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  1. It doesn't. VorpX (the injector he is using to play Oldrim in VR ) has an inbuilt reprojection : the game itself is capped at 45fps and the driver injects a "fake" frame for every "real" one and feeds the headset with steady 90fps. It generally works well, especially combined with another feature - DirectVR. (However the last I tried DirectVR didn't work with SL and other animation mods, no idea if this has been fixed) Also Oldrim will still crash when using more than 3.1GB memory so you would need to inject ENB Boost in addition to injecting VorpX. In addition if you want "real" 3d this will essentially cut your framerate in half. A moderately modded Oldrim+VorpX with the most optimal settings will struggle to get to 30fps on most PCs. So you would need to make some compromises. However he is talking about " insane polygon counts" which is an fps killer, so I assume he is playing in small interior cells with limited number of NPCs. Playing Oldrim+VorpX can be a tedious process as opposed to the plug-and-play "it just works" official port. There are handful of Oldrim mods that are still not available and I guess for some purposes Oldrim+VorpX is the better option (like creating a player character for specific purpose - for example male player creating female player character so NPC can have sex with her). Oldrim+VorpX and SkyrimVR are two very different kinds of experience. But I believe he is talking about using Oldrim as a simulated porn environment that has nothing to do with the game itself, just using it as an engine to run mods.
  2. A quick status update. My VR equipment was away/packed for most of the past week (made some demos at work) so I was not able to do anything on the patch. Additionally my SL setup is now quite broken because the last time I worked on it I did too many changes at once and now I'm lost and faced with compiling errors (notices). So I'm going to reinstall the latest stable files and do the changes one by one. From my attempts to make the new version of VRIK work there were two issues, one of which I still hope can be fixed within SL. However I'm thinking we will need the help of somebody who has better understanding of animations, bones, nodes and so on. The problem happens when an animation/idle turns the body around. The VRIK author said this is "not supported". What happens is that the POV/camera and the body end-up at 180 degrees of each other and you are looking at the back of your body. My immediate tests will be around getting SL to not rotate the player character, but if the animation does it then I'm not sure what the solution can be. Also I'm not sure excluding the PC from all preparations will not have negative effects on the alignment. Still I'm planning to do some more tests and get a better understanding about what specifically is the problem.
  3. Seems SL Light did not install properly. The VR patch should not be used on a save where SL Light is used for the first time as it blocks the install. Remove the patch and see if you get notifications about animations installing.
  4. They are not missing. But if you are playing SSE you should get this.
  5. It's out! Great 😀 Looking at the file the papyrus functions are what I was hoping for so hopefully I'll get to spend several hours testing tonight. With the option to turn off the IK of the body the question is now exactly what kind of preparations in SL the player character needs to be subjected to. In the current patch I have excluded it from most of them trying to give more freedom for the player. But this will probably need to change as we need the animation to take the full control over the body. One thing I'm curios to see is the scope of turning off the IK as I would prefer for the hands/arms to still be tracked. (Added:Ah, I see there are different functions for the arms and the rest of the body. Looks promising, Still at work so for now I can only read about it but not try it lol) In order to recompile you need the SkyUI SDK (5.1 is OK ) and the source of PapyrusUtil in your /source/scripts.
  6. Sounds like for some reason the player character is considered not valid for SL. Do you have VRBody installed or used to have it installed on this save? Are the animations playing if you choose no replacement or a follower? The clone or follower replacement should always work if everything is setup correctly.
  7. No. You would also need to remove FG Aroused and use SL Aroused instead.
  8. You can not change the values in the menu or changes do not work in the game?
  9. This is working as expected in SL Aroused. If you use SL together with FG you can use that. Hopefully the author of the mod will publish an update.
  10. What is the functionality that the full SL has that this patch doesn't offer (recover)? The last two remaining pieces that I know about - no statistics and no SLAL support (for new packs) will hopefully be addressed this coming weekend. But to answer the question - there will be full SL for VR whenever @Ashal decides. I do not intend to speak on his behalf, but two things to consider. This patch has been downloaded 330 times so far which is not a big number in comparison to the number of SSE players interested in further updates. Also, from what I understand reading his replies on the topic, he doesn't feel that currently it is possible to have a "proper SL experience" when it comes to the player involvement. (This is slowly changing now - the next version of VRIK will have a papyrus API and the author is open to collaboration). So this patch is here to fill the gap until the full SLVR is released. When that happens I will delete it in order to not cause fragmentation. There are ways to do it (make an armor transparent and revealing for example), but I'm personally strongly against such an approach so I'm not planing on spending my time on working on it. I dislike the fact that some porn studios have embraced this approach but I also understand the reasons. However in a simulated environment where the hands and head are tracked and the rest of the body is performing an animation I personally believe it is a bad solution. I expect we will need to make a shortlist of animations that are working well with the POV experience. I kind of expect that everybody is playing with VR cheating on, VR playroom off and some of the other more popular INI tweaks. I strongly reccomend to new SkyrimVR players to check out the Reddit thread with INI tweaks - it will help turning the very gamey out of the box experience into an immersive personal holodeck.
  11. Use this patch that enables the MCM among other things. LL has a VR section with more info. Do you use the VR FNIS? It is in the optional files and is called "FNIS Behavior VR 7_4_5 XXL". People that use SSE should consider using the full Sex Lab mod. In response to the last several comments on this page - SL Light auto-installs and it just works after that. It does not support MCM and instead comes with it's own menu - look for it in your spells. SL Light was created to be used when there was no SkyUI/MCM and no SKSE available.
  12. I have uploaded a fix here. And then forgot to upload it to the main mod page. Will do it tonight. If you want to add any additional patches as you mention in your other comment you are welcome to do so and I'll link to the post in the main description.
  13. Yes. I was hoping you haven't seen it before I realized I have failed at very basic math at midnight after a busy working day and deleted it. Sorry about the confusion I caused. In my mind I was calculating the other way around: gender -1 that would have sent the preferences of males to the non-valid -1. And then I realized your code is perfectly correct.
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