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SkyrimVR Patches - VRIK Integrations for ZAZ/DD, camera spinning fixes, & other QOL patches

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VRIK integrations description



Ever been playing skyrimVR with some... interesting... mods, suddenly your strapped in an arm bender, and you have meshless hands?  With the patch you will get... stuck. ?


The research:

Details to come



Some mods benefit from VRIK integration for a visual QOL.  Mods that add arm restraints, did not restrain the player's arms.  Furniture that should lock the player body, gave the player no structure but rather a set of noodle arms.  ZAZ and DD have an alpha patch that attempts VRIK integration.  These patches enable and disable VRIK arms/hands when bound.  Currently, ZAZ has wearable device and furniture support.  DD5 has furniture support.  There are some issues that are detailed in each spoiler.  Read up!







Camera Spin description



Ever been playing skyrimVR with some... interesting... mods, suddenly your camera spins 1000 times a minute, and you wanted to loose your cookies? Me too.


The research:

This was a misdiagnosed issue for a while. I first found that activating Skyrim Utility Mod's MCM>system>PC ai Control>Release all ai stopped the spin.  Thank Talos.  Turns out there where a slew of commands that where activated.  I then went on a journey to (re-)discover the issue lies in the SetVehicle() command.  Having narrowed the issue down I created a series of patches for the mods I use.  Now I share my boon with the world and am working on patches for other mods that break VR. Others have joined the questing party and are far from the devious followers I seem to attract in Skyrim!



Preventing the VR camera from spinning allows VR users to enjoy these mods.  Some mods were entirely broken based on the SetVehicle command being central (Horrible Harassment). Others only use the command for one scene or situation (whipping in Naked Dungeons).  Some mods have both SetVehicle and VRIK fixes like DD/ZAZ/DCL and others only have a No Spin patch.  It should be clearly defined in each spoiler the changes made and why.



Current Major Framework Patches:

 Zaz Animation Packs


Required original mods: Zaz V8+ or Zaz V8 or Zaz V7

Changes: Fixed camera spin on ...

Script:  zbfSlot

    Edits: Added- ActorRef.SetVehicle(None)     after the full     Function SetFurniture    to reset  ActorRef.SetVehicle(akFurniture)

    Fixes: camera spin & should place pc appropriately

    Edits: Added- VRIK support for ZAZ wrist devices and furniture

    Fixes: Disables VRIK arms and hands input when bound by ZAZ devices.  They should now be attached to yoke/arm bender/wrist cuffs/etc

Script:  zbfBondageShell

    Edits: Changed - akActor.SetVehicle(MarkerPin) to     akActor.SetVehicle(None)

    Fixes: camera spin if a mod uses Zaz to "Force the actor to stay put"

Reported bugs:

1 - Players might be able to move around if the originating mod that uses ZAZ pinMarker to stop PC movement & has no other way to disable player controls.

Current work around - You will have to keep you fingers off the joystick.?

Plan - Get user reports of which mods allow PC movement and add script to disable player movement.

2 - When wrist bound and leaving zaz furniture, the arm bound animation will not reset.  Some items like a holding a torch, might break the animation for that hand.

Competing idle animations is a general Skyrim/SexLab issue that plagues many mods that want to control animations simultaneously. 

A possible solution would be resetting the idle to ZAZ upon leaving furniture.  This is a larger issue that is probably out of scope for these patches.

3 - Some ZAZ furniture will cause the player body to wriggle and squirm.  This might be an issue that can not be resolved.  Consider it a struggle animation. ?

4 - On loading a game wearing ZAZ wrist/arm restrains, VRIK arm/hand bools are enabled and the floating meshless hands reappear.

Current work around - Toggle the bindings from the ZAZ MCM>Slots menu to reapply the VRIK bools turning off.


Shout out to the true king of skyrim: @candriver1


Devious Devices V5.1 only ( Devious Devices V4.x does not need a No Spin patch )


Required original mod: Devious Devices V5.1

Changes: Fixed camera spin on entering furniture, menu fixes, VRIK furniture support only.

