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Skyrim VR modding: an absolute begginer guide

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Hello everyone !


You recently discovered loverslab, Skyrim VR and skyrim modding in general ? Well, so did I.


This game along with adult & non adult mod is quite possibly both the best gaming and adult content available in VR, all in one.


Skyrim VR modding is a bit intimidating: you've got about a decade of legacy content going back from the original Skyrim release in 2011, a lot of guides that are or aren't relevant anymore, plenty acronyms, a lot of mods that just mention "This is a port/continuation of XYZ" because most people already know what XYZ is about, but you're new so you don't.


As you can imagine, none of the adult content is provided by for-profits. Mostly, modders do it on their free time and are nice enough to release publically. Some modders accept donation, other don't. Don't be a freeloader and contribute one way or another: donate if you can afford, create or fix content if you have the know-how, help other people on the forum once you understand more how these work, write guides if you have the time, offer to record voice acting if you have the skills and a good setup for recording, translate if you speak another language, etc... There is many way to give back.


At the moment, a crucial piece of software (racemenu) is being updated for VR, by this guy, a contributor of SKSE, who has no interest in VR and bought a VR headset just to fix his mod for us: https://www.patreon.com/expired6978 If you can, support by giving on his patreon.


Unless it's not obvious to find (like a mod in the Oldrim section that works well in VR, or some quick fixes someone uploaded on the forum), I removed all the direct links because mods do get obsolete/replaced/taken over and linked pages might not be relevant anymore. Everything without link can be found easily on either TES Nexus or here, when available on both I'll clarify which source is suggested.



After about a week of messing around, studying forum threads, experimenting and reinstalling countless times, I'm writing this guide as a way to ease in people in the same situation as mine, so you don't have to make the mistake I made.


I may be wrong or mistaking on some points, any correction is welcome. This only reflects my  (partial) understanding of Skyrim VR modding and is not an absolute truth.


I - What to know before starting


- Modding Skyrim VR may seem like a glitchy mess. Well, as of 2020 it is not. Or at least not so much, the game is (finally !) surprisingly smooth and stable with my ~200 mods install. It's definitely worth it but you have to be careful with what to install and what to avoid


- A first version of Skyrim was released in 2011. It is sometime referred on forums as "Oldrim". You may also encounter references to a "Legendary Edition", it a later re-release of Oldrim so probably not relevant to you either. Later, a remaster was released as Skyrim Special Edition, whenever you see "Skyrim SE". "SSE" or "Newrim" it refers to that second version. Later still, Skyrim VR was released, as a third version. It's based on SSE but these are technically different products. Sadly, Skyrim VR's latest update is significantly behind Skyrim SE, and it doesn't seem like Bethesda is interested into updating VR any more, so Skyrim VR is based on an obsolete build of SE.


- Skyrim VR is partialy compatible with Skyrim SE mods. As a matter of fact, the biggest Skyrim mods site (TESNEXUS) does not have separate categories for SE and VR. What works and what doesn't ? You won't know for sure until you try.


- Many mods require other mod, which sometime requires yet other mods and so on. That's the main factor that will limit what is available to you in Skyrim VR, as an incompatible mod also prevents you to use any other mods that might require it. Fortunately this evolves quickly (I first wrote this guide in Feb 5 2020, a few weeks later many mods that didn't work now do)


- A modded Skyrim works well but can be very demanding on your hardware. Just because other VR games or vanilla Skyrim works well doesn't mean mods are to blame if you encounter issue. In my case, I found that my motherboard (Z77 chipset) Intel USB really can't keep up with long VR session and a PCIE USB3 helps A LOT.


- Don't bother with piracy, especially if you want adult content. Many libs interface directly with the main game executable, and won't be able to work with a cracked exe.


- Don't bother with OS other than Windows 10, at least with the Rift. While it would seem to be working, many, many of my glitches and issues were solved by giving up on Win7 and getting a Win10 partition.


- Sometime, an SE/VR compatible mod is listed in the "Skyrim" (Oldrim) section of this website. Check in the "Download" section if there is something with "SSE" included in the file name.


