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  1. Most of your pro's and con's don't make sense to me, so I would say - play one of them first and then the other. Or switch between them as you feel like.
  2. FB has a "shadow account" for you. If you have added your CC details to your Oculus account then it can get more specific. But I guess from what you said you haven't. I guess you are using a Rift, on the Quest it seems not possible to not use the store for the best Quest stuff.
  3. I think people overestimate the actual impact this will have on users. Facebook can already link your Oculus to your FB account quite precisely. But they have had issues in the past years with regulators about merging data cross services. For example last year "Germany's competition regulator has told Facebook to substantially restrict how it collects and combines data about its users unless they give it explicit consent." [ source ] Facebook appealed successfully [source] but as the article notes: "essentially kicking the matter into very long legal grass.". So Facebook is merging accounts across their brands as they have also started merging features and services. [example] But now they are headed to a deadlock in Germany where they stopped recently selling all Oculus headsets. Because of a German law that you can't require the customer to use product A in order to use product B. I don't think this has much to do with Valve as the Index is a very different niche - the Index is an expensive high-end headset. This is happening in the niche Microsoft is interested in, but so far they haven't managed to establish a stable presence even after having a range of headsets.
  4. You should create a topic in the VR section because Flower Girls is off-topic in this thread.
  5. I got it mostly working some months ago. Had to progress some quests via the console. Like master Falcon didn't react when I got on the cross. But managed to play quite smoothly until the first visit to Oblivion where I had a problem getting to and speaking to Malbronius. I think reloading several times and been more careful where I step would have worked, but at that moment I started playing something else and never continued. Planning to do a new run in the next few weeks. I'm using the Oldrim mod as is, because the CK always crashes when I save it, so I couldn't convert it. I did convert all the animations ( see here ) As a first step make sure your SL setup is full and correctly working. Check if you have everything setup as shown here. And then check this for the DD mods.
  6. If I remember correctly in the Flower Girls menus there is an option to enable the VR compatibility.
  7. We do have a F4VRSE [ here ]. Mods that don't have a dll and use some of the functions that the script extender adds should work. In other words - if the mod description says it requires F4SE and there is no dll in the files then it should work. I haven't tested it myself, but that would mean that 4play should work properly, including the stripping. AAF and other mods will only work after somebody recompiles the dlls for the VR SE. And since their source code is usually not publicly available the recompiling needs to be done by the mod authors. For Skyrim there was a bigger user demand and almost all mods got VR dll's. But FO4VR is very rarely played by people since it runs bad on any PC configuration. But if users ask (politely) I guess some mod authors will be willing to recompile. It is just FO4VR never got the traction SkyrimVR did.
  8. Did some more testing last night and you are right - the change with a gesture doesn't carry to the following animation. Not sure how it happened to me at some point or maybe I was mistaken. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. I don't know about after the Civil War, it is possible things change in that point in regards to them been potential followers. I can confirm that immediately after Helgen I'm able to recruit them as followers.
  10. My understanding is that any armor that has the keyword " SOS_Concealing" will not be schlongified, including the underwear.
  11. Tested it and works for me too. Thanks for the fix! I have added a link to your post in the mod description.
  12. I noticed that if I switch to 3rd person during an animation with a gesture and then don't switch back before it ends the next animation is also in 3rd person. It is possible that's what happened with you, if you haven't configured any specific gestures in the VRIK menu the default gestures are easy to trigger even by accident. You can try doing the gesture again when an animation has started. Or go to the SL VR settings, select some random preset and then select the one you want. It is possible this will reset the values the patch is using. Edited several days later, I was wrong.
  13. Yep, I have by chance stumbled upon different VR related comments in mod threads that have no replies and have drowned in the stream of other problems and discussions. Did you find a solution for the issue you describe there? I'm personally using RandomSex for NPC sex only, but maybe we can find out what the problem is. I have always wanted to make a change in that mod that only blocks sex between followers, but not between a follower and another NPC.
  14. Looks like you are using the Oldrim version of SexLab. You need to use the SSE one - here.
  15. Run FNIS and see if it shows any error messages.
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