Script:  zadcFurnitureScript

Edits:  Too many... check out the source files if interested

    Fixes: furniture events spin VR camera, PC no longer sneaks when bending over into the furniture, VRIK pose support, various menu and bug fixes.

Reported bugs: 

1 - Furniture is invisible (AnimObjects VR problem)

 Current work around - Use your imagination

 Possible improvement - Possibly use static furniture

2 - Cursed Loot allows inventory access when it should be locked (issue tied to SetVehicle also tied to SitState)


Possible improvements (problems with VR unrelated to spin-fix):

- In original mod if player uses the device while in first person device will be invisible. There is no third person in Skyrim VR so device is always invisible when used.

- Add VRIK to worn devices (arm benders/etc).  Known issue with DCL constantly resetting the idle animations.


Devious Devices Extras - VRIK animation patch , High Heels Offsets, & Invisible Furniture Fix

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Required original mod: Devious Devices V5.1

Changes: Fixed DD animations being overwritten by VRIK hand positions (e.g. When the player is wearing an armbinder the players arms will be inside said armbinder) , High heels now adjust player height, and some DD furniture should no longer turn invisible when in use by the player.


Procedure to get HH to work:

Step 1: Make sure you have VRIK calibrated properly without wearing any boots.

Step 2: Go into the VRIK - Better Heels Support MCM menu and press the first button "Load current height from VRIK".

Press this button every time after you have set your default (Shoeless) size with VRIK so the mod knows what your normal size is.


Adding footwear heights:

Step 1: Equip any footwear with heals

Step 2: Make sure you're on a flat surface

Step 3: Go into the VRIK - Better Heels Support MCM menu and press the second button "Calibrate height for current footwear"
Step 4: Close all menus and wait 3 seconds. You should have noticed that your head got pushed up a bit right after you closed the menu. That's when you should start counting the 3 seconds.

Now every time you equip or unequip an item with the same model file you should see your head height being adjusted. This was only tested with some Cursed Loot items but it should work with any item from any mod that uses slot 37 and doesn't have a complex equipping system comparable to DD. Devious Devices them selves work as it was made it with them in mind.

You shouldn't worry to much about recalibrating and losing your heel heights. It doesn't store the absolute head height but the difference between the default head height you set in the MCM and the ones that is calibrated afterwards. So as long as you don't forget to press "Load current height from VRIK" you should be fine.


As far as performance goes. It will theoretically drop the more items you calibrate. But just like the animation patch only when you (un)equip items. There is a hard limit though on 128 items which is an engine limitation. Removing an item from the list will only slightly improve performance if it's the last item in the list. That's why I went for the item mesh files instead of forms or something. With the meshes you don't have to calibrate that often as any color/name/enchantment/etc... variations of that item are immediatly accounted for. Less work for the user and less performance impact.


Reported bugs: 

Let me know!


Possible improvements:






Fertility Mode V3


Required Original mod: Fertility Mode

Description: This is a patch for Fertility Mode VR compatibility. The issue is with UILib freezing the game in SkyrimVR.  This happens when the UI pops up an input box and the physical keyboard or motion controllers don't work.  The game is just stuck.  Thanks to the help of @lastbytescout there is a fix for Fertility Mode's baby name input.  There is now an MCM option to assign a random name for your offspring.  This is activated by default, because you obviously downloaded this patch for your VR play through.

Reported Bugs: This might not be relevant anymore.  I need feedback from someone running vanilla children with FM.

Right now you must have FertilityMode.esm in your load order.  The spawn's facetint data is looking there for the info and you without it you will get darkface.  If you install Fertility mode with vanilla children, you will only have a fertilitymode.esp.  Meaning this patch will create darkface if you use vanilla children.  If you install FM with either RS or TKAA, you should have the proper FertilityMode.esm, a FM-"childmod".esp, and correct facetint for your spawns.  This is for version 3 of fertility mode. Let me know if you really really really want FM with vanilla children without darkface. (this will put undue burden on me)


Naked Dungeons v2.0.1

-mod uses ZAZ which has a patch as well


Required original mod: Naked Dungeons

Changes: Fixed camera spin on bandit capture, spider capture, and guard punishments.

