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  1. Raise it as a bug? Could have been forgotten
  2. Still got the issue. The dialogue stops with no sex. If somebody has an idea as how to troubleshoot this kind of problem, I'm all ears.
  3. I don't understand how dialogues are crafted, so I can't really help myself. The only conclusion I could come to is that the script ssv2_tif__05000d67 needs a reference to MQ202, and that reference doesn't exists. I'll try to go back a few save files and get back to delphine before going to riften, see if that changes anything.
  4. Solutions needs to override LAL's dialogue branches, and so loaded by the game after LAL. Better Dialogue Controls is a GUI and do not affect the dialogue tree.
  5. I'm currently doing the main quest. After the embassy part, I directly went to Riften to find esbern without going back to get my stuff. The quest "A cornered rat" properly started, however when I ask Vekel for the whereabout of Esbern and offer sex as a bribe I get a warning and the dialogue ends with no effect. warning: Property MQ202 on script ssv2_tif__05000d67 attached to topic info 71000D67 on quest SSv2Quests (71000D62) cannot be initialized because the script no longer contains that property I'm not sure how to find out what went wrong. Solutions is at the lowest place in my load order, before TES5Edit and the bashed patch. Shouldn't your script needs to handle the quest (MQ202) as well as the sexy bits? Is that what the error is about?
  6. Shout Like a Virgin

    If you never did the thief guild quest, you wouldn't know. There is a whole at the end of the dungeon, jump in that hole.
  7. So, I may have registered some NPC in the follower list then killed them? I may have done that in a fit of rage against sluggish UI, maybe. But I'm quite sure I reloaded afterward. Well, it doesn't really matter. Yes, it didn't seem to have any effect. On a side note: would it be possible to print the current player's status in the MCM, vulnerability and why it is so, instead of printing in as a debug notice? I understand the joke, however in that joke you did make a good point from a game design point of view. Keys for NPC to use is not really a good idea. Unless you want both the player and NPC to hunt for keys, but then they should also hunt for devious devices and avoid the case where DD items simply "exists" for the NPC to fit on the player. My rule of thumb is: if it is easy to put devices on, it has to be easy to remove them. i.e. If you create DD items out of thin air, then you can remove them as easily. If you think about it, it will not remove or alter any behavior in a meaningful way to have the NPC remove items without a key. Side note 2: don't add more MCM settings, but rather try to simplify them. There is a reason for the existence of simple settings menu in game, while at the same time using complex configuration files. --- I'm slowly getting tired of this playthrough. I may not be as active in this thread in the future, as it'll depend on my mind and if I feel inquisitive.
  8. I believe it to be the right approach, you're crafting a narrative and the keys are only useful for the player. As the game master, you can lock and unlock whatever you want. I did turn on the chest keyword alt search, at least I believe I did, but the warning still showed up. And yes, I'm on 13.13.21. After reading the logs, the appearance of the crdeNPCSearch error does seem to correlate with the dismissal of my follower.
  9. I may have found some conflict with the mod Succubus Heart. SH can adds an invisible armor when the player is naked, which seem to trigger that warning: WARNING: actorRef has Non-nude chest keywords, but on a non-chest item! Ignoring: alt search is off After resetting succubus heart to remove the armor, that warning vanished also. I tried to go into SL arousal to set the armor as "naked", but that didn't seem to change anything. I also enabled alt search, which did not made that warning go away. I also started another bondage session with lydia, but this time she didn't had any option to remove the stuff she fitted me with. I also have a new set of errors whenever cdre does a scan: [03/17/2018 - 10:38:30PM] ERROR: Cannot call IsDead() on a None object, aborting function call stack: [crdeNPCSearch (2F040802)].crdenpcsearchingscript.getNearbyFollowers() - "crdenpcsearchingscript.psc" Line 255 [crdePlayerMonitor (2F001827)].crdeplayermonitorscript.attemptApproach() - "crdeplayermonitorscript.psc" Line 941 [crdePlayerMonitor (2F001827)].crdeplayermonitorscript.OnUpdate() - "crdeplayermonitorscript.psc" Line 264 [03/17/2018 - 10:38:30PM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp16" stack: [crdeNPCSearch (2F040802)].crdenpcsearchingscript.getNearbyFollowers() - "crdenpcsearchingscript.psc" Line 255 [crdePlayerMonitor (2F001827)].crdeplayermonitorscript.attemptApproach() - "crdeplayermonitorscript.psc" Line 941 [crdePlayerMonitor (2F001827)].crdeplayermonitorscript.OnUpdate() - "crdeplayermonitorscript.psc" Line 264 [03/17/2018 - 10:38:30PM] ERROR: Cannot call getDistance() on a None object, aborting function call stack: [crdeNPCSearch (2F040802)].crdenpcsearchingscript.getNearbyFollowers() - "crdenpcsearchingscript.psc" Line 257 [crdePlayerMonitor (2F001827)].crdeplayermonitorscript.attemptApproach() - "crdeplayermonitorscript.psc" Line 941 [crdePlayerMonitor (2F001827)].crdeplayermonitorscript.OnUpdate() - "crdeplayermonitorscript.psc" Line 264 [03/17/2018 - 10:38:30PM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp23" stack: [crdeNPCSearch (2F040802)].crdenpcsearchingscript.getNearbyFollowers() - "crdenpcsearchingscript.psc" Line 257 [crdePlayerMonitor (2F001827)].crdeplayermonitorscript.attemptApproach() - "crdeplayermonitorscript.psc" Line 941 [crdePlayerMonitor (2F001827)].crdeplayermonitorscript.OnUpdate() - "crdeplayermonitorscript.psc" Line 264 I wonder if it is because I dismissed Lydia through EFF at some point. Should I clean DEC's follower list?
  10. Darkest Dungeon Erotic Mods

