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  1. The raper and rapee are determined by the mod utilizing sexout in most cases. The animations in sexout contain keys with flags which identify many things including 'rape' and position of the actors - the position within the animation is synonymous with the raper/rapee typically actorA the raper, rapes actorB... iow the receiver is being raped. (I do not know why but most aggressive and definitely rougher animations are marked as rape - apparently the devs don't know my wife 😃). Now then, KO means Knock-out, when an act is rape and that is turned on it will knock-out the pc or npc thus (no immediate return of control if the PC is raped)... during which time the knocked-out PC or NPC is vulnerable to being (looted) robbed, harmed or killed, of course that depends on the mod functionalities and/or the faction relationship etc... if the PC is the victim.
  2. It may be that rape occurred if that was on? Most of the rougher sex acts have a rape tag attached to them in SO, if the character positions were accidentally swapped the raper can become the rapee ( this may happen with older mods defining the act to play or when SO tries to just pick a random one). Older enslavement and/or prostitution mods do this a lot. In any case clear the enjoy arrays (via the debug modes) then toggle the use it flag off make a save then quit and reload you may be able to turn enjoy back on after that? It's been some time since i followed the code to the calculations but the issue is that one of the variables involved with the orgasm calculations can become so small - you enjoy repetitive sex acts less and less the variables used are floating point eventually ending up with fractions being multiplied in it like 0.006 or even negative like -0.002 in one of them after a ton of sex. Under worst case, save off your Spunk esp and you can screw around with this bastardized version. Please forgive me Doc. What it does is turn on (forces) cancum mechanism for certain acts based on SCR perks which practically nobody uses ie: If someone's a cum guzzler, a dom, submisive, into bondage etc.. they get excited enough to actually get off on performing those roles in the act, etc... NX_SETEVFL "Spunk:Act:CanCum" 1SexoutSpunk.esp
  3. Can you supply a log? also if helps if we have some clue about the dll's involved like what xNvse, Jip, etc... look up fnvdiag toss that in the order it records the versions of most the script extenders involved.
  4. Anyone else running into issues since xNVSE 6.1.5 through 6.1.7? This is an interesting bug, actually may cause a ctd. Utilizing "working girl" in any casino with one companion in a casino while leaving the others off somewhere else - in wait mode. If you do so with the Player alone it seems not to occur. Step 1. - Enter the casino (does not matter which one). Step 2. - Invoke prostitution mode (speak to the V&K manager, Gomorrah Receptionist, etc... to do so) Step 3. - serve a few tricks (both the PC and companion) Step 4. - talk to the manager, etc... to end the prostitution shift. Step 5. - attempt to leave the casino. --- The game will hang and likely CTD ... sending thousands of system interrupts. One thing I did notice, for some reason i.e. this test took place at Vikki & Vance just the Player and Sunny (Veronica, Cass, etc chilling back at player's home). See bottom of dump, Now then just why would sexout in this case: Goodsprings Settler (00104F03) PlayIdle amra101A? The NPC it's attempting that upon is nowhere close the V&K nor in the ugrid at the time. i.e. [Sexout.esm] SNGUndress (3036): Sunny Smiles (00104E85) undress stage transition from 1000 -> 2000 [Sexout.esm] NGClean (3036 31): stage 30 -> 31 for Sunny Smiles (00104E85) [Sexout.esm] NGClean (3036 31): stage 30 -> 31 for Traveler (22010580) [Sexout.esm] NGClean (3036 40): stage 31 -> 40 for Traveler (22010580) [Sexout.esm] NGClean (3036 200): stage 40 -> 200 for Traveler (22010580) [SexoutSpunk.esp] SpunkSPArousalScpt on Traveler, 22010580: base 0.56, RP 1.00, XPF 1.00, AM 4.35, enjoy 1.00, timer 108, avg 180, arousal 35 [SexoutSpunk.esp] SpunkFuSetArHud on actor 'A', value is 105 [Sexout.esm] NGClean (3036 1000): stage 200 -> 1000 for Traveler (22010580) [Sexout.esm] NGClean (3036 40): stage 31 -> 40 for Sunny Smiles (00104E85) [Sexout.esm] NGClean (3036 200): stage 40 -> 200 for Sunny Smiles (00104E85) [Sexout.esm] NGClean (3036 1000): stage 200 -> 1000 for Sunny Smiles (00104E85) [Sexout.esm] SexoutNGBES (3036): SEU: Stage 2.542908 1000 -> 3001 [Sexout.esm] fnSAU: 22010580 (Traveler) initial lock state: 1 [Sexout.esm] fnSoNXClr Sexout:Started:: Traveler (22010580) [Sexout.esm] fnSoNXClr Sexout:Core:Cleanup Traveler (22010580) [Sexout.esm] fnSoNXClr Sexout:TFlags Traveler (22010580) [Sexout.esm] fnSoAC: Removing 1 qst: LEGACY Sexout Anim Position A(0F01932F)'s from Traveler(22010580) [Sexout.esm] fnSoAC: Removing 933 qst: LEGACY: Sexout Anim Number(0F01932D)'s from Traveler(22010580) [Sexout.esm] fnSoAC: Removing 1 qst: LEGACY: Sexout Actor Token(0F000ADE)'s from Traveler(22010580) [Sexout.esm] fnSAU: 22010580 (Traveler) final lock state: 1 [Sexout.esm] fnSAU: 00104E85 (Sunny Smiles) initial lock state: 1 [Sexout.esm] fnSoNXClr Sexout:Started:: Sunny Smiles (00104E85) [Sexout.esm] fnSoNXClr Sexout:Core:Cleanup Sunny Smiles (00104E85) [Sexout.esm] fnSoNXClr Sexout:TFlags Sunny Smiles (00104E85) [Sexout.esm] fnSoAC: Removing 1 qst: LEGACY Sexout Anim Position B(0F019330)'s from Sunny Smiles(00104E85) [Sexout.esm] fnSoAC: Removing 933 qst: LEGACY: Sexout Anim Number(0F01932D)'s from Sunny Smiles(00104E85) [Sexout.esm] fnSoAC: Removing 1 qst: LEGACY: Sexout Actor Token(0F000ADE)'s from Sunny Smiles(00104E85) [Sexout.esm] fnSAU: 00104E85 (Sunny Smiles) final lock state: 1 [SexoutSpunk.esp] SpunkSpArousalScpt: Traveler, 22010580 no longer in act, aborting [SexoutSpunk.esp] SpunkSpArousalScpt on Traveler, 22010580: dispelling [SexoutSpunk.esp] SpunkSpArousalScpt on Traveler, 22010580: dispelling [Sexout.esm] Sexout: Doc Sawbones (00155A04) PlayIdle amra101A [Sexout.esm] Sexout: Gambler (00116836) PlayIdle SNG402B [Sexout.esm] Sexout: Goodsprings Settler (00104F03) PlayIdle amra101A [Sexout.esm] Sexout: Goodsprings Settler (00104F03) PlayIdle amra101A fnvdiag.log SexoutSpunk-Log--2021-7-31-18-8-24.txt
  5. I use 6.1.6 and 56.26 jip, the message you're getting indicates Jip is not loaded. you can check in the logs or get something like FNV Diagnostics which shows you exactly what's loaded in the env when you load a saved game. If you're getting the message just when starting the game the error likely is not coming out of spunk, Spunk loads up when you load a save or start a new game from the game's menu, Spunk's checks to make sure the Jip version is 51 or higher and gives you a different message if jip is there and it isn't 51 or above, spits out the version number it sees . - https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/70364
