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  1. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/91861-sexlab-framework-se-163-beta-7-june-17th-2019/page/143/?tab=comments#comment-2678284
  2. In CK on the screen where you select a mod to open there is a button Details that will show a list of the records the mod changes. This will show you what to search for. xEdfit is easier to use in this regard as it only shows the relevant records per mod. But for things like spawn points or to show dependencies and usage CK's interface makes it easier.
  3. Yes. For some things it is easier to use xEdit. Not sure how easy it will be find and change the things. Maybe it is better to ask on the mod's page if you don't think it is working correctly or if want to suggest changes.
  4. The mod has no scripts at all. You should search for the things you want to change in the esp.
  5. I think that the most confusion comes from the VR section been way down in the list on the home page (several screen height scrolls). People look for SkyrimVR subsection under Skyrim (just like there is the subsection for SSE) and then they would post in the SSE section or just give up and decide there is nothing relevant on the site. On the other hand because there is no VR section in the Downloads the auto-created topics for mods end up in the SSE section as this is where the mod is posted. When it works VRIK works in an "optimal" way - the player character body is animating as usual, but your head and hands are not animated and are tracked - so you can look around freely and can grope or caress or pet the partner NPC if you want to. This also fixes the biggest problem that old style first person mods present in VR - the loss of control over the camera that would make many people sick. With 3 data points (hands and head) there is no way to have better IK than what VRIK already does. I have no idea if it's author has been experimenting with the HTC trackers. Once some form of body tracking exists the solution in SL is quite simple - don't send animation events to the player character. I tried reenabling the SLAL support but failed. I got to a situation where SLAL would say the animations are registered, the MCM of SL would not show them but still show the hardcoded ones and SL itself would use only one animation in game. I spent several hours trying to find what line of code I'm missing somewhere but couldn't. So I just recovered the backup I had from before making those changes and gave up for now. Running the VR patch on top of the full SL in order to get SLAL support would not be easy - you would need to know which script filles to use from which archive and sometimes problems do not manifest themselves immediately in game so testing can be problematic.
  6. Sounds like some other mod is overwriting the PapyrusUtil that SL comes with, If you are using MO drag SexLab all the way down in the left panel so it is the second last mod there - XPMSSE should always be the last in that list. If not using MO try reinstalling only SL and no other mods. If this doesn't help you can try installing the standalone PapyrusUtil (Oldrim version here),
  7. Here is the texture I mentioned earlier in this thread. Note that it is a full body texture replacer and not only an anus addon.
  8. It depends what you want it for. Oldrim + VorpX is the best option for a "porn" playthru - Oldrim has all the mods, a proper player character and free cam options. Oldrim works better than SSE when used with VorpX and there are still mods that are not available for SSE so I would go with Oldrim. The only issue would be the 3.1GB memory limit but it is not a problem if you do not put too much texture replaces. ENB Boost works with VorpX so this is also fixable. Of course you will not get hand tracking and the locomotion is headset relative so it will be a different experience than the official SkyrimVR.
  9. My question is quite specific - does it support floppy balls in animations. When CBPC was released in the description of the mod (or in a sticky, not sure) there was a mentioning about planning to add SOS support. It was removed at some point later and I never understood is it because it was added or because it was decided to not add it. I assumed the plans were canceled, but some conversations I had in the past month made me doubt so I decided to ask here. Just to prevent confusion - I'm not "requesting" or "demanding". I'm just asking what the situation and plans are.
  10. Not really. Quiet summer time. Hopefully more developments soon. I had a similar issue some time ago and since then I keep a backup of all my mod setups. I have Oblivion in a "frozen" state - I have the game directory and the files in appdata, but not the mods and mod manager setup so I don't dare try to add or remove mods anymore. But it is in a state that is almost perfect for me, while the modding of Skyrim is a continuous activity.
  11. I see. The confusion was because I asked in this thread - about CBPC, if this mod supports it. And the real answer is - no. OKs, need to wait and see if it will start supporting it or if SMP gets ported to SkyrimVR.
  12. I missed that because I have all signatures hidden. So I did some tests and have another question, but before that I need to say I'm complete noob when it comes to physics so I'm really sorry about asking stupid questions. I found a several months old zip file with some xml files when searching for DefaultBBPs.xml ( I ignored it previously because it has CBBE in the name and for now I'm not interested in adding physics to the female NPCs ) and it had files about male body and male genitals. Tested with both the file there and with your file. I also updated the CPB config to enable the male body support. After trying it in the game where it did not work, I checked the CBP log and it said that it had modified the butt and the belly of the male NPCs, but no mentioning about genitals. Then I realized that I'm using the latest SOS body, but I'm using the schlong addons from Oldrim, converted for SSE ( I have added a pubic hair mesh to them and didn't want to re-add it assuming that the nifs are basicaly the same, but converted). So the question is do I need to add something specific to the schlong nifs to make it work? Added: Tried with the original SOS nifs and there was also no result and no mentioning of genitals in the log file. The physics effects on CBBE were clearly visible, but the schlong meshes were unaffected. Maybe I should really add stuff to the nifs?
  13. It can all happen within days if the author of VRIK would test with SL or FG and resolve the problems this kind of animations create. But he doesn't want to install and test adult mods. I have been searching for safe for work animation mods that have the same problem so I can show them to him, but so far haven't found one. Another hope for somewhat faster solution will be if somebody with greater than mine understanding about rigging, nodes and animations gets in touch with him to provide feedback. I tried to do that, but it is above my level of understanding to try to guess why things break the way they do. He is very responsive to requests - he added papyrus functions to disable the IK calculations just a week after I asked for it, hoping that it would fix the issues. But because the mod is in constant development the new functionality that gets added changes the behavior totally. There is still a way to glitch VRIK and to get a 1st person experience that when works works really well. I have explained it in the description of the VR patch. It is actually a rocket science. I haven't seen IK implemented so well in VR until now - better than Batman, Spiderman and all other games that have mirror scenes or a player body. And he managed to implement that within the engine of Skyrim which makes him a total hero in my eyes.
  14. The problem is not the boners, but the balls. SOS uses node animation but the balls animation is disabled in scenes - it needs collision to prevent clipping. FloppySOS was handling quite well this in Oldrim, However it seems it is possible to do this with CBP, hopefully will be able to test it tomorrow, CBP is the only physics framework that works with SkyrimVR. Going back to the original idea - I wonder how hard is actually to add a working anus to SOS,
  15. I don't know how to find this. I checked the profile and it shows 2 uploaded files - tails and hair. Do I need to look somewhere else? Thanks for your help!
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