    What do you mean?
  11. There a lot of follower containers with EFF. 100 "inventories" (not the things that are equipped, but a separate backpack) (where the key are stored), unclaimed items and other kind of buffers. It is needed because with EFF any NPC can become of a follower, and thus needs a proper inventory control. When dismissed (removed as a follower from the system) or dies, the items in the follower "inventory" are transferred in the unclaimed storage. That storage can be emptied through the mcm. So when Lydia finds stuff, like a key, that goes into her EFF inventory.
  12. Content Consumer's Alternate Starts

    Err, why make it simple when you can have if the complex way? Have something obvious, like a monkey staring at the player or something.
  13. The "I can't take it anymore" would only appear near the bed, which was quite strange. But I can't find that dialogue either, could it be a ghost? I haven't interacted with lydia a whole lot. Having a follower around is actually tiring for me, because the fighting game suddenly becomes way too easy and it increases dramatically the game fatigue. I did had some exchanges though, but her stats din't change at all. Would you think it possible to have a Q&A styled exchange with followers? Where the follower ask the preferences of the player character. You know, in the style of mass effect: once back in safety, the topic would be available or the follower would trigger the dialogue.
  14. For context, I use EFF and she does have various keys in her inventory. I don't know if it's the same container though, so that might why. However I did use the same dialogue tree, the options are different wether I'm next to the bed (in the room) or further away. It was something "could you until me now?" and "I can't take it anymore." She is neither, all her stats were 0. I didn't know I could change them and I not sure if I should. Won't DEC modify those values as I interact with the follower? For example, if the player accept to be put into bondage, that would raise the dom value of the follower and how she thinks about the player character. There is no need to create specific dialogues for that, simply more interactions. Anyhow, the issue isn't so much that she puts items on herself. It's that she does so with no meaning for her to remove it later on. If she puts the player character into bondage, it is her responsibility to see it to the end and not debilitate herself --> "I really want to try this, but you're already wearing stuff so I'll wait until you are done".
  15. Content Consumer's Alternate Starts

    You could spawn the extra statue somewhere in front of the bed, so the player needs to actively avoid it to sleep. With some lighting for emphasis. Messagebox are flow breaking.