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  1. I'm having CTDs and freezes as well as infinite load screens. I've ran loot, cleaned the core game files with TES5Edit, and I'm at a dead end for ideas. Any help is greatly appreciated. GameMode=Skyrim Skyrim.esm=1 Update.esm=1 Dawnguard.esm=1 HearthFires.esm=1 Dragonborn.esm=1 Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp=1 Havok Breast Physic.esm=1 SexLab.esm=1 HentaiPregnancy.esm=1 SexLabAroused.esm=1 Devious Devices - Assets.esm=1 Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm=1 BBLuxurySuite.esm=1 Devious Devices - Integration.esm=1 Devious Devices - Expansion.esm=1 ZaZAnimationPack.esm=1 hdtHighHeel.esm=1 CreatureFramework.esm=1 SkyUI.esp=1 RaceMenu.esp=1 RaceMenuPlugin.esp=1 RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp=1 Brows.esp=1 KS Hairdos - HDT.esp=1 FNIS.esp=1 RGMsVanityMirror.esp=1 Havok Breast Physic Dawnguard.esp=1 Havok Breast Physic Dragonborn.esp=1 Havok Breast Physic.esp=1 XPMSE.esp=1 SOSRaceMenu.esp=1 FNISSexyMove.esp=1 SLALAnimObjBillyy.esp=1 AnubAnimObj.esp=1 SLAnimLoader.esp=1 SexLab_Solutions.esp=1 AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp=1 Bijin Warmaidens.esp=1 CommunityOverlays1_0T30.esp=1 Somewhat historically accurate swords.esp=1 UIExtensions.esp=1 AddItemMenuLE.esp=1 MilkModNEW.esp=1 MilkMod_MilkPumpsFancy.esp=1 SexLab-Stories.esp=1 Guards_Armor_Replacer.esp=1 SexLab Inflation Framework.esp=1 SlaveTats.esp=1 FMS_FemaleMakeupSuite.esp=1 MilkModNEW HF.esp=1 SexLabNudeCreatures.esp=1 SexLabNudeCreaturesDB.esp=1 SexLabNudeCreaturesDG.esp=1 HentaiCreatures.esp=1 sanguinesDebauchery.esp=1 SexLabSkoomaWhore.esp=1 Slaverun_Reloaded.esp=0 Immersive Wenches.esp=1 SimpleSlavery.esp=1 Vivace.esp=1 bac.esp=1 SexLab_Dialogues.esp=1 DeviousFollowers.esp=1 Bijin Wives.esp=1 PuppetMaster.esp=1 KS Hairdo's.esp=1 SFO_SkinFeatureOverlays.esp=1 CalienteVanillaArmorTweaks.esp=1 SexLabDefeat.esp=1 SofiaFollower.esp=1 Deviously Enslaved.esp=1 Schlongs of Skyrim.esp=1 Better Vampires.esp=1 SL Deadly Drain.esp=1 TDNEquipableHorns.esp=1 EggFactory.esp=1 Toccata.esp=1 HDTTailsEquipable.esp=1 dvmb.esp=1 SexistGuards.esp=1 SOS - Hormones UNP Addon.esp=1 SOS - Smurf Average Addon.esp=1 SOS - VectorPlexus Regular Addon.esp=1 SOS - Shop.esp=1 MF_RadiantProstitution.esp=1 msAMV - VampireRogueArmor.esp=1 FalmerBikini.esp=1 SexLab_Hormones.esp=1 Wolfbikini.esp=1 BBLuxurySuiteENM.esp=1 LustmordVampireArmor.esp=1 Neo's Slave Leia Renewal.esp=1 TheEyesOfBeauty.esp=1 SOS Female Schlongifier (No Schlong Addon by Erundil).esp=1 SOS - ERF Equipable Horse Penis.esp=1 SOS - ERF Horse Penis Addon.esp=1 Animated Dragon Wings.esp=1 Kaw's Claws.esp=1 Merta Assassin Armor.esp=1 Facelight.esp=1 ZaitamaDragonbornUniqueArmor.esp=1 ZaitamaVanillaUniqueArmor.esp=1 Immersive Wenches -KS hairs- Patch.esp=1 EstrusChaurus.esp=1 DW.esp=1 zzEstrus.esp=1 MoreNastyCritters.esp=1 Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp=1 ImmerSlave.esp=1
  2. Hey there! Sorry if this is the wrong place to do it, but I recently got into modding Fallout 4 and have been having some trouble. I think it's the load order but im not sure. Sexual Harassment mod doesnt load any sex animations and after certain ones, the NPCs will simply run back to where they came from. My deploy order is: AAF - The One Patch to Bang Them All Advanced Animation Framework AAF_FamilyPlanningEnhanced AAF_VanillaKinkyCreatureAnimations AAF_Violate AS Vektor Armor and Weapon Keywords Atomic Lust BBM Blank Voices BNPA and NAVI Power Armor Bodyslide and Outfit Studio Boston Breeder Cross_GoreCrits CBBE Damage Threshold DansesWearableHolotags Devious Devices Dirty Raiders FO4_AnimationsByLeito FPEDogAddon FPESuperMutantAddon FPE_Interface_Script Kriss Vector AWKCR Patch Kriss Vector (I really like the gun, okay?) LooksMenu MCM New Caibers OCBP Physics Ponytail Hairstyle by Azar Rogg DD Items Manager Sex Attributes SexHarassment TBOS-BodyTalk TortureDevices Tougher Vertibirds ZaZ-Extended_Skeleton ZCBP - OCBP Configs for ZeX Bodies bp70FO4sexanimations dcc-bp-lol-navi-v2 dcc-potc-duster-alt-tex -dcc-potc-v112 Or if anyone see the issue with Sexual Harassment mod not loading sex animations and NPCs simply resetting, that'd be great for a fix!