II - Getting started


So, you just installed skyrim fresh off steam. Run it once (it will generate some files that are required to initialize mods), check it works ok, then close it.


Register an account on both TES Nexus and here to be able to download files. Loverslab usually host more adult related mods that won't be accepted on TES Nexus.


Then you have to choose if you want to use a piece of software called a "mod manager". It automates installation process, but is not strictly required. Some people avoid it like the plague, personally I like it for two reasons: it saves a lot of time, and it makes uninstaling mods easier. The most popular is "Vortex" from TES Nexus.


If you use a mod manager like Vortex, I would suggest never installing mods manually, with the only exception being SKSE. Even mods not designed with a mod manager in mind will work with Vortex, just drag and drop the compressed archive (usually  zip or 7zip) in the software itself. The reason for that is that a mod manager keep a full copy of every mod somewhere, and allow you to easily change which mod is allowed to overwrite which other, or cleanly uninstall a mod while restoring any files it might have overwritten. Uninstalling a manually installed complex mod is tedious, and in some case almost impossible.


When downloading from TES Nexus, do not simply click on "Download" but click on "Files" and check if a "VR" version is available (esp. for libs). If there is one, it most likely imply than non-VR files are not compatible with Skyrim VR, if there is not it may mean that the original SE file also work in VR.


When testing new mods, the extra clean way is too restart a new game. In practice though, adding mod mid games usually isn't a problem, but removing one is. Making a hard save before adding a new mod so you can revert back to a previous state is good practice.


III Basic essentials


Before anything else, there is a few mods that you really want to have no matter what:


- SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender), which is a lib extending the modding API, required for many many mods. Not on nexus, at the moment you probably want the version from expired's patreon. When everything is released, you'll get the latest version here https://skse.silverlock.org/ , make sure to get SKSE VR and not the regular  or SE SKSE


- SkyUI VR. It's a proper UI because you DO NOT want to use the terrible default UI. It also includes MCM, an ingame menu system used by many mods ("mod configuration", in the same menu that allows you to save). Because MCM is now included in SkyUI, there is no need to install anything extra when a mod list "MCM" as a requirement. get it here: https://github.com/Odie/skyui-vr/releases/


- Papyrus VR.  It's an hard requirement for many, many mods. Always give it the highest priority if you use a mod manager, so that other mods don't replace it with their own built in, VR incompatible version. (if you don't use a mod manager, reinstall it when SKSE complains it's not compatible)


- VRIK if you gonna use VR controllers, not necessary for gamepad users. It messes some sex cutscene animation sometime, but improves gameplay a lot by adding VR aware holsters. Sadly the "VR Scale" function doesn't work (for me at least) so it won't fix the VR world being to small and not very realistic. (once, when I was doing some testing it suddenly worked, and the world looked awesome in real-life size, but went back to being to small after restarting and I never managed to get it to work again).  You need the latest dev build (which this guide will provide) and not the stable build.


- MFG Fix VR. Took me a while to realise why gags were never displayed properly. I was simply missing this fix. This guide will make you install it, otherwise get it here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/11669


- Jcontainer VR (again, make sure to get the VR version). Also a lib used by some mods. I don't really understand the different between Papyrus and jcontainer, some mods use one, some the other, safer to  have both.


- XPMSSE remove some arbitrary Skyrim limits on animation (I guess ? Anyhow, you need it)


- FNIS Behaviour VR. It builds animation for your system. Every time you add new models or animation, you  need to run this one (the exe somewhere in your Skyrin "data" folder). To be safe, just run it every single time you add or remove mods. Also, trust whatever it says: if there is any warning of any sort, something is definitely broken, chances are you did install non-VR compatible animation. I'm not really sure what it's for, but this mod seems to want you to install "Creature Framework", so... do it too I guess ?. Also, check the "Skeleon arm fix" checkbox. (it you don't, it will suggest you to anyway)


- Skyrim Unbound. Skips the long intro and let you create your character right away. Unlike "Live another life/alernate star", this one mosltly work with Skyrim VR. You'll restart games a lot while messing around with files, so you definitely want that. Note that it won't let you access any menu once a game is started (you'll say locked into its own menu), so you have to immediatly switch zone to trigger an autosave, then kill/restart the game. There is an updated version of this mod on TES Nexus but I stayed away from it since it requires a non-VR compatible mod.


