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[WIP] Sexout - Coito Ergo Sum 0.1.1

About This File

Hey guys, my first post here and my first real foray into modding. I've played around a bit with the TES Construction kit before but never done anything serious. I never even looked at the GECK until about 24 hours ago. So really this is a disclaimer more then anything. Anyway don't care about me, onto the mod.




SexoutNG: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/24614-sexoutng/

Sexout Common Resources: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/13789-sexout-common-resources-stable-version-scr/

Coito Ergo Sum: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/56156/? (You'll want the Breezes compatibility patch for it too.)

and anything those may require.


What is it?:


Basically having Coito Ergo Sum use Sexout animations instead of it's current ones. So nothing fancy really, just making them work together.



What's currently working:


Avoiding spoilers, most animations where you ask for/have the opportunity to have sex. Asking your workers for a quality check and other moments in the story when it comes up. If it's a standard hey lets have sex, it should use it.



Known issues:

  • ​Sex with the stag currently uses the default the default CES animation. This is because for story reasons you lose health during it and that is beyond my current very limited abilities but I'm working on it.
  • When having sex with Doug he doesn't strip naked (unsure if all instances or only a few, he hasn't in all the animations I've seen with him). You still can have sex with him, and there will be a penis, but it'll be clipping through his already very revealing stripper outfit. Not sure why this is happening, NPCs added by CES seem to have their own unique naked body so Doug might just not have one. Anyway on my looking into list.



Haven't noticed any problems yet so shouldn't be incompatible with anything the Coito Ergo Sum isn't.




So that about sums it all up. If anything isn't working right or if you think there should be an animation where there isn't please let me know, I want/need feedback on it. There's a few places I can think of that I might want to add some animations; this is by no means a final release so feedback, feedback, feedback.


I have received permission from Belthan to work on this








Problem where if you had The Handler send The Stag away before sex he would stay gone. If you've already been affected by this just ask for it again, he will reappear.





Belthan for the amazing Coito Ergo Sum mod and everyone working on Sexout. I haven't done anything really, just putting it all together.

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