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  1. I don`t think my poor dinosaur(computer) can handle this. That, or it doesn`t like my load order. Or maybe it was the "Bain" thing no one would help me with. Regardless, I got a freeze and a couple CTDs when I upgraded. And it seems to break the "Immoral animal love" spell(sister summons 3 animals that nearby NPCs fuck). AND my "Stupid NPCs" followers were behaving weirdly. I also noticed that every time a new creature entered my "Sphere of influence", the sexchange part of your mod fires up. I hit the ~ key and page after page of stuff from this mod. Yeah, I don`t think my poor computer can handle that, well. So back to 2.0. "If it ain`t broke..." I`m fairly sure this is all a "me" thing. And I`m not bitching. I`m sure this is a fine mod, if you`re better at this stuff than I am. I`m just a caveman. And I don`t particularly want more female creatures, anyway. Shame the sex change part isn`t optional to install. I can allegedly turn it off in the ini, or with a console command, but then I have all that sex change stuff cluttering up my hard drive for no reason. I`m a little anal about that. Even if I have plenty of space left. A message from Tarzan, Tonto and Frankenstein: "Clutter bad!" But anyway...you and other mod-makers' continued work on Oblivion is awesome. Thank you all.👍👍 EDIT: Oh, yeah...a conjurer was "enjoying the spoils of victory"(combat sex) and kept casting summons spells, buff/debuff spells through the whole thing. But only the first time. When he went back for seconds, he didn`t do it. And it IS set to stop combat during sex. But this isn`t a new thing. It`d sometimes happen before I changed to LC 2.5. Just throwing that out there, since someone brought it up.
  2. So I went to install this with MO. MO is telling me this looks like it was done with "Bain". I clicked the "Manual" button on bottom of window, to check it out. There`s some folders in there I have no clue as to what to do with them. If any MO users out there who have installed this could help me out, that`d be great. I WAS gonna try to repack it, but I don`t know what to do with some of the folders. I could try just clicking "OK", but do I check one of the boxes for the options?(xivilai bikini/xivilai shirt) I assume I pick one? I was gonna install 2.5.4alpha on top of 2.0, then 2.5.11 on top of that, like it said at the beginning of the forum. As a side note, I don`t particularly want female creatures. Especially after reading through the whole forum. Seems like too much of a bother. I only enslave human/mer females, and creatures to train/breed them with. Female creatures would just be a novelty I can live without. Granted, a female xivilai would be cool. IF they have enough animations.
  3. That scamp animation is the same for me, also. There`s an imp animation that`s worse...for me, anyway. And one of the dog animations is bad, also. Sorry I don`t know their numbers, but don`t have an Oblivion playthrough going right now. It`s been awhile, so I`m currently updating everything. And the dog animation...if memory serves, you can kinda get it close, but it never looks good. Not asking for a fix, I`m just saying. BUT, if the broken dog animation ceased to exist, I wouldn`t complain. It NEVER looks good. Thanks for your work, all of you. It`s appreciated.
  4. Did I read the mod page correctly? I DON`T need SD to run this mod? Captives mod author mentioned a tie in with SDcages, so I came by to take a look.
  5. Well, thank you, at least, for making sure your shit works with others. I don`t know squat about the tech stuff, but even I realized a while ago that lack of "common practices" rules among modders causes a lot of problems. I keep hoping ya`ll will get a teensy, tiny bit organized. Or maybe a handful of the most respected modders get together and hash out a SOP Manual of Modding. What a pipe-dream that is, huh? As for which Yoke animations don`t show the yoke, 99% of the time the yoke is invisible in animations. I never really use them, so I`m never wearing one when an animation starts. The Yoke animations seem to be chosen at random when a "bound" animation is called for. Actually, I don`t think the armbinders show up, either. But it`s probably my fault, somehow. They`ve never worked, ever(years). I think whatever is borking the yokes is tied into the fact most of the "zaz/zap" sex animations don`t work, either. I`m not very good at this, clearly. Basic knowledge is a scary thing. Now I feel bad. I`ve gone off-topic too much. I know how anal people can get about that sort of thing. "Sorry, Forum nazis." Thanks for your time. And I see you around a lot, here, so thanks for that, too. All you modmakers' work is a god-send for us plebeians. Even if you are all Mavericks who go their own way.😛
  6. Actually, I have a minor technical question: I have multiple packs that have "animobj.esp"s. I think they conflict with each other, because when I move them around, different "objects" in the animations work or don`t work, depending on their order. Does anyone know what order is right? Oh, and the Yokes NEVER show up. Do I need to be actually wearing one? If so, why do the yoke animations show up when I`m not wearing one. Sorry to ask here, but the "Tech questions" forums...I really don`t like it. There`s always some smarmy know-it-all making condescending comments about how stupid I am to have to ask for help. I don`t see that in mod forums. Although I`m sure it`s happened. But A LOT less often. Thanks, and sorry, again.