- Caliente's Beautiful Body (CBBE). or UNP. Much better bodies for every human character, makes characters naked, it's a hard requirement for many mods and even if it wasn't you'd want it anyway because it's a huge improvement over the default models. UNP, now has very good support, but CBBE is the "historic" default choice. You most likely won't run into issue with UNP, it's just a bit trickier to set up with ABBA (Arousaled Based Breast Adjuster), which overlap with some features from Devious Device anyway.


IV: Non adult mods


What works


Weapons and armors:


- Zim's immersive artefacts (makes unique artefact really worth the trouble, it really breaks immersion when a legendary artifact is less powerful than what you looted from a random bandit)


- Expanded Skyrim weaponry


- Rustic Weapons pack


- Lore weapon expansion


- Heavy armors


- Rustic clothing


- Immersive armors




- Bandolier bags and pouch (adds bags, which increase your carrying capaciy in a lore-friendly way)




- Birds of skyrim (also add pigeons, no need to install other bird mods)


- Reverb and ambiance overhaul (more background noise)




- HD roads sign, makes road sign more legible in VR


- Skyrim 2020, improve most texture


- Static Mech Improvemen Mods, fix buggy/glitchy/ugly world geometry. Not all, playing in VR everything is so detailed and clear that you'll notice some bad geometry. (for instance, the gap between dragonreach's prison entrance and the road, never noticed it on non-vr version, very obvious if you play in VR  standing up)




- Everyhing from Mihail. you probably don't want to install all, even though you could, many monsters come from other games (Resident Evil. The witcher...) and break immersion.


- Immersive creatures


What doesn't (for me):


- Realistic Water Two. Shaders improvement for water, makes the game very laggy/crashy. Probably the worst offender of this list along with Death Alternative.


- Realisic lighting overhaul. Also seems to make the game unstable.


- Vivid weather, for the same reason.


- Immersive patrols and Immeversive Citizen. Incompatible with one of the sex mod (forgot which)


- Death alternative. Makes the game very crashy. Another mod called sexlab solution provide similar gameplay option anyway.


- Fuz Roh D'oh. A VR mod used to exist but made the game crash. Not really important, any mod that list it as a requirement seem to work fine without anyway.


V Adult mods


The two main ones you probably want are sexlab (a framework most adult mods relie on) and Devious Devices ("DD", framework for bondage content).


Fortunately, there is already great guides for sexlab:




The link this guide provide for MFG fix does not work, here is the correct one: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/11669  (go to "files" and specifically pick the VR version, the default download link is for non-VR)


If you use the VRIK version, do not use the latest stable version but the dev version linked here : https://www.loverslab.com/topic/132489-skyrim-sexlab-and-vr/


There is a guide for DD as well, but it's a bit old and it overlap with the SL guide and seem to be based on another version of SL, so I'll recap here instead. (original guide: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/131089-getting-devious-devices-to-work-in-skyrimvr/)




- Bodyslide and Outfit studio from TESNexus (it's also an executable, and yes you need it even if you don't plan to make your own bodies, otherwise many devices won't work)

- Sexlab Aroused redux  from here

- Devious Device from here (a new version was released on Feb 17 2020, seems to work very well, even fixes some issues I had)

- It seems like it is not necessary to use an older ZAZ animation pack. I tried ZAP 8+ and it works well (8+, not 8 which never worked for me). Look out for v9 which seems very promising, not released at the time of writing. Yes it's an Oldrim pack (seems like only v7 was officially ported on SSE ?) but it works well https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5211-zaz-animation-pack-v80-plus/


These 2 fixes:





(The original DD guide also recommand a third one, but it seems to overlap)


After installing everything (and you probably need to reinstall papyrus VR), you need to generate bodies with Bodyslide Studio. You won't need to use most options, run bodyslide x64.exe, just select a preset (most people seem to use "CBBE Fetish"), then "Batch Build", select all and let it generate everything.


