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Magic Nipple - Cast Magic From Nipple - and More 140615

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About This File

I need help to fix bugs in some animation. PM me if you are willing to help. Thank you.


Brife Description

Well I wonder if it's necessary to be such formal. :)

When I first came to LL 1 or 2 years ago, I saw a guy asking if it's possible to cast a magic spell from breasts or schlong.

And now I can give an answer:



So this mod just move the magics equiped in hands to nipples and move the shouts equiped in mouth to... Ok I do think you know where it shall be!




And I think nothing can show you how it looks better than using GIFs.Enjoy!

Attention:There are 15 GIFs and total size is large as 164MB! Please Be Patient.



Basically, all the magic will cast from nipples of your character.





And I create a magic effect to cast two runes when the magic release. All spell will trigger it





And what will happen If we change the visual effect?




The answer is we get a milk spray!






We can also do the same thing to the powers and shouts

Warning: Lots of Penis And Futanari Pics



The True Dragon Shout






The Real "Dragon Shout"






The "Power"!











And In order to emphasize the visual effect, you need some suitable animaiton of spell casting.

I collected 2 set of animation.

Set 1 - Floating



Default Animation



Alternative Animation



Magic cast when in moving





Set 2 - Stand on ground


Just what you see in the first GIF





Want to know what it looks like in combat?(4 large size GIF, thanks for waitting)















There are 6 .7z packages in the download page.





The Core of this mod, a female skeleton based on XPMSE X.93ar50. 3 new bones is added and 3 bones' position is changed.





All the Magic and visual effect you see in the GIFs can be found in the esp:

Rune Visual Effect - XX0012CA - It is an Ability, works like a buff.

The Nipple Thunder Bolt - Left hand:XX001D95 Right hand:XX001D96

The Milk Spray - Left hand:XX001D9C Right hand:XX001D9D

Cumshot Power - XX00332E - No animation

Cumshot Shout - XX001DA2 - With animation


3.Schlong Shout.7z

Replace the animation of shout. Use the masturbation animation in Sexlab.



Animation Set 1, see the GIFs. It replaces almost all animations of magic casting.

The files come from 3DM and I cannot comfirm who is the author.



Alternative animation of spell releasing in Set 1.



Replace part of the animaitons of magic casting using the Idle 1 of Sexy idle Animation made by red3113.

I recommend install New Animation for Magic Casting by xp32 first if you want to use this one.

Maybe the animations will look wierd if you cast a spell when you are moving.

Try it anyway.


How to Use

0.All of this is designed for a female character.

1.FNIS is required.

2.Backup your Animation and Skeleton Folder for female if you don't use a Mod Manager like NMM or MO or something else.



Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets female

3.Install MagicNippleSkeleton.7z, overwrite if asked.

4.Run FNIS generator with the "gender specific animation" checked if you don't need the optional files.

From now on, you can cast the magics from nipple and shouts from schlong.



4.Install MagicNippleSpells.7z if you want the spells and visual effect.

5.Install Schlong Shout.7z if you want to change the animation of shouts.

6.Choose onle one set of animaton between MagicNippleAnimation_Ground.7z and MagicNippleAnimation_Float.7z, then install it, if you want to change the animations of magic casting.

If you want to use MagicNippleAnimation_Ground.7z, installing New Animation for Magic Casting by xp32 first is recommand.

7.Install MagicNippleFloatReleaseAlt.7z if you want to use another floating releasing animation.

8.Run FNIS generator with the "gender specific animation" checked.

9.Check and enjoy in the game.



1.May Groovtama add this feature in his work? :D(Comfirmed, a variant will be add to the 2.0, thanks)


2.The skeleton is modified for my character. Because the difference between the scale of breasts, sometimes it is not suitable for your character. I will write down how to adjust it on 2#.


3.Even with this mod, you still can't equip weapons in both hands and magic on both nipples at the same time. What I do is just move the nodes which attch the magic.


4.All females in the game will use the nipples and new animations to cast spells. If you don't like this, try PC Exclusive Animation Path


5.There are still bugs with the animations. In 3rd camera, aimed-concentration magic(those you must hold the key to keep them casting on where you aimed, such as flames) will be randomly “blocked”(nothing shoot out) if you are standing or moving, and seems to be completely blocked when you're sneaking. This has to be fix by someone who knows about animations well, and it is beyond my capability.


So just don't use that kind of magics if you don't want to be blocked. :(


Credits to the authors of the animations used in this mod.


And you are welcome to share this mod.

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  • 14.06.15
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