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  1. it should to work, at least i don't remember cutting it out, debug prints should be visible with debug 3 or higher
  2. spunk have a hotkey to force end the acts that is not counting as rape, but i don't remember how it's named
  3. in the first post, just instead of clicking on npc, click on yourself in 3rd person mode
  4. technically there is, but as type 3 is a default for most stuff there, it just will not work(also this outfit is from SCR, try to play with SCR settings in mcm)
  5. Result Script (End) if katieref.getitemcount katiekleidungrstung == 1 removeitem katiekleidungrstung 1 set katiequest.rstung to 1 endif call fnSexoutActRunFull (Ar_Map "ActorA"::katieref, "ActorB"::playerREF, "Flags"::(ar_list "Vaginal"), "CBDialogA"::katiesexvaginalafter) set katiequest.hadsex to 1 old begin script can be fully removed messages part can be removed at all, but if you want to save it, just insert them in last katiesexvaginalafter dialog as an end script, so the pop up will happen after the dialog showmessage katiesex3secmess showmessage katiesexkommengleichmess showmessage katiesexorgasmess anyway, many parts of code seems like tied to work with wsex, so i'd say that you need to do a whole rework of the code first
  6. both is fine, but if you want to keep it clean for your mod manger do the first way
  7. there's a chance multiplier and guaranteed option in MCM
  8. dialog will not appear if you don't have enough materials
  9. if you used regular version of FOMM to install dll plugins, it simply will not work, as regular FOMM is unable to do so properly. Also nvse/xnvse is have to be installed manually as it have an executable file If error still occurs, then i need to see a debug log or at least a log file created with this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/70364
  10. too much work to convert everything, all current stuff is mostly based on type 3
  11. jip nvse and nvse/xnvse is different things https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/58277
  12. then i can't really help here, as i never expected for someone to use this mod w/o pregnancy
  13. milking is available when you have some amount of milk(depends on the settings), amount of milk is increasing over ingame time when you're pregnant
  14. Then you got stuck tokens way before you started the quest line. Start a new game and try to do any sexout acts, and if it still will be broken, then you have issues with your saves, script extenders and/or some requirements for the sexout itself
  15. missing mesh, make sure that you have installed resources archive
  16. all animations from amra or zaz is long time ago as built-in in sexout, so it works on both nah, it's simple mod that i made from my old rework of sexout sexkey in like 10 minutes, there's no easy customization in here, so it's completely useless mod in my eyes
  17. scanner will only show information about the real pregnancy, if some mod is using fake pregnancy o pregnant outfit, scanner will never show you this
  18. mcm should have a hotkey, or check in medical scanner, and yes you'll get notifications if you're close enough
  19. it's unique body model that simply will not work as you want to in current pregnancy setup due to many limitations of this engine. The framework still will be working though, just it will be swapping on type 3 bodies you need at least one ova and some sperm in womb, after get lucky with rolls
  20. you can also try to use "EnablePlayerControls 1" in console, but i don't know if it will help also i heard that if dialogs randomly breaks(dialogs that have always been working before) then this people are often using mods that changes dialog behavior, like smalltalk/smallertalk
  21. jip 56+ only works with xnvse 6.0.5+, so if you have regular nvse 5 then you need jip 55.xx instead
  22. what do you mean by stuck? "symbiote" pregnancy is SOPreg one, but it should not be any different compare to other pregnancies, as api is the same for everything you can remove pregnancy in mcm, born babies of course will not be removed, so you have to remove it manually from the console looking at the code of symbiotes, i can see that i have not touched it all and so i have no idea how it's even suppose to work, for now it looks like an infinity script with timer that will be keeps cycling with no function to remove itself. i don't see it doing anything bad except this self replicating, though
  23. i'm like 99% sure that this is vanilla, and all vanilla meshes is inside bsa archive and doesn't require to be anywhere in the game files, so steam for sure will not restore it back or remove it, as steam have no idea what this files actually is, as they by default only exist inside a bsa archive the game also will work fine even with some missing meshes
  24. the problem is, it doesn't matter what body mod you using, it'll not affect the outfits w/o reworking them all, as unlike newest bethesda games, in f3/fnv the body is built-in in the outfits itself in like 99% cases So, from one body it needs to create at least 7 pregnant versions(it's simple, but tedious) and after that, need to create/edit 7 pregnancy versions for each outfit. This is a lot of work that is not even worth doing, just because of how large amount of models will be need to make Dborg said it's 5775 outfits to make, so in reality it's around 700 (vanilla + mods) outfits + pregnancy versions(from extra 3 to 15 possible)
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