  3. hi if your reading this and think you can help, then thank you in advance i have have done tones of research, reading and other annoying things to try and fix this myself for days now including: LOOT and multiple guides on how your load order i supposed to look and nothing i have done has fixed the issue. Now the issue: most of the misc quests can't be started as in they don't even have the dialog to start them e.g. Ysolda's rare gift guest for the mammoth tusk and other similar radiant quests "stopping from being able get some followers and getting married". now from the research that i have done i know that there are other thing that can cause this issue like have another rare gift quest or having the letter from the jarl of falkreath from the hearth fire DLC quest and i have made sure that is not the issue including starting a new game with no misc quests, and doing whats suggested on the LAL mod page. that said the only other cause that i could find was load order and that Ysolda's quest not working was a good indicator theirs something wrong So here it is my load order a export NNM: GameMode=Skyrim Skyrim.esm=1 Update.esm=1 Dawnguard.esm=1 HearthFires.esm=1 Dragonborn.esm=1 Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp=1 ApachiiHair.esm=1 ApachiiHairFemales.esm=1 ApachiiHairMales.esm=1 hdtHighHeel.esm=1 SexLab.esm=1 SexLabAroused.esm=1 Devious Devices - Assets.esm=1 ZaZAnimationPack.esm=1 Devious Devices - Integration.esm=1 notice board.esp=1 daymoyl.esm=1 RE_RealEstate_Core.esp=1 Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm=1 CreatureFramework.esm=1 BeeingFemale.esm=1 Devious Devices - Expansion.esm=1 HighResTexturePack01.esp=1 HighResTexturePack02.esp=1 HighResTexturePack03.esp=1 dD-No Spinning Death Animation Merged.esp=1 dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.esp=1 WeaponRangeFix.esp=1 NARC.esp=1 When Vampires Attack.esp=1 Run For Your Lives.esp=1 MannequinStayStill.esp=1 The Paarthurnax Dilemma.esp=1 Cutting Room Floor.esp=1 Devious Deviants.esp=1 BarenziahQuestMarkers.esp=1 SexLab_Solutions.esp=1 MilkModNEW.esp=1 xazPrisonOverhaul.esp=1 xazPrisonOverhaul - Patch.esp=1 JobsofSkyrim.esp=1 SexLab Beastess.esp=1 sanguinesDebauchery.esp=1 Deviously Cursed Loot.esp=1 notice board - dragonborn patch.esp=1 Slaverun_Reloaded.esp=1 ZaForswornStory.esp=1 animal_mansion.esp=1 SimpleSlavery.esp=1 Thunderchild - Epic Shout Package.esp=1 RE_RealEstate.esp=1 SD Cages.esp=1 ShowersInInns.esp=1 Holidays.esp=1 ZenitharWorkshop.esp=1 SexLabSkoomaWhore.esp=1 HarvestOverhaul.esp=1 FloraRespawnFix.esp=1 Cum Alchemy.esp=1 ArtOfTheCatch.esp=1 Hunterborn.esp=1 Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim.esp=1 Dragon Soul Relinquishment.esp=1 BetterDeadThralls.esp=1 Better Spell Learning.esp=1 SpellResearch.esp=1 AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp=1 IndividualizedShoutCooldowns.esp=1 Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp=1 Apocalypse - The Spell Package.esp=1 Apocalypse - Ordinator Compatibility Patch.esp=1 BSL - Apocalypse Patch.esp=1 Thief skills rebalance for Ordinator.esp=1 Immersive Speechcraft.esp=1 LootandDegradation.esp=1 Auto Unequip Ammo.esp=1 SameWalkRunSpeeds.esp=1 AcquisitiveSoulGemMultithreaded.esp=1 SexLabDefeat.esp=1 iNeed.esp=1 iNeed - Dangerous Diseases.esp=1 Dead Body Collision.esp=1 hydra_slavegirls.esp=1 Toccata as Elisif.esp=1 Bijin Warmaidens.esp=1 Bijin NPCs.esp=1 Bijin Wives.esp=1 SexLabNudeCreatures.esp=1 SexLabNudeCreaturesDG.esp=1 Serana.esp=1 Valerica.esp=1 SexLab Eager NPCs.esp=1 Immersive Patrols II.esp=1 LoversComfort.esp=1 SexSlavesForVanillaBandits.esp=1 Vivace.esp=1 Chaconne.esp=1 Jennifer.esp=1 InkandPaperMerchant.esp=1 Inigo.esp=1 SexLabNudeCreaturesDB.esp=1 HentaiCreatures.esp=1 WetandCold.esp=1 WetandCold - Ashes.esp=1 TheEyesOfBeauty.esp=1 The Eyes Of Beauty - Elves Edition.esp=1 12FemaleBrows.esp=1 dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp=1 dD-Dragonborn-Dawnguard-EBT Patch.esp=1 dD-Reduced Splatter Size.esp=1 dD-Reduced Wound Size.esp=1 Footprints.esp=1 SlaveTats.esp=1 Vampire Eyes Fix.esp=1 