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  1. Locate MaleGenitals.xml. For a Mod Organizer installation, the location would look something like Mod Organizer\mods\Realistic SMP LE\SKSE\Plugins\hdtSkinnedMeshConfigs. If you can't find the folder manually, just do a Windows search. Open the XML in Notepad (or download NotePad++) and scroll to the end. Here you will find a section that looks like this: <per-vertex-shape name="MaleGenitals"> <shared>public</shared> <margin>0</margin> <tag>Genitals</tag> <no-collide-with-tag>Hidden</no-collide-with-tag> <no-collide-with-tag>Hair</no-collide-with-tag> <no-collide-with-tag>Head</no-collide-with-tag> <no-collide-with-tag>Body</no-collide-with-tag> <no-collide-with-tag>Hands</no-collide-with-tag> <no-collide-with-tag>Feet</no-collide-with-tag> <no-collide-with-tag>Genitals</no-collide-with-tag> <no-collide-with-tag>Cloth</no-collide-with-tag> <no-collide-with-tag>3BCA_Leg</no-collide-with-tag> <no-collide-with-tag>3BCA_L</no-collide-with-tag> <no-collide-with-tag>VirtualLegs</no-collide-with-tag> <no-collide-with-tag>Ground</no-collide-with-tag> <weight-threshold bone="NPC GenitalsScrotum [GenScrot]">0.3</weight-threshold> <weight-threshold bone="NPC GenitalsBase [GenBase]">0.3</weight-threshold> </per-vertex-shape> Change the part highlighted in orange to CBBE_Schlong. Save and exit. Now open defaultBBPs.xml. Find <map shape="MaleGenitals" file="SKSE\Plugins\hdtSkinnedMeshConfigs\MaleGenitals.xml"/> and change it to <map shape="CBBE_Schlong" file="SKSE\Plugins\hdtSkinnedMeshConfigs\MaleGenitals.xml"/> Save and exit. You might want to make copies of the files in case you mess something up. Alternatively, you could just open the TRX Futanari Project File in Outfit Studio, rename the schlong shape to MaleGenitals, save and rebuild your schlong meshes.
  2. @mernyYou could probably get collisions working if you edited your SMP XML files.
  3. Here's an update to the canine schlongs I released back in August. Thanks to a report by a user I discovered that I'd done a pretty slapdash job with the sliders on both schlongs, leading to disconnected floating shafts when moving many of the sliders. These new versions should fix those: ERF Horse Penis Redux SSE Canine Mashup ANATOMICALLY ACCURATE 1.1.7z ERF Horse Penis Redux SSE Canine Mashup 1.1.7z See original posts for screens:
  4. Just have your character use a custom race with a custom body (like my vaginaless 3BA).
  5. I might be completely off-base here, but to me the pubes m4mk203 showed look like adaptations of the already existing female pubic hair meshes that have been around for a while now. The thing is that there really aren't any other pube meshes for Skyrim around- believe me, I've checked. You'd have to find new assets from somewhere else or make them yourself. I toyed around with pubic hair meshes I exported from a mod for HS2 but the poly counts were ludicrously high and would crash outfit studio. I also tried adapting a different mesh that used transparent 2d textures. The results were interesting, but the bush looked a bit out of place.
  6. Follow this tutorial but flip the order in which you import the clothes you want to convert and the vaginaless 3ba body, aka start with 3BA Vaginaless, import your chosen outfit, delete the old base body, copy weights from 3BA Vaginaless, "Save Project As" (Remember: you don't want to save over the 3BA Vaginaless project)
  7. Build the mesh and use it to replace the schlong in one of your installed addons. The one marked M uses male schlong positioning for enhanced compatibility when using futanari characters in the male role in most Sexlab animations. Regular uncut: Uncut M:
  8. It is, you just need to replace an outfit's body mesh in Outfit Studio. However, you'll need to start with the 3BA Vaginaless mesh and import the clothing on to it rather than the other way around.
  9. You can duplicate the schlong addon itself with XEdit, giving you a new entry in the SOS MCM and then assign those duplicates the proper textures.
  10. Just tried applying a SlaveTats overlay myself and they seem to be indeed working normally. @laserpinhead, your problem seems to originate somewhere else 🤷‍♀️
  11. I'd just like to take a moment to say that I for one am really glad to see an animator focusing on human futa content, and I hope to see more, whether it's futa x female or futa x futa stuff. People are saying your animations need more flair to stand out, but in my opinion the futa focus as well as the softer/cuter touches in some of your anims provide that already. There's plenty of brutal rapey stuff out there but the same cannot really be said for the opposite end of the spectrum. Ditto for futa animations.
  12. Interesting. Racemenu overlays work with no problems on my end 🤔
  13. I've tried to make futa 3D pubic hair before, but the problem is the lack of appropriate meshes. There's one for males out there, which probably looks fine if you're making a burly dude, but it's just too scraggly and ugly on futanaris. When I think of futa pubic hair, I think of something like this or this. I've also tried to edit existing female pubic hair to fit around schlongs, but hair meshes are a giant pain to work on in Outfit Studio. I think the TRX addon is slated to get a 3D pubic hair option at some point, which I'm eager to try out. (I've also tried making 3D underarm hair, and got decently far, but the weight painting in that area is a bit of a mess and the mesh just ended up deforming too much.)
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