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  1. If you install VRIK then your hand will interact with breasts, belly and butt of the physics enabled bodies. Theoretically it should be able to interact with a vagina if properly configured. Haven't seen somebody mentioning it, so not 100% sure.
  2. I crash when trying to load a save with 5, so I keep using the older versions. But other people say that 5 works for them.
  3. The good news is that all those 4 mods have VR versions. Follow this thread for a step by step install instructions for DD: LL has a dedicated VR subforum here.
  4. This QandA from Goodreads about the book : Q: Is this the first novel to actually use the word 'Cyberpunk' or does that belong to Neuromancer? A: I can not really answer that question but would like to point out that both books complement each other if the reader wants to understand the Cyberpunk culture. I think it was either Wau Holland or Peter Glaser who said/wrote that The Shockwave Rider describes the Utopia of Cyberpunk society while Neuromancer describes the Dystopia that we are going to have. I'm currently struggling with Richa
  5. Did some testing this weekend. Seems I'm crashing with the new DD - v5. The older versions - 4.1 seem to work fine. As in "decorative" devices are visibly equipped, cuffs and binders are not. Installed POP and got arrested, but couln't make anything happen while in the cell. There were notifications shown that I'm fantasizing about been tied-up, but no NPC payed any attention to me. Played with the MCM trying to make something trigger, but with no result. However the mod adds pillories downtown Whiterun so I tested activating them. Could not get the world rotating issue. By the way
  6. I see this has been already resolved. Hope everything is working as expected.
  7. POP as in Prison Overhaul Patched? Last I tried it several months ago it always got stuck at getting me arrested. Will give it a try again.
  8. The thread you are commenting in is called "All things Cyberpunk 2077 General Thread" so it a "general" thread about "all things". The thread you are looking for is
  9. This is not very specific. I'm asking because other people that use DD and ZAZ have said they don't experience it. So if I can reproduce your issue I might be able to fix it. I'm having a diferent problem with DD at the moment - I can't load any save, just CTD.
  10. The next stage is supposed to trigger in several seconds. On different stages of the mod it can get stuck and you would need to progress a bit further via the console. Read this for detailed explanation. In this specific case I recommend not getting on the cross at all and skip 2 (I think) steps - the quest objective should be to speak to Falcon.
  11. Scroll up this page, 5 comments above I have posted a link to the SSE version of the mod. Use that one instead of the one you are currently using.
  12. Because of the way the mod distribution currently works, this is equal to "shutting down". There are 2 or 3 big websites with mods that always work with (side with) the publishers. If CDPR or Bethesda contacts Nexus or LL with a request to remove a mod there will be no "trial", no possibility to explain about the fair use and court rulings, the mod will disappear immediately. The current mod distribution system relies on the good will of all sides and have managed to stay stable and "above ground" for quite some time.
  13. CDPR shuts down Cyberpunk mod that let players have 'sex' with Keanu Reeves Not sure what the consequences of this way of thinking are since most mods that will be made will be able to be used with the model of Johnny Silverhand.
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