  6. No it will not hurt anything but actually when I looked closer at this ... this error must occur with older versions of nvse too only when big critters are concerned and the act is vanginal and overflow. The previous stage builds the all the values array in ar_spread prior of there is overflow and replaces keys doing it: if iStage == 6 ; get overflow vol spread if eval 0 > ar_Find sv_loc SpunkVARZ.ar_insidelocs PrintD "SpunkSpOrgasm: '" + sv_loc + "' is no inside loc, skipping overflow & physprotection" let iStage := 8 return endif let fVolTot := rTarget.call SpunkFuCheckOverFlow fVol sv_loc if fVolTot > 0 DebugPrint "SpunkSpOrgasm: Voltot %.6f" fVolTot let ar_spread := call SpunkFuCalcSprayO fVol fVolTot sv_loc ar_animdef ; --- REPLACES ARRAY RIGHT HERE if sv_loc = Vagina it returns other values like: Crotch, Legs, ZCrotch, Belly, Ass -- but Vagina is NOT among them. endif let iStage := 7 ; <--- and it's setting up for stage 7 here return endif SpunkFuCalcSprayO will return the list built in aTargets when sending it Vagina: elseif eval svLoc == "Vagina" if iPos == 2 let aTargets := ar_list "Crotch", "Anus", "Ass" if eval -1 < sv_find "up" svMyPos ar_append aTargets "Belly" endif elseif iPos == 1 let aTargets := ar_list "Crotch", "Legs" else let aTargets := ar_list "Crotch", "ZCrotch", "Legs" endif Then when stage 7 occurs then neither Vagina nor Cervix keys will be in the array if overflow ocurred unless you fall into the condom protection code. if iStage == 7 ; get physprotection vol spread, handle big crits if rTarget.NX_GetEVFl "SCR:fProtectionCondomF" || rTarget.NX_GetEVFL "SCR:fProtectionAPFI" ;<-- birth control protection PrintD "SpunkSpOrgasm, 7:phys protection detected" if eval -1 < (ar_find sv_species SpunkVARZ.ar_bigcrits) ;<-- is the partner a big critter PrintD "SpunkSpOrgasm, 7: destroying phys protection, species '" + $sv_species + "'" NX_ClrEVFL "SCR:fProtectionCondomF" elseif eval 0 < ar_size ar_spread rTarget.call SpunkFuCheckPhysConSpr sv_loc ar_spread ;<-- calcs targets current condition else let ar_spread := rTarget.call SpunkFuCheckPhysCon sv_loc fVol ; <-- calcs targets current condition endif endif if eval sv_loc == "Vagina" if eval -1 < (ar_find sv_species SpunkVARZ.ar_bigcrits) if eval !(ar_spread) <-- if no overflow values so array keys are there but values empty let ar_spread := ar_map "Vagina"::fVol endif let ar_spread["Cervix"] := (0.1 * ar_spread["Vagina"]) let ar_spread["Vagina"] *= 0.9 call SpunkFuDBArDump ar_spread endif endif let iStage := 8 return endif So then.... I'm not sure if any spread was meant for internal vagina/cervix to begin with but I just appended them in. if iStage == 7 ; get physprotection vol spread, handle big crits ; This code here looks to see if protection like a condom or diaphragm is in use. if rTarget.NX_GetEVFl "SCR:fProtectionCondomF" || rTarget.NX_GetEVFL "SCR:fProtectionAPFI" PrintD "SpunkSpOrgasm, 7:phys protection detected" if eval -1 < (ar_find sv_species SpunkVARZ.ar_bigcrits) PrintD "SpunkSpOrgasm, 7: destroying phys protection, species '" + $sv_species + "'" NX_ClrEVFL "SCR:fProtectionCondomF" elseif eval 0 < ar_size ar_spread rTarget.call SpunkFuCheckPhysConSpr sv_loc ar_spread else let ar_spread := rTarget.call SpunkFuCheckPhysCon sv_loc fVol ; <--- replaces the array again endif endif if eval sv_loc == "Vagina" ;<-- is inside the vagina (no pull out). ; Coming in here I just appended them in and not sure if Doc really meant to splash internals to begin with... assume so. if eval -1 < (ar_find sv_species SpunkVARZ.ar_bigcrits) if eval !(ar_spread) let ar_spread := ar_map "Vagina"::(fVol * 0.9), "Cervix"::(fVol * 0.1) else if eval Ar_HasKey ar_spread, "Vagina" let ar_spread := ar_map "Vagina"::(fVol * 0.9) else Ar_Append ar_spread, ar_map "Vagina"::(fVol * 0.9) endif if eval Ar_HasKey ar_spread, "Cervix" let ar_spread := ar_map "Cervix"::(fVol * 0.1) else Ar_Append ar_spread, ar_map "Cervix"::(fVol * 0.1) endif endif call SpunkFuDBArDump ar_spread endif endif let iStage := 8 return endif Script is attached if anyone wants to play around with it - I tested it and seems to work okay. I'd give you my spunk esp but it's tweaked beyond that (utilizing SCR perks as adjustments in the arousals - can cum - code) a long time ago. SpunkSpOrgasmScpt.txt