Don't forget to also run FNIS afterward.


Then Another important mod to get is Schlongs of Skyrim. Even if you're a straight guy, you will want dicks, heterosexual sex scenes without dicks would be very weird indeed.  It's pretty straightforward, get from here: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5355-schlongs-of-skyrim-se/ and get tempered skin as well (in the description).


Finally, before we get to content itself, you probably want some physic for your bodies (jiggly boobs and ass !) as well.


It's full of acronyms and technical terms, but it's not as scary as it sounds.


There is two different framework/engines for physics. HDT-SMT is lighter, CBPC have smoother/better animation but uses a bit more CPU cycles. Can cause visual issue with breasts some bondage gear. The good news is that you can have both running simultaneously, and you can even choose which engine takes care of which part of the body. You probably will want HDT-SMT no matter what, and possibly CBPC as well.



- Install HDT-SMP (Not even sure what these acronym means) for VR

- Install CBPC VR

- Install CBBE 3BBB Advanced (from here, not the version from TES Nexus). It will ask you during install which engine to use for what, keep in mind there is clipping issue with CBPC (esp. with big breasts) but the physic is better, up to you to choose the tradeoff. It can later be changed in game by a spell.

- (optional) Install Sinful CBP  to configure jigglyness from ingame menu.


Then another pass of FNIS and Bodyslide of course



Now you can that the groundwork is done, you can install mods for actual content.


What works


- A whole lot of mods really.I can't list them all but more and more mods work well in VR now. Even if it's reported as incompatible on the forum, check for yourself, it might have changed (either the mod you want was updated, or one of its previously incompatible requirement was)


- Sexlab Aroused Redux, which is a requirement for a few other mods


- Racemenu VR. Right not you can only get it from Expired's Patreon (see the introduction of this guide), depending on when you read this guide it might be available from the traditional sources. https://www.patreon.com/expired6978


- Deviously Cursed Loot, mostly. It adds A LOT of content, not just cursed loot. Followers, quests, let you prostitude yourself, and so on... Works without racemenu VR, but will disable a few stuff and pop up error messages once in a while.


- Dripping when aroused.


 - Simple Slavery mod, seems to work well, I never triggered the "being sold as slave" event though, I'll update if I run into issues.


- TDF Agressive Prostitution


- Sex Slave, aka Mia's Lair. I haven't entered the castle yet, I'll update if I run into issues


- More nasty Critters


- SLAL and most animation I ever found. However it seems like not everything is tagged as it should, I had instances of a "tied on a cross" animation being played without any cross around. Note that you can't insall them all, there is a soft limit on how many can be loaded at once. FNIS will warn you if it thinks you installed too many.



What doesn't work


- Bondage Furniture World (sad, it looks fun, but the animation is very broken and the event themselves doesn't start... )


- Prison rape sort of work, but I had stability issue with player being raped. You can disable that part and only have guards rape other prisonners.


- Anything that requires the Skyrim Utility Mod (makes menu unusable by scrolling too fast, and even if you can live with that, mods that depends on it seem not to work in VR). Sadly it means no Prison overhaul, which also looks quite fun. (even if you can live with the menu bug from skyrim utility mod, the events never really triggers properly in Prison Overhaul)


- ModWhiterun, a mod that adds bondage furniture in Whiterun. Well, technically it works but it's quite buggy if the player try to use the devices, plus it sometime make the game crash. I still use it, but only for the aesthetic, I never interact.


