answered my endless stream of questions, and the countless mod authors whose creations titillated while showing me what's possible. Your generosity (and perversity) knows no bounds. If in doubt, fuck it; if not in doubt, get in doubt!

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