  7. I think there is a new jip just posted today or yesterday.
  8. Spunk adds and removes it's own set of perks. With each sex act it determines the type and re-adjust (adds or removes a perk) associated with the act. Spunk categorizes the sex acts (generally classifying them and likely was doing so before Sexout had started classifying them beyond anal, oral and vaginal). These are used when the enjoy toggle in the McM menu is on. The perks are only there for flavor - they have no effect other than to appear in your perk list with some text describing sexual experiences yet coincides with keeping track of your preferences and affects arousal. Your preferences diminish your enjoyment of the particular act over use/time... the more you perform a particular act the less you enjoy it and the less it arouses you - actually to the point where it technically speaking is no longer a "preference", and thus you may never have orgasms' from it again. i.e. utilizing this with prostitution and/or slavery mods will eventually make the character not enjoy and even dislike sex of any type (realistic, yet detrimental due you may get horny via lust - and penalized in stats for it if that's turned on - but may never turn that around - so do not use the buffs if enjoy is on, and never ever enable the rape affect feature as every rough or dom/sub like animation is considered rape). Spunk tracks - and may be adding and removing - these perks every sex act (keeping this throughout the game). The more you perform an act the more it becomes a preference until the perk is added, then eventually if you perform the act enough it is taken away due repetition - it's not exciting anymore - or were once raped via the same act a few times and you no longer enjoy it anymore. - it will also remove the perk from the PC as it's falls.) Rubbed and Rubber are roles in SpunkVARZ.ar_roles4xp: let a["Rubbed"] := "Rubber" let a["Rubber"] := "Rubbed" Script 51E30 is: scn SpunkFuRemovePerk ; remove perk if no longer valid string_var sv_role ref rPerkP ref rPerkN Begin Function {sv_role} let rPerkP := SpunkVARZ.ar_PerksPos[sv_role] let rPerkN := SpunkVARZ.ar_PerksNeg[sv_role] if playerref.HasPerk rPerkP playerref.RemovePerk rPerkP endif if playerref.HasPerk rPerkN playerref.RemovePerk rPerkN endif End Called from mainly: SpunkQuEnjoy and SpunkFuEnjoyCleanup in game use. I hi-lighted (bold-italic) the statements which failed. The SpunkVARZ.ar_PerksPos and SpunkVARZ.ar_PerksNeg[sv_role] are tainted? No not really. The perks are originally added for tracking in the script: SpunkFuInitVersion with a call to SpunkFuArPopPerks and there is no perk assigned to Rubbed or Rubber so there are no perks to remove in these cases. i.e. It relates the roles to the perks via string keys: let p["Assfucked"] := SpunkPPAssfucked let p["Assfucker"] := SpunkPPAssfucker let p["Binding"] := SpunkPPBinding let p["Bound"] := SpunkPPBound let p["DoggyDo"] := SpunkPPDoggyDo let p["DoggyDone"] := SpunkPPDoggyDone let p["Dom"] := SpunkPPDom let p["Fingered"] := SpunkPPFingered let p["Fingerer"] := SpunkPPFingerer So, under old xnvse had these SpunkVARZ.ar_PerksPos[sv_role] and SpunkVARZ.ar_PerksNeg[sv_role] "may had evaluated to null" and in this case yields failure instead? I do not know as I had shut off enjoy a while ago. If the former is the case the checking of sv_role via : scn SpunkFuRemovePerk ; remove perk if no longer valid string_var sv_role ref rPerkP ref rPerkN Begin Function {sv_role} if eval Ar_HasKey SpunkVARZ.ar_PerksPos sv_role && eval Ar_HasKey SpunkVARZ.ar_PerksNeg sv_role ; or however you check if a key exist let rPerkP := SpunkVARZ.ar_PerksPos[sv_role] let rPerkN := SpunkVARZ.ar_PerksNeg[sv_role] if playerref.HasPerk rPerkP playerref.RemovePerk rPerkP endif if playerref.HasPerk rPerkN playerref.RemovePerk rPerkN endif endif End in the function SpunkFuRemovePerk may be worth testing? To answer some questions: How did the error occur? answer: some newer versions of xnvse not only redefine arrays - opcode commands react differently, but I have also seen some xnvse versions clean arrays up, making some of them "non-persistent". I assume part of their new 'automatic' garbage collect which can affect many older mods - the C++ code around arrays and strings between 6.x.x and 5.x.x are like night and day. Sometimes the array is skewed or malformed (created in a previous xnvse version or created incorrectly in the first place). Does the error have a detrimental affect? answer: No, other than rendering the feature of assigning/reassigning spunk perks (and enjoyment to some extent) in functionality. In the case of Rubbed and Rubber it hurts nothing because there are really no related perks to remove for them... and the code goes merrily on it's way - not a show or code stopping error. For those of you with issues here: On older saves the enjoy feature may be rendered useless The cum and sperm tracking may also be somewhat faulty at times - particularly if you're attempting bestialities or the likes (not my cup of tea). Neither of these play much significance unless used with mods such as pregnancy for such things or spunk xp. The errors have no ill effect game-wise outside those functionalities. What someone may do is reset the entries in spunk to see if that recreates things correctly.
  9. If you're familiar with the directory structure xNVSE looks in: "Data/NVSE/Plugins" for .DLL (dynamic linked library) files. i.e. You can see it here among the rest of the .dll's like jip etc...
  10. The error occurred in the SpunkSpOrgasmScpt script. I think ? Right in here: if iStage == 7 ; get physprotection vol spread, handle big crits if rTarget.NX_GetEVFl "SCR:fProtectionCondomF" || rTarget.NX_GetEVFL "SCR:fProtectionAPFI" PrintD "SpunkSpOrgasm, 7:phys protection detected" if eval -1 < (ar_find sv_species SpunkVARZ.ar_bigcrits) PrintD "SpunkSpOrgasm, 7: destroying phys protection, species '" + $sv_species + "'" NX_ClrEVFL "SCR:fProtectionCondomF" elseif eval 0 < ar_size ar_spread rTarget.call SpunkFuCheckPhysConSpr sv_loc ar_spread else let ar_spread := rTarget.call SpunkFuCheckPhysCon sv_loc fVol endif endif if eval sv_loc == "Vagina" if eval -1 < (ar_find sv_species SpunkVARZ.ar_bigcrits) if eval !(ar_spread) let ar_spread := ar_map "Vagina"::fVol endif let ar_spread["Cervix"] := (0.1 * ar_spread["Vagina"]) let ar_spread["Vagina"] *= 0.9 call SpunkFuDBArDump ar_spread endif endif let iStage := 8 return endif Anyway, it's not going to really break anything...