Issues you have to learn to live with in VR


- Bodyslide studio does not support racemenu sliders yet on VR. Will definitely happen in the future (already updated in github) but no release yet. Not sure what it does, but I assume it means we have to live with weird clipping sometime. (as a workaround, use the SSE version for now - reinstall the mod so it prompts you for which game to use, and force the use of the SSE version on the VR folder)


- You'll have to manually disable VRIK hand/posture tracking (in VRIK menu, first page, select "Show mod options", then everything on the left column) during some animations. Usually SexLab's animation disable and re-enable these for you, and since a recent update so does devious device.



Do not hesitate to disable redundant features from mods in order not to bloat your dialogue options. For instance, you might want to use TDF as a pimp, but disable the ability to be a whore yourself since it's also provided by Cursed Loot. (or vice versa, but I like the option from Cursed Loot better, it's too easy to make money with TDF, not enough risk)


VI FAQ and common issues


- I can't use first person in Sexlab's scene


You probably are using the stable version of VRIK. Use the latest developpement version from https://www.loverslab.com/topic/132489-skyrim-sexlab-and-vr/


- Gags are not displayed properly, mouths stay closed


You probably forgot to install the MFG fix, here is the link : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/11669


- I keep getting spammed by "NetImmerse Override NI missing"


Get Racemenu VR from Expired's Patreon's page. Expired is nice enough to provide a new release for free one week after it's online, but it's always nice to support devs : https://www.patreon.com/expired6978


That should cover it. Any suggestion is welcome. feel free to reply with any mods you tried in Skyrim VR to report what works and what doesn't.

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9 hours ago, APL3 said:

FNIS will warn you right away it doesn't work with VR.


If this happens you can convert the animations yourself with this.

You end up with 2 files - one of them the actual converter, the other one is a bat file that will call the convertor for all hkx files in the directory. So basically you copy the 2 files to the directory with animation files and run the bat file.


9 hours ago, APL3 said:

More Nasty Critter


9 hours ago, APL3 said:

While SLAB itself works, I couldn't file any extra animation pack that would work with Skyrim VR.

There are SLAL packs for SSE available for download, but if you can't find the one you are looking for you can:

- convert the Oldrim pack using the above tool;

- or get the animation files from SL Light (if you don't want to install CK)  - it includes a lot of SLAL packs and contains the converted hkx files.





Still there is a good chance that an SSE conversion for a pack is already uploaded.


9 hours ago, APL3 said:

it regularly spams you complaining that "NiOverride" is missing

One possibility is to join the patreon of Expired and get the WIP RacemenuVR. But if you don't want to pay for mods or don't want to use WIP (work in progress) mods you can use "RaceMenu Special Edition v0-2-7" that will show you a message of been incompatible when the game starts but mods that need it will not lock functionality in the game.




About DD - I experimented with some mods and it seems while the furniture is usable the wearables do not work (on the player character).. Cuffs, binders, this sort of things, @reikiriwas planning to maybe look at why props do not work with VRIK in SL scenes, I guess this is a similar issue. But I might be wrong and maybe it is an issue with my setup.

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Alright, I'm currently away for work, I'll update when I have access to a proper keyboard again, I hate using smartphones.


For DD, cuffs and binders mostly work with me with VRIK. It's the hand motion that conflicts with cuffs and binders, somehow sexlab (or DD ?) is aware of it and automatically disables it during SL scenes, then enable it again. That part worked out of the box for me.


However, your character will not properly be bound outside of sex animation (you can see using VRIK's "selfie" mode for instance), so the workaround is to manually disable posture/hands/arm in VRIK.


The issue with that is that if an animation is triggered (say, you're getting raped), hand tracking is automatically turned back on an the end of the scene so you need to disable it again.


A way to fix it would be for DD to automatically disable hand and arm tracking when your hands are bound (and likewise for legs/feet ?) and re-enable it again when you're freed. Maybe I could do that myself, are SL and DD open source ?

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Somebody needs to sit down and patch the DD-based mods "properly". Somebody that is using them and knowing them better (than me for example or others that are using them rarely and in a specific way). I have looked at the files and I can see I'm missing context for a lot of the code and how it is actually used in the game.