Script:  ndun_errandquest_scr

    Edits: Added- libs.PlayerRef.SetVehicle(None) to the end of  the function

    Fixes: whipping events spin

Script:  ndun_crimequest_qf_scr

    Edits: Added- libs.PlayerRef.SetVehicle(None) to the end of  the function

    Fixes: start scene spin

Reported bugs: Possible split second spin to place PC at marker.  Rarely the crime whipping does not instigate or PC is pushed too far from whipper to get hit.

Skyrim Utility Mod V2 & V1.61 / Prison Overhaul Patched V4.61 & V5

-mod uses ZAZ which has a patch as well


Required original mod: Skyrim Utility Mod/Prison Overhaul Patched

Changes: Fixed camera spin on several events

Script:  iSUmMain

    Edits: Added- akActor.SetVehicle(None) after the initial  akActor.SetVehicle(orPin)

    Fixes: camera spin

Script:  xpoMainScr

    Edits: Added- PrisonerRef.SetVehicle(None) after the initial  PrisonerRef.SetVehicle(Alias_Pillory.GetReference()) Fixed: camera spin & should place pc appropriately

Reported bugs: None. It could possibly break Devious Device Equip compatibility with DD5  (I and other play testers don't use DDe or DD5) Issue: PC could be locked or incapable of unlocking DD5 items placed by DDe ? Please report if this is the case.

Horrible Harassment V3.44


Required original mod: Horrible Harassment

Changes: Fixed camera spin on entering struggle scene.

Script:  slhh_Monitor

    Edits: Added- Victim.SetVehicle(None)    after    Aggressor.MoveTo(Victim, 0.0 * Math.Sin(AngleZ), 0.0 * Math.Cos(AngleZ))

              Changed - Utility.Wait(1.0)      to         Utility.Wait(0.5)

    Fixes: spin during event and between UI messages

Reported bugs: There is a short wait function required to align the actors.  There will be a half second spin.  Players might be able to move around now. You will have to keep you fingers off the joystick.


Devious Cursed Loot V9 ( Previous versions may not need a patch - I am still running V6.4 )

-mod uses DD5 which has a patch as well


Required original mod: Devious Cursed Loot V9

Changes: Fixed camera spin on spank event.

Script:  dcur_spankQuestScript

    Edits: Added-     Spankee.SetVehicle(None)    after        Spankee.SetVehicle(SpankMarker.GetReference())

    Fixes: spin during spank event

Reported bugs: None but untested.


DM me if you want to be a tester!


 SexLab Survival V.657


Required original mod: Sexlab Survival SE - Patch was made for the most up to date conversion

Patch should work on previous version .635.  Only one line difference in scripts for time of day calculation that is probably unnoticeable. 

If the patch does not work and you want a patch for .635 let me know.

Changes: Fixed Getcrosshairreference.  It is busted in VR.

Script:  _SLS_Needs

    Edits: Changed      ObjectReference Bed = Game.GetCurrentCrosshairRef()    to   ObjectReference Bed = Game.FindClosestReferenceOfAnyTypeInList(Game.GetFormFromFile(0x0181B1, "SexLab.esm") as FormList, PlayerRef.GetPositionX(), PlayerRef.GetPositionY(), PlayerRef.GetPositionZ(), 255.0)

    Fixes: Not finding the bed when trying to sleep in SexLab Survival.  Every time the user tried sleep, no matter the bed, they would be on the floor with 'terrible bed -40%'.

Reported bugs: None but the radius is set to 255, with my testing seems to be perfect.  If you are at the maximum activation distance from the bed it might not register.  Easy fix is get closer to the bed, you silly!  I kept it a bit smaller for the off chance there are several beds around.  The FindClosestReferenceOfAnyTypeInList might grab a bed that is already owned, forcing the player to sleep on the floor again.


Finding all the integrations for SLS is wild.  There are 30+ and I had to search hard for all the right versions.  If you want help check out here & here.  Also thanks for @AthenaESIV for helping me find some source & the legend @Monoman1 for the amazing mod itself.




These are strictly a VR compatibility patches. They set out to fix issues present only when playing VR.  Any issues outside of VR functionality will be ignored. 