  11. Thanks Yep, I grabbed that... opened up the perks in it again - playable/not hidden and of course the interface icons. (Seems I edit everything a slight bit).
  12. Okay here is what I can figure out from that so far, The error here is from (17: 23 : SexoutPregnancyV3.esm), I'll have to load it up geck to find the script still. This has something to do with a race - appears can't find the form ID for the actor and in turn not the race? Error in script 170E05EF in mod SexoutPregnancyV3.esm Attempting to call a function on a NULL reference Script line approximation: Let rActorRace := ##rNPC.GetRace <...args>## (error wrapped in ##'s) Where rActorRace=uninitialized form (0), rNPC=uninitialized form (0) File: SexoutPregnancyV3.esm Offset: 0x005F Command: Let This one is from Sexout's fnSexoutPlayIdle script (it's used in playing an animation) and looks to me like it was invoked by the pregnancy mod? Error in script 0C0B9849 in mod Sexout.esm Operator [ failed to evaluate to a valid result Script line approximation: Let idle_anim := ##.arFull[plugin][idx]##["idle"] (error wrapped in ##'s) Where idle_anim="", .arFull=array keys ["Pregnancy", "Sexout-Amra.esp", "Sexout.esm", "ZAZ"], plugin="", idx=0 File: Sexout.esm Offset: 0x015B Command: Let this section here tells me spunk is tracking sperm... and correctly from what I can see. SpunkSpermTracking: checking index 0, actor is Willow, 12007E61 SpunkQuSpermTracking: spurt 1: dimrate to get from 0.016717 to 0.024790 in 3.50 days is 1.00003910 SpunkQuSpermTracking: dimrate 1.00003910, NA SpunkQuTracking: checking index 1, actor is Willow, 12007E61 SpunkFuSpurtEvalVag called on Willow, 12007E61 - spurt 0, vol is 2.314981' SpunkFuSpurtEvalVag: mult to get from 3.226673 to 0.500000 in 3.0 days is 0.99978423 SpunkFuSpurtEvalVag: 7 evals makes for new vol 2.311487, diff is 0.003494 As far as I can tell spunk looks like it's working cleanly and the issue is in pregnancy, Seems as though pregnancy may not recognize willow for some odd reason? This is your real load order not what loot or anything else tells you btw: (if you noticed the script ID's in the error messages above the first two digits in them are from the load order) Load Order: 00: 0 : FalloutNV.esm 01: 1 : DeadMoney.esm 02: 2 : HonestHearts.esm 03: 3 : OldWorldBlues.esm 04: 4 : LonesomeRoad.esm 05: 5 : GunRunnersArsenal.esm 06: 6 : ClassicPack.esm 07: 7 : MercenaryPack.esm 08: 8 : TribalPack.esm 09: 9 : CaravanPack.esm 0A: 10 : YUP - Base Game + All DLC.esm 0B: 11 : New Vegas Redesigned II.esm 0C: 12 : Sexout.esm 0D: 13 : SexoutCommonResources.esm 0E: 14 : SexoutSlavery.esm 0F: 15 : Interior Lighting Overhaul - Core.esm 10: 16 : SexoutTryout.esm 11: 17 : SexoutWorkingGirl.esp 12: 18 : NVWillow.esp 13: 19 : Uncut Road to Legate's Camp.esm 14: 20 : VanessaFollowerNV.esm 15: 21 : SexoutStore.esm 16: 22 : 11K2_Tops Pool.esm 17: 23 : SexoutPregnancyV3.esm 18: 24 : SexoutOffSpring.esm 19: 25 : Interior Lighting Overhaul - L38PS.esm 1A: 26 : Maternity Pack Overkill.esp 1B: 27 : jokristinascloset.esm 1C: 28 : Project Nevada - Core.esm 1D: 29 : Project Nevada - Equipment.esm 1E: 30 : Project Nevada - Rebalance.esp 1F: 31 : Project Nevada - Cyberware.esp 