Patching this is more complicated than patching other mods for several reasons. And it is not technically difficult, but in a more conceptual way - you need to keep in mind the big picture.


In a typical DD-based mod there are 3 mods that send animation events: SL, ZAZ and DD. DD also needs additional patching in order to restrict VRIK in some way in some situations. So the 3 of them need to be patched in a way that makes sense for them and for the 3 of them working together.


And you need to keep track of the following 3 aspects:

1. Animations. 

Say you have setup SL to turn 3rd person during animations. Do you want the same in the DD and ZAZ animations? Most people expect consistent experience.

The SL VR patch has an API function that allows other mods to use the VR settings from SL. So this is technically easy to do.

2. DD specific effects.

Do you want to apply the same settings to specific DD situations? This is probably a question of personal preference. You would not want 3rd person when cuffed for example, but maybe when using the cross or other DD furniture? Additionally different kind of devices will require different settings to be turned off in VRIK.

And 1st person VR can be really boring when everything happens behind you. So if you are bound to the pillory - what do you want to see?

3. The two working together

After an animation ends you would need to reapply the VRIK settings specific for the DD device the player is using. So you will need you own "registry" where you store all the changes you have made so you can apply them again.

And the opposite - you would want some DD device specific settings to carry into the animation. For example the player has set hands tracked in SL, you would sometimes want to disable them. The SL VR patch currently doesn't have this possibility as far as I know.


An example: The player is using 3rd person view when on the pillory and 1st person in SL. You need to switch to 3rd person when the specific DD device is activated. But not if another one is (say the cross). When the animation starts SL will do it's job and apply it's settings so you are now in 1st person. At the animation end you would need to reapply the DD specific setting. Or in the same setup - maybe you want all SL animations while on the pillory to be 3rd person but not on the cross?

ZAZ itself also needs context specific settings.


Patching those mods would not be hard from technical point of view for a person with basic Papyrus knowledge. But it requires good practical knowledge of the DD ecosystem. And would need to be flexible enough to accommodate different user preferences.

I'm using 3rd person view as an example here, but there are multiple settings and combinations that need to be considered, including VRIK's own gestures system.


I don't want all of this to sound as discouragement, just things to think about. I'm always willing to help when I can, CPU is very helpful with questions about Papyrus and SL, Prog is a very down-to-earth cool dude who has helped me find answers about VRIK even when I was unable to form a coherent question (because sometimes I don't even understand what I don't understand when it comes to nodes, skeletons or dll's), Reikiri is extremely efficient and helpful. And sometimes posting questions online can get unexpected helpful answers.


I guess a good place to start is to patch the SendAnimationEvent calls in ZAZ to use the SL settings for VR which would provide consistency in the experience. ZAZ is also used outside of the DD ecosystem (like the needs mods). So it seems the best place to start.

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Alright, so I had a bit of free time and did an extensive rewrite of the guide. Among other I discovered that ZAP8+ works very well in VR, unlike the original ZAP8.


I updated from Win7 to Win10, and it's a world of difference when using the Rift ! When Oculus said Win7 is not compatible anymore, they were not joking. I assumed they only meant "we don't want to bother giving official support", and I was wrong.




Thanks for your reply !


The version of MNC you are linking was the one I used. For some reason it didn't work and FNIS complained and now it does work and FNIS doesn't issue warning. I am therefore listing it as compatible.


Same with SLAL, everyhing works perfectly now, I am yet to find an animation pack that doesn't work.


For racemenu, I had already linked it in my introduction, now I made reference to it again in the mod list to be clearer.


However the issue is still there for other animation (like using interactive BDSM's bondage furniture on yourself, body search or bondage furniure world, but all 3 have issue and are crashy in VR anyway, so you probably don't want them)


edit: I removed my comment about the DD update. My results has been very inconsistant, I need more time to figure it out.

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對不起因為我的國語沒有呢麼好所以我用英文回覆, 但是如果你要跟我講國語沒問題我看得懂


Thank you for your comment !