  7. Sorry to interrupt ya`lls friendly banter, but... I use MO, and I can`t figure out how to install this. Any tips would be appreciated.
  8. Just so I`m clear, if I use the latest version with LST, I don`t need the LST Patch? That`s the impression I`m getting from reading this forum.
  9. Thanks. The quest showed up, but no marker. Although I`ve been indoors since I got it. Maybe the marker will show when I go outside.
  10. Well, I have a *spoiler* question: Can I get a hint on how to remove the tentacle creature? Odds are, I`ll figure it out eventually, but holy shit! does that thing "go off" a lot. Like every 5 minutes. It could be reacting with the soulgem clit piercing PC is wearing, IDK. I know the plugs and piercings react with each other, so maybe tentacle does too. AND it`s keeping my arousal in the 90`s, which is triggering things to happen. It also seems to act as a chastity belt. But it doesn`t allow anal animations. The ass should be available. Unless it`s supposed to be a case of "I`m not sticking my dick in that. Just blow me, freak." Also(when will he stop?!), a couple gaps between front thighs and hips on my CBBE HDT Curvy body with tentacle creature on. But that`s probably a "me" thing. I`m clueless with bodyslide, and just do the absolute minimum with it. Install and click the button on the bottom left to generate a file. Yes, I`m gonna look in the MCM to see if I can lower the frequency of it going off. But I would like to avoid stripping it off with the MCM. I cheat all the time, but do TRY to avoid it whenever possible. As always, thanks for all the work.
  11. Ah. Updates. Excellent. Oooh. And a changelog. A real mod. Congratulations. "Let the power of social distancing flow through you, young apprentice." Thanks for the work.
  12. Nice. I look forward to many new additions in the future. Thanks for this. Do they handle changing cells well? I mean, will my PC one day walk up to find them all just standing around, like when I set a slave to dance with HSH, I`ll come back, and eventually, they`ll just be standing there. But with my slave, I can just tell her to dance again. If the "Bitch" animations break, is there a way to reset them? This is probably impossible, but...creating places that the PC can go and insert a slave(bitch), follower/fighting slave(guard), and enslaved creature/animal companion*(breeder/assist).[without having to mess with CK] *-Same species FYI - I like to throw out suggestions. Feel free to ignore them. Last thing I wanna do is annoy you mod-makers. I`m just a compulsive collector when it comes to slavewomen, so am desperate to find sexy things for them to do in the world. Set it and forget it type stuff. (I have PAHE/HSH/AYGAS installed already) I`m a caveman, so making stuff myself isn`t gonna happen.
  13. I`ve not played AFS. Mods that make enemy factions friendly...well, less livestock for my slave collection. Be nice if forsworn were friendly only when PC in forsworn clothes. But that`d probably be too complicated to pull off. But I intend a play-through with AFS. I love your stories. TID WOULD be my favorite mod, IF it wasn`t such a mess. But again, all Falmer become friendly...don`t like that. They`re among my favorite protagonists. Be nice if ONLY the Ibn falmer were friendly, leaving the rest to fight with. Maybe only friendly when wearing Falmer Armor? But anyway, love your stuff and glad to see you`re working hard on "polishing" your mods to work better. Thank You. P.S.- PLEASE! TID that works without console commands. I`m begging you! It just taunts me in it`s current state. IF you ever go back and work on it, perhaps PAHE implementation? Be nice to hand over my slaves to Ibn for training. Also, having to ask for sex(as a slave) kinda sucks. "Excuse me, ugly, disfigured monster. Would you like to force me to service you?" Be better if anyone/anything with high enough arousal just used the slaves(and servants?) whenever they felt like it, no dialogue. Also, taking the girl you`re captured with as a slave once PC is high enough rank would be nice. I never made it far enough through the mod to find out what happens to her, though. Just some suggestions/requests. Feel free to ignore them.
  14. Love this mod. Can`t play without it. Thanks. Is this mod the one giving the NPCs "names" when you hit the "~" key after enslavement?(top line on the bottom right) It`s a very MINOR annoyance when I enslave them and have to re-rename them to match the listed name. Be nice if PAHE renamed them to the "programmed" name when it`s set to rename new slaves. But like I said...it`s a very minor thing. Not worth a lot of effort. If it`s easily accessible, could I get the Id for the Imperial Captain so I can "placeatme" her for enslavement? I use DCLs' alternate start(recent switch from vanilla start), so she`s not around when I get to Helgen. I like her look too much to be happy not having her. I`m gonna go to DCL forum and request she be put into Helgen, somewhere. Would rather "acquire" her naturally. She`s been my first acquisition for so long, and looks so good, I really miss her.🥺 I`ve noticed it`s fairly common to get the same faces on 2 of the Vigilants at the Hall of the Vigilants. In my mind, I just consider them twins, for Lore purposes. Just throwing that out there as an FYI. Not a complaint. May the Blessings of the Nine, and the Favor of the 16 be with you.(I don`t count Jyggalag. He went down like a bitch in Shivering Isles)
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