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  1. Fixed what exactly? If "SOI:Sys:Include" is set they will come back. Once they're in the system, removing them entails more than just clearing that tag. "SOI:Sys:Reset" 2, resets and removes them. Are the NPCs persistent refs? Is the player performing for them? If so, auto include might add them back in. Try disabling it. If you're having problems with excluded NPCs being added, then obviously the scanner is working. If it wasn't, everything would stop working (including the hotkey). You figured correct. Named NPCs are checked against the 'SexoutSLActorDataNamedNPCs' list. If they're not in it, they are considered unnamed. Which attributes specifically aren't explained? The thresholds don't all go in the same direction because they can't (without a fair amount of coding entropy).
  2. The stalker attribute assignments are already based on alignment. Karma is only relevant to the player. Random assignments of stalker chances are something like: - Very Good = Never stalker. - Good = Can only become stalker 1 through angry dialogue. - Neutral = Chance of stalker 1, based on low libido and gang affiliation. - Evil and Very Evil = Chance of stalker 2, based on low libido and gang affiliation. All of the above are also measured against the sensitivity setting in the control terminal x player charisma attribute. Increasing the sensitivity setting and/or the player charisma will increase the chance of stalkers. The script that determines all this is named 'fnSOISetGenerate' if you want to take a look. Alignment is the only attribute that accurately represents karma for NPCs. That being said, the best method would probably be to use 'ref.GetIsAlignment Evil' or 'ref.GetIsAlignment VeryEvil' and when it returns 'true' set them as stalkers.
  3. Both jealousy and anger should decay over time, if they are left alone. NPCs that are flagged as gang members have a tendency towards conflict. This tendency is likely to carry over into their relationships. Jealousy shouldn't occur unless the NPC perceives some sort of attatchment to the player. Patrons and pimps generally won't care who the player is giving their attentions to. Lovers might. Partners/spouses probably will unless they have some kind of fetish. As you've mentioned, NPCs with certain stats are going to be a pain in the ass no matter what the player does. - Rejecting a rival in the presence of a suitor should increase decay. NPCs enjoy seeing the player shoot down their rivals. - Try being absent for a few days to see if they cool off. - When giving out attentions, try doing so away from other suitors. - Gifting might help some. In the end the best bet may be to create a profile that you can live with and apply it to troubled NPCs.
  4. There are three ways to change the cheater opinion. Through argument/debate (most difficult), through apology (medium difficulty), or through breakup (sure thing).
  5. If it's the scanner that's stuck, try using the force reset option located in the debug settings in the control terminal. It should restart the scanner quest.
  6. What I meant to say, is that I don't think the NX variables clear with a clean save. When you say 'auto add' do you mean the 'auto include' setting in mod settings is disabled? If so, the includes that you're seeing are likely a result of the nx variable 'NX_SetEVFl "SOI:Sys:Include" 1' already being set on them from the previous save. Here's how you can test this theory. Leave auto include disabled. Find an NPC that is included, one that you don't think should be (using your example a gambler). Set 'NX_SetEVFl "SOI:Sys:Reset" 2' on them. This should clear all of their variables and remove them from the system. If they aren't re-included automatically, then that's the issue.
  7. I don't think a clean save removes NVSE variables. Might try deleting the .nvse co-saves?
  8. Correct. It's not meant to be a custom radio station. It's only there to facilitate the event based customization of music.
  9. The virtue check allows NPCs to react to LOS stimuli. 1 = Rescue, 2 = Decency, 3 = Extortion, 4 = Infidelity. It doesn't necessarily mean they will react. Just that they notice and remember what's going on around them (if they see it).
  10. Low libido has a higer chance. Good and very good aligned NPCs won't generate stalker, though they can be set or acquire it through dialog in rare instances. Evil and very evil aligned NPCs or level three gang members have the highest chance. Neutral aligned NPCs are also possible if they have a very low libido attribute. Unless settings are explicitly defined, all NPCs generate randomly. The only preset values are in that 'fnSOISetDefaults' script I mentioned. Which primarily define vanilla orientation/couples values.
  11. Blue means the NPC is incompatible with the PC. Yes, but I didn't say there were no footjob anims. I said there were no footjob anim choices in the current dialog. The flag is 'SOI:Sex:Footjob' if you want to add them.
  12. Babysit just means they like the PC mainly (Disposition/Love). The system knows exactly who the father is. Though it's possible to convince an NPC that they are the father when they aren't. NPCs are also capable of a certain amount of deductive reasoning. Which means they will generally know when they could not possibly be the father. Devoted/Virtuous NPCs are more likely to accept fatherhood. All of these factors come in to play, including their personality. Bred is the rumor that determines the father. Confirming/Denying it successfully means they accept/reject the child as their own. Foot fetish is mainly included for mod authors to flesh out and specify foot job animations. There is no foot job animation choices in the current dialog. It's safe to ignore.
  13. There are many reasons not to use that list. Being a quest NPC is the very least of those factors. Suit yourself though. Yes, they are added differently. Which is why I called that list 'special'. There are two dialog options in the manager dialog. [Enable Faction] and [Enable Class] that can be used to include entire groups. Even if the NPC targeted with the dialog cannot be added. So for example let's say you Left Shift + Hotkey a non-persistent Powder Ganger. The option to include them will not be available. However, [Enable Faction] should be available. That way you can enable all Powder Gangers that are safe to incflude just by manager dialog on one of them. Same for classes. Want to include all of the Settlers or Scientists or NCR rangers in the game? Use [Enable Class]. If you know how to use the GECK you could open SexoutIntimacyQuestsFNV.esp and add 'ref.NX_SetEVFl "SOI:Sys:Include" 1' lines to the 'fnSOISetDefaults' script and it will all be done for you when the mod loads. That would be the best method, but would require a fresh start. That function only runs once when the mod initially loads.
  14. I don't think the max can be determined as a static number. It will probably be different for everyone. Things like how many mods you have running, and how powerful your PC is will likely determine this number. All things being perfect, the limit will ultimately be determined by the engine. The engine was not designed to process a high number of NPCs. My rule of thumb is to only add NPCs you are likely to encounter on a regular basis. Anything more is a waste of processing. I never add NPCs that I will only encounter once and then never see again. Except maybe gangs in order to play out a potential dangerous encounter. Placing NPCs in SOIFLNPCAuto does not guarantee they will be added. That's a special list for certain consequential NPCs. NPCs that you add through manager dialog do not get placed in that list. Using this method will absolutely break something eventually. The manager dialog is a filter against adding NPCs that are likely to break things. If the option to add them does not display in the manager dialog, chances are you shouldn't add them at all. The auto generation of stats is staged. So if you leave the cell it should pick up where it left off.
  15. The documentation is included in the package (/docs directory).
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