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  1. It's hard to give you some ideas of what went wrong without a log. What you're describing most likely - or at least sounds to me - is an interruption, or loss of data which left the player locked (stuck inUse). What versions are the ddl's you're using (nvse, jip, etc...)? https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/70364
  2. Okay, Here's what I attempted... 1. use the uninstall spunk in the main menu - created a spunkfree save. 2. updated xnvse to 6.0b6 along with the latest jip, johnny guitar, stewieteaks, etc... (can see version in fnvdial.log below) 3. took spunk out of the load order 4. loaded the spunkfree save and created a new save from that to play with. 5. put spunk back in the load order. 6. load the new save What I thought weird was spunk made no attempt at all to reinstall itself then. So, took another approach. 1. opened Geck, an
  3. It's a setting in this mod... Splash , squirt or something or another...
  4. Never regained player control? Try EnablePlayerControls in the console, although I think if you're stuck in a pose may not work?
  5. My experience with the exp and especially enjoy flags, are that they degrade over time - eventually acts the pc once enjoyed are less enjoyed until they're irrelevant - eventually with that flag orgasm (well cuming from it) will stop or the very least take an extremely long time. The xp flag is weighted by the enjoy - so if there is a value for it beside 0 it has an affect on it. any animation marked as rape (which entails almost anything rough) also has some effects - not quite sure if the rape flag need be turned on or not, Docsax may answer that better (no matter what you do never turn tha
  6. I see they're documenting their changes as well as I do with my own work. 😀 6.0.6 Fixes some bugs that got introduced in 6.0.5
  7. Hmmm, .4 and .5 I think still have issues with arrays. 6.0.5 also has some issues with other mods in reporting it's presence and version. i.e. https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/9606593-darnifiedui-error-when-i-load-into-the-game/ This is also likely going to throw off co-saves when reverting back from 6.x.x to 5.x.x or moving forward 5.x.x to 6.x.x from an old save for many mods unless they've compensated for realignment during the load. In summary: the xnvse co-saves are not physically file compatible. (I also know I read of increasing exponential save bloating issue
  8. 6.0.5 Bug fixes related to strings and set ... to Fixes for NVSE that used to be in JIP LN now transferred to NVSE Add ParamType_ScriptVariable for plugins
  9. Thanks Doc, I'm not sure rubber should even had been in the arrays it's dealing with.... I've noticed strange things in 6.0.4 though beyond just arrays and strings. i.e. From some old code in soliciting: set SexoutSolicitingTrickQuest.iType to sol._Vaginal set SexoutSolicitingTrickQuest.iRape to 0 set SexoutSolSexAtLocQuest.rLocation to SexoutSolSloanMachineShopMarker StartQuest SexoutSolSexAtLocQuest Plays a random animation instead of vaginal - could be sol._Vaginal is wrong, may had been lost given that a location must be reached? Th
  10. Just relaying what the dev over at xnvse asked us when I relayed your issue to him. The only realistic way for me to attempt to fix this is if the user uploads a save (.fos and .nvse) with a minimal load order (preferably that can be uploaded in a compressed file) where the issue occurs. I appreciate the detailed report, but unfortunately it doesn't give me a lot of hints on what's actually triggering the bug(s). Edit: actually, it might give me an idea...
  11. Looks to me that 6.0.4 still does not handle arrays correctly? It's either that or a corrupted cosave, which again is xnvse. I'm not a script expert, nor geck but it's pretty straight forward. Not that many may care but this is what I see. In Spunk all the perks are in an Arrays based on the roles one for positive perks the other negative. array_var ar_PerksPos array_var ar_PerksNeg It builds these arrays in a script called SpunkFuArPopPerks Spunk re-evaluates these perks with just about every act (Sexout call) w
  12. What version of xNVSE? The main issues with 6.0.0 through 6.0.3 are pretty much on arrays for the most part, a few functions were also changed in them. i.e. foreach loops fail because the array pointers pretty much are null. Spunk is pretty heavy in array usage - naturally because it has a lot to track. The menus are also built in an array structures (which is the smart way to do it). I don't know if you saved - but the cosave is probably full of null values on top of it. My opinion so far is if you wish to play a game, with any mods which are scripted, is to revert back to a stable xnvse like
  13. Has anyone tried out xnvse 6.0.4?
  14. I don't think you can, You have to ask DoctaSax. Is there a way to disable all messages? I don't know scripting well but the message is displayed in the initialization quest/script at iStage >= 50 , basically if spunk makes it through initializing and now available (running) you get the message it's up. One thing I will say is DoctaSax writes eloquent code.
  15. I still have not had a chance to test it out, been too busy. I'm actually amazed I traced back the GetInGrid problem back and was in the ballpark on what class was logically wonky. My suspicions are with jizz disappearing and of course all the other people with menu issues that it's all centered on arrays.
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