20: 32 : iCalendar - Main.esm 21: 33 : SpeedyResources.esm 22: 34 : Decrucifixion.esm 23: 35 : YUP - NPC Fixes (Base Game + All DLC).esp 24: 36 : The Mod Configuration Menu.esp 25: 37 : EVE FNV - ALL DLC.esp 26: 38 : IMPACT.esp 27: 39 : Weapon Retexture Project.esp 28: 40 : MuchNeededLOD.esp 29: 41 : RWD-NV v1.4 [No Limbs Explosions].esp 2A: 42 : Uncut Wasteland.esp 2B: 43 : Uncut Extra Collection.esp 2C: 44 : Casino Crowds.esp 2D: 45 : SexoutSpunk.esp 2E: 46 : SexoutTryoutResistanceOverhaul.esp 2F: 47 : YUP - NV Redesigned II.esp 30: 48 : NVR2 - YUP Patch.esp 31: 49 : T4-plugin.esp 32: 50 : MPO scriptaddon AllDLC.esp 33: 51 : SexoutConsequences.esp 34: 52 : SunnyCompanion.esp 35: 53 : Companion Sandbox Mode3.esp 36: 54 : Uncut Cottonwood Cove Shack.esp 37: 55 : zzjayHairsFNV.esp 38: 56 : NVR2 - UW NPCs Patch.esp 39: 57 : T4-plugin-Races.esp 3A: 58 : Cass Barks.esp 3B: 59 : Riven's Chirstmas tree.esp 3C: 60 : SexoutAnimManagement.esp 3D: 61 : SexoutPosNew.esp 3E: 62 : SexoutSexkey.esp 3F: 63 : SexoutSex.esp 40: 64 : SexoutBang.esp 41: 65 : SexoutWillow.esp 42: 66 : sexoutVanessa.esp 43: 67 : SmallerTalk.esp 44: 68 : SexoutLoversBed.esp 45: 69 : SexoutCompanions.esp 46: 70 : SexoutRapist.esp 47: 71 : 11K2_Tops Pool.esp 48: 72 : Northern Passage Cave Entrance.esp 49: 73 : C2O_PantsThongUnderwear.esp 4A: 74 : VegasVariations.esp 4B: 75 : Primm Reputation Restored.esp 4C: 76 : ILO - NVWillow.esp 4D: 77 : ILO - YUP Patch.esp 4E: 78 : BodyMorph.esp 4F: 79 : RaceBodyMorph.esp 50: 80 : BodyMorphSelector.esp 51: 81 : RemoveWorkstationNeeds.esp 52: 82 : AMS.esp 53: 83 : Decrucifixion.esp 54: 84 : Uncut Bison Steve Trees.esp 55: 85 : Decrucifixion - More Victims.esp 56: 86 : bzArmour.esp 57: 87 : Interior Lighting Overhaul - Ultimate Edition.esp 58: 88 : ILO - GS Shack.esp 59: 89 : FNVLODGen.esp 5A: 90 : tmzLODadditions.esp 5B: 91 : Feng Shui NV.esp 5C: 92 : Level100PerkPerLevel.esp 5D: 93 : NevadaSkies.esp
  13. I've a question maybe you can answer, What version of yup are you using? Reason I'm asking is when tracing another nvse 6.1.2 issue I realized my yup was not up to date, so dl's the latest .... the result was after about 30 to 45 minutes of play it sent the system interrupts skyrocketing (a rogue thread somewhere?) - so reverted back and it ran fine for hours.
  14. You can load the whole thing up in nvedit and see where conflicts may arise... aside from that the real load order will appear in a full log. Doc has this on the first page for how save the log: If your problem manifests itself in a way that makes it impossible to generate a log via MCM (eg in the init cycle), do the following - exit the game - start the game but don't load your save yet - in the main menu, open the console and type scof "somefilename.txt" setdebugmode 1 xx with 'xx' being the decimal position of spunk in your LO Then load your save and reproduce the problem.
  15. I've managed to have Willow and Veronica get pregnant... However I found other issues. i.e. For some reason if I leave followers sandboxing somewhere - like at home - they may randomly go unconscious, this also may also occur after a SO animation. So now looking at any mod (or script) which touches a companion.
