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  1. This looks great, lots of potential here. Many other mods could work very well with this! One random question: what body + enb are you using for those screenshots?
  2. Just noticed that a link is missing here, gonna try to dig that up. Not sure how I managed to miss that
  3. Almost half a year after the last update, oops 😅. Massive thank you to @Tiress who compiled almost this entire update, including the request. I know how much work that is, I really appreciate the help. I've double checked everything, and I think all requests are in the list now, but let me know if I missed anything, its an easy mistake to make. I've also gone through the big list and cleaned out some dupes that managed to sneak in. I can't promise regular updates, but the next one will be sooner than half a year hahah. #11: March 22 2021 [NEW] Aradia Leather Harness [P
  4. You really are the unsung hero of this thread lol. I've been very busy IRL, but I'll get to updating in the next few days! Thanks a lot for all the effort ❤️
  5. Yeah probably copied the wrong link, I'd be surprised if that's the only mistake since it can be quite monotonous work 😅. Thanks for spotting it @animegeek240, I've gone ahead and fixed it now. I'll try to get another update out somewhere this week as well!
  6. Must have missed that, I have added it to my personal list, will update soon
  7. So this took me a bit longer than expected, but here you go. A lot to go through so I may have missed some stuff here or there, let me know and I'll update it ASAP. I have some ideas for how to make the request list a bit easier to navigate, as currently there is no quick way to tell if someone wants an Oldrim conversion or a 3BBB conversion. It's gonna be some work figuring this out, so don't expect it too soon 😅. A big thanks to everyone contributing their conversions! #10: October 27 2020 [NEW] BDO Ranger La Medellin [LoversLab] Black Talon Armor [LoversLab]
  8. Would it be an idea to add links to mods that expand the events in the OP? Since there is no convenient way to see an overview of all Bannerlord files (that I'm aware of) they can be hard to find. Here are the ones I have found: SG's Bannerlord CE Events Boukenshas Binder - Stories of Captivity SadSun's Events For Badlistener's Captivity Events Plague's Events for Bannerlord Captivity Events TBCaptivityEventsExtension
  9. Looks great! What animations are you using in the video?
  10. Yeah GDrive sucks as a means of sharing files in this format, I'll see if I can get a hold of the creator to ask permission to upload them here. What armor sets are you having this problem with?
  11. I'm no expert, but it looks like this can be used for armor mods and the like right? That's pretty exciting stuff on its own. I do agree that scripting tools are the holy grail right now, imagine what captivity events could do! On a side note, is there a master thread that can act as a hub for discussion on modding this game?
  12. I know I haven't updated this in a long time, but its good to see so much activity here! I'll gather sets posted here and a few I've found myself in an update this week (ish). I have also been thinking of a way to show more popular request, so that the people that do conversion can see at a glance where the demand lies, but I'm not sure how to operationalize that so let me know if you have any thoughts! Again, apologies for the inactivity, I'll make sure this thread isn't abandoned like the last one lol
  13. Some more sets, special thanks to @Tiress as usual 😄. I see people still posting requests in the old thread, which is kinda annoying as I didn't intend to split the thread in two when I made this but oh well. Gonna grab the requests from there and put them in the next update just to be complete. dcinside seems to be broken somehow, I have the same issue. It worked for me a few weeks back, maybe they're having as issue on their side? #9: July 28 2020 [NEW] 9204 DR Alicia [P] [3BBB] [LoversLab] 9204 DR Aris [P] [3BBB] [LoversLab] DDWardrobe - Ritual W
  14. I believe those have been converted, please see the new list, this one is dead:
  15. Hate to be pushy, but I noticed the link to the list of CBBE conversions is still pointing to the old thread, could that maybe be changed to the updated thread? I still see people posting requests and whatnot in the old thread. Thanks!
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