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  1. As discussed earlier in this thread, you need to choose the gesture you want SL to respond to and create a "mod event" in the VRIK MCM. You din't need to select a mod, just choose "mod event".
  2. Just a hint - you can scroll up and down in the console via the Page Up/Page Down buttons.
  3. As I said above - make sure that PapyrusUtil VR is installed after SL. It needs too overwrite files.
  4. Just tried GSPoses SE 29 08.7z and it works just fine. You don't say exactly what problem do you have with it, so I don't know what more specific to say.
  5. This is SexLab for Oldrim. Make sure you use SexLab SSE with the PapyrusUtil VR and the VR patch installed after it (so they overwrite the files they need to). I think I was wrong before, you should be able to use the latest SL for SSE as log as the the VR patch is installed after it. If you use MO2 this means that the VR patch and PapyrusUtilVR are after SL in the left side list.
  6. Try with the Beta 8 of Sex Lab - it is under "Old version:" here.
  7. The chances that there will be AAF for FO4VR seem very very small. Maybe if some brave soul ventures into re-compiling the DLL for VR that can kickstart something. But so far it seems we need to look into 4Play for solutions.
  8. I would strongly advice if no room-scale to play Oldrim + VorpX. You can also try to use the other SL VR patch - the one that doesn't require VRIK and to set it to use a clone for the scenes that include the PC. Hopefully you get the controllers and lighthouses soon.
  9. This is irrelevant in VR. You are always in free cam that is been guided by the tracking of the headset. SkyrimVR even crashes if you try to enable "free cam", haven't tried it with FO4VR. Basically before there is a compatible DLL or real problems encountered when attempting to recompile it, there isn't anything that can be discussed about AAF in VR as it is way too abstract. Now I started thinking that the IK player body can maybe help with using 4Play. The big problem 4Play has is the misalignment but with scenes involving the player in VR that would not be a (big) problem. Will need to install FO4VR again and do some experiments.
  10. Thanks for this, Maybe it will be possible to use AAF without DLL, even in some limited form.
  11. After been active for several years in the Skyrim/SkyrimVR modding and community I have learned that for all but a very few people the DLLs in mods are black boxes. If a mod has a DLL that is incompatible then that's the end of the road unless some nice soul takes pity and recompiles. If there is a working DLL and there are other problems people start to experiment, make script changes and things start to move forward. Not having a compatible DLL file is a hard blocking factor. I personally have learned to use CK, Nifskope and other mesh editing software, learned Papyrus as much as I needed, spent hundreds of hours of debugging and experimenting of porting the pancake Skyrim mods to VR and I have set my boundary to DLLs and skeleton nodes and IK. When I said "I tried to get" the DLLs recompiled I mean I did the things that did work for SkyrimVR and that resulted in practically all flat mod DLLs been recompiled: I contacted the mod authors with a very polite request. I searched for the source code with the idea to find somebody else to recompile (coudn't find it). I wanted to check the source code also in order to get an idea if it is possible to avoid using the DLL at all (the way SL Light did some time ago). In the mean time I made a patch for 4Play that spawns a clone for the scenes involving the PC. However I realized that the 4Play is not the way to go and decided against working on a VR patch for it. Instead I was hoping somebody will recompile the DLL used by AAF and unlock the further progress.
  12. I am in fact unaware. And I was very careful to not be aggressive so not to provoke the hostility that I got regardless. Can you quote the parts from my posts that you think are aggressive? In fact I was everything but: My whole point was to say that I understand that it can be complicated and too much work for what is in essence a hobby. You can't be less "aggressively requesting" than this. But the reactions I got speak themselves and are a good answer to the question in the post that I was tagged in and that brought me here.
  13. Wow that fell earlier than expected 🙂 If somebody has constructive remarks I'll be happy to reply.
  14. So it is not an "issue", but just a thing that needs to be done. I can appreciate it is not trivial and is probably a tedious process, but is not a "problem" or a blocking issue. However I do understand that "it is too much work" is a valid reason to decline teh request.
  15. The "issue" (that may exist) is not really relevant to the question/request, that is - let us have a DLL compiled for FO4VR and let people test and experiment. Every answer to this has been, similarly to this post, a deflection that I understand to mean unwillingness to deal with this. And I respect it so I have filed FO4VR in the category of "failed" projects (also the fact it runs like shit on even the best PC doesn't help). All the "problems" and "issues" are conceptually identical in SkyrimVR and they have been resolved in different ways in the past years depending on how advanced the framework has been. Technically the solutions can be different and a FO4VR sex system can be less advanced than the one for Skyrim VR , but that's OK and is not a reason to surrender before trying. However the DLL of LooksMenu has to also be recompiled and I can imagine the VR port can hide some unpleasant surprises, so as I said I respect the unwillingness to open this box of Pandora. Don't do that, use the SL VR patch instead.
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