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  1. It is now, just install Leito/Crazy Patch v3.2 and load it after my mod.
  2. Leito86

    Creature Animations [WIP]

    FourPlay has a very complicated and limited method of positioning actors. Making animations for AAF will make your life easier.
  3. Leito86

    Creature Animations [WIP]

    For Human Rigs, I suggest using these instead of the one you linked above: https://discord.gg/88Wemk They're using the new extended skeletons that allows for much more detail. Creature rigs are pretty few. The only ones I know of is the Supermutant and Feral ghouls that I made and one for canines floating around here somewhere. I suggest going through https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/16694/? first to make sure you know how to export an animation from max to the game. Unfortuantely, there isn't a good guide for making sex animations for FO4. If I have time, I may look into it.
  4. A small preview of my animations using the extended skeleton (ZEX), Fusion Girl, and BodyTalk2. It's a pretty laborious task to convert things over so...it'll be a while before a release.
  5. Leito86

    Doing a game

    DO IT.
  6. No I don't. But thanks for the thought.
  7. I updated the original post's installation guide that'll help resolve most people's issues.
  8. Leito86

    FO4 Character Animation Rigs

    Ghouls are a known issue with AAF. With Supermutants, follow the installation instructions of whatever mod you're using. Follow that mod's installation instructions (or ask in that mod's thread)
  9. This mod no longer has any MCM options no yes, follow the installation guide in the original post This animation requires the male actor to have morph targets for the penis. I don't know if Bodytalk has that or not. This isn't available until AAF supports it (or supports it better).
  10. Leito86

    Extended Skeleton DEV Thread

    I didn't take it down. Somebody probably flagged it or it was some how against their TOS.
  11. You may have to uninstall my mod, make a clean save, then reinstall it. Or fast travel to a new location.
  12. It's bound to happen since the triangle slider moves things around. That plus CBBE/BS allows users to move the crotch around.
  13. "Creatures Molested" I don't know why, but I found that pretty funny.
  14. Leito86

    Extended Skeleton DEV Thread

    Here's a preview of the full 6 stage sequence (I over did it) of the Super Reverse Cowgirl Zaz posted earlier. A little more tease of things to come in the future. https://my.mixtape.moe/rcjgud.mp4 Creds to Zaz for a lot of the new features and the individuals involved in the extended skeleton project.