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  1. prinyo

    SOS Full is updated for VR

    Here is everything you need to know about this. I don't really know why nobody has uploaded a converted copy of the armors so far.
  2. prinyo

    [VR] please help me step-by-step

    Glad it works Just to prevent future confusion - SkyUI/MCM is not needed in order to run SOS. There are almost no mods that require it in order to function (excluding mods like Random Sex where you need to enable the mod in MCM). If you have problems making SOS Full work it is probably because of the DLL or incorrectly installed skeleton.
  3. prinyo

    [VR] please help me step-by-step

    Are you sure you have the correct VR DLL? Also - check if XPMSE is both installed and loaded after SOS (if using MO drag it below SOS in both panels. if using NMM/Vortex install XPMSE after SOS and check that the plugin for XPMSE is at the bottom of the load order). You don't really need SkyUI but if you have it you can check in the SOS menu there if it will show some errors when trying to assign a schlong to the player character. If none of this helps there are SKSE and SOS logs in MyDocuments that can help debug.
  4. prinyo

    VR technical thread

    What you want is to run at the highest of the supported resolutions. The monitor doesn't matter, but it is a good idea to put the game to open in a window and not full screen. The resolutions VorpX suggests are the best for VR. VorpX made some big changes in the way users could force it to use better resolution. There is now a section in the in-game menu for this. You need to find it and set it to use the biggest possible value.
  5. prinyo

    SexLab mods that work in SkyrimVR

    At this point in time I do not expect we will get the full SL working in VR any time soon if at all. One of my intentions with this thread is to collect information about which SL based mods work with the Light version. And about what features are missing in SL Light that can be added or if patches can be made for mods to make them work with Light. So I'm hoping more people will post their observations with using SL Light but we need specific posts about what is missing or what would work better in VR, Except issues around the lack of player character that is better been discussed here.
  6. This version of SOS doesn't support armors. You need the full SOS and then you can use any Oldrim armors mod. To prevent possible problems you should re-save the Oldrim mod with CK.
  7. prinyo

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    The real drama will start when Bethesda does release the "private worlds" with modding (expected in November 2019, but I think May 2019 is quite possible). Then users will start asking for ports of FO4 mods and the discussions about V76 will spread all over. I expect this will create a split within the community way bigger than anything we have seen until now.
  8. prinyo

    SkyrimVR Sexlab Lite Temporary Patch

    If I understand you correctly you are looking for a way to emulate a 3rd person view of your character. The solution would be to spawn a NPC that is a clone of the PC and to play the animation on him/her. Similarly to what Flower Girls is doing. About the bard mod itself. I have tested it in SkyrimVR and what happened was that I was locked in place without an option to move for the duration of the song. This does allow to roleplay as a singing bard as the NPC are still looking at you and cheering.
  9. The intent of this thread is to provide a list of SexLab based mods that are confirmed to work with SkyrimVR. And collect information about mods that can be tweaked in order to work with it. I'll include mods I consider to not work in case I was wrong and somebody did make them work. SexLab The full SexLab doesn't work. However SexLab Light does. Here is the info on how to install it. Note that it doesn't need/work with SkyUI. It will create an entry in MCM but there is nothing you can do there with it. It does contain hundreds of animations (including for animals), you don't need SLAL. Animations including animals also do work if you have mods that trigger them. Use this patch to avoid problems if an animation involving the player character starts. VR mods Devious Devices is being worked on - read here. SSE mods Carnival works SexLab Solutions doesn't work See here for info. I can image triggering the quest updates before the animation starts can be a workaround. SexLab MatchMaker Light SE works It works the same as in the flat game and it has the same problems (see the mod thread) TDF Prostitution works Reported by fallout980350376. Oldrim mods Those mods should be re-saved in SSE's CK before use in SkyrimVR. I'm going to upload converted files for mods I have permissions for. Random Sex works Everything works - including all the settings in the MCM. Dangerous Nights works Haven't done extensive testing but the basic functionality works. All Nude Play maybe Everything seems to work - the MCM options are taken in account and the scans run but there are always 0 NPCs found for stripping or sex. It is possible it is a problem with my setup. It "should" work.
  10. prinyo

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    The drama around V76 is far from over... it seems Bethesda is preparing to add "Lunchboxes" with XP, damage and other boosts in the "cosmetics only" MT store.
  11. prinyo

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    Slightly offtopic but it looks Bioware is copying Bethesda and teasing a future crowd pleaser while preparing to drop a controversial,l title.
  12. prinyo

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    Good thing the Bethesda suits followed the same logic as you and are breaking sales records with 76. /s I don't really understand what is the point of making a new account just to troll in a thread like this. 76 is so bad (by design and execution) that shilling it requites more effort than shilling other bad games. I enjoy reading a good shilling (I'm a linguist by education) but sadly all the shilling I have seen for 76 is as low effort as the game itself.
  13. prinyo

    Skyrim VR Modding ?!

    Looks like FNIS can see the animation files, but the game don't see the plugins (the esp and esm files). Looks like something is wrong with the NMM setup. Are you sure the plugins for the mods are enabled? Sexlab light doesn't work with SkyUI but will still show up there. The fact you don't see it meaens it is not installed correctly. SkyUI itself also doesn't seem correctly installed. You will know when Sexlab Light is correctly installed as it will show notifications for quite some time the first time it is loaded.