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  1. Aaah! I always forget about Spunk. Damn it.
  2. You may need sunny companion for the whore thingy. As for the rest of the issues, do you the archive invalidation stuff?
  3. Let's hope not, because that would mean either that xNVSE has to be compatible with NX's API or all mods requiring NX have to be updated to fit xNVSE.
  4. It's a spunk thing. Disable the rape debuff and other negative effects, those are seen through SexoutNG's animations and may not be relevant to the actual scene.
  5. If you're talking about Macaca22's NCR CF, then Tryout and that most are not compatible. That's probably a Tryout problem. Don't know why either.
  6. You haven't installed the maternity pack and/or SCR.
  7. There is really no need to post the changelog of every release of xNVSE. Try to keep it to what is actually relevant to the issues involving Spunk.
  8. Addendum on the milking system, because I think I finally found some answers: Scrotes has his inventory overridden by SexoutWorkingGirl, and thus empty (BUG?). Because Scrotes doesn't have the remote, the player can't steal it. The subject needs a milk bottle to generate milk, otherwise they drink their own milk. This is never explained in the game, left me perplexed as followers tends to consume whatever is in their inventory. The milk harness isn't an armor and will stay on seemingly unphased by whatever you wear. The milker might have a default body, which could be
  9. Alright, quick thought about the mechanic you transferred from DCL: pushing a button to see a character wriggle around on the ground and failing to untie itself isn't very good as a mini-game. The animation is the same, it gets boring. There is no other task required of the player than to push a button after waiting some odd seconds. It doesn't gratify the player with anything, instead is just a time waster. It is however the easiest to implement, yet most lacking in narration in the universe of New Vegas. I like the idea of finding your character locked in bondage, but
  10. I had to go to the cave with cazadors. That was hell on my framerate. I'm still confused about the whole fiend milking sub-quest, doesn't really seem to want to work for me. To be sure I would need to restart a character without the overhaul, but that's way too much work and I the overhaul do not touch the milk stuff. I tried the walk of shame for Sunny Smiles, without having her companion mod, and that apparently do not work: she doesn't follow and has missing textures. Clarifying that in the OP would be nice, I originally went into the game thinking the companion mod was optional and th
  11. Older and read posts are shown in the activity streams, even though the "read status" is set to "unread". It's quite an annoyance.
  12. @Loogie I've been digging around the scripts because of various reasons, one of them is to figure out why Cass still has her milker and why is it hidden in her inventory. I believe I found a typo: In SOTOMilkingQuestScript (xx047FD5), first line would generate a syntax error. (if 0 == ar_HasKey arCows npcRef ; adding to array let arCows[npcRef] := ar_construct stringmap let arCows[npcRef]["actor"] := npcrRef let arCows[npcRef]["age"] := 0 let arCows[npcRef]["stage"] := 1 endif The question about the V19 outfit earlier
  13. Well cass outfit in the screenshot is the milking outfit from the fiends. The actual vault19 outfit is the band on the leg. I'll try to get a proper screenshot of my character instead, was kind of tired last night. Figured I'd check MPO's nifs, and when SOB's lactation is in effect and breast morph occurs, my character gets 2 pairs of nipples. I can follow up on your discord though.
  14. So, I went to Vault 19 and got the pain train. However Cass is somehow still wearing her milking harness and the vault's slave outfit seems broken (show only one one leg). Did I screw something during install?
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