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  1. Have you checked the latest changelog? There are various very interesting thingies for modders. Especially: - Added set_immune_to_pruning command. Prevents a character from being pruned from AI courts or removed from save games. WARNING: the effects cannot be undone - Added is_immune_to_pruning trigger. Checks if the character has specifically been made immune to pruning either by script or the game internally
  2. With 2.8 you can customize your own window event, meaning that "bigger event" from @ngppgn has become somewhat irrelevant (you can integrate it in your mod and define a specific window type). The caveat is that you'll need to call by name your new customized window. For "bigger event", it is: window = "BiggerEventWindow" Check the mod for more examples DW:R does make use of that feature, but again it define a new type of window and call it by name. Toska still uses the vanilla event window.
  3. bicobus

    Devious Devices - Equip

    That's exactly what @Kimy don't want to do. Her whole argument is to, apparently, ditch ZAP and not use furnitures. If you percolate whatever she said in here, it just get down to that. And for any mod that requires furnitures, well they shouldn't be developed any more - that is until she release her own take on furniture bondage. This is 2-3 days of dialogues where one party kept saying "I need furnitures for this mod" and the other claim "But that mod is old, bad and dead. So don't use it.". That is, there were no discussion at all because one party wouldn't address the existing issue at hand. More so, even if another API were to be developed do you really expect every single mod author to ditch their year-long works to move to a "newer API (because it's the best™)"? The problem at hand hasn't been addressed, and when people patience ran out and lashed out @Kimy took offense. The two questions at hand are: is it possible for DD4 to be aware of ZAP furniture bondage? That is, can DD4 understand if somebody is strapped in a pillory. is it possible for ZAP to be aware of DD4's devices? More precisely, what are the uses case with using both framework? @Kimy doesn't have any because she doesn't want to address the problem. At least that's what I understood out of this nonsense. ZAP furniture API is sufficient, yet quite bad. It would be better to have a more sensible one. @darkconsole is working on one for SSE. Legendary Edition is stuck with ZAP for the time being. I would encourage @Inte to check out, if not done already, I'll take the display model.
  4. bicobus

    Devious Devices - Equip

    We understand your point of view. Do you have an alternative for furnitures? I mean, really, if it is obsolete there has to be an alternative. That's what everybody here wants to know: whether you throw away a working but old API arbitrarily or if you actually have something to replace it. From what I understood in this dialogue is that Inte needs ZAP because of the furnitures and requires the tags for ZAP and DD to understand each other. It's not a matter of who's got the biggest and newest dick, but how the dicks get used in parallel however old and wrinkled they are.
  5. Thanks. Is it alright to override a vanilla file? Couldn't your thing be done without being incompatible with future CK2 updates?
  6. bicobus

    Dark World Genealogy

    Would it be possible to get some usage case? What does genetics entice and why is it relevant to the game?
  7. To what "MnM" refers to? I've seen a commented reference in toska in_actions as well, but I don't know what it means.
  8. For some reason, the wizard society empty itself as the decades passes. My game is around 880CE, the secret society only has 5 members (me included and one dude I recruited). It is also very hard to recruit anybody, I believe the requirements to be a bit too extreme. (I mean, I have to spend over 10 minutes in the character list window to find a suitable target.)
  9. I'm not using the bigger event mod thing, that might be because of that. I use the big interface mod instead, not sure if they are compatible. Anyhow, it's a trivial issue as it only changes how stuff is presented to the user while not impacting the functionalities in any way. I'm only using Dark World and toska, as a mean to try them out. Here is my error log, to make it clearer: error.log Edit: btw bigger events mod changed a while back, and I'm not sure if the newer version is compatible with legacy toska events. See its changelog for v2.
  10. Is it normal that Blood Rayne dies of old age? Isn't she supposed to be somewhat immortal?
  11. You need Dual Sheath Redux for that.
  12. Change your password for something long and hard. Like a dick. Will make it harder to bruteforce. But in all likelyhood, they might got a file full of email/account names and passwords and trying them out. If you use the email registered on LL elsewhere, that might be it.
  13. bicobus

    Wolfclub [20171120 Alpha]

    It's an alpha, chances are that the content is in there, but not available in game. I don't know and the mod author is MIA again. Your best luck is to open xEdit and/or the CK and try to figure it out for yourself.
  14. Seamless enslavement is complicated, slave's clothing is tied to that as they change during the enslavement time. @DeepBlueFrog is focused on specific issues with the mod, and frankly base clothing isn't a critical one right now. He's one man trying to design a complex gameplay, it takes time and volition. I personally believe that a seamless enslavement is not possible in the short term. It's too complex for one man to handle all the variables linked to an openworld. If you think about it, he's trying to refactorize the whole base gameplay: change the combat mechanic, ensure the player don't get bored which means have the player do stuff. What is there to do outside? Nothing by default, because the world was designed for a overpowered player character and not a bound one. Does it means the world needs to change to fit the new gameplay? And there you go in the rabbit hole. @DeepBlueFrog is courageous though, 'cause the task is crazy