No More Glowing Edges.esp=1 Bathing in Skyrim - Main.esp=1 Bathing in Skyrim - Hunterborn.esp=1 Blush When Aroused.esp=1 SkyUI.esp=1 IcePenguinWorldMap.esp=1 RaceMenuMorphsUUNP.esp=1 FNIS.esp=1 RaceMenu.esp=1 RaceMenuPlugin.esp=1 AHZmoreHUD.esp=1 UIExtensions.esp=1 LessIntrusiveHUD.esp=1 FISS.esp=1 SOSRaceMenu.esp=1 SkyRealism - Capacity and Carry Weight.esp=1 AMatterOfTime.esp=1 InigoPerkPointGiver.esp=1 AddItemMenu2.esp=1 XPMSE.esp=1 Schlongs of Skyrim.esp=1 Cloaks.esp=1 Cloaks - Dawnguard.esp=1 1nivWICCloaks.esp=1 Equippable Tomes.esp=1 Aradia Kato Outfit.esp=1 adventurerMashupComp.esp=1 MidnightBreed.esp=1 HDT Maid Outfit.esp=1 Remodeled Armor - Underwear.esp=1 Remodeled Armor - Vanilla Replacer - Dawnguard.esp=1 Remodeled Armor - Vanilla Replacer - Dragonborn.esp=1 1nivWICSkyCloaksPatch.esp=1 Yorha Dress Full HDT.esp=1 SexLab_SOS-Stapon.esp=1 HDT Maid Outfit Slot Change.esp=1 HDTSextoys.esp=1 MeridaHair.esp=1 KS Hairdos - HDT.esp=1 MilkMod_MilkPumpsFancy.esp=1 Remodeled Armor - Vanilla Replacer.esp=1 Simple Slavery Defeat.esp=1 SexLab_Dialogues.esp=1 SOS - Shop.esp=1 Beastess Vampire.esp=1 Snotgurg Dynamic Item Repricer.esp=1 SLAnimLoader.esp=1 SOS - VectorPlexus Regular Addon.esp=1 MoreNastyCritters.esp=1 zzEstrus.esp=1 Apropos.esp=1 SLA Monitor Widget.esp=1 SlaveTatsEventsBridge.esp=1 SexLab Warmbodies.esp=1 BeeingFemaleBasicAddOn.esp=1 BFA_CreatureChildActors_V+DG+DB.esp=1 SexLabMatchMaker.esp=1 chfshPlayerVoicesets.esp=1 SexLab Aroused Creatures.esp=1 KomAnimObjects.esp=1 dcc-dm2.esp=1 EstrusChaurus.esp=1 EstrusSpider.esp=1 nazonootokoAnimSLAL.esp=1 Beastess Forsworn.esp=1 SLAL_AnimationsByLeito.esp=1 SLALAnimObj.esp=1 SLALAnimObjBillyy.esp=1 NibblesAnimObjects.esp=1 SexLab_Solutions_PO_Patch.esp=1 BeeingFemaleShops.esp=1 MilkModNEW HF.esp=1 MilkModNEW Sanbox.esp=1 MilkModNEW ZaZ.esp=1 immersivemerchants.esp=1 NoMoreUglyVampireLord.esp=1 tmtNecromancyNoAshPiles.esp=1 HelmetToggle.esp=1 IngredientReweight.esp=1 Item Weights Redone.esp=1 SkyTweak.esp=1 SexLab-AmorousAdventures.esp=1 Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp=1 i know this is a big request so thank you again for the help you can offer for those of you that are load order geniuses here is the text file so can import it LoadOrder_Skyrim_2017-06-12T09-29-42.txt
  4. Hi folks, It has been far too long since I've visited, however I wish it was under better circumstances. I've been dealing with what seems to be an impossible issue to troubleshoot, and an even rarer texture load issue that I've only managed to find one thread on the net regarding this issue, and the thread had no solutions to the problem. So in this rather long post, I'll try to explain exactly what I've been experiencing, and what I've managed to figure out thus far regarding the issue. (Not much in all honesty, as I still can't solve the problem). Disclaimer: I'm not directly blaming any specific person(s) or tool(s) for the cause, as it might have a much deeper and more significant root to the problem that could potentially even be related to the engine itself (won't be surprised) or the way the mesh was handled through export or my own mistake. I'm posting this in the hopes of getting help on finding the cause, and solving the problem for good. THE CIRCUMSTANCES For the last couple of weeks I've been working on a Skyrim Ultimate Mod Pack that contains tons (over +400) of new Items I've been making in blender and porting from my old Oblivion mods. As it stands, the mod is a hefty size (12gb), and brings new weapons, armor, clothing, jewelry and tattoos to skyrim, but since a few days ago, I've been running into a problem that I just can't seem to fix. My system is about 5 years old, however it is far from running out of VRAM or RAM itself. THE PROBLEM: This issue does not affect all items, only a few. When loading a saved game, no matter where (qasmoke included), and the player has one of these items that causes problems still equipped, the equipped item's textures are either completely black, or they appear to have no, diffuse, no normal or anything other than an environment