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Sexout MojaveSchoolgirls [Outdated] Alpha 0.51

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About This File

Welcome to the 'Mojave Schoolgirls'

(Current Version Alpha 0.51)


This mod is outdated!

Parts of it will not work with the recent versions of SexoutNG, SCR and PregV3.

As I currently have no time for mod creating please consider this mod as 'currently death'!

I still have plans for the teacher/headmaster and his 'school of love and fetish', but maybe I will never make it.

If you want to rework it, take parts or all of it to make your own mod, feel free to do it. I would be honoured.

NEWS: Dany2306 has recently asked for permission and has begun to rework the mod. Look here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/37641-rework-of-mojave-schol-girls/



1. - I was told, that this mod changes some content in Goodsprings (Saves, Names, Descriptions, Topics etc.) to German! By cleaning the dirty edits I ran into some issues, I can't fix as I imagined.

2. - [2013.10.18] As a lot of things in NG, SCR and Preg have changed since I made this version, a lot of content in this mod will not work anymore!

3. - English is NOT my first language, so the dialogues need a lot of rework. If someone would like to help I would be honoured!

4. - I am still an beginner/noob in modding New Vegas and Sexout. There are a lot of bugs and a lot of content that could have been made much smarter. Be free to make suggestions, how to solve the issues!



What does this Mod do?

This Mod brings some sex to the Wastelands. ;)


Basicly this Mod was created to bring some "Fetish-Fun" to the Mojave-Wasteland, especially to Goodsprings for now.

As (1.) I still have no "Fetish-Clothing" like a Schoolgirl-Dress, a Waitress-Dress, a Nurse-Dress maybe something like a Nun etc. and (2.) by figuring out how GECK and Sexout works, I got astray and made some strange and silly things. Maybe you will like them.


But still this is the basic-concept:

There is a group of people in the Mojave who have some special sexual perferences. They are leaded by a man who calls himself The Teacher. He likes to give young women dressed as Schoolgirls some special "lessons".

After joyning in this "Game" the female Courier can talk to the other Villagers and ask for their whishes how the "Schoolgirl" can be taught a little more.


Most of this content is NOT included so far (because I don't have the propper dresses, and it is no fun without them.)


But there are three more Quests included, which can be played after making the basic "Schoolgirl"-Quest.

Well, there is a lot of sex in it, and someday it will be much more.


NEW in Alpha 0.5(1):

Among the still existing Basic-Quest "Back to School" you can get a little glimpse into the first part of the new Main-Quest, called "Curiosity killed the cat!". But it is just a little glimpse. Please be patient!


What are the requirements for this mod?

Fallout New Vegas ;)

SexoutNG (Last edits made with 2.6.77)

Sexout Common Recouses (Last edits made with ALPHA/BETA 20130328.1!)

Sexout Pregnancy (Last edits made with ALPHA/BETA 20130325.1!)

The SexoutZAZ Animations should be installed.


You have to play a female Courier, Sorry!


For further Informations, Requierments, Suggestions, Hints, known Issues and the Questlog go to the second post of the Support-Tread or scroll down to the second post, if you are already reading the Support-Topic!



Playing this mod could be a waste of your precious time!

It is WIP, maybe full of bugs, could be better done and maybe it would have been better I hadn't wasted my time with modding.

So I humbly beg your pardon for makeing it.

What's New in Version Alpha 0.51


  • Deleted some items in the vanilla houses and put them in the "red house". If someone wants to look, if there are still missing meshes: I've put some condomes on the table in the sleepingroom. And in the first room there should be a statuete which uses some model which is (I think) from the Spectrum Warrior Toys?
  • Deleted the key to the new "other schoolhouse" interior.

Other Files from Swyke

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