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  1. If you are using NMM just drop the .pex files into the SkyrimVR/data/scripts directory. It should ask if you want to overwrite files, click Yes. This is not a "good" way to do it, but you are using NMM anyway
  2. prinyo

    SexLab mods that work in SkyrimVR

    It has to be enabled. The first checkbox in the MCM menu enables it. After you check it all other options will be available and it will work.
  3. Make sure that the patch is installed/loaded after SL Light. About M2M - yes, they are already included in SL Light.
  4. The full SexLab doesn't work in SkyrimVR. Get this file and replace it in SL Light to prevent weird things happening when having the PC involved in a scene. Get this patch in order to enable the MCM menu. As long as you don't enable the 3rd person camera it should be OK. You don't need the M2M mod, all the animations are already in SL Light. I guess OP was posted somewhere else and then moved to the VR section. There is more info in the VR section here about using adult mods with SkyrimVR.
  5. I have not tried it, but I assume you can set the probability for all the schlong addons for those races in the MCM to 0.
  6. prinyo

    The Isle of Mara

    Find the armor entry for the harness and add a new keyword: SOSRevealing If this doesn't help another thing to try is to change the slots of the harness to some other number.
  7. prinyo

    The Isle of Mara

    You can just remove the harness from the outfit (that was my solution for the problem with schlongless masters when using SAM). In the grand scheme of things keeping the Pet naked for the short period he is in the mod is "lore friendly" enough I mean - he might be a special slave but is still a slave.
  8. prinyo

    SexLab Light patches

    How are you testing this? At the moment the patch is doing 2 very specific changes that have nothing to do with the animations. Just to be sure - this is a patch for SL Light, not for SL full.
  9. prinyo

    The Isle of Mara

    Target him with the crosshairs and in the SOS MCM menu change his schlong type.
  10. It is not just about physical violence. For example with Skyrim no mod can outdo the terrible things that are in the vanilla game. I'm pretty sure any bandit outlaw would prefer been raped by a dozen orcs/spiders/bears than been killed for practically no reason, their soul captured and then destroyed for a couple of charge points for some weapon. It has always amazed me how people can be triggered by adult mods for a game where you regularly kill dozens of human beings just for a sword or something. However I can't wait for VR to become mainstream enough so media starts to get hysterical about games like Blade and Sorcery.
  11. As far as I'm aware, the first male revealing armor replacers were published in June 2013. Shortly after that several updates and compilations were published here (this , this, this, this ). There is also this (also the schlong protective gear mod) - not a replacer but can be given to followers and other NPCs. All of those things were published before May 2014. Those packs cover 99% of the outfits in Skyrim. Before Skyrim, there were Slof's outfit replacers for Oblivion and FONV for example. In my game (Obl;ivion) I have all male NPCs wear revealing armors all created before Skyrim was even released.
  12. prinyo

    SexLab Light patches

    The point of those patches is to try to bring SLLight to functional parity with the full SL and to add some VR specific solutions for it. Requires SKSE. SL_Light_VR_Patch_alpha1.7z This is the first, alpha version that does 2 things: 1. Enables sending of mod events, so mods like SLSolutions and Defeat now work correctly. (tested with Solutions) 2. Enables the MCM menu of SexLab. (needs more testing of the different options) I'm uploading it for testing, please note that enabling some options in the MCM can crash your game, so for now don't download it if you don't have enough experience with SL. At the moment I have only uncommented code that was already written and have made a small change in a function. All credits go to Ashal and Vinfamy. Next steps: 1. See what works and what doesn't in the MCM menu and what can be fixed or need to be removed. 2. Implement different ways to handle player involvement, adding options to use follower, to make the NPC masturbate instead or to spawn a clone of the player character. Other suggestions are welcome. Technical details
  13. As a gay player I don't feel any disadvantage when it comes to BGS games and would go as far as to say that we have the same options as the straight players. There are several aspects of this. The first been that the big and universal sex mods do include gay options in the core of their settings. I don't think we rely only on LGBT modders to create gay content and I'm quite happy that we are now past the point of (self) segregation. Even an older game like Oblivion has Joburg which offers a gay preset out of the box and a very easy way of setting up sexual preferences. Something that the framework mods for Skyrim and FO4 continued to do. All of the popular sex mods for those games offer settings that will turn your game gay just with a few clicks. Also, speaking of the BGS games, I haven't witnessed any backlash against gay oriented mods. Several months after FO4 was released I uploaded a big gay oriented mod on Nexus (and here on LL). I expected some sort of problems as I assumed the FO franchise is more "macho" territory but there were none. A similar mod that was released earlier (and at that point was strictly male oriented) also enjoyed a peaceful existence. I believe the gay aspect is now fully accepted as part of the mainstream modding and gaming experience. You get a backlash only when it is artificially and heavy-handedly done, for example with the current Apex Legends controversy. I need to say as a gay player I find myself agreeing with the straight players whenever they are annoyed by aggressive "SJW" moves by the developers. The point of the gay rights movement has always been to gain acceptance and not self-segregation. There are lots of gay oriented mods and threads here at LL and I have never witnessed any problems with them. I don't believe anybody who wants to create and upload such a mod has anything to fear. Also I don't agree that there are no "romantic mods". Some very popular mods cover that (OSEX. AA, Romance, some of the main features of FG...).
  14. prinyo

    SexLab mods that work in SkyrimVR

    Half of this thread is about the fact that the port is already done. What you refer to is my post where I say: How is a question about if something should be done relevant in a thread discussing that it is already done? I also consider the idea about counting players in such a way as nonsensical, especially in the specific case. Thankfully the SKSE team and many mod authors do not follow it. But I will point out that as the time goes by the number of players of the pancake Skyrim will be less and less, the number of players of SkyrimVR will only grow.
  15. prinyo

    SexLab mods that work in SkyrimVR

    How is this even relevant here?