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  1. This is a topic for that mod's thread, but in short - install SOS Full from that link and then replace the DLL file with the one from this post.
  2. And the balls... I really want the bouncy balls effect FloppySOS has in Oldrim.
  3. SOS Light doesn't have an MCM menu. You need to install the full SOS if you want options. About the animation events - you need to specify an NPC. Open the console, click on an NPC and select hi and type SAE SOSFastErect. But this is not meant to be used by players daily. The sex framework should take care of the erections.
  4. prinyo

    Skyrim VR

    Cool, thanks! I haven't seen this conversion. Do you know a version of SL Stories (the mod that adds sex to different vanilla quests) that works. The one that I tried doesn't recognize when the scene ends. About the SexLab mods (and this is a reply to both posts above) - my personal understanding is that we are still waiting for Ashal to convert the full SexLab to VR or to tell us that he will not. Once we know which SL will be the VR one I believe there will be some developments. It is also possible that FG becomes the main framework - it's developer is active in the VR development. I'm curious which SL mods are people using in VR and which mods still do not work (and why).
  5. prinyo

    The Isle of Mara

    melislemainquest 10 should send you directluy to the island so no need to meet anybody. If it doesn't - try melislehookquest
  6. prinyo

    Skyrim VR

    This text seems quite old. Bethesda patched SkyrinVR to replace the controllers with hands quite some time ago. SOS full has a working VR version since begin June. Also - there is a new SKyUI/MCM version that apparently works very well. The Chinese pack should not be advertised as it can create problems when used. And there is Flower Girls that can be used for sex involving the PC (it spawns a clone of the PC). Details on those and other SkyrimVR issues - here on the VR LL subforum ? I wish all the guilt-shaming of the teleport mechanic would stop. What sucks or not is a very subjective thing. Teleporting gives a change to people new to VR to get used to all new sensations and to get their VR legs. P.S. Does TDF AP really work in VR?
  7. prinyo

    Skyrim SE Mods that Work for Skyrim VR?

    Another "working SkyUI". Haven't tested it yet.
  8. prinyo

    Skyrim SE Mods that Work for Skyrim VR?

    It seems Ashal is getting close to porting PapyrusUtil ?
  9. prinyo

    VR technical thread

    I don't understand the point of your post.
  10. prinyo

    О наших помошниках

    Сега вече съм любопитен дали CPU знае български ?
  11. prinyo

    The Isle of Mara

    Once you become the Prophet how do you travel between the island and Skyrim?
  12. prinyo

    Skyrim SE Mods that Work for Skyrim VR?

    I believe the author of FG accepted the 3rd person view (via the PC clone) as the way to use the mod in VR. There is a patch to run SL Ligtht the way you describe that doesn't have the spinning problem. The problem with the 1st person mode is that not all animations are appropriate. And the length of the scene needs to be longer than the default 20 - 30 sec. The animations with stages can also create problems since you change poses several times within the same scene. I guess a good VR sex mod would be a selection from all currently available animations with an option to progress the animation with a press of the trigger. By the way the most important read for somebody who is just starting with SkyrimVR is this megathread on /r/SkyrimVR that helps you turn the very gamey out of the box experience into something really good.
  13. Just a heads up that SOS Full will not schlongify the VR body, so if you want to have a schlong in the game better try to make it work with SOS Light. SL Light also jas no scripts, however I believe your problem is with the meshes or the skeleton, not with the scripts. In my setup the mod (install) order and the load order are : SOS -> VR body -> XPMSE. However at the moment I believe VR body is a cool experiment, but not really working well enough for a playthru.
  14. SL full can not be used with SkyrimVR. SL Light and Flower Girls can and they both don't use MCM so they both can be setup without problems. There is a dedicated VR forum here on LL with more info (I guess this thread will be moved there at some point).