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  1. Theres always a was to modify files, even Games like gta4 which needs Internet to start/save getting Cracked and shared. It bethesda wants to Drive this Train, it's OK for me, then I stop buying their games and get them otherwise. While this is true, without the official CK it would take a lot more time and effort to get quality mods, even if you get them "otherwise". The future of Beth games is looking rather grim indeed. And to OP's question, I see no reason for me to buy anything off the CC.
  2. Mind if this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLuCnj3abiM ) is an indication that the creation club for Skyrim is imminent then the SKSE64 developers are going to be testing/developing against a moving target - which wouldn't be very fun, (if it's that fun at all). I personally have my Skyrim SE build just about right at the moment with some minimal SKSE64 stuff, so have just disabled Steam updates for it until such times to see how it pans out. Personally i'm not the slightest worried about creation club, the gain of SKSE64 over creation club cant even be compared. And from what
  3. So this mean you can also use Devious Device and Zaz animation? Did you test this with SL Light SE or an older version of SL?
  4. Oh no just because we're excited to see some real progress, we suddenly don't know how to read. What should I do . Yes, we know it's for MODDERS ONLY. Thank you very much random stranger.
  5. My wish list is mostly adult mods tbh. There is SL, that much is obvious. SL Light and Flower Girls are doing a great job, but it's always better to have more flexiblity. And then there's Aroused, to give me an actual reason to have sex in the game. As it is now, I only do so when prompted, duing Amorous Adventures or Solutions, and don't bother going back to them again. Next on the list are some lenghty quest mods, such as Sisterhood of Dibella, Captured Dream and Mias Lair. Animal Mansion too. I like the Redux version, but its creator has stated outright that he would never support SE, s
  6. Is there anyway to fix the issue in Solutions where the quest doesn't get resolved after sex? So far I've only seen the part where you bribe the Riften guard worked. Some other encounters like convincing the mercenary to share the location she's investigating and becoming the Thane of Hjaalmarch didn't.
  7. My new char in SSE. It's kinda hard to do without Racemenu, but here goes. Though in hindsight I should've taken a few pics of her without the face mask. I'll add those later.
  8. Thank you for the release. And I'm glad some of the Oldrim mod worked with this version. Just in time to save me a few coins to get that Alik'r out of prison . Edit: Is there a way to even actor height during scenes like Flower Girls does? Since it weirds me out seeing other NPCs passionately kissing my rather short Dragonborn's forehead. Also, some animations are kinda screwed with actors facing the opposite way from how they should. Finally, this isn't a SL SE's bug, just a warning for SL Solutions users, some radiant encounters won't work. You get the dialogue, the scene will play out
  9. Hi, thank you for the awesome mod. However, I have an issue to report. This is female slaver questline. During Lucan's task where he asked me to go ask Pike about selling the devices. When I came back to Lucan with the device slave, he told me to fuck her to demonstrate them. The slave snapped to my character but nothing happened and she just walked away, and the marker now pointed to an empty space inside Belathor's shop. I couldn't interact with it or anything, so I was stuck. Cheat mode didn't help. Setstage broke it even further. I tried skipping scene and skipping sex and nothing
  10. Thanks. I had a hard time with it too, since the way the bones are set up is different from the tutorials that us newbies use . Uploaded the male version too. Hope this can help
  11. probaly you just have to archive it before uploading Thanks. In a moment of sudden dumbness I thought that the file was over 100MB
  12. This is exactly what drives me insane . If possible, please check out the modified rig in my signature. It's not a perfect solution, but it makes the adjustment afterward A LOT less of a hassle.
  13. TESTED. THIS RIG WON'T WORK IN-GAME AT THE MOMENT. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP. I'LL UPDATE AGAIN WHEN I CAN FIGURE OUT HOW TO FIX THE PROBLEM!! Hi everyone , as you've know I've just returned to animation creating since a few days ago after a long hiatus. Thanks to many supportive members, I've got a lot of useful tips that can make my work way easier. Still, it doesn't change the fact that I'm very lazy , and hours spending rotating (then re-rotating) every single arm and leg bone to get them into the position I want is frustrating. For that very reason, I've modified the rig (just femal
  14. Thank you for your support . It means a lot to me. I regret having to stop so early too, seeing the potential of what WW could become. That said, I'm even more of a newbie than you. The first 5 animations were made in a few days, and the newest one took 2 days. That's nothing compared to a couple of months . I checked out your animation pack too, and loved it . All of the playthroughs I do nowaday are all female ones, so I appreciate female oriented stuff.
  15. Freaking roommates, like in TS3 University. NPC Sims live in your house but you can't control them. That's what I want. Of course I can just turn on autonomy and leave my playable sims alone, but I don't want to feel guilty looking at their needs decay or them getting uncomfortable.
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