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SexoutNG - Stable Release '97

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12 hours ago, sandmanalfa said:

I see, and is there a way to have animations play during actual in game sexual encounters (where the screen goes to black, like having sex with benny)? I remember an old mod (animated prostitution?) that added something like this, is there a sexout mod that does something similar?

SexoutBlackOut I think it is called

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  • 4 weeks later...

I finally got this thing to work after some tries but now appears a message saying the I need the NX v16 to work proper... But after that says that the file was loaded.... I`m running the TTW version, still in the beginning in the Vault 101. I tried the scenes with Amata but the scenes didn`t work... What else I have to do?


Edit: After some research I discovered what was wrong. Now it`s working. And Thanks for the person who created this mod.

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I've never tried sexout before and now I'm finding out ... it's great ... I'll just have to ask you a question ... the animations are not well aligned and I have the mod to reposition them but I have to do it every time... there's no way to save the changes ? 


thank you :)

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ive set it up and every thing is running smoothly, except the actors positions are ever so slightly off so it doesnt look quite right. is there any reason for this? and how can i fix it? 


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Got a weird bug rn that Ive never had before and ive been using sexout for 2 years now. I can only have sex/ masturbate once and after that I keep getting errors in the console saying that either me or the npc are out of the ugrids or its an invailid actor code 1, the error goes away after a reboot but I happen again after having sex once. Dosent really effect me since I rarley use it.

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It's happen because the updates of the NVSE (New Vegas script extender), SexOut is not updated for the new version.

If you use an old version it will work but will broken some of modern mod (I lost some hours to undestand this ?).

I'm using XNVSE that is the most updated version.


I cannot find anything after actived the debug, only this:

  SexoutActRunFull: Aborting, actor is invalid, code: 1

and an error on NVAC (new vegas anti crash) that say a generic error

script 'Expression Error: SYNTAX'


I have no idea if is related to Sexout, I have too many mods to unistall to try and I'm ignorant of modding ?




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  • 4 weeks later...
2 hours ago, Pimpslink12 said:

shouldn't this work with the latest xnvse version?

There are still issues with arrays and stuff. At least that's what I hear from Neutron_rus


So *most* of it works with the latest xNVSE but be prepared of weird glitches.

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3 hours ago, Pimpslink12 said:

How do you even engage in sexout? I just saw hot keys for 2 options. vibrator and masturbation which doesn't work.

this mod is only a framework, you need to find other mods that will allow you to use everything that it gives

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The mod worked fine but now for some reason when the sex ends, my character just stands there naked with the nude body still equipped and I can't move. I can talk to people and still engage in sex but I'm frozen other wise if I do so. Any clue what could be causing this?

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  • 2 weeks later...
On 2/12/2021 at 6:13 PM, Pimpslink12 said:

The mod worked fine but now for some reason when the sex ends, my character just stands there naked with the nude body still equipped and I can't move. I can talk to people and still engage in sex but I'm frozen other wise if I do so. Any clue what could be causing this?

It's hard to give you some ideas of what went wrong without a log. What you're describing most likely - or at least sounds to me - is an interruption, or loss of data which left the player locked (stuck inUse).  What versions are the ddl's you're using (nvse, jip, etc...)? https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/70364


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  • 2 weeks later...

First of all, thank you for creating this mod.  It makes the game a lot more fun.

I'm experiencing an issue, my character (male) turns invisible during sex.  Also, both character collapse on the ground after any sexual act which is where aspects of the male body come back into frame.

I've gone through your Q&A above, checked other threads for answers, so I'm hoping I did enough due diligence to ask for help and not waste your time.

I use Robert's body replacer for males, BnB for females.  I have installed the most recent NSVE (ver. 6) and verified it's installation per your instructions above.  I installed NX per it's mod directions.  I have installed the 97 data, core and even body (which I uninstalled to see if that was conflicting with Robert's).  I have the Sexout 98 Beta edition installed and even tried the Roberts - Body suits from the Sexout Beta download option.

I do not see any errors when I run the game.  I have used LOOT to properly sort the orders, and manually verified they were correct.

Any help you could give would be appreciated.

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On 3/13/2021 at 6:31 AM, bicobus said:

Let's hope not, because that would mean either that xNVSE has to be compatible with NX's API or all mods requiring NX have to be updated to fit xNVSE.


Price of progress. I'm probably wrong though.


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  • 2 weeks later...

So I`m here to ask one of the oldest questions known to Sexout: What`s the easiest way to clear stuck sex tokens. I vaguely remember I`d be able to clear it up quite easily. But I could be misremembering. I do know I used to not have to worry about this, I just can`t remember why.



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