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  1. Uhm I understand people love to hate VR, but it is actually priced quite adequately. The problem is that FO4VR has lots of problems with performance so it didn't get the attention SkyrimVR (closest to the Holodeck 🙂 ) got. From what I see only recompiling the dlls of AAF and MCM are needed and some small patching here and there for the post-apocaliptic holodeck program.
  2. I'll ask a script extender dev for help or guidance. For the Skyrim mods there were two options - the mod authors compiled the dll against the VR SE or he (or somebody else) compiled instead if the mod author was wiling to give him the source code. I'l see if he replies to me and will message you on Discord.
  3. It seems the best way forward is to try to get an AAF for VR. I have made a request here. About the guns - both Crazy and Leito mods that have guns come with two specific variations - they both have one gun for solo action and one gun with 2 targets. (All guns are crafted at a chem station). I do however have in my game another gun, called "Sex gun" that allows solo, NPC-NPC and PC-NPC animations, but I can't seem to find out what mod it is part of. Any way I have started making a 4play setup for the flat FO4 so I can experiment a bit more.
  4. Can we get a version of the dll compiled against F4SEVR? Or is it possible to get the source code from somewhere so it can be compiled by somebody? Thanks!
  5. The version of SKSEVR that was available for most of the time did not support advanced UI elements and widgets. So no struggle bar or animation selection window in Defeat, no follower bars in some follower frameworks, no widgets for active effects and such. Several months ago the new SKSEVR fixed this and those elementsnow work, but the old info is still existing. I wonder if AddItem now also works. I have personally never used the struggle bar even in Flatrim so I'm not sure how it works, but if I remember you need to mash buttons. Or you are just expecting to be overpowered?
  6. Ah, I see 🙂 One of the screenshot shows SKSE complaining about SexLabUtil.dll, but I didn't pay attention that it is indeed getting it from the VR patch and not from the SL. So it was the wrong SKSE maybe? Anyway, if it is working now then everything is OK.
  7. I understand that you think it is a dead subforum that is perfect for spamming, but LL in general is not so much of a discussion forum, it is more a repository of info and debug/test support. Here in this subforum there are lots of info accumulated that can be very helpful when people setup their games or have problems with them. You are actively working against that in two ways: - Your spam makes it harder for people to find the actually helpful info. - Your spam overtaking the legit posts create the feeling that the subforum is dead and people will just give up before even trying to use it. So in short - you are not misusing a dead forum, you are actively destroying one. It doesn't really matter if you are doing it one spam post per 2 or per 7 days.
  8. I don't understand what you mean. And I stand by everything I said. What does "the priority order is reversed" mean?
  9. I have this problem in certain locations. Try starting a scene around Whiterun or some other vanilla Skyrim location.
  10. And one more thing - the SL VR patch is been overwritten by SL. So in short drag those mods to the bottom in the left panel of MO so you get them in this order: - SexLab - SexLabVR patch - PapyrusUtil - XMPSSE - VRIK
  11. @Ashal , can something be done about this advertisement campaign that now has more than half of the posts on the first page of the subforum? Isn't there anything that can be done against spamming websites?
  12. Yep, it is a big wasted opportunity - because of the bad performance and glitches the game has basically no player and mod community. When SKSEVR was published it took only several weeks for most of the Skyrim mods to be ported. The F4SEVR has been out for months now and I haven't even seen a request for a port. I have never tried AAF on the pancake game so I really don't know how it works. But I have been using 4Play and in my game the NPC animations run like in the flat game - including the major issue with the alignment. So of all 4Play mods I use only Autonomy, From time to time I'm getting more enthusiastic and have been planning to patch 4Play to use a clone for the scenes involved the player. But so far my enthusiasm hasn't carried me to actually doing it. But it is still something I'm contemplating.
  13. The easy way to make this mod work with SL Full is to get the file VinUtil.pex from SL Light and drop it in the Scrips directory.
  14. It seems to me 90% of the "VR porn" is low effort 3D POV. Not sure if the porn industry is not interested in VR or the drive to innovate and experiment is gone, but the porn as a driving force behind a new technology is no more. It also seems to me the "review" or "info" links that are so aggressively posted here recently are just good old referral marketing and SEO. It seem the VR section of LL is going to end up just filled up with spam.
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