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  1. As I told you in the other thread where you asked this - try one of the other presets that the VR menu of SL offers.
  2. In the VR section of the MCM of SexLab you can choose the preset for free movement while in 1st person, this will fix the problem.
  3. @dark_knight097 The best solution is to get the full SL to work. Install the VR version of Papyrus Util (the one in Miscellaneous files here) after installing the SL. The files of Papyrus Util need to overwrite files of SL, If you use MO2 make sure PapyrusUtil is after SL on the left side list.
  4. Do you see a VR section in the MCM of SexLab? Sounds like the script files of the original SL are overwriting the patch files. If using MO2 check that the patch is after SexLab in the left pannel.
  5. What is that issue? Are there any new tests? My understanding is that the patch I uploaded earlier fixes the animations. Or not?
  6. Ha, ha, you must be very clever. But seriously speaking, this game is behind even in terms of clothes removing mods, let alone skimpy redesigns.
  7. I have not seen a male variation.
  8. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/48282-the-isle-of-mara/page/26/?tab=comments#comment-2926853
  9. ^ +1 I tried to do that several times with different setups. The closest I managed was collision with the breast of the male NPC (SOS). But never with the schlong.
  10. Ah, OK. I assumed you disagree that CP has been abandoned by the players and soon by the developers what was my main point.
  11. But this is valid for both CP2077 and TW3. Also "โ€˜Cyberpunk 2077โ€™ sets a Steam record with one million concurrent players", do you think all those players sold their Steam copies? So here is a different time period, for the scientist in you to put into context ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. Very much doubtful: Looking at the description about how this arbitrary "popularity" score is created it seems is based on activity regardless of reason. Given that CP2077 was released in the period with a cosmic amount of hype and with unprecedented controversies and scandals it is expected that it would generate enough noise, but a very small part of that is what we would call a "cyberpunk fanbase". I have not played the game yet, still waiting for it to "mature" in terms of patches and mods, but my hopes are really low, people just don't care about this game enough. I mean - in a way CP2077 joins MEA and Anthem as one of the games that released with a lot of social media noise and then were quickly abandoned. At this point it is better for CDPR to spend some time on a new DLC for TW3 than on new content for CP2077. I'm also curious about the enhanced edition coming soon.
  13. Are you sure you have enabled the "1st person strict" mode in SL? In my experience in that case if you move in real life the whole game world will move with you so you are basically staying in the same place. (basically it is a 3dof experience). Yep, the VR patch for SL doesn't use clone of the player anymore, so a 3rd person view would require more work. I wonder however if there is a point in it. And generally if there is a point of making different VRIK settings and presets, Seems to me the 1st person strict mode is the only one that makes sense. No, it is not needed, there is no way to end an animation via the MCM that I have found. I wrote the function just to satisfy my OCD ๐Ÿ™‚ The POC "patches" are just a tool to test a solution to patch the animations, I'm not interested in what happens with the furniture while using them, at least for now (not ignoring the posibility that fixing the animations can have a friendly fire effect on the furniture) . There are two question that they need to answer - do we need settings for the VRIK options or is just the strict 1st person mode enough and is the function "ApplyAnimEffects()" the correct place to patch both entering and exiting an animation. There is one file missing in the POC patch that is in the OP patch, since I was only interested in the animations. But I guess it is a good idea in further updates of the POC archive to include that also. But again - the point of the POC "patch" is to test what code changes make sense to be included into the OP patch, it is just a quick - test tool.
  14. An update for the test patch to add VRIK support to the animations started/ended via ZAZ. Should obey the VRIK settings in the MCM of SexLab. ZAZ8+animPOC2.7z The ZAZ patch at the top of the thread already adds VRIK support for devices - the hand tracking is disabling when the appropriate device is equipped, and furniture (in my setup it actually breaks the furniture usage, more testing will be needed to fine tune it). What is left is to handle the animations that ZAZ sends to the player character - what this patch is trying to do. Different mods from the ZAZ/DD ecosystem can use different ways to send aniamtions, the first step here is to patch the ZAZ way. This patch should apply the VRIK Settings when an animation is sent to the PC via the ZAZ MCM or via the main ZAZ mod itself.
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