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  1. both is fine, but if you want to keep it clean for your mod manger do the first way
  2. there's a chance multiplier and guaranteed option in MCM
  3. dialog will not appear if you don't have enough materials
  4. if you used regular version of FOMM to install dll plugins, it simply will not work, as regular FOMM is unable to do so properly. Also nvse/xnvse is have to be installed manually as it have an executable file If error still occurs, then i need to see a debug log or at least a log file created with this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/70364
  5. too much work to convert everything, all current stuff is mostly based on type 3
  6. jip nvse and nvse/xnvse is different things https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/58277
  7. then i can't really help here, as i never expected for someone to use this mod w/o pregnancy
  8. milking is available when you have some amount of milk(depends on the settings), amount of milk is increasing over ingame time when you're pregnant
  9. Then you got stuck tokens way before you started the quest line. Start a new game and try to do any sexout acts, and if it still will be broken, then you have issues with your saves, script extenders and/or some requirements for the sexout itself
  10. missing mesh, make sure that you have installed resources archive
  11. all animations from amra or zaz is long time ago as built-in in sexout, so it works on both nah, it's simple mod that i made from my old rework of sexout sexkey in like 10 minutes, there's no easy customization in here, so it's completely useless mod in my eyes
  12. scanner will only show information about the real pregnancy, if some mod is using fake pregnancy o pregnant outfit, scanner will never show you this
  13. mcm should have a hotkey, or check in medical scanner, and yes you'll get notifications if you're close enough
  14. it's unique body model that simply will not work as you want to in current pregnancy setup due to many limitations of this engine. The framework still will be working though, just it will be swapping on type 3 bodies you need at least one ova and some sperm in womb, after get lucky with rolls
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