map if one is assigned to the mesh in Nifskope. Now when the player re-equips the item it fixes the texture load issue, however, every single time the player saves a game with that item still equipped to their character, and then re-loading the savegame the texture load issue returns. Which means the player will again have to re-equip the items to fix the problem temporarily until the next time they re-load the savegame with the item still equipped. If the item is merely in the player's inventory and they equip it after loading their save game, everything is fine, until yet again, they save the game while having the item equipped. THINGS TO NOTE: Since I initially made a post on the Skyrim Mods & Modders facebook page a few weeks back, asking for help on the subject, I've been doing a lot of digging, testing and research, and the results I found seem to be consistent. When exporting the file from Blender 2.49b while having been bone weighted in Blender, the mesh appears fine in-game, with the exception of course, of not having weight slider support. Using Outfit Studio it seems, I'm inclined to believe, that somewhere in the process of making a conversion reference and conforming the clothing to the Baseshape (Character body), Outfit studio changes something else in the mesh too. The only thing I've been able to find in the modified .nif in nifskope is 2 less Num Strings, and 3 additional Num Blocks. Outside of the above mentioned, nothing else has been changed from what I could see in nifskope compared to the original Blender Exported mesh. Because whenever I do make use of Outfit studio to create the .tri file and make it fully weight slider supported, the issue appears in-game. Now something worth noting, every single other item in the mod pack thus far, I've taken the exact same steps of making, exporting, editing in nifskope, adding to the game via the CK, and making the bodyslide files using outfit studio, however, some items (and it seems to now happen more frequently the more items I add), the items experience texture load issues upon loading a saved game where the items were still equipped on the player character. In some rare cases, using Outfit Studio to copy the boneweights from the Baseshape (character body) to the item resovles the issue. (Sometimes) However this also results in having major clipping issues which I did not have prior to Outfit Studio's bone weight copy, as generally speaking it seems blender copies the bone weights a lot more accurately than Outfit Studio does. I've checked the Normals, BiNormals, and Tangents, plus the UV Normals, and there is nothing wrong with them, both in blender, nifskope, and the CK everything displays fine, yet in-game the issue appears. (I've attached several images to illustrate the problem). It isn't related to VRAM, as currently the game barely uses 2.5gb of my 4gb VRAM, in addition using merely 1.7gb of my 16gb available memory. And no matter where the player is, whether they are in the world itself, or in qasmoke where there is pretty much nothing, it happens, which to my mind tells me it isn't VRAM seeing as the problem reoccurs on the exact same items no matter the circumstances and is consistent. It isn't related to texture sizes or the addition of mipmaps that was previously suggested to me on the Facebook group I mentioned. Reducing the texture sizes from 4096 down to as low as 1024 does not solve the problem, nor does saving the textures without mipmaps. (I always save my texture with mipmaps for good reason, performance and optimization) That said, I have no idea why this happens, and what is causing it, it drives me nuts, as the problem might appear as a slight inconvenience, but can turn into a rather big annoyance very quickly. I have tried everything I could possibly think of, have even re-exported the meshes from blender, works fine until I make use of Outfit Studio, then the problems starts. *sigh* If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it. If it helps, here is a detailed list of what I have/using. GAME: Skyrim Legendary Edition