These patches shouldn't break anything major, but you should check the spoiler for each patch you use.  It is good practice to READ!

No Spin Patches - One side effect is that you may be allowed to move during a scene, when the setVehicle() was supposed to pin the player character.  (Just don't touch your joystick silly). Some mods have additional methods of controlling the character that worked along side setVehicle(), like disabling player controls.  SetVehicle() is mostly used to keep the player attached to a marker (pillory, an npc, etc) and removing it shouldn't break anything else.  I also don't plan on adding/modifying anything to these scripts that would disable player controls if it is absent in the original unless there is  a strong demand.  Whipping may now also "push the player" around a very small amount.  Most importantly, these patches restore functionality for VR and allow users to actually enjoy these mods.  I have play tested most patches and they work great.



You need to have the original mod installed.

Install each No Spin patch you need with your MO.

Let it overwrite the scripts from the parent mod.

Play and keep your cookies


How you can help: 

If you notice any SL mods that cause the VR camera to spin, I am willing to attempt a patch.  It would be most helpful, if you were specific and precise.  The mod name, version, event that triggered the spin, multiple tests of that specific mod's feature causing the spin, etc... I share these patches so the community can also enjoy these mods without vomit inducing spinning.

Playtest the patches and let me know if they work!



Permission to post:

I have contacted the mod authors requesting permission to post these patches. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  I have gotten permission for some patches. 1  If the authors want me to remove them I gladly will. Authors: DM me or reply to my messages. 


Mod authors can also apply any of the patches on their own.  These can easily be added to the official mods if they want.  The mod author can put in an MCM option with a hasVR bool and an if/then statement above the SetVehicle() command.  The No Spin patches just comment out SetVehicle or set to (None).  The only reason to have the patch is because the player is in VR  (so an official MCM toggle might be overkill). 


If the mod author asks me to remove a patch and wishes to forsake the VR community by not implementing the fix, DM me the file or follow my DIY instructions in the first support post.


Permission for these patches:

If you want to take a look, source files are available.  The edits are all preceded by " ;VR Patch - <reason for edit> If you have suggestions or contributions, leave a comment.  You can also use the code for your own patches, modify them, improve them, or create a AIO.  No gate-keeping here.  Basically... do anything with them you want.  I love giving creative credit to others for their hard work but I don't need any myself.  Hopefully, you share any progress with the VR community.


Special thanks:


Whereas I am hardly ancillary and merely a bumbling Thane in this process, others are the true backbone of this community.  I should not be getting recognition, as it is mostly not due, and I am ultimately irrelevant in the game world.  There are a few true legends I would like to acknowledge:


Firstly the world builders: Bethesda for giving us a fantastic game with the most open modding tools/permissions possible.  The modding community will forever be in your debt.  Please don't bork Starfield's modding scene.  The future is in your hands.


Mighty Talos Reborn: Ashal for Loverlab/Sexlab


The Hero of Kvatch: @reikiri for saving SkyrimVR and creating a SexlabVR patch.


Champion of Cyrodiil: @prog0111 for instantiating the player body with VRIK.  We are now truly the man in the arena.


The greybeard: @Inte for amusing my folly, imparting wisdom, not doing the scripting for me, and setting me on my path.


The Knowledgeable at the College of Winterhold:  @prinyo @APL3 @Just Don't @Teann Daorsa and all the others for the guides, step by steps, tutorials, modlists, and troubleshooting help.


The True High King of Skyrim: @candriver1 for integrating VRIK support for DD and ZAZ, patiently patching massive QOL features, and generally not letting me settle with a mere SetVehicle(none) fix.

The headless horseman: @l1nkler Randomly appears out of no where after playing for some time and leads you straight to some treasure that isn't really hidden. Said to spawn between 10pm and 4 am.  Thanks for work on the DD animation patches, High heels integrations, and invisible furniture fix.


The Dragonborne: The everyday hero brave enough to start the modding adventure, downloading random sex mods, testing patches, and setting out to alter the world of Skyrim forever.







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Devious Devices Extras - VRIK animation patch , High Heels Offsets, & Invisible Furniture Fix

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