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  1. do anyone know what is causing this ? AAF sometimes choses animation named smooching but the characters are both standing does anyone know what animation pack this is from ?
  2. i still dont understand this part what am i suppose to do ?
  3. i was trying nemesis but all i get is an error 1052 it does not even state what the problem is ?
  4. thanks for explaining this part when the lockup happens i thought the game just froze but it was still ok i jut needed to wait it out and then the animation plays correctly. but what i found strange is why the lockup dont happens when npc vs npc are involved ? it will instandly play the animation without it locking up. btw when installing nemesis do i have to uninstall FNis or can these 2 work together even though you only use nemesis ?
  5. So the lockup is caused by Fnis ? this never happend before in Skyrim LE what has changed in Skyrim SE that makes this lockup happen ?? never heard of nemeses before will see if that actually works better then FNIS..
  6. Was wondering if is is a known problem or something else is causing it ? i used to play the old sexlab light for Skyrim SE i now uninstalled al mods regarding Sexlablaight and installed Sexlab for Skyrim SE my game also is updated to latest version now whenever the player character is involved when the animation start the game looks like it is completely lockedup and it take sometime till the animation triggers but when npc vs npc are involved they play super fast any idea how i can fix this ?
  7. thanks yes i started to remove all traces from sexlab light and removed all mods who where working with sexlab light and installed the new version the only problem i have so far is that when animation triggers it looks like pc is locked up but it will eventually trigger the animation but this only happens when pc is involved if an npc vs npc trigger it plays correctly. Any idea what could cause the lockup when player character is involved ?
  8. i have not played skyrim in a long time so i just updated my game again to the latest version so thats why i was asking this question.
  9. i was wonder4ing is there an easy way to update sexlab light with the orignal sexlab ? this game dont use modmanager so i installed them maniually.
  10. Was wondering is there a mod like this for Skyrim SE ?
  11. in Skyrim LE it was working correctly but in SE i never got defeat to work correctly. do anyone know how to fix this when npc vs npc defeat works flawless but whenever pc is involved i always need to open the console for the scripts to fire up and then defeat works again if i dont do this part pc will only stand their waiting for something that never happens ?
  12. Was wondering if RRS has is own icon in workshop ? if so then maybe the best way right now to install this mod is to have no mod adding to the workshop screen and install RRS after RRS is functioning start adding those other mod to your game this should negate some mods having no icon in your workshop screen.
  13. nvm. it seem to fixed itself itseem it took over the icon of previous tab and the other tab had no icon so i did not know i could scroll beyond the icons so i can still build the Robot Caravans
  14. Is their a way to fix this this seem to be exact problem i now face it seem to have override my workshopScreen for Robot Caravan mod so now i have RRS but no Robot Caravan is their a way to fix Robot Caravan with RRS has overriden ?
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