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  1. This will work for SSE but you will probably only see one of the panels. I actually have no clue. Test it and let me know. You might see all three panels... let me know. Eventually I will make a stand alone SSE version, but that is a ways off.
  2. Note for skyrimvr.ini This file is usually located in ...\Documents\My Games\Skyrim VR\ However If you are using MO2 you need to adjust the ini within MO2 as seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ov9b1Gr6Ho&t=196s If you do not like the mist get this mist remover.
  3. Back on the skyrim VR grind. I have quite a bit of these new voice packs to merge and patch: (I will then poke at the DD integration again) The voice pack authors are all making them .esl to allow multiple .bsa to get past the 2gb limit for the bsa. That requires a plugin and they are using esl to avoid the 255 plugin limit. However the .esl count against us for skyrim VR. I would suggest that people use zmerge and make a voice pack patch. If you are unfamiliar with merging check here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQ1mdOGosdc I just made an updated patch for POP and Sum 2.02 and for sl survival VR bed patch.
  4. Sorry I was away for a while. How are you liking VR? Would love to hear if it replaced flatrim or not. To your post... A framework like this is far beyond my ability. I am not knowledgeable enough to know if this is a viable solution. Would the original mod authors be required to add the modkey parameter to each of their own mods? Seems like it might be hard to get them onboard.
  5. Can you verify this is caused by one of the patches. I ask because I have had this happen when in the inventory at times way before I even made patches. I never figured out what caused it as it went away. Honestly I think that issue is caused elsewhere.
  6. I think I will hold off on adding this for now, as it is early access. Thoughts?
  7. Thanks added this to the footnote for mass match maker.
  8. I have tested the FM name patch and it works for me. Do you have the patch overwriting FM? I have not tried it with the nexus fixes and patchs for FMv3. Are you using that? If you have the FM name patch installed correctly are you seeing the random name box checked in the MCM?
  9. Thanks for catching this! I didn't know there was a popup window, as I use ublock on any site that I DL from. I have updated the link to MEGA in case there are other users who don't use blockers.
  10. Thanks for the info. That sounds like a deal breaker. I will link to your post in the OP and change Estrus' designation to very buggy!
  11. I have never used OSA either. I will update OSA to questionable in the OP and link your findings. Anyone who has successfully got OSA to work with SkyrimVR can let the community know if there is an interface workaround.
  12. I have just returned from a tech hiatus and have other projects that take precedence over modding. I also am not running DD5 and would find it hard to do the patch and trouble shoot the VRIK integrations efficiently. You are accurately requesting what I wanted my next focus was be. I just can't get to it for a while. ☹️ There was a bit of work on this, but I think there was a small hiccup. If I recall correctly, it was an idle reset issue. DCL has a background script that would update and break the idle. This was an unfavorable problem with only one mod interaction (albeit a major co-mod with DD). However, VRIK could be a simple solution for someone who is not using DCL. If you are up for waiting, I can work on something for you to test .... but not for some time. I have other stuff to do and I also want to get the compatibility page up to date first. It seems you are up for tinkering. If true, I would suggest possibly looking at the zadequipscript and targeting the onequip/onunequip functions and adding a keyword check for the device type before disabling/enabling VRIK. You could also reference the ZAZ patch source code as it has functioning VRIK integration for worn devices. Keep us abreast if you make progress!
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