  16. Hmm... was this from an ongoing game? If so I wonder if there were any values in the cosave? I don't have pregnancy loaded, so do not have sperm tracking enabled I'll toy around with it though. Oh, I also have no issue initiating SO with Willow via her menu... BUT It just dawned on me that I'm using Willow 1.1 and I remember when I went into SO willow I saw it referenced a willow script which did not exist, I was scratching my head wondering. Then I saw SO Willow was written for version .97? Anyway if you're using a newer version of Willow than what SO willow was designed for you can do this - I changed it even though it was working fine in 5.1.6.b nvse. SO Willow only alters two scripts... WillowLPTimer4Script and WillowLPftbTimerScript, at stage five and twelve at the bottom of the later are: Elseif Stage == 5 printc "SexoutWillow: Stage %.0f, Timer %.0f" stage timer if playerref.GetIsSex female if playerref.getequipped SexoutSKSTStrapon05DildoPurple playerRef.unequipitem SexoutSKSTStrapon05DildoPurple 1 1 playerRef.removeitem SexoutSKSTStrapon05DildoPurple 1 printC "SexoutWillow: Player strapon unequipped" elseif WillowREF.getequipped SexoutSKSTStrapon05DildoPurple WillowREF.unequipitem SexoutSKSTStrapon05DildoPurple 1 1 WillowREF.removeitem SexoutSKSTStrapon05DildoPurple 1 printC "SexoutWillow: Willow strapon unequipped" endif endif WillowsSleepyTimeContainerREF.RemoveAllItems WillowREF WillowREF.AddItem AmmoMicroFusionCell 1 WillowREF.RemoveItem AmmoMicroFusionCell 1 ; Set AWillowFuNV2.fuNV2 to 2; Willow has all weapons in inventory send to fuNV for remove/return ; StartQuest AWillowFuNV2 Set Stage to 6 Set Timer to 2 . . . Elseif Stage == 12 printc "SexoutWillow: Stage %.0f, Timer %.0f" stage timer Set Stage to 0 ; Set AWillowFuNV2.fuNV2 to 2; Items in Willow's Inventory handle accordingly ; StartQuest AWillowFuNV2 StopQuest AWillowLPftbTimer endif WillowLPftbTimerScript.txt The code in comments, I commented... that AWillowFuNV2.fuNV2 does not exist in Willow 1.1. In fact AWillowFuNV2 is an empty script in 1.1. Attached is what I'm running for the script for example ... may not want to use this one as I changed the strapon and put an xMarker on her bungalow bed for "playerRef.NX_SetEVFo "Sexout:Start::refSurface" WillowHouseBedSexRef" for better act placement on the bed (the original just used the bed reference), Oh, and I changed the Act type chances ... they used to be about 25% each. I can't remember if SO willow had a dependency on SRC or if I included it? Screenshots of console in the 7z. Remind me to turn down the squirt and cum volumes... right now is akin to being slimed in the film ghostbusters. Anyway, I'm really pushing it with the number of mods loaded but I'll turn on sperm tracking, reinstall pregnancy's and see what I can break. What I'm thinking is that nvse 5.1.6 was far more forgiving (laxed) with null pointers - like I said 5.1.6 had no issue with the fact the the int variable did not exist in that empty quest script, I'm also suspecting that the initial arrays in your tests were carried over from a previous cosave... which may mean having to re-initialize them in some way? Just tossing out ideas... What I should do is place her on the floor after the act rather than leave her standing on the bed before she dresses again and utters "That was fabulous". screenshots.7z
  17. Yes, default copyright, I mainly write for unix/linux envs so it's been a while but as I remember, If you don't put anything in there on your project it uses whatever MS set in the VS version you're using. Same thing happens in GCC.
  18. Yes, well I understand that, however is not a wise in a practical sense. Labeling the tar or zip .2 when everything in it indicates .1. If you have an executable, .dll or mod which checks version it will have no way to tell a difference between the two, except for the user may see errors while using one but not the other, because the ddl/mod was built to work around or with issue in the older/newer.
  19. My menus are still there on load, I'll have to test it more though to assure arrays being passed back and forth are staying intact. Quick question, on the 6.1.2 the download is clearly nvse_6_2.7z but the .dll within it version is 6.1.1 ... Does your copy indicate the same? I can only assume they forgot to change the version number hen compiling because I can see the timestamp change difference between it and the previous. I posted that question up there, just to be sure.
  20. hmmm, I guess I'll look at the geck script(s) involved with caravan and trace back thru the nvse Commands.cpp and ScriptUtils.cpp and again, I would had thought that any "basic" geck function would had been a nothing more than a pass-through nvse?
