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  1. This is a rare case for which the eyepatch / monocle combo could be seen. Don't forget your tricorne
  2. bicobus

    Dickplomacy Reloaded for Mount and Blade Warband

    I meant for the stuff you fixed and want people to test. I have no idea about how to test that stuff, and which stuff exactly?
  3. bicobus

    Dickplomacy Reloaded for Mount and Blade Warband

    I would test it if I knew what to test exactly. I didn't really took note of the issues with QB, so a set of issues to look for and a way to reproduce them would be welcomed. If there is an issue open on the github, please do point to them.
  4. Dude, you last post is all messed up.
  5. bicobus

    Dickplomacy Reloaded for Mount and Blade Warband

    To be completely honest, I rarely am looking at faces while playing this game. Anyhow, I got a couple of inquiries about mb. I last played mb a very long time ago, and some stuff don't look the same. For instance I had in memory that it was possible to sort the inventory, one way or another but I can't make it happen now. Probably part of a mod, though I made some research but couldn't find anything on the topic other than a PoC. Sorting the player inventory is quite nice, especially once we get a bag full of loot. The ransom broker says to leave money with a trusted individual in case we get captured. But I have yet to find that option. Is it just assumed the player will be automatically brought back, and then pay a debt afterward? My character always escape, so I don't know. - - - Would it be possible to create static spot on the map, called brothels, so that when the player (and possibly other lords) gets defeated by bandits they would travel to one such spot and sell the PC to those establishment? The brothels is always neutral to all party, with an exception when a brothel holds a lord captive. If a lord is held in a brothel, that establishment can be raided by the faction the lord belongs to. Player escape chances are reduced while in the brothel, but can still happen - extra scenarios can be thought about, like a rebellion of whores and whatnot. Friends of the player can try a liberate operation and rivals of the player can come in gloating, but only if the establishment is close enough. For example, a Sarranid lord won't go all the way to the surrounding of Thir just to gloat or help the player. The whoring happens on a daily basis, like the bath-house mechanic.
  6. bicobus

    Dickplomacy Reloaded for Mount and Blade Warband

    The errors should be present in the log file, next to the .exe. The log should be named rgl_log.txt, at least on my linux machine.
  7. bicobus

    Dickplomacy Reloaded for Mount and Blade Warband

    Got some error with the noble woman being assigned as prostitutes. There are still ransom demands coming for them and the errors happens when accepting the ransom. Log: rgl_log.txt The noble women were assigned before the minor patch. I don't know if it matters.
  8. bicobus

    Dickplomacy Reloaded for Mount and Blade Warband

    Right, thanks. I just realized I unpacked the update into the wrong folder, and all the errors I noticed are most probably useless now. Oh well, back to playing again. Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. And hear the lamentations of their women. Or rather, raid a village, capture the women by knocking them out with blunt weapons, sell them to the bath house. For noble girls, I have no idea. I couldn't move them, so I had to build the bath house in the captured town instead.
  9. bicobus

    Dickplomacy Reloaded for Mount and Blade Warband

    I know that saves aren't compatible between major version (1.3 → 1.4). But are bugfixes like the ones you posted here safe to simply apply on an existing game? That is, what is being baked into the save game file? It would be good form to state compatibility with updates, it is fine to say you have no idea too. Also, thanks
  10. bicobus

    Dickplomacy Reloaded for Mount and Blade Warband

    It's not python though, it's some kind of pseudo code. The only pythonic thing in those files are the tuples (...) and lists [...]. You can take the logic and convert it into whatever you're comfortable with.
  11. bicobus

    Dickplomacy Reloaded for Mount and Blade Warband

    Only if (le, ":total_land", ":acres_needed") is true (le = lesser or equal?). So if the amount of land is higher than required, for some reason, the logic assume the player did buy something. total_land is a sum of land_player and land_town. I believe both variables can change based on prosperity and population. In my games, I had several thing occurs: negative land owned with negative rent. no land owned with positive rent. negative land owned with positive rent. As I said earlier, I don't understand the scripting for mb:w. I have no idea what (val_mul, ":land_player", ":revenue") does. Which variable change? Multiply revenue by land_player? But then, right after, we have (party_set_slot, ":town_no", slot_rent, ":land_player") which indicate that it is in fact land_player that changed. I really don't know, and I haven't been able to find documentation on the api.
  12. bicobus

    Dickplomacy Reloaded for Mount and Blade Warband

    Been playing dickplomacy for a while now. I'm still confused about the utility of the sexing scene, or what stripping and dancing is supposed to achieve. From my point of view it would be better to design a game mechanic around adult themes. As an example: allow the player to whore itself (exists already) in a whore house (exists maybe?) at the cost of reputation and honor. That is, enable the player to gain a ton of money through alternative means. So that it doesn't get plain full for the player - to constantly ask npc to fuck - allow a "spend the day soliciting" option that would put the game in fast forward. The beauty of it is that you can then create a table of outcomes or events that can happen during the day, break the fast forward and tell the player whatever happened. The player could get mugged, or proposed to, or whatever. Gaining reputation for whoring itself, the player character could then start warring and become a Queen! Imagine that: "Eleonor, whore Queen of the Amazon, subjugator of the Nords". Anyhow, this mod adds tits so I'm pretty happy about it. However I didn't start this message to complain about the usefulness of tits in a game of medieval warfare. Like others reported, I am afflicted with the land owner bug thing. Unlike my predecessors, I believe I have found the issue. Yet, I am not actually certain of my claim because of the nonsense that mb:w scripting is. It all starts here https://github.com/LilyModzStuff/warband_mod_source/blob/e9a15acc673aa9ecabe9f0125e2dba9d0fd57270/source/module_simple_triggers.py#L7499 If you follow the mathematical dark magic you might realize that the process shift player rent, either negatively or positively, without ever making sure that the player actually own land in the town. More so, it seems that the values displayed in the financial reports are not raw data but computed values based on a flawed premise. I mean, how can you get -5 acres of land or even 5347 of rent without owning anything? As I said, I don't understand mb:w scripting system well enough to be certain. However smell test doesn't lie. If you make sure to not touch the player values if there is no land owner, I'm pretty sure the issue will get resolved. That or there is some kind of memory leak, the game used the totality of my 12GiB of ram yesterday.
  13. bicobus

    SexLab Skooma Whore

    Skoomawhore doesn't overhaul the prison system, for that you need inte's mod. Your salvation lies in herbal tea. Pick up some flowers then craft the tea at a cooking pot. Not quite sure. Disabling it should prevent you to go into withdrawal, but not remove the one you already are suffering (ie. fix your existing withdrawal and you should be good to go). I could misremember how it works though.
  14. No, "pausing the game" won't change the rng because you do not pause the game, you pause the flow of time. The software still runs and still consume cpu cycles. You may want to use on of the create_random{_steward, _diplomat, _soldier} instead. Or put one or several random_list {} in the new_character command, which will add more entropy to the new characters trait and attributes. That is how vanilla does it to get different NPC with the employ decisions.
  15. What is your test modus operandi? create_character does a minimum, generates crap npc. Also random doesn't mean different, just not directed.