Well, some streamlining would be great sure, but it would requiring doing it all over again every time sometime is updated. Especally now since a new ZAZ Animation Pack is coming soon and Racemenu is only available in alpha and progressing fast.


Maybe once both are released it would make sense to provide an "easy" starting point ?


In the meantime, don't be intimidated, it's really much faster and not as mafan as it look, especially if you use a mod manager which directly integrate with your browser and make installing most mod a one click affair.



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Thanks for the suggestion, I updated the guide to make it clearer (I did not mention it directly, it was part of the guide I was suggesting following to get Sexlab working)


I also added a FAQ section, with yours being the first added.




Please not that I may be less active. Sadly, my right Oculus touch died and since it's not unsupported Oculus can't do anything for me, so no more VR for me now. Especially frustrating since it broke just the day before Alyx got released, I even had the steam preload finished !


Send me a message if you live in Taiwan or France and have a right touch controler to sell me

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3 hours ago, Number24 said:

When sex animations play that involve the player character does the game switch to a third person view (as it would in normal Skyrim) or does it somehow stay first person because it’s VR?

You can choose which option do you prefer in MCM.

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Everything works following this guide (VRIK, SL, DD, CBBE+HDT, etc) except for ZAZ at the end, but I cannot figure out what's wrong:

I've downloaded "ZaZ Animation Pack+ CBBE HDT V.8.0+", installed it, downloaded the patch "DCL-DD-ZaZ HDT-SMP and other patches", installed it, but when I run the GenerateForUsers with FNIS 7.6 VR XXL, I have 2 warnings for ZAZ:

>>Warning: \character\behaviors\FNIS_ZaZAnimationPack_Behavior.hkx not Skyrim VR compatible<<
Reading ZaZAnimationPack V8.00 ... 	ChAnims:1669	 CTD:7,9%	 pOpt:0,1%
>>Warning: \character\behaviors\FNIS_ZaZAnimationPack+_Behavior.hkx not Skyrim VR compatible<<
Reading ZaZAnimationPack+ V8.00 ... 	ChAnims:42	 CTD:0,2%	 pOpt:0,0%

and indeed when I load my last clean save (riverwood, start of the game), I cannot see my body with VRIK and all the NPC are in T-shape. As you seem to have made it work in your guide, can you give me your recipe to generate properly with FNIS please? 🙂 (not even sure it's the root cause, though)

Thank you!


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On 4/26/2020 at 8:49 PM, eydo said:


Everything works following this guide (VRIK, SL, DD, CBBE+HDT, etc) except for ZAZ at the end, but I cannot figure out what's wrong:

I've downloaded "ZaZ Animation Pack+ CBBE HDT V.8.0+", installed it, downloaded the patch "DCL-DD-ZaZ HDT-SMP and other patches", installed it, but when I run the GenerateForUsers with FNIS 7.6 VR XXL, I have 2 warnings for ZAZ:

>>Warning: \character\behaviors\FNIS_ZaZAnimationPack_Behavior.hkx not Skyrim VR compatible<<
Reading ZaZAnimationPack V8.00 ... 	ChAnims:1669	 CTD:7,9%	 pOpt:0,1%
>>Warning: \character\behaviors\FNIS_ZaZAnimationPack+_Behavior.hkx not Skyrim VR compatible<<
Reading ZaZAnimationPack+ V8.00 ... 	ChAnims:42	 CTD:0,2%	 pOpt:0,0%

and indeed when I load my last clean save (riverwood, start of the game), I cannot see my body with VRIK and all the NPC are in T-shape. As you seem to have made it work in your guide, can you give me your recipe to generate properly with FNIS please? 🙂 (not even sure it's the root cause, though)

Thank you!


I also get these issues but with other animation packs ZaZ works fine for me but almost any other one has not compatible with VR and it breaks the entire game how did you get yours to work? @Adorv_31

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I figured out the issue I was getting animation packs from Skyrim not Skyrim SE. I do have a new issue though. Defeat does not work correctly I only get assaulted by 1 person then it stops and the people go back to normal also it does to work with creatures and sometimes I die during Defeat. Did anyone else fix these issues?