  21. xNVSE 5.1.b as extremely stable... I believe I had 237 mods running with it at the time without a glitch. When 6.0.0 was released that is where all the issues started. There is a way to bring up an intitial menu in spunk... I posted that a few pages back, and you need whatever extender lets you enter in script. After loading open the console and paste (enter) the following. set SpunkVARZ.fVersion to 0 Then close the console and make a save, exit the game and load that save. What will happen is spunk will think it's been a fresh install (never been installed before) and will generate all it's default menus - including the initial default values. Speaking of xNVSE they had just released 6.1.0 ... which I Dl'd, The minute I opened Geck and went looking at topics in a quest though... I got barraged by modal boxes. "Error: current script stack is empty." and I reported that to them, they responded immediately ... so now 6.1.1 is the latest and greatest. Edit: BUT while looking at the xnvse 6.1.0's ScriptUtils.cpp file for this : Script::VariableType GetSavedVarType(Script* script, const std::string& name) { if (!script) return Script::eVarType_Invalid; if (const auto iter = g_variableDefinitionsMap.find(std::make_pair(script, name)); iter != g_variableDefinitionsMap.end()) return iter->second; return Script::eVarType_Invalid; @@ -1732,7 +1734,7 @@ ExpressionParser::ExpressionParser(ScriptBuffer* scriptBuf, ScriptLineBuffer* li m_script = scriptBuf->currentScript; #else if (g_currentScriptStack.empty()) g_ErrOut.Show("Error: current script stack is empty"); m_script = nullptr; else m_script = g_currentScriptStack.top(); #endif @@ -2978,6 +2980,8 @@ bool ValidateVariable(const std::string& varName, Script::VariableType varType, VariableInfo* ExpressionParser::CreateVariable(const std::string& varName, Script::VariableType varType) { if (!m_script) return nullptr; if (auto* var = m_scriptBuf->vars.FindFirst([&](VariableInfo* v) { return _stricmp(varName.c_str(), v->name.CStr()) == 0; })) { if (!ValidateVariable(varName, varType, m_script)) . I came across something else in 6.1.0 - they also fixed a hole in statement parsing and that's also in 6.1.1. We got the Spunk menus back... well I know I do, you all probably will with 6.1.1. in fact wherever it's parsing [ ] operands (such as in array syntax) it should be working now.
  22. I had this same issue when testing tryout... due the nvse array bugs. I fixed it in tryout, hat seems to me - or my suspicions are - that the newer 6.x.x array issues appear most hen 'passing' arrays between mods. i.e. when i copied the scripts - as new scripts - from the other mods (sexout and scr) into tryout... there were no issues at there. I'll mention something else ... in tryout it does not check to see if the companion is even in the same cell before attempting to include them in an act or even change their clothes. That as what got me exploring the scripts in it to begin with, I had Willow, Sunny, Cass and Veronica all hanging out with Willow - relaxing - in WIllow's bungalow while the pc was out just testing tryout and working girl and it spat message after message how it could not target their ref id's for an act ... when the pc went home half of them were clothed for prostitution - lol. So I realized that having them chill out somewhere else was not considered in the scripts. I went in and started changing the code to use the getincell first... then started looking into why the arrays were skewed. Okay, first off I'm not a modder... but i've been programming a long time so nvse is a much easier code read for me. I'm speculating some of the main issues with arrays in nvse and large scripted mods are in the garbage collect nvse introduced in 6.x.x on up. I just have not pin-pointed it yet...
  23. There is actually a mod which replaces wsex animation functionality with SO, and it works pretty much flawlessly - you will not get even a peep of an error from it ... Now then why use it? Well wsex is is old and actually has a few bugs - logically speaking - and is limited in control/attributes settings and in animations. The so mod which does this replaces the .esp which plays the animations - and does so more efficiently so the only additional overhead is the so framework itself, which of course may be a bit overkill (with unused functionality) but as far as I can see (I'm inclined to speculate much of the early work in SO came from wsex). Tryout and humping the Mojave have counter-parts in SO mods. Wsex is more limited overall... i.e. it's prostitution subset, etc... The one thing wsex does better - or I should say encompasses better are the replacement of vanilla fade to black. I'm not surprised the new xnvse introduced more issues with the larger SO mods than most mods, due they typically do a ton more in nvse script. The changes in nvse have affected not only SO mods but a ton of rather large mods - those which go well beyond vanilla scripting. Most of those change game-play such as interfaces or extend fonv to be more on par with newer games. Where it hit hardest were actually the .dll plug-ins such as stewies, jip and johnny guitar... those authors were/are fixing things left and right due the changes. That's why they're putting up new releases like every other day over a couple of weeks. Heck, even the 4gig patch had to change the way it allocated heap - nvse 6.x.x created the potential for a memory leak in it.
  24. Try setting the enjoy in spunk off. but yes it's having issues with retrieving values in the arrays. Vortex is not very good at picking out what is compatible with what, especially when it's reading the nvse logs. Another thing I've noticed is sometimes the ddl chains nor cosave are fully loaded before scripts seemingly move on checking either ddl's or data from the cosave. (i.e. had one mod looking for the version of johnny guitar which kept coming up empty... but other mods sure saw it, so stole the check from another mod - still came up nothing, tossed in a double-check or move it down in the load order and it worked. Go figure? Anyway, this issue had come up before and Doc reported it to nvxe devs... they fixed it slightly and apparently it's persistent. Oh and passing the log on up to them...
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