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  1. @Ulfbearth No worries dude. I just downloaded this mod and nixed UAP. Works for what I was after.
  2. You seem to be 100% correct. As of five minutes ago, I would have placed a bet that I downloaded this instead, but it seems I didnt. Not sure how that happened. Thanks for the correction! Cheers!
  3. In the fomod you have other options than just the morphs (manly moans, overlay options, and a few more). I figured there was some script that removed the overlays after a time. It seemed that this mod was the one causing the overlays to disappear because if I disable this one, the overlays stay on character as intended. I suppose it could be another mod causing the issue. I should also say that I have the same issue with bad ends. With this mod enabled bad ends don't fire. Disable this, and they fire properly. Strange.
  4. Any chance we can get compatibility with this mod as it seems your overlays are removed via a timer.
  5. These are probably not my events then. I checked my events twice yesterday. They're tagged correctly. Find what events they are and attack that person for help.
  6. Is it a single event? Or, are you getting random ones?
  7. The previous version of captivity events had "MoralTotal" in the XSD. This was an error on BadListener's part. (It happens with coding sometimes.) My XML followed that error so it would work. The spelling error was corrected to "MoraleTotal" in by BadListener. This broke my XML. Check the download section. I posted a new version and it should be fixed. HOWEVER: This will most likely not fix your crash as the event in the image you posted above is not my event.
  8. Looks like a spelling error has been corrected in the captivity event's xsd.(I followed the spelling error in my xml for things to work with the older version of captivity events. These things happen when you code.) I'll have to fix that for my xml to work. Should have nothing to do with the crash. My event's that use that error just wont be loaded in game. This event comes from a different xml. Not mine.
  9. Let me bug test. You've been the first complaint so far. I tried something on that one, but never actually tested it. Edit: New version up, should be fixed.
  10. Hey, If you'd like to place translations here. You can do that. I remember having one of my other things appear on another site once. Felt bad man.
  11. As far as I know, I've placed them in everything (except for captor events because it seemed pointless to do so.) already.
  12. Event's have been updated. I couldn't test them. Started downloading 1.4.1 and it's 3.7 gig. If you find anything wrong. I'll likely find it tomorrow.
  13. The new Captivity Events XSD broke everything. Update is on it's way. I'm going to test a bit and see if things work.
  14. I've created some captor events. You can get them here. May update in the future if I can think of anything else to do with captives. Please note that the brothel is still not updated. I'm waiting for the next release of this mod to utilize the prostitution skill and menu.
  15. Brothel is on hold for now. I have a working version, but Captivity Events is getting it's own prostitution skill. So, I'm waiting for BadListener to get back to me. Right now Listener's on the hunt for a preggo bug and that's more important.
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