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  1. The PSQ Addon is only for the player. (if using PSQ mod) The follower and their damage are level up with the player.
  2. I was to lazy to make noballs textures for argonians and khajiit.
  3. Nice, downloaded Sims4 today and installed all mods what I wanted, after that the update came. 😡😡😡
  4. All what you need to know to use the PSQ Addons stands on the download page under "PSQ Addon".
  5. For a text based game its pretty ok. I really like the scenario. 👍
  6. I also added VR support to my Queen of Blades Mod, now you can also play as Kerrigan in VR.
  7. Uploaded the VR Addon! Played already a few hours as male (futanari) "queen of blades" and had not a single problem, sexlab seams to work also fine with it and its awesome to have this boney evil looking hands.
  8. There is also a futa follower in my queen of blades mod.
  9. Making a small addon to play as queen of blades in SkyrimVR: 😮
  10. Just read the download page and you know what you need for a seamless transition.
  11. I'm not a big fan of this manga-look, but I'm always looking for interesting VR games and will take a look. I need to wait a few days to play VR, but I have a fast question: Is there also smooth turning for the VR locomotion?
  12. I believe the same thing will happen. If there will be modding, it will be much much much more limited as in skyrim. Modding for AAA games is dead. look around no new game offers mod or mapping tools.
  13. Try to use the "Classic Shape" in Bodyslide for the Schlong.
  14. No thanks, I know what mods are out there and have no problem with installing.
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