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  1. something did not load right, try exiting your game and then reload if it keeps doing that then you need to reinstall any interface mod. i sometimes get that too but it only happens with DEf-UI
  2. I have several settlements that have had several attacks from multiple enemies but the bodies dont remove themself aftersome time making too many dead body arround is their a way to get rid of them ?
  3. Are you sure ? i am using both and dont see any problems. what is the bug your seeing ?
  4. make sure to keep in mind mods that break previs and precombines this will seriously kill any game performance no matter what type of beast computer you have. Previs is pretty easy to spot if you walk true some angles your screen will look really weird, and precombines well lets just say you will get a very good noticable when your fps becomes unstable instead of a steady 60 + FPS. Also you with precombines your performance suffers allot and your harddrive will work overtime.
  5. Dont be surprised if Cyberpunk will be delayed till next year. lol...😃
  6. nope i never pre order anymore. Dont see the reason why though. especially Bethesda games.
  7. Do anyone know what this error message means ? whenever i use violate i get an error named: AAF OnsceneHit Status [4] but nothing happens. all my other mods works perfectly.
  8. I have a weird bug with violate everytime a sex acts starts all i get is AAF onHitScene status [4] ? but nothing happens this is all the message i get when i try to violate an enemy.
  9. I was wondering since AAF makes optional use of Buffout is their something specific why i need this tool ? i have noticed my game is much more prone to crash now with buffout then previously. i always seem to get a weird crash and this is the crashlog im getting ?
  10. Was wondering why did Buffout suddenly become a requirment for this mod ? if i dont use buffout can i still safely installe the new AAF ?
  11. if your laptop has 2 videocard check your bios if one of the build in is disabled ? if so switch it on and try installing the drivers for it. Sometimes they are disabled in the bios so check their first. if not try right clicking and see if can find more videocard option not only intelHD intelHD cant do much.
  12. was gone for sometime what happend to the creator of this mod ?
  13. this is the exact problems i had previously the only way i got past that is use a mod called skkfast minuteman and just the skip to be a general after that everything was back to normal dont know witch mod caused it, but this was the only way i got passed that back. SKK Faststart minuteman. btw this problem started after i updated any of simsettlement mod. so you could see witch one caused it.
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