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  1. Oh yeah I just saw, when did Hydrogen share her files with you for the first time ? about 2013.6.18
  2. ? I thought the first HDT xml was made for xp32's ponytail and geralt hairstyles ... Just see #17
  3. Whenever I change my xmls to get other effects on my char's unmentionables, I always try to imagine what sort of face Hydrogen must have made when she learned for the first time that people were modding boobies and butts with her files Yet again, it's loverslab, wtf did you guys expect bahaha Really need not to worry about that... I think I am the first user of HDTPE in the world, because HydrogensaysHDT asked me to test the first version of HDTPE. So just guess what is in the first XML file I receive from HydrogensaysHDT? Only Boob jiggling. And I released a preview
  4. HydrogensaysHDT is a lace dress lover and very fond of Gothic Lolita. She(He, to be exactly) developed it for making the lace dresses and hairs float with the character‘s movement. She(He, to be exactly again) also developed a transparent fix for ENB, in order to make the transparent dress display properly in game. But it seems that she never found the mods contain a lace dress Gothic Lolita. Hairstyles with HDTPE also stay few. But anyway, just like Einstein said,“The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest.”, I do think that " The most powerful force in Skyrim
  5. Anyone know anything about this? Looks like a replacer of flame atronach.
  6. Version 140615


    I need help to fix bugs in some animation. PM me if you are willing to help. Thank you. Brife Description Well I wonder if it's necessary to be such formal. When I first came to LL 1 or 2 years ago, I saw a guy asking if it's possible to cast a magic spell from breasts or schlong. And now I can give an answer: Yes. So this mod just move the magics equiped in hands to nipples and move the shouts equiped in mouth to... Ok I do think you know where it shall be! Samples And I think nothing can show you how it looks better than using GIFs.Enjoy! Attention:There are 15 GIFs and
  7. Version 140619


    Announcement .XML used by HDT_PE for the pussy is Wanted! Any problem when using this body, just PM me. Sorry for the bad English. Brief Description UN7B is a new body replacer made by Alan from ANK MOD TEAM. It combines the upper body of Sevenbase Bombshell and the lower body of UNPB, allowing you to enjoy the buxom breasts, lithe belly, jiggling butt and slim legs at the same time. And the most important difference between this one and the other body replacers, is the Existence of Vagina, which means this body has a pussy, if you don't like the description using scientif
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