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  1. If you're having issues installing and using the mod, please refer to the original post. There are links to tutorials on how to install mods.
  2. Yeah, it bugged for me sometimes too. The nude suit system was clumsily bashed together so it breaks sometimes... Do you know if that is an actual requirement for using four play or any mods built on top of it? Or can Leito's esp safely be left enabled? I don't use any four play mods but I'm making a mod which is dependent on Leito's mod . Makes mod, no one can use it. Just my luck . You can enable my esp with 4play. The sound issue is no longer a problem if you install my mod properly. not that I know of
  3. Need to wait for an Fourplay update to support multi-stage animations.
  4. Did a quick test. Both guns seems to be working fine. Can we use the gun to select 1 mutant and 1 Human? Yes, read the original post for more info.
  5. Grats on the release.
  6. You won't be able to play the multi-stage animations with Four-Play atm. It needs a patch. The file changes the female's voice/moans when performing. I took the timer out as it didn't work well with the current multistage setup.
  7. I'll have to look into it.
  8. Unfortunately, the breast bones can't be animated with keyframes and the the butt jiggle is just a hack that probably won't look good in other circumstances. The hack basically involves animating the entire pelvis...
  9. No, just animating by hand in 3ds max. using the F4AK_Rig or the F4Biped? or you get the same results? I'm using custom rigs. I'll probably upload them once the animation loader for Four-Play is done.
  10. No, just animating by hand in 3ds max.
  11. Updated the mod. Change log in the OP.
  12. You can use Dongs of Fallout: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/80255-dongs-of-fallout-more-realistic-shapes-textures-included/page-1 I should have an update out this weekend to fix the sound issue though (among other things)
  13. I'll upload a fix for the scale bug soon.
  14. It's a bug. Try using this mod with 4play.
  15. If you don't have any kids that you have to keep alive, why not?