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  1. The quests once part of the DD framework were removed because of several reasons: old, unmaintained and buggy. There is the bookshelf and the soulgem plug feeding off sex energy. If there is a third, I don't remember it.
  2. By the way @JesusKreist, is there something specific do to in order to have both CK2Plus and Dark World to work together? I tried searching the topic, but what I got was a mix bag of old info and unreliable leads. There was a concern about portraits once, is that still an issue?
  3. Wow, way to go and kick a horse when its down. Great job laying yet another layer of bile over a closed situation. If you didn't follow, Veladarius got misleading information and acted upon it. As if the individual talking to him knew what would be his reaction. People can dislike whatever the DD team does, doesn't make that "fake": they do have that liberty. Truth doesn't matter in the age of apathy, that is why content creators usually say "we hear your concerns" and never do anything about it. Also the contributor tag doesn't expire because the recipient cannot contribute due to illness, what kind of individual would argue the reverse? Get over yourself. You do a great job with DD, let other people deal with their misery. By the way, you might tone down the references to that carrot dictator wanna be. It is of poor taste. And before you say that I'm irrelevant, please read this statement.
  4. Mmmh. When NPC gets added to my court, more often than not some simply die off after a month (or right after I unpause). I'm not sure if they vanish without a trace, rather I believe they simply die of "natural causes".
  5. I believe you are overthinking this, and slightly misinterpreting the aim of the change. The source of your information is also unreliable, as it comes from a participant's report. We do not know what was told, just what one individual reported to you, or rather what you understood of it. Basically, you are the man who saw the man who saw a bear. Maybe the bear isn't even real. Firstly, there is absolutely no reason to remove a legacy framework from the website. That would not only be stupid, but ridiculous. I fully expect ZAP v7 to remain available on the website. Second point is about the ZAP assets who will get integrated into DD. That's fine too, DD wants to create a framework replacing the aging and unmaintained ZAP (we do need that). Having the ZAP assets available directly from DD doesn't mean that the ZAP framework itself will get removed. Please do not jump to conclusions too hastily. That being said, I would be the first to call bullshit if ZAPv7 does effectively get removed or becomes unavailable.
  6. bicobus

    Estrus Chaurus+

    The animations comes from Estrus for skyrim version 112. Just the animations, not the esp.
  7. There was an issue similar with vanilla if my memory isn't playing tricks, but has since been fixed. Might be worth re-investigating how the mechanic works.
  8. bicobus

    What you think about site and staff

    Like any poll I ever fill, my unique answer is Obi-wan Kenobi. Anyhow, a poll to the general userbase of the website will forcefully be biased in favor of said website.
  9. bicobus


    It's not white, it's kind of pink. That means missing stuff. Question: if you apply your tat then quicksave and reload, what do you get? Most likely you'll either get your proper body texture, or something that quickly switch to the pink blank (as slavetats apply itself).
  10. bicobus


    Yeah remove the texture file you are working on then test again. Most likely, it is racemenu failing at something and continues without breaking. To make extra sure check your logs, maybe there is something in there.
  11. bicobus


    Have you changed anything beside your slavepacks? How recent is "recently"? Did you changed any skse ini files, if so do you still have the original files (backups)?
  12. bicobus

    Perfect Strangers- Who are They Really?

    A missionary or pilgrim then. I assume in the US? Totally reasonable. Pilgrimages are usually done on foot and over long distances. I invite you to read about the Pilgrimage of Compostela. Generally a pilgrim would walk all the way, since reflection of the self is the whole point, and be hosted at reduced price or without any cost. Sometimes believers wants to go to a certain place because it has a special meaning to them. The purpose is their own.
  13. bicobus

    Perfect Strangers- Who are They Really?

    'cause somebody else picked him up and left him near that place at a earlier time? You didn't get him to his destination either, right? So most likely he'll get yet another ride that day. Things are as mysterious as we let them to be, I assume you didn't ask him specific questions that would satiate your curiosity, right? I mean, the first thing I'd ask would be: "What the hell are you doing here, man?".
  14. bicobus


    Make sure your .json is in Textures\Actors\Character\slavetats\ Make sure the file CVTallyMarkScrawls\Tally_3.dds is under Textures\Actors\Character\slavetats\ Make sure you mod manager load those files and place them at the right place. Then check your skse logs to see if it's properly parsed after opening the slavetats menu in game.