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  1. Leito86

    Loverslab Lego Mania Thread.

    Giving it a splash of LL NSFW
  2. Advancing stages is kind of supported by Polistiro's AAF Patch.
  3. Leito86

    FO4 creature rig.txt files

    Cool, thanks for putting this together.
  4. It's been a long time since I've converted skeletons to a txt file but I think this was how I did it with some of the ones i did do. Use HKXPack/HKXAnim Basically you convert the vanilla critter skeleton from hkx to xml. Then change the .xml extension to .txt. There might be a bit of cleanup you have to do to the xml but I don't remember.
  5. Use this with Advance Animation Framework.
  6. God speed. Yeah, you can use my animations, although it'll be great if you could make it compatible with AAF so all animations are centralized.
  7. Leito86

    Extended Skeleton DEV Thread

    Looking good, do you have an eta on when a rig would be available?
  8. No, I don't really have time for modding anymore.
  9. Those items are probably using slots that this mod doesn't mark to equip/unequip.
  10. Leito86

    Euthanasia - would you do it?

    Your life, your choice.
  11. Never tried that mod, but there is an issue where NPCs marked as guards will bug out.
  12. Leito86

    Enhanced Vanilla Bodies

    It's as far as I'm taking it.
  13. You don't need this if you're not creating new animations.
  14. It happens when NPCs are labeled as guards.
  15. The download link works fine for me...