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  1. I have no idea. I rememberI tried to import the mesh doing many different things, but to no avail. Hell, at this point I just gave up with this armor project of mine. Modding is supposed to make fun things for my game, but constantly battling against Skyrim and doing all kind of hacks just to get basic things done is the total opposite of fun to me It's like a shitty job I don't even get paid for.
  2. I know right. Deactivating mods is boring and annoying stuff, but it seems to be almost mandatory to know how to do it. Sometimes my game just suddenly starts to CTD (when it previously worked smoothly) and after deactivating mods and searching information on the one that causes problems I find that some of my mods were incompatible all along! Fortunately, one can easily become quite proficient at isolating problematic mods. Nowadays it takes me around 15 minutes to find the offender out from 600 installed mods and don't you think that's something I usually do.
  3. Well, time to deactivate mods until you find the culprit. I suggest you to start with RaceMenu and all mods that depend on it.
  4. Yeah, that may be the case. In my experience, the most common reasons why Skyrim SE crashes are: Many things happening all at once. Some mod has corrupt assets. Any mod that uses SKSE causes it because: incompatiblities with another SKSE mod, needs updating or is badly programmed. The first one causes random, unpredictable and (QUITE) spare CTDs (that mostly happen while in battle), while the other two are more consistent.
  5. I made a mod that uses NiOverride (from RaceMenu) to change textures via script and that's mostly what I saw whenever I entered the race menu: textures disappear and get restored when you exit it. So, yeah… it's most likely a mod doing that. You need to try your game with all mods deactivated and systematically activate them until you find the culprit. Whatever mod you are using must be incomplete or in alpha state, though. Before you try deactivating all mods, I have a suggestion: Go to the body overlays tab in the character creation menu and assign an overlay to each one of them. Any shitty tattoo you can clearly see will do. If the wet appearance disappears with that, then it's a mod using overlay layers. I won't bore you with technical details. Just trust me; I spent many months experimenting with NiOverride because there's no documentation for it
  6. Hi. As usual, I ask as my last resort. I've been searching for this for weeks, but I can't make this work. What's the modern workflow for modeling armors in Blender? I need to know: How to import to blender. How to export from Blender, including partition data. I've tried to use the only documented method, which seems to be from 2012 and uses a prehistoric version of Nifskope and Blender to modify the nif header so the Blender importer treats it as a Fallout 3 mesh (yeah, I even found why was necessary to modify the header). Results: I can't import the CBBE body to make an armor for it. I just get an obscure error message that doesn't tell me a thing. Something like "Importing error". I've tried the last version of the nif plugin for Blender and it works as is, but if I import a mesh and export it as is, the exporter generates me quite a different internal structure for the newly created nif. If I remember correctly (right now I'm on a tablet), the newly created mesh doesn't have any skin partition data. Also, since I want to create a CBBE armor I suppose I could rig and skin it in Outfit Studio. Am I correct?
  7. I'm on a tablet, so I can't verify, but the load order for 000198CD tells me it may be Skyrim itself! If that's the case, I wouldn't worry too much. The Papyrus log is meant to be spammed (that's why don't play with it activated).
  8. I don't know what you mean with "face and body don't mix", but I suppose you got the problem where the face and hands are different color than the body. I think that sometimes happen due to load order and some other kind of arcane mysteries I haven't deciphered yet, but most of the time it happens because that mod uses custom skin textures but its body data points towards default textures, meaning it uses both your and their textures and it happens you aren't using the ones the mod author used. The solution is simple: replace that mod's textures with the ones you use. As for the lack of physics, to be able to use physics you need not just to have installed physics extensions, but having bodies/armors that actually use them. It seems this mod was not built using CBBE with physics, so you need to make a Bodyslide project for that. Somewhere in this post there was posted a Bodyslide file that lets you use physics for their naked bodies, but the 3BBB body is a hard requirement for that file (that was not specified when posted). Their default armors are not included in that file, so they won't get physics.
  9. Mostly. But I took skin samples from one website I forgot Try searching for "skin textures" and see what you come up with. The only kind of textures I've ever done for Skyrim have been normal maps for peolple, but I've done skin in the past for other projects and that's usually the way. http://www.poopinmymouth.com/tutorials/ This site is OLD but its gold when it comes to that kind of knowledge you seek. In some of his tutorials, he teaches a quite smart technique to subtly vary colors, using the cloud filter in Photoshop. You should really take a deep dive in that site.
  10. Not really. I don't know too much about this, but I would check first if your hdtPhysicsExtensions.dll and JContainers are compatible with your current SKSE version. Since your memory corruption problem is most likely caused by some low level memory manipulation, the safest bet is to assume it was caused by some SKSE dll plugin, since those are the only kind of mods that can do that kind of thing in Skyrim.
  11. Yeah, but the workflow is slower because it recompresses the file each time you save. True, png is also compressed, but it takes way less time than BC7.
  12. I'm artistically challenged as well :P, but I've modified many body textures myself, so I can give you at least a general workflow. Download Paint.net, since it can painlessly deal with optimized textures from SE. Open in Paint.net a texture you want to modify. Save it as png to work on it. Do whatever you want on the texture. Save your finished png as targa (*.tga). Download Cathedral Assets Optimizer. Run Cathedral over your tga folder with the "process textures" options on. As you can see, the "do whatever you want on the texture" step is the hardest one.
  13. You may have a mod that has some corruptes asset. Since I don't know about any mos that does that, there may be no other way to know than testing by deactivating a handful of them until you find the culprit. I deactivate batchs of 10 to speed up the process.
  14. I'll give some general rules of thumb I developed by experience. Once having all basic bug fixes up to date, CTDs can be caused by: Lack of memory. Culprits are usually mods that spawn new enemies and such. Corrupt assets. That's specially true if you always get CTDs at some specific location, like your case. Mods that handle NPCs for a long time. I've been having random CTDs with some sex matchmaking mods. It's like if sometimes there are in-game struggles between scripts to control one specific NPC. I don't know the technical details behind this, but disabling sex matchmaking mods (by MCM will do, no need to uninstall them) usually does the trick.
  15. This is not a question, but rather something like a solution I found for a problem. I put it here because I couldn't find the answer with any search engine, so I expect people find this post that way... and maybe some of you know why this happens? GetSex() always returns 0 I wanted to do this: bool Function IsFemale(Actor akTarget) Global return akTarget.GetActorBase().GetSex() == 1 EndFunction But it was always false because GetSex() always returned 0. It was quite easy to find that doesn't work. You need to use GetLeveledActorBase() because "something about leveled lists", yadda yadda. That's even the way Sexlab gets sexes. Don't worry though, GetLeveledActorBase() works fine for the player Actor. If GetLeveledActorBase().GetSex() always returns 0... But this also returned 0: bool Function IsFemale(Actor akTarget) Global return akTarget.GetLeveledActorBase().GetSex() == 1 EndFunction Even worse, I was getting weird results, like getting false from comparing akTarget.GetLeveledActorBase().GetSex() == 0 even though the only thing GetSex() was ever returning was 0. Turned out, I wanted to have this function inside a library script that never gets instantiated by adding it to a Quest, Magic Effect, etc. in the CK (that's why it was a Global function), but for some reason, calling GetSex() from a Global function always returns 0, while calling it from an instantiated script works the expected way. So, the proper way to get an Actor sex is: bool Function IsFemale(Actor akTarget) ; It seems GetSex won't work if used inside a Global function; it can't be added to a library. return akTarget.GetLeveledActorBase().GetSex() == 1 EndFunction tl;dr: Don't call GetSex() from a Global function.
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