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  1. That new documentation on the mod page is awesome, thanks Zip! I'm starting to mess around with it now, if I get things looking as I intend to I'll share some screens. Tyty for the update!
  2. Since the beginning of time mankind has dreamed of this mod. We live in an age of wonder!
  3. Ty em486, I always find your conversions to be the ones which work best in my game, the quality is always exemplary. Thanks for sharing your work here on LL! o/
  4. I didn't think he did, I worded that very obtusely, I was speaking more in a future tense just in case, and was curious your reception of the themes in it. Seeing you're receptive to it makes it seem less likely they will one day conflict and it will break a save game, I should have worded it differently, tyty for reply!
  5. Have you considered adding Kal's addon into your mod if the author proves to have abandoned it? Or is the content of no interest to you? Tyty for the continuing updates, always look forward to see what you add to the mod and I've been looking at the code to plan out narrative changes and updates being planned for Whorecrux to aid RMCW.
  6. I love the Backpack Containers mod, and your edits are most excellent. I commented about it before here, but for anyone looking at the update and considering it, give it a try... It augments NSFW gameplay so well, as well as games with heavy penalties to the Dragonborn's stats. Use xEdit to change the stats on backpacks as I described above, basically forcing you to keep your inventory organized and drop your pack to the ground in combat. Thanks for the update, multipacks will be interesting.
  7. !REMIND_ME! when version of this mod comes out with the nonstop bugged cart is removed and replaced with a simple backpack.
  8. Very cool, tyty for sharing these tats!
  9. @Skitskurr just remember that in involving beastiality it doesn't have to be centered solely on spiders, they could just be the setup for post capture events with bandits, wolves, trolls, goblins, etc...
  10. I agree with Malyo. Introducing sexual tension to the mod via sex scenes or interacting with other NSFW mods makes this mod much more interesting. For example, hooking into Estrus Chaurus Spider addon and making it wrap the player post sex scene and then having subsequent sex scenes afterwards would be great. If such an integration is a headache, I would change my suggestion to an easy to implement alternative. It has a very strong "heroine in peril" vibe to it, and focusing on that in the right ways would make it a must have for my load order.
  11. The new UI widget is really great, really good implementation as well, thanks! Really like all the changes since release, been a fun mod to have in the game, def look forward to seeing it continue to develop in weeks / months ahead
  12. Hope you're well Voodooh o/ This is def a mod I will keep an eye on in 2021 and hope to see it become a big part of LL ESV along with Lupine, Baka and Tenri's ideas and fixes. SLA is such a huge centerpiece for Skyrim nsfw mods, having it get a next gen upgrade would be fantastic.
  13. So does this mod work pretty good on SE when converted with Cathedral? Anyone able to give a run down at all on that? I mean if the answer isn't simply, "Newest Thief won't work on SE", that is lol tyty
  14. Thanks for the update Bill! Been using this for a good while and always gives me a sensible chuckle, lol
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