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  1. OK, before doing anything else let's confirm that the problem is indeed what I think it is. Download this and replace SOS_SetupQuest_Script.pex in /SkyrimVR/data/scripts SOS_SetupQuest_Script.pex There is only one change made to the script - the max value is hardcoded to 10. It is not a solution to the problem, but all NPCs should get visible schlongs. (in a save where the schlongs haven't been assigned yet) The real solution is still to make SOS work on a new game. The problem with NPCs wearing underwear is different from the one you have here - it has different reasons and ways to fix. When using FG, SOS, SL and other mods that have some initialization at the start it is better to disable the VR playroom (the starting cave). It causes those mods to needlessly start initializing every time you start the game and it can add confusion to the log files. You can disable it by adding in SkyrimVR.ini : My suggestion is to add this to the ini and to try to make SOS work on a new game.
  2. First, I want to say that I still lbelieve the problem is with your setup, not with the mod itself. The papyrus log proves that further - it shows that the problem is in p;arts of the mod that are the same in the VR and in the flat SSE and Oldrim. Some technical observations: It seems that 0 is the result of casting None to a number. The problem is this: So the config will not be available, including the setting for the max size: Looking at the code it seems the size in your setup gets determined by calling Utility.RandomInt(1, 0) and it seems papyrus is happy to return a value for this. The min value is always set to 1 for obvious reasons - the smallest schlong size is 1. The max comes from the config script (where it is by default 10) and in your case it is None, hence 0. In short - your SOS install can't see it's config. It seems to me the esm for SOS is at position 62 in your load order. It has to be way up together with the other esm files. Use LOOT to sort your order. Here is how SOS looks in my SkyrimVR:
  3. prinyo

    SkyrimVR Sexlab Lite Temporary Patch

    Doesn't work, you will still watch the scene from the side.
  4. That was kind of my initial suggestion - try it with only one schlong type installed on a new game. Seems some plugins (schlong types) are working, some not. Still sounds like an SOS install issue. You can try to install SkyUI and see which plugins are listed in the MCM. @bigchastity Removing the underwear meshes doesn't fix the problem, just removes the indicator/symptom for it. SOS can't find an appropriate schlong. When inalling SOS make sure that you do NOT install the skeleton that comes with it and install XPMSE after. Or if using MO drag XPMSE to the bottom of both left and right panels. If NMM/Vortex - install XPMSE after installing SOS. Also try version 4.20 of XPMSE that is at the bottom of the file list on Nexus.
  5. While unstable and unsuitable for normal use, SkyUI/MCM does work in VR to the extent that you can use it to debug stuff. You just need to unpack the bsa of the mod. And don't use it in your main save. ---- I still don't understand if both of you (you and @bigchastity) have tried to run the mod "as is", on a new game, without modifications to the mod and without other mods that can interfere with it. If you want to do advanced things with mods then I would suggest you create a clean save at Helgen - with no mods at all, that you can use to test future experiments and tweaks. The save cleaners will not completely remove all traces and potential side effects of a mod. Clean save != cleaned save. And use MO2 instead of NMM or Vortex because: - MO gives you better idea about what overwrites what and let's you manage that easily. The left panel (which is in essence the mod assets order) is really essential when you need to keep track of what mod overwrites another mod and want to debug problems. NMM and Vortex are targeted at users that want plug and play mod experience, not at users that want to mod the mods : - ) - MO makes it easier to switch between setups/profiles. It also has the option to keep different saves and game INIs for different profiles. This way you can experiment without been locked out of normal gameplay and you can have better management of the saves used for tests. Doing this now (creating a clean save and moving to MO2) would take several hours, but it will save tens of hours of confusion and problems accumulating in the future. tl;dr: Try running the mod the way it comes "out of the box" in a clean save and only after it runs correctly start editing NIFs, overwriting files or installing mods that can interfere with it. Added: For the different stages of arousal you need Aroused Redux for Flower Girls (I think there used to be a version for SL Light but I can't find it). I'm using an older version of that mod and I had to reenable the SOS integration in the scripts (basically uncomment a single line), I have no idea if this has been enabled in the newer versions.
  6. Have you tried to completely remove WICO? Maybe try a basic install with only SOS and XPMSE and if that works start adding the other mods until you find what breaks it.
  7. All those actors are female. (You can use this site for quick searches.) Seems to me that you have a problem with one of the schlong addons. My suggestion is to reinstall SOS and only install one addon and see what happens.
  8. prinyo

    Witcher 3- Not Mod Worthy?

    Well, the members of Team Triss are usually left to post on forums with not much of a fuss, so I would say the "diehard fans" are way more forgiving and simply look at the casuals with a magnanimous indulgence I don't think any mod would generate much hostility.
  9. I have personally tried an ENB preset with Oldrim and VorpX to see what will happen and it worked (including the 3D) but my framerate dropped to about 10fps. I have seen the complaints about no 3D but I never understood is it because of using SSE or is it depending on the preset itself. Because of the effect on the performance I don't think people actually tried to debug this extensively. Regardless of any problems with the graphical presets, my point was that ENB Boost works with no problems with Oldrim + VorpX and is essential for preventing crashes.
  10. prinyo

    The Isle of Mara

    Alternative Start should be OK. Just choose any start scenario and once you are out of the starting cave type that in the console.
  11. prinyo

    The Isle of Mara

    Try SetStage melislehookquest 10 instead. It should send you directly to the island. You can try this on a new game, you can play the mod while been level 1 and in my experience this is the best and most stable way to play the mod.
  12. prinyo

    [VR] please help me step-by-step

    This log is for SKSE, not for SOS. But SOS seems to be working now. Maybe there is a conflict with WICO. Drag SOS to the bottom of the list in the left panel of MO2 and put it just above XPMSE. This will allow all assets of SOS to win conflicts with any other mod. Wait - you switched to SOS Light? But still have the DLL and the racemenu esp from the full.
  13. prinyo

    [VR] please help me step-by-step

    Check if you have a log from SOS in Documents\My Games\Skyrim VR\SKSE
  14. prinyo

    SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim

    The animation that changes the schlong from erect to soft has several stages that look like different stages of arousal. Is it possible to send an animation event that would make the schlong stay in the position of one of those stages? The Bend events keep the schlong erect and bend it up and down, but it all looks like high stage of arousal. FloppySOS has options to show schlongs in a different state of arousal, I was wondering if this is possible without that mod as similar stages already exist in the arousal animations of SOS.
  15. prinyo

    [VR] please help me step-by-step

    Yes. It is possible that when you press it it will send you back to the main menu and you can load a save. If it does not then there is probably a problem with your FNIS setup.