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  1. Not a song, but a whole type of music. I hate everything that creeps into the Top 40s or however it's named. Never liked those kind of songs and working at gyms is a guarantee you will hear them all the fucking day, every single day, for years... Since they all sound the same, I totally understand why things like this happen.
  2. Sorry if I said something that was insulting to you. Believe me, it was not my intention. In fact, that's why I told you "everyone can come up with better explanations than I can come with"; I was thinking about yours.
  3. Well... to be honest, I just see this a convenient way to concentrate on playing rather than wasting my time managing my inventory. I think functionality like this should have been in the game all along. So... I prefer leave lore reasons to individual players. I'm sooooo old school that I still remember when game developers trusted we players had something between our shoulders and let us use our imaginations for things like that. I'm quite sure every single player can come up with way better lore than I ever could :)
  4. Aside from what you have been answered, remember this example. Imagine you want to put on some shoes. You would need to: Put on a sock on your right foot. Put on a shoe on your right foot. Tie shoe on right foot. Put on a sock on your left foot. Put on a shoe on your left foot. Tie shoe on your left foot. Now imagine that you are given multithreading powers and you grew another pair of cores (arms). Let us speed the process: Put socks on both feet at the same time. Put on shoes on both feet at the same time. Tie shoes on both feet at the same time. Nice! Being multithreaded reduced by half the time that task took. What happens if we double the cores and now we grew 8 arms? Does this mean we can speed up our algorithm above by 2x once again? Turns out, no. Even if you had 3000 arms, there's no way you can do that step faster, because some tasks need to be finished before others are done. It isn't possible to put on socks along with shoes, or tie them while you are putting them on. Well, that's the thing with parallel processing. Even if Skyrim wasn't known for being sloppily made in almost all fronts, even if it effectively used multiple cores (no easy task, by the way. A new engine would need to be written from the scratch, since they are using one that was designed when multiple cores weren't a thing), even if Papyrus was really able to create parallel processing threads (ha! Keep dreaming xD), even if modders were able to create bug free multithreading mods (an achievement by itself. Threads are known for being hard to program in non functional languages), even if modders knew how to do multithread algorithms, there's a limit on how much performance you can squeeze from parallel processing. So... forget about those kinds of things while Bethesda still uses their home brew Gamebryo engine, and even if they abandon it for something modern, don't expect that much from any front when it comes to multithreading.
  5. I'm inside a cozy house; its door hiding behind a waterfall just down the road from Whiterun. This house has its own pool. Life is good.
  6. This. And if that doesn't solve your issue, then you may need to fiddle around with armor add-ons on your esp (hopefully this isn't the case). Some mods make changes to armor add-ons at esp level, so bodies end up pointing at invalid, non existing files.
  7. I can't see your files because I'm not at my computer, but did you try to use them in a new game? Morphs get saved to the SKSE co-save and they are applied from that saved data, so you won't see changes unless you start a new game or use the program that cleans co-save data (I don't remember its name right now).
  8. Like @foreveraloneguy said, you apply morphs the same way you do for women. If you need all slider names for any kind of body, they are defined in xml files in Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide\SliderCategories\. ... for example, HIMBO. I opened HIMBO.xml and ran this regular expresion (you can use Notepad++ for that) to grab all slider names: Search: name="(.*)" d Replace: "$1" And I got this: Of course, by changing the replacing string you can get whatever output you want. You can even generate Papyrus code using it.
  9. So this is what you were working on :o It's incredible how people can came across the same ideas at the same time xD I've been working for almost a year on something that mostly do the same as this mod xD (but I settled to 6 textures instead of 10). If need more help on things like how to apply morphs to men, don't hesitate to ask me :)
  10. I'll be honest with you: I'm so bored of this theme I won't see that video. But if what the caption says is true, that would explain quite a lot.
  11. Yeah, I bought this game too. Why should I rely on this kind of thing? People here seems to forget we are using Windows and formating our computers is not an uncommon task. All this "deactivate this, backup that" talk goes to hell when the time to make a fresh install comes up.
  12. Yep, I tried the spell with SPID for the Unequip event, but didn't work for me :S Skyrim Platform is a framework that let's you make mods using Typescript instead of Papyrus. I said this in my page and I still hold to it: it has brought to us, the unwashed masses, the kind of power only the legendary beings that can do C++ DLLs have. Mods done in it are at least 600 times faster that things done in Papyrus, according to my testing and personal experience. And... you know... Typescript is a real programming language, unlike Papyrus
  13. Thanks! I found the solution about two months ago, but haven't written about it. What I'm doing is not so different than what you did and you basically know what technical issue causes the problem. Here's the quick answer: When you get naked and you aren't using gauntlets, hands nodes disappear and fuse with the body, so whatever texture you apply to the body gets applied to the hands. The solution is to equip a naked hands armor whenever an NPC or your PC has no gauntlets equipped. That way you can be sure there will always be a hands node. The only remaining "problem" is how to equip those hands on NPCs. It's quite easy to setup an alias for the player and react to OnObjectUnequipped event, but it's not as easy doing that for NPCs. ... that is, unless you are using Skyrim Platform to make your mod. It's trivial to react to (un)equip events for both PC and NPCs in there, so solving The Pizza Hands Syndrome for everyone is quite easy in there. I'm glad whatever I've been writing is being of help. I'll write more things when I get some time to do it. Right now I also know about applying body morphs using NiOverride and want to write about it.
  14. No. I would need to open a Twitter account for him to notice me, but I don't feel like doing that.
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