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  1. I'm looking for this bikini outfit I've seen on screenshots at some Korean site. Any help would be great and thank you in advance! Source: https://arca.live/b/headline/8334448?p=100
  2. Um, can you please tell me which mod you're used to take pictures in? It looks like some photo studio or something.
  3. 1. It's from recent Billyy SLAL human and human+furniture animations. 2. By 'vanished' I mean they are registered in SLAL but not present in SL Tools animation select menu. Oddly though, not everything is missing, a couple of them I can select. 3. Cheched again, everything are toggled. Keywords are the same. 4. Didn't knew about that limit, though but I'm already using Sexlab Utility Plus anyway and it's even less then 125 anims avaliable.
  4. Hi, I have some weird problem with SexLab Tools. Some animations (mostly aggressive though I'm not sure) vanished from SexLab Tools animation select menu. Are they blacklisted in any way. perhaps? I've reinstalled SexLab and tried again without Utility Plus and everything just worked, but after I've installed Utility the problem happens again. And yes, I have "Restrct aggressive animations" unchecked so I'm not sure how can I fix that.
  5. I'm looking for this texture since I've found the image of it in one of BakaFactory's UNP Remastered BHUNP TBBP 3BBB Body LE releases. It looks like Fair Skin early version, but somewhat modified. Could someone please point me to the source?
  6. Nah, it's not. http://www.mediafire.com/file/xniz6mi61r3bl74/Nord_Chainmail_Armor_UUNP_HDT.7z/file
  7. Wow, this thing has a mouth? Is it safe to assume it was made for some sort of vore animation? Now that's a sight I would love to see. Your vore animations are hot.
  8. I can see your point, managing several at once could be pain indeed. Well I can only speak for myself, but it's kinda frustrating it all ends so quickly. I think there is solution though. Why not create an extra two loop/idle stages with a duration set in json file? One stage for ass-to-ass part and one for after sex part, like I've proposed? I believe most if not all people know how to customize json files, so it could be simply set to either 8/16/24/60/etc seconds or even made a loop stage without any timer at all. I can't be done now though, because 4 and 5 stages both have transition parts in them. Thanks, and I hope my suggestion doesn't sound impertinent.
  9. Hey SitNibbles, that's some cool canine animation you've made! But could you please add ass-to-ass knotted loop stage between 4 and 5 stages of animation? Shouldn't be too difficult because the second part of 4 stage looks like it could be looped. I think it would be great if knotting duration were controlled via loop stage. And it's kinda puzzling the animation simply ends after they're pulling off from each other. I do believe the second part of 5 stage makes for perfect after sex loop. Well anyway, amazing work and thank you for update!
  10. Yeah, KoMachine isn't working for me too after update from 1.04 - there is simply no activation and no "Ride" activation entry. Table machine activatesand works as it should. And Julia is unaffected, as both machines works for her just fine.
  11. Well, that's what I've found looking through Dogma's resources. I can confirm I got it fromsome of his previous releases. Perhaps he never used the actuaal animation or something? Honestly, I don't know this myself.
  12. I can convert it to SE if you want, though it probably take me some time cuz I'm not SE user myself.
  13. I think it's Skimpy Another Vampire Leather Armor
  14. I agree, quite the potential you have. Hope you'll keep it up. About animobjects... Well, first you'll need an animobject itself, basically any nif furniture mesh will do for that. Second, create an esp file via Creation Kit and add animobject entry to it. And last, edit fnis list like this: ' PsycheFistAnal s -o PsycheFistAnal_A1_S1 PsycheFistAnal_A1_S1.hkx AOExample + -o PsycheFistAnal_A1_S2 PsycheFistAnal_A1_S2.hkx AOExample + -o PsycheFistAnal_A1_S3 PsycheFistAnal_A1_S3.hkx AOExample + -o PsycheFistAnal_A1_S4 PsycheFistAnal_A1_S4.hkx AOExample + -o PsycheFistAnal_A1_S5 PsycheFistAnal_A1_S5.hkx AOExample s PsycheFistAnal_A2_S1 PsycheFistAnal_A2_S1.hkx + PsycheFistAnal_A2_S2 PsycheFistAnal_A2_S2.hkx + PsycheFistAnal_A2_S3 PsycheFistAnal_A2_S3.hkx + PsycheFistAnal_A2_S4 PsycheFistAnal_A2_S4.hkx + PsycheFistAnal_A2_S5 PsycheFistAnal_A2_S5.hkx Where AOExample is your animobject form id from esp file. I know it may be kinda hard to grasp at first, but it's actually pretty simple. Animating process itself is MUCH harder and time-consuming.
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