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  1. Ugh! Stuck again! I've created a package in the geck. When I add the package manually to the character (vMORangerGhost) things go smoothly. However, this requires me to edit and save the character to my plugin making incompatibility issues with other mods. The fix for this should be to add the package via a script fragment, but when I write: vMORangerGhost.AddScriptPackage MyFollowPackage The fragment won't compile... What am I doing wrong NOW?
  2. @aghjax @Heroine of the Night Confirmed working now. Thanks for the info both of you!
  3. Alright, this seems to be the answer I was looking for. I'll either have to edit the vanilla quest. (I know the one I need.) Or, AddTopic via script. Thanks a bunch!
  4. Good try, but. That tutorial is for when you want a NEW NPC to speak... I'm trying to inject this into an already created VANILLA NPC. (They already have greetings) I'm guessing that I'll have to either edit the NPC, or use AddTopic with code. Just figured it would be easier than that.
  5. So, I've created my new test quest. The problem is, I'm not sure how to get the topic to inject itself into the npc's list of normal topics... I was thinking that it had something to do with the 'Link From' section. But, It isn't working. Not pictured below is the fact that I added a quest stage 0 in the stages tab. Plugin is ticked in MO2.
  6. I tried this mod out a bit. didn't get too far with it as it isn't compatible with "see though scopes". The Hold Breath mode conflicts with this mod. Couldn't we just have a 'mark target with hotkey', instead of going into another "mode". Not sure what the extra mode adds other than another layer between you and hunting ppl down.
  7. Oh. I see. Well, you could just spawn an npc on the streets of goodneighbor that has a stock that updates every few days. That way you wouldn't need to edit a cell at all. Just have an npc vendor and spawn everything at runtime? Anyway, the mod is great so far. Although, it feels a bit cheaty to me. Might give us a hard mode in the mcm or something that reduces the caps gains.
  8. @Malphias @HR_Sinop Market? Why not just use the provided terminal to activate your hookers for sale. They could use the same mats as before, and you could just designate that settlement as a place to purchase them. Much like the brothel advertisement. And, instead of being customers of the brothel, the provided npcs could be looking to buy.
  9. @Ulfbearth No worries dude. I just downloaded this mod and nixed UAP. Works for what I was after.
  10. You seem to be 100% correct. As of five minutes ago, I would have placed a bet that I downloaded this instead, but it seems I didnt. Not sure how that happened. Thanks for the correction! Cheers!
  11. In the fomod you have other options than just the morphs (manly moans, overlay options, and a few more). I figured there was some script that removed the overlays after a time. It seemed that this mod was the one causing the overlays to disappear because if I disable this one, the overlays stay on character as intended. I suppose it could be another mod causing the issue. I should also say that I have the same issue with bad ends. With this mod enabled bad ends don't fire. Disable this, and they fire properly. Strange.
  12. Any chance we can get compatibility with this mod as it seems your overlays are removed via a timer.
  13. These are probably not my events then. I checked my events twice yesterday. They're tagged correctly. Find what events they are and attack that person for help.
  14. Is it a single event? Or, are you getting random ones?
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