v1.9 skse v1.07.03 Mod Organizer v1.3.11 XELUSUltimatePack.esp 1.188mb TOOLS USED WHEN MAKING THE MESHES FOR SKYRIM: Blender 2.79 (Initial modeling, texture creation) Blender 2.49b (Rigging and final mesh preparing for export) Blender_nif_scripts- (Export script for blender 2.49b to .nif) Nifskope 1.1.0-rc1+throttlekitty's nif (initial mesh setup and conversion from Fallout 3 file version to Skyrim file version) Nifskope 1.1.1 (Material edits and any fine material tweaks, such as adding environment maps, altering alpha properties or adding glow maps) SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS CPU: i7 4790k Haswell Refresh @4.0ghz GPU: NVidia MSI Twin Frozr V GTX 980 4gb OC GDDR5 RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16gb DDR3 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate SSD: Samgung Evo 256gb Laslty, due to having a majestically slow internet connection (google takes a minute or more to load, yeah it is bad xD), I'm unable to share anything more than some reeeeeally low quality images. I hope this helps and gives a better understanding of the problem. If it possible for me to somehow upload one of the meshes that cause the problem, I would if I could. Kind Regards
  5. When I try to save screen goes black but I can still hear the sounds. Also, sometimes when it crashes I see "Video driver has stopped responding and has recovered". I never had these kind of problems. Before the game used to crash at loading and never when saving... Here's my mod list: Btw, sometimes everything works and I have no idea why. The last mods I installed were Captured Dreams, DD Equip, Deviously Cursed Loot and For The Masses 3. Without them it works but I do not believe that they are the problem because I had this problem a few days ago also, and I have no idea why did it suddenly started working just to stop working again today. I did use LOOT but sometimes it worked better for me when I did it manually. When it works everything works without a problem. Any advice is much appreciated! What mods here are in conflict? # This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer. Skyrim.esm Update.esm Dawnguard.esm HearthFires.esm Dragonborn.esm Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp ZaZAnimationPack.esm Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm SexLab.esm SexLabAroused.esm hdtHighHeel.esm Devious Devices - Assets.esm Devious Devices - Integration.esm Devious Devices - Expansion.esm CreatureFramework.esm RaceCompatibility.esm SkyUI.esp UIExtensions.esp Brawl Bugs CE.esp dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.esp RaceMenu.esp RaceMenuPlugin.esp FNIS.esp Schlongs of Skyrim.esp SOSRaceMenu.esp SLAnimLoader.esp SOS - Smurf Average Addon.esp SGEyebrows.esp SexLabMatchMaker.esp SexLabTools.esp Trapped in Rubber.esp MoreNastyCritters.esp SexLabNudeCreatures.esp SexLabNudeCreaturesDB.esp SexLabNudeCreaturesDG.esp HentaiCreatures.esp SexLab More Creatures.esp SorlisBalarnTreasure.esp sextoys-calyps-2.esp zDeadlyPleasures.esp Captured Dreams.esp Devious Devices - Equip.esp Deviously Cursed Loot.esp FtM_3.esp DudestiaOutfitChanger.esp SexLabWerewolves.esp Moolgogi Serana.esp KS Hairdo's.esp HDTSextoys.esp 12FemaleBrows.esp RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp xazPrisonOverhaulPatched.esp HavenBag.esp Remodeled Armor.esp Remodeled Armor - Dawnguard.esp Remodeled Armor - Dragonborn.esp RaceCompatibilityUSKPOverride.esp TW3Eyes.esp SexLab TDF Aggressive Prostitution.esp halfdragonrace.esp Eyes of Aber.esp XPMSE.esp 360WalkandRunPlus-RunBackwardSpeedAdjust.esp Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp SexLab_DibellaCult.esp SexLab_DibellaCult_Sisters.esp SexLab_Solutions.esp Merta Assassin Armor.esp animal_mansion_redux.esp SOS - Shop.esp nazonootokoAnimSLAL.esp HAnimations.esp TropicalIsland.esp KomAnimObjects.esp NibblesAnimObjects.esp SLALAnimObj.esp SLAL_AnimationsByLeito.esp SLAL_K4Anims.esp Imaginator BETA.esp FtM_3 - CCOR.esp FtM_3 - OBIS + CCOR.esp FtM_3 - OBIS.esp ---- These 3 FtM_3 esp I turned off because I do not use CCOR or OBIS.
