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  1. step 1 and 2 is the design of the outfit. if the image above is something you created, you have already done step 1 and 2 step 4 and 5 are for swapping and are really easy to do. for me step 1 and 2 take 1 or 2 days per outfit-set. Step 3 an hour, and step 4 and 5, 5 minutes combined. I currently am not in a programming mojo, and until I do, progress for the next version is really slow, so at best it will be a couple of months, at worse (half) a year.
  2. very nice design. You've obviously already done some steps: Currently the process is as follows: Step 1. create an outfit in 3dMax or Blender Step 2. Fix some settings in Nifscope Step 3. Create the outfit in GECK Step 4. Create a FormID list, that goes from P0 (not pregnant) to P7, or however big you go.. Note that if you drag-drop all outfits at once in the formidlist, GECK will put them in the wrong order. Step 5. Add your formid list to the correct 'formidlist of formidlists'. if you want Maternity Pack Overkill as master, you can add it into MPOGlobalCustomIncM7 if you don't want MPO as master, you can put it in PregBodySwapOutfitSCRM7List (Or the formidlist that goes to the same pregnancy maximum) ***Note. I am busy making it even easier. That you create the P0-version in geck and it will dynamically find the pregnancy versions of the outfit, if needed. But that won't be in the coming months.
  3. I'm confused about this You need newest xNVSE Newest JIP NVSE newest MCM and (including the 10 mods I was not able to get approval for on that page) with this, the framework is complete and you will only need mods that use Sexout and bring it into the game.
  4. Sexout Maternity Mega Pack (now superseeded by Sexout Framework Assortment) is a collection of mods, to ease installation. Maternity Pack Overkill is 1 of the mods that is included in the mod above. this you can also see in the download page of Sexout Framework Assortment.
  5. you can set max and minimum size of the belly, so that you don't swap at all.
  6. Obvious selfpromotion, but I'd follow the advise on below link to get and installation guide
  7. you could try Alt+F4, but if you want a less immersion breaking experience I can't really help you. If you have Sexout Spunk you can tell how long you want animations to last though.
  8. After masturbating you need to crouch over the nest,
  9. I honestly don't know. Check if the mod has already been converted in the TTW-forum, otherwise get the script and try to run that. Do know that there is also a conversation-script on that forum.
  10. check that you have NVSE Extender (NX) version 19. it's not on the download page, but on one of the last pages in that thread.
  11. Probably during her last animation she disappeared. Perhaps go back to a save where she still was present. (Stuck tokens issue/cgashing script issue I suspect)
  12. You probably have the wrong NVSE Extender (NX) get version 19 on the last, or page before last on the NVSE Extender thread.
  13. You can run FNVedit to find out of you are missing masters You don;t need any of the 'hud' fixes, if you don't have the huds Also don't use mutiple hud-overhauls, like pHUD and oHUD.
  14. I don't understand the question. TTW is a mod in Fallout New Vegas that copies and makes Fallout 3 base game work in the Fallout New Vegas universe/engine So all mods for New Vegas work for TTW For converting Fallout 3 Mods to TTW, there are guides on the TTW forum
  15. check the installation instructions of sexout common resources first
  16. I'd guess 1 or 2 possible issues You ave a BSA without a corresponding esp/esm. You might have forgotten to rename the vegaschokers.bsa I think I also see a wrong/missing skeleton file. Can you please check if those steps were correct?
  17. Sounds like stuck tokens. Perhaps go to a save before last sexual activity
  18. I honestly can't remember, but probably you need to give birth to some normal eggs.
  19. There is much more content after that. You might be missing a trigger. Development is still ongoing. We are currently redesigning some of the locations.
  20. The reason we suggest 'start over', is because it is really difficult to fix it. At start of loading a save you see some cios commands you might be able to try. One tells about ending an animation. You could try that, but I doubt that it will help.
  21. I don't understand why FOMM would make a difference. It's a mod manager. Any will do, and there are many that are better
  22. near the exit of the cave outside there are several eggsacks.. One of them has all your loot.
  23. I didn't know sexout Lite even existed... on you can find version 16 in the downloads-section.
  24. Did you follow the installation guide in my 'List of Mods'?
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