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  1. I agree, that's why I think it is best to wait a month or two for the 8kX to be delivered to more people and get more reviews from a wider group of people. And within several months Pimax should start shipping the better straps. As I happy user of the 5k for an year and a half I still consider it to be the best possible headset available for customers now, but it requires some modding to get the best of it. Hopefully the changes they have made with the new strap will make it more user friendly. But it is a better idea to wait for the early orders to be shipped and for more end users to share their experience. This is valid for both Reverb G2 that isn't even shipping yet and the 8kX that just recently started shipping.
  2. For Defeat the problem seems to be when multiple scenes happen within one "defeat". I personally have never used this option, but there are several reports about this here.
  3. Hmm, there have been reports of chained scenes not triggering in VR, like multiple assaults in Defeat. I always assumed it is a setup issue, but maybe it is not?
  4. Yeah, taking control of NPC animations is a Pandora's box. What I wanted to say, but distracted myself is that I purposefully didn't set the config ref and only limited it to the MCM script because it might have unexpected side effects. The only reason to patch SL at all was only so it will show what does the NPC have equiped on a slot when browsing the strip editor. It was a request here at LL. It does seem that for taking control over NPC scene the best option is to not use the SelectNPCforMCM mod, but to add a new spell in SL itself. Equivalent to pressing N on the target. Because even adding mod events will not be enough for implementing the gestures. My idea was limited to basic things like change of roles, next stage, next animation and mostly disabling the current animation.
  5. Yep, ideally Expired can find a way to recover the crosshair functionality to work as it does in Flatrim. But for now I think the mod provides a flexible and easy to use solution. This looks nice. My intentions were only to get the selected NPC in order to show the extra info in MCM, so I only did the first part (only assigning the ref within the MCM scrip). However assigning the ref in the config opens new possibilities - you can take control over NPC-NPC animations and manage them the way you do the ones where the PC is involved. I was planning to explore that in more detail but never did. The mod has only a spell to select, not to unselect, so there is no way to select the PC. I was thinking if I should add a spell for that, but for now I haven't found a practical use for it to justify cluttering people's inventories. This can have an effect however when patching a mod if the mod uses the lack of crosshair ref as a hint to select the PC. But so far this hasn't actually happened with the mods I have patched. What I was planning to experiment was - select a NPC, when you open the SL MCM while PC is not in animation, it would check if the target!=player and if yes then search for a running SL thread with the NPC. If there is one - show the VR menu for animation control, if not - show the VR settings. SL already has this functionality - you can target a NPC in the crosshairs and press N, but in VR this workflow is not really userfriendly. I removed it earlier today when I uploaded a new version. The version that was in the patch is the one I myself still use and is the one that has stayed the longest for download here. It was added relatively recently by request. However in the update today I added Nether's Follower Framework and I see that it was last updated less than a month ago. It is also not possible to patch any other way (the example above with the event was from that mod) even if I want to. So I'll probably make it a separate download and will contact the author.
  6. As you guessed, not all mods can be handled this way. There are cases where the crosshairref is assigned within a function or event immediately before it is used. Event OnEffectStart(Actor Target, Actor Caster) Actor targetRef = (Game.GetCurrentCrosshairRef() as actor) if targetRef ... I prefer consistency and predictability in programming, so I really don't like the solution where some mods are handled one way and others in a different way. Also I want it to be a modular solution, a service/utility mod that the other mods use it if they want to. I want it to just replace GetCurrentCrosshairRef() without adding any more complexity and logic. It is now equally easy to use both in a script and they do exactly the same: Actor targetRef = (Game.GetCurrentCrosshairRef() as actor) vs Actor targetRef = nsmquestscript.getInstance().NSMActor Consistency and predictability 🙂 This way new mods can use it and people can easily add it to their own patches without the need to get me involved. I want to avoid the situation where the usefulness of the mod depends on the availability of the author, in this case there is no real need for it. The intent of the mod is not to patch other mods, but to provide a replacement for functionality that was cut from the VR port. But since almost all mods are no longer updated I decided to put the patches in the download. At some point I was thinking to put it for download in two or more files - the mod itself (the two files with the spell) and the patches separately. I was even thinking of having an archive file per patch. But it would be too user unfriendly and since most of the mods are no longer updated I decided there is no need for it. So it is wait and see if a mod does get updated what is the best course of action. Similarly to a mod like VRIK it replaces functionality that exists in Flatrim and is removed from the VR version. So using it in a VR patch for a Flatrim mod does make sense. But that's only my point of view, it is up to you to decide what to do, I just wanted to explain why it is the way it is.
  7. The mod is using clones of them, not the "actual" NPCs. So if something happens to Vilkas on the island, the real Vilkas in Whiterun is still OK. So if you return to Skyrim after finishing the mod they should be there.
  8. Yes, this is a valid point when talking about a "pure" DD setup, but with some mods there will be sex mixed in. Like in the mod I'm using you get cuffed or get put on the pillory and participate in different SL animations. Ideally patching SL, DD and ZAZ (the frameworks) would make (almost) all mods work fine. You can make it global and test it this way or use it this way in your own setup. If you want to publish things then you can change it to call it via SL.
  9. Maybe you know it already, but the SL VR patch has a function that can be called by mods: SetVrSettings(bool enabled=true, int lockHeight=-1, int trackHands=-1, int trackHead=-1, float hideHead=-1.0, float nearDistance=-1.0, int lockHmdToBody=-1, float hmdTol=-1.0, float hmdDis=-1.0, float hmdSpd=-1.0, int thirdPerson=-1) It can be used when a mod is sending an animation event - just before sending it. If you use it like SetVrSettings() ;no params then it will prepare VRIK according to the VR settings in the SL MCM. This way there is a consistency and it is easier for the user. After the animation ends you can regain control by SetVrSettings(enabled=false) If you have bind hands for example and the mod is sending an animation event, then you can call SetVrSettings(trackHands=0) As a result the VRIK settings will be changed as the player has chosen in the SL MCM, except the hand tracking will be overwritten - in this case disabled. The problem is that this can be used when the mod itself is sending the animation event (as DD and ZAZ sometimes do), but not when it is using SL to do it. The VR patch is calling this function (so to say) as part of it's own preparations, so if you use it and then call an SL scene your setting will be overwritten. The patch will enforce the user preferences fully. Hence the idea to add a new parameter - like "preserve" that would tell te patch to not run the function itself. At least this what I was planning to do when I was thinking of doing some patching. I'm using DD and ZAZ for Isle of Mara, so my thinking is based mostly on that mod.
  10. @reikiri I have added a file from the patch in the Select NPC for MCM mod, maybe it is a better idea to incorporate this in the patch behind a check if the mod is installed to prevent future chaos for people who use it. It is an easy and quick change - a 1 line of code that gets the crossref from a quest,
  11. Isn't getting DD mods to wok in VR generally a mute point as long as it doesn't work on the PC? No wearable devices, no tracking limitations... I still think the first step in trying to patch is a parameter in the VR settings function of the SLVR patch that would block it from running the function internally when starting a thread.
  12. Just keep advancing the quest stage by stage until something happens. At some point they will decide to head back to the island.
  13. Make sure you are using the correct SOS version. The file is called Schlongs_of_Skyrim_SE_VR - v1.0.7z and you can get it from here. If you already use that - reinstall it. Then reinstall XPMSSE after that. Check if you have a spell Erection (or similar) and use it on a NPC, it might take some 10-15 seconds sometimes to see if the spell works.
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