  6. So after getting the 120 or so mods I wanted on my new computer I started a game and saved a few times before leaving. Now I get a ctd whenever I try to load the saves. I still have this problem after installing enbboost and crash fixes and trying several different configurations. I'm out of ideas and looking for suggestions. I also know that its not the computer because I haven't had this problem on a weaker computer with around 230 mods. load order,
  7. Recently, I've deleted everything on my secondary hard disk, but unfortunatly I also deleted, by mistake, the backups of my Skyrim saves. (I've already tried with a Data Recovery Tool but the files are overwritten). I managed to recover my saves (with 300+ mods installed) from the Steam Cloud, but I just have the .ess files of my character. The question now is: I'm reinstalling every mod, because I made I clean reinstallation, will I be able to load my savegame just with the .ess files? I don't know exactly what does the .skse file contains... I don't mind if I lose MCM configuration... The save was the 5580, after years of playing... it would be bad to lose it. P.S: Forgive me if I made any mistake, but I'm not a fluent english speaker.
  8. Recently decided to replay Skyrim so went back and reinstalled all of my mods, but after going through all my MCM menus and setting things up, after saving, the game crashes on load. went through my papyrus logs but it seems to be completely random what it stops on, a lot of scripts no longer containing values Papyrus.0.log
  9. So my game was running fine yesterday but now my crashes whenever I load my saved game and all my autosaves are corrupted. I checked load order and Skyrim folder but nothing looked suspicious. How do I fix this? It's getting reeeallly annoying :(
  10. Hi I am not good with English so I will use an translator. Well, I do not load textures like xcross. I tried reinstalling the mods as well as some new games, and some textures got repaired, others broke down and nothing went violet without textures. Whips Restraints and Bondage, as well as the weapons from the Aeli, devious devices. Please help or direct what I have to do to fix it.
  11. I start a new game and everything is fine but after I went through all of my MCM menus and set up my mods, none of which had any errors or missing dependencies, when I then save and load again I get constant error messages
  12. Hello, I recently added some NSFW mods to my skyrim game. Right after a fresh install. It was working fine until I added a bunch of mods to add creature behaviours to go with sexlabs and stuff! So I looked everywhere, sorted the load order with LOOT, uninstall all mods and reinstall being careful about the conflicts, I verified game cache, deleted skyrim.ini, enabled papyrus log but it gave nothing after the CTD... I'm running out ouf ideas right now... Fnis has been run several times, it is the XXL version. Hoping someone can find a solution to this! Thanks ! Here is my load order from loot: 0 0 Skyrim.esm 1 1 Update.esm 2 2 Dawnguard.esm 3 3 HearthFires.esm 4 4 Dragonborn.esm 254 FE 0 ccbgssse010-petdwarvenarmoredmudcrab.esl 5 5 Lanterns Of Skyrim - All In One - Main.esm 6 6 BBLuxurySuite.esm 7 7 Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm 8 8 FlowerGirls SE.esm 9 9 OSA.esm 10 a ApachiiHair.esm 11 b SexLab.esm 12 c CreatureFramework.esm 13 d SexLabAroused.esm 14 e SkyUI_SE.esp 15 f Skyrim Flora Overhaul.esp 16 10 Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin SSE Version.esp 17 11 SMIM-SE-Merged-All.esp SOS Schlong Controller.esp SOS Equipable Schlong.esp 18 12 RLO - Interiors.esp 19 13 Vivid WeathersSE.esp 20 14 IcePenguinWorldMap.esp 21 15 Abduction.esp 22 16 Book Covers Skyrim.esp 23 17 Immersive Jewelry.esp 24 18 RLO - Exteriors.esp 25 19 Eli_Breezehome.esp 26 1a SkyTEST-RealisticAnimals&Predators.esp 27 1b Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp 28 1c DragonsKeep.esp 29 1d Antennaria.esp 30 1e WICO - Immersive People.esp 31 1f ApachiiHairNPC-Males.esp 32 20 WACCF_Armor and Clothing Extension.esp 33 21 Immersive Wenches.esp 34 22 SexLab-AmorousAdventures.esp 35 23 AP Skyrim SE.esp 36 24 Equippable Tomes.esp 37 25 Luxury Suite Armory.esp 38 26 RogueSorceressRetextured.esp 39 27 Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim.esp 40 28 BBLuxurySuiteENM.esp 41 29 Beards.esp 42 2a CaesiaFollower.esp 43 2b RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp 44 2c Tiwa44_Minidresses_CBBE.esp 45 2d CiceroFemaleSE.esp 46 2e LadyLaceCloaks_EN.esp 47 2f SGHair33x144.esp 