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  1. Please upload a zip of your VL overhual build!


    Would love to know what you use for the suggestive idle animations and the body type mod.

  2. CBBE will never produce hips like that.. I would suggest choosing UUNP and start with a pretty strong 7B Bombshell, then reshape the breasts to match via SH, SSH, etc..
  3. Hello friend, sorry I do not speak English, what happens is that I want my female werewolf to be like that but I do not understand how it is done, could you help me?


    1. ninpo3


      I double the question :D

    2. ganga


      I double the question 2 xD

  4. strangely they were inside out.. so instead of using the expansion brush from the outside, I used the reduction brush from the inside
  5. your load order is fucked up, i tried rearranging some of them for better stability but you use many different mods than i. use LOOT. LoadOrder_Skyrim_asdf.txt
  6. that armor has a really low polygon count making it difficult to shape properly. i made a high poly version but im still trying to iron out all the kinks. hopefully it can be done pre-halloween..
  7. as per the 7z file you uploaded: the shape data for the circlet and heels are both missing. and your shape data for the armor is from a different version of bodyslide. so you have all the right files on your end, you just didn't upload them
  8. ah yes, so clear, i had forgotten i had every spray animation and it's origin memorized
  9. you can find those in zaz animation pack, look for names like 02BLeakyPussyStickyGoo
  10. this outfit has a compatibility issue with BodySlide. I made a brand new UUNP slider for it and added the zap, but CTD occurs everytime I try to apply the zap. you don't always have to zap, you can mask part of a mesh then right-click the shape and choose delete vertices to delete all unmasked vertices, unfortunately this will also lead to CTD for this outfit what I would do is, mask the breast pasties so they don't move > scale the lower heart down very small, move it inside the body (like where the spine would be) > proximity weight it in that position, and it's effectively hi
  11. http://www.mediafire.com/file/vhyk39b4vb6ljjt/LB+Jarl+Clothes.7z YarlClothes http://www.loverslab.com/topic/24385-outfit-studiobodyslide-2-cbbe-conversions/?p=1965458 Kozakowy's SteamPunk Outfit https://gavitex.com/share/7lp5h57nj Dint BDO Valkyrie
  12. this is a joke right? there's only like, hundreds.. The Amazing World of Bikini Armor Bodyslide Armor And Clothes List V3
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