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  1. Leito made animations for reklings and giants. Also new animations for falmers apeard from user " Evacoution". I made few anims too, They all have their SLAL packs so i dont thnk there is a point. There's this modders resource I forget the name of that is attempting to add all sorts of creature animations like dwarven automatons and even wispmothers, I think I followed it awhile ago I'll try and find it and then edit this post. But if there was anything I could suggest it would be that, Being able to have sex with almost anything in Skyrim would be amazing. I think you are talk
  2. I havent had much time lately to take care of stuff with MNC. Is there any new content out that should be included in MNC?
  3. Just a quick heads up. I have not fallen off the face of the earth. No new updates recently for various reasons: 1) Nothing all that pressing that needs to be done for the mod (or does it?) 2) Spending my time to try and fix/understand the bug with the non-cyclic animations. Drives me nuts. 3) Playing Fallout 4 and looking into modding there 4) Still far too little spare time But I am still around...
  4. Id say there is something off in your gfx settings. Because they are not supposed to look like this.... The bears balls look like prunes. Look at my screenshots how they are supposed to look.
  5. Ich habs glaub ich eine MILLION mal in meinem Thread gesagt: Wenn man MNC installiert dann sind CF, SLNC, und JContainer includiert. Es macht keinen Sinn, ja es stoert wahrscheinlich sogar, wenn man diese Mods NOCHMALS installiert. Die Versionen, die ich in MNC inkludiere, sind getestet und funktionieren zusammen. Das ist nicht geasgt, wenn ihr irgend welche anderen zusammenmixt. Punkt 5 und Punkt 8 gehoeren da raus. Echt jetzt.... It is a race condition. Lordescobar made some tests with it. Maybe checks should be delayed or something...
  6. Now that I think of it......not all critters have flaccid models. Especially ones done longer time ago. I, for one, never made flaccid models. Rather used the time to make another "useable" one. But since Giants have clothing it would be pointless anyway. But there are some who could use one, that is true. Maybe someone will be willing to work on those. Yes, I know. It was not done yet and I released it in 9.2 by accident. But there are some alignment/positioning issues and Funnybiz went to work on it again.
  7. The Daedra animation is part of SL itself. MNC has nothing to do with it and I cant change anything about it. I never ever needed it but I think so. However I am not so sure if its that good an idea to do all the positioning and alignment in script...
  8. Both have the same files I just dint update the version number in the installer...
  9. More Nasty Critters 9.3 Changlog ======== Addded second nude model for Boar/Boarrider - anatomically correct (thanks Vioxsis) - Select those in SLNC Menu (thanks to lordescobar) Added fixed Sabercat and Draugr Animations from Anubiss Changed sequence in wich new animations are added to a more chronological way. Meaning: SL 1.59 users will now loose older animations but will have new ones available. SL 1.60 users wont see any difference at all since they have all the animtions available anyway. ... still puzzled by those poor twisted swine
  10. I cant "Send them to NSAP". Simply because Human on Human animations are something completely different from creature animations. Both in how and where they are handled in SL. But I can change the order I add new animations. So you would loose old ones instead of not getting new ones. That is, indeed, no work at all. This preselction menu... It will add another layer of possible problems. And knowing my timing the problems in 1.60 will probably be fixed the same day I release that. Also not using 1.59 myself anymore will make testing difficult. Because Ashal had to define every
  11. Well... I can see your point. But the very reason I moved to SL 1.60 is the limitted number of possible animations that older versions support. And the new animations are the reason, as you say, to use MNC in the first place. And the new animations are exactly what you wont get if you use the old SL because of the hard limit. Now, what do you expect me to do?
  12. There is NO NUDE Rabbit yet. Nobody made one so far. Dont know... I always thought I keep to the nasty side of animations. Never thought of adding stuff that is not "in theme"... But I am always open to suggestions. Yes if you only want animations you only need mnc.esp. And if you dont install Creature Framework and Nude Creatures you dont need aroused either. Its a problem in CF that sometimes needs Aroused in some installations.
  13. Well I thought the alignment is pretty okay. Considering the many bodytypes in use most players will have to adjust alignment anyway. Thats why manual adjustment is there in the first place. Ummm.... you cant download from Mega?
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