48 30 Dark Envoy.esp 49 31 DeadlyMutilation.esp 50 32 DiverseDragonsCollectionSE.esp 51 33 dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp 52 34 dD-Reduced Splatter Size.esp 53 35 dD-Reduced Wound Size.esp 54 36 FloppySOS.esp 55 37 FGCumEffect.esp 56 38 FNISSexyMove.esp 57 39 Hothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra.esp 58 3a ImperialFineClothes.esp 59 3b Improved Eyes Skyrim - Vamp.esp 60 3c Improved Eyes Skyrim.esp 61 3d KS Hairdo's.esp 62 3e LazyTools.esp 63 3f R18pn - lingerie Set.esp 64 40 LingerieSetCBBE3_2ByNausicaa.esp 65 41 mcgFemaleWalk for SkyrimSE.esp 66 42 NewmillerHighHeelsBlck.esp 67 43 Public Executions.esp 68 44 RLO - Effects.esp 69 45 RLO - Illuminated Spells.esp 70 46 RLO - VIS Patch.esp 71 47 dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.esp 72 48 RichMerchantsSkyrim_x10.esp 73 49 RUSTIC SOULGEMS - Unsorted.esp 74 4a Schlongs of Skyrim.esp 75 4b SOS - Smurf Average Addon.esp 76 4c SOS - VectorPlexus Muscular Addon.esp 77 4d SOS - VectorPlexus Regular Addon.esp 78 4e SexyVest.esp 79 4f LrsamwaysExpandedSkyrimWeaponry.esp 80 50 SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon.esp 81 51 SOS - ERF - HighPoly Addon.esp 82 52 SOS - ERF - HighPoly Equipable.esp 83 53 TheEyesOfBeauty.esp 84 54 Tiwa44_Minidresses.esp 85 55 Tiwa44_Minidresses_Dragonborn_CBBE.esp 86 56 Tiwa44_Minidresses_Dragonborn.esp 87 57 UNP Undies.esp 88 58 Unique Uniques.esp 89 59 Vivid Weathers - Extended Rain.esp 90 5a Vivid Weathers SE - Extended Snow.esp 91 5b WetandCold.esp 92 5c WICO - Immersive Character.esp 93 5d WICO - Immersive Dawnguard.esp 94 5e WICO - Wild Hunt Gears.esp 95 5f TERAArmorsSSE.esp 96 60 TeraArmorsSSE Leveled Lists Rare.esp 97 61 Moonlight Armor.esp 98 62 FNIS.esp 99 63 RaceMenu.esp 100 64 RaceMenuPlugin.esp 101 65 MoreNastyCritters.esp 102 66 HornyCreatures.esp 103 67 ApachiiHairNPC-Females.esp 104 68 KS_Hairdo's_Lite.esp 105 69 Improved Eyes Skyrim - Serana.esp 106 6a SLALAnimObjBillyy.esp 107 6b SOSRaceMenu.esp 108 6c XPMSE.esp 109 6d Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp 110 6e Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp 111 6f RealisticWaterTwo.esp
  13. once again I had scrapped my previous modlist and cut a few of the more problematic things from it, seeing as I wasn't getting anywhere. Though, even after successfully installing Racemenu to fix the conflicts between it and XPMSE, I still CTD before even entering the game. I began on a clean save, simply a Dunmer in Riverwood between the two streams, starting with the vanilla start. Modlist: https://modwat.ch/u/succer/plugins Latest Papyrus log I still have no idea what "error: Native function GetEquippedArmorInSlot in empty state could find no matching function on linked type Actor. Function will not be bound." relates to, Latest LOOT log
  14. Version 0.9


    Other one of my Shadman Asset Flips for implementation. Added 5 custom load wheels to be used on their own or can be used in conjunction with Futa Vault-Meat DeathClaw Worship - Source FutaMutation - Source BustyFutaMutation - Source (Some light editing done by myself) DeathFutaMutation - Source RevealingSquats - Source Should go without saying but just in case... ONLY INSTALL ONE All Credit and Due Respect to Shädman If you like this mod...Throw money at him HERE I'm Just the messenger. Remorselessly Yours, ~Mamel~
  15. Hello lovely modders, I recently switched to Mod Organizer and I have spent hours, battling neck seams and crashes. I don't have that many mods compared to other people. I'm starting to get a headache and need MAJOR help. Here is my load order (right side, sorted with LOOT): This is my priority list (left side of Mod Organizer) listed bottom to top: Do I put SOS before or after SexLab? Do those two go after the skeleton? What needs to change? Thank you so much for your help; we all started somewhere.
  16. Version 0.5


    Futa Loadscreens designed but Smerinka. If you enjoy her work, support Her over on Patreon. All I did was scale,edit, and implement her original works. Images in no particular order. Remorselessly Yours, ~Mamel~
  17. I am having some issues. Mods worked fine before I updated to new SKSE64 version and SkyrimSE runtime. Added a few mods that affect character looks. My game crashes on startup, like it would if there was a problem with mod load order. Fairly certain that all my mods, that had required updates for new runtimes are updated. Here is my Load Order: Ideas and Help would be appreciated. P.S SkyrimSE SKSE64 is not logging Trace for some reason.
