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  1. Yes, that's why I asked. Bringing it up in a thread about SkyrimVR only adds clutter and confusion. ENB Boost is used for: 1. Avoid the 4GB (3GB) crash with Oldrim only. It spawns a second process and the memory the game uses is shared between them so it won't go above 3.1 GB. 2. Helps with old PCs with lower specs that by default can't run VR at all. So the only thing that needs to be said about ENB Boost in a VR thread is that it is completely irrelevant.
  2. What is the point of using ENB boost for SSE/VR?
  3. I suggest to upload the patch as it's own mod. For example named "ZAZ/DD VR patch". And under that there can e be the files like "ZAZ 7 VR patch", "ZAZ 8+ VR patch" and others if ZAZ/DD related. This will make it easy to find, easy to understand what is what, easy to link to in tutorials.
  4. The SexLab VR dll was compiled against the same SKSE as the SOS dll , as well as the dll's of many other mods. It is very unlikely that only the SOS one will break now. You need the VR version: Schlongs_of_Skyrim_SE_VR - v1.0.7z !
  5. You don't actually say what the problem is...
  6. I tried Secret Lives of NPCs for some time with enabled notifications that tells you what has the mod decided - will there be sex or not. I never saw a single scene, it was all explanations as to why not - wrong day, wrong time of day, somebody is missing and so on. So it strongly reminded me of that was also constantly telling me why there is no sex happening. I have no idea if the mod works in VR, maybe it is worth checking if you want some more "organized" sex live, I myself am perfectly happy with Random sex:
  7. I believe FG is clone only, I don't think it was ever patched to work with VRIK. It needs two or three lines of code to start using the Sex Lab VRIK settings, but Reikiri is going to kill me if I upload something similar. FG and SL are seen as competitors and using the hard work on one of the sides to disproportionately benefit the other seems a bad idea.
  8. I don't see the SexLab VR patch in your list - SL VRpatch Beta8 38 - test.7z
  9. If you install VRIK then your hand will interact with breasts, belly and butt of the physics enabled bodies. Theoretically it should be able to interact with a vagina if properly configured. Haven't seen somebody mentioning it, so not 100% sure.
  10. I crash when trying to load a save with 5, so I keep using the older versions. But other people say that 5 works for them.
  11. The good news is that all those 4 mods have VR versions. Follow this thread for a step by step install instructions for DD: LL has a dedicated VR subforum here.
  12. This QandA from Goodreads about the book : Q: Is this the first novel to actually use the word 'Cyberpunk' or does that belong to Neuromancer? A: I can not really answer that question but would like to point out that both books complement each other if the reader wants to understand the Cyberpunk culture. I think it was either Wau Holland or Peter Glaser who said/wrote that The Shockwave Rider describes the Utopia of Cyberpunk society while Neuromancer describes the Dystopia that we are going to have. I'm currently struggling with Richa
  13. Did some testing this weekend. Seems I'm crashing with the new DD - v5. The older versions - 4.1 seem to work fine. As in "decorative" devices are visibly equipped, cuffs and binders are not. Installed POP and got arrested, but couln't make anything happen while in the cell. There were notifications shown that I'm fantasizing about been tied-up, but no NPC payed any attention to me. Played with the MCM trying to make something trigger, but with no result. However the mod adds pillories downtown Whiterun so I tested activating them. Could not get the world rotating issue. By the way
  14. I see this has been already resolved. Hope everything is working as expected.
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