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I am a very regular user of skyrim (oldrim) with sexlab and before buying skyrim VR i have a simple question.


When using sexlab, the command toggle free camera is working ? (i'm asking for the automatic TFC in sexlab). And, as let's be honnest, most of the interest of DD and most of mods here is when you are playing in 3th person view.


I dont have a lot of experience in VR , just a few game like elite or alyx and obvioulsy they are meant to pe played with1st person view. But with sexlab mods, thats not the case, mostly. So there is a way to play in 3th person with skyrim VR ? Even if i dont know if a VR game would be playable in 3th perso view.

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4 hours ago, gurdilhfkk said:

I am a very regular user of skyrim (oldrim) with sexlab and before buying skyrim VR i have a simple question.


When using sexlab, the command toggle free camera is working ? (i'm asking for the automatic TFC in sexlab). And, as let's be honnest, most of the interest of DD and most of mods here is when you are playing in 3th person view.


I dont have a lot of experience in VR , just a few game like elite or alyx and obvioulsy they are meant to pe played with1st person view. But with sexlab mods, thats not the case, mostly. So there is a way to play in 3th person with skyrim VR ? Even if i dont know if a VR game would be playable in 3th perso view.

No, but the Sexlab VR patch allows you to use special "free camera" mode which is basically the exact same. In fact I believe it defaults to "free camera", if you want to use POV instead (so that you are in your own body instead of looking at it from above) you have to change the mode.


So no, you can't play Skyrim VR in third person view, but for Sexlab only you get basically a third person view with "free camera". I would recommend Skyrim VR - almost all of the major Skyrim SE mods work in VR now. The main holdout was Fuz Ro D'oh, but a patch came out for that just over a week ago that, while not working 100% (it shows all subtitles instead of just the ones it should), does work. I don't think there is any reason to NOT pull the trigger on Skyrim VR if you have a decent VR headset.


What headset do you have?

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On 5/6/2020 at 4:23 PM, gurdilhfkk said:

I am a very regular user of skyrim (oldrim) with sexlab and before buying skyrim VR i have a simple question.


When using sexlab, the command toggle free camera is working ? (i'm asking for the automatic TFC in sexlab). And, as let's be honnest, most of the interest of DD and most of mods here is when you are playing in 3th person view.


I dont have a lot of experience in VR , just a few game like elite or alyx and obvioulsy they are meant to pe played with1st person view. But with sexlab mods, thats not the case, mostly. So there is a way to play in 3th person with skyrim VR ? Even if i dont know if a VR game would be playable in 3th perso view.

Alot of the event animations for DD and stuff DO NOT work though. you just sit there while your body does a slight animation but of course you are in control of your hands so it doesn't work. I am not sure if there is a way to fix this through what it out right now but otherwise you can turn that off and it is very nice.

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10 hours ago, gurdilhfkk said:

Thanks for your response, il will give a try.


I have a rift S with 3900x/5700xt

Yeah, that should work excellent. If you already like Flatrim, you'll love Skyrim VR, and it'll work great with that rig.

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Just getting into VR soon, pre-ordered the HP reverb g2, i have been dieing to play skyrim and fallout in vr, bought both a long time ago when they where on sale.


so thanks for this guide. i don't think i want to go as nuts as i did on the non vr versions, but i would like good looking nude bodies and and DD and.. you know i think i will just keep adding until it breaks, then go back one:)


still have a month or two to wait for the headset but starting to look into vr mods now.


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10 hours ago, frogstar said:

Sorry to ask a dumb question, but after installing DD, where can you actually find any of the furniture?  Thanks!

My understanding is that DD does not actually place any furniture or devices in the world.  It is merely a framework for other mods.  This might have changed since version 5.0 but I wouldn't know (I am sticking with v4 for now).  You need other mods from here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/94228-se-compatibility-tracking-mar-14-6102/


Here are some examples:

Devious Followers - Continued SE - Maybe the easiest way would be to ask a follower for a device


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