  18. View File Futa Loadscreens designed but Smerinka. If you enjoy her work, support Her over on Patreon. All I did was scale,edit, and implement her original works. Images in no particular order. Remorselessly Yours, ~Mamel~ Submitter MamelCenthol Submitted 02/04/2018 Category Models & Textures Requires One Sick Mind/No Shame ;)  
  19. The official post: http://enbdev.com/ctdfix.html http://enbseries.enbdev.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2729 The Fix: SSME - Skyrim Startup Memory Editor - By Queued - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/50305/?
  20. Hello Guys, I have a problem and I don't know that where should be the problem is - in a mod or with the game. So, when the family traveling somewhere - a bar, a restaurant or in another world ( Selvadorada), I can't traveling. The game begins loading the target spot (the house or some place in the world), but instead of loading the place, it jumps back to main menu. And every time when I try load the save game, can't load it, always throws back the game to main menu. I tried with an other family, an other save game, but it happens again. Never happens this before, since I play the Sims 4 I use mods, so I can't figure out that this problem cause a mod or something else. Who else had this problem before? Thanks for your help and for the tips.
  21. Some followers like Ichigo standalone follower and Rosa Round Bottom is breaking the physics for all characters, npcs, followers etc. No HDT hair, armor, necklaces etc. See below for more information. My question is why are some followers when equipped with an HDT necklace breaking all HDT upon a game load and how can this be fixed so that these followers can wear HDT objects as well without breaking the physics the next time the save is loaded. I tried the steps below with two followers now that both break HDT, one was Ichigo and the other Rosa Round Bottom. In all cases to test, I did the following: +equip the necklace on x number of followers (see below for more details) +save the game +exit Skyrim +start Skyrim +load the save created above scenarios tested (all are done following the steps above): 1) equip the HDT necklace on 3 followers, 2 with CBBE bodies, 1 on Myra with a custom standalone body. Physics worked after a load 2) equip the HDT necklace on 3 followers, 2 with CBBE bodies, 1 on Ichigo with a custom standalone body. Physics did not work after a load 3) same as 1 but I loaded the save with the physics not working and removed the necklace from Ichigo and put it on Myra and saved the game again. Physics worked after a load This shows that the physics issue is not because there are too many HDT physics objects, it's also not because of followers with custom bodies as it works on Myra but not on Ichigo and it also works on two other followers with CBBE bodies. It seems like there isn't anything corrupted in the save permanently with HDT physics because of scenario 3 above, but maybe it's possible something is corrupted only for that npc in the save? Looking at the Ichigo follower in Tes5Edit and comparing it to the other followers it doesn't look like there is anything special about it that should break the physics. The NPC and Race look very similar and nothing obvious about why it would not work on one vs the others. Could this be some problem in the nif files or some other files in the Ichigo standalone follower mod? What in a follower mod could be affecting an unrelated piece of equipment not even in the same mod? Could this be a collision box thing for the Ichigo follower that prevents the necklace from moving and somehow breaks the physics? The necklace on Ichogo is sitting on her chest normally and visible when the game is loaded and the physics is broken so it doesn't seem to start inside her body or anything like that. Any ideas?
  22. Hello, I seem to have a problem. I can't load any saves, when I do, the game instantly CTD's. I don't know what's the problem, it's a new character, just created, I'm still in the Live Another Life prison or whatever and I can't even load that save. I tried disabling some mods and I think sometime it loads but most of the time it doesn't. Here's my mod watch link, if anybody spots anything. https://modwat.ch/u/wtflolo Thank you very much. EDIT: Here's my Papyrus log
  23. View File Other one of my Shadman Asset Flips for implementation. Added 5 custom load wheels to be used on their own or can be used in conjunction with Futa Vault-Meat DeathClaw Worship - Source FutaMutation - Source BustyFutaMutation - Source (Some light editing done by myself) DeathFutaMutation - Source RevealingSquats - Source Should go without saying but just in case... ONLY INSTALL ONE All Credit and Due Respect to Shädman If you like this mod...Throw money at him HERE I'm Just the messenger. Remorselessly Yours, ~Mamel~ Submitter IndecentAmbrosia Submitted 02/03/2018 Category Models & Textures Requires One Sick Mind/No Shame ;)  
  24. I have no idea what's going on. Cache is fine, just fixed my load order, fnis works fine, have bashed etc... I can start a new game, but I had a crash and now I can't load or even press continue. I thought my ENTER key was broken but apparently not. What could be causing this? I've had to start 3 new games, and now I can't load or continue any of them...
  25. im not entirely sure why but i kept getting a ctd on load or new game. Papyrus.0.log LoadOrder_Skyrim_2017-11-26T01-05-08.txt
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