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  1. some questions 1. are the mods working again? read something about CTDs recently? I want to give this game another go. 2. Looking for a EU based sexy roleplay server
  2. Hmm, never really cared about NPC actors. Why not add an option to disable them, too? Seems I have to fight with the code myself hehe. No idea. Its been a while but I m 100% sure it interupted SL scenes for me. I know because "realign actor" repaired the scene. Still annoying, especially since it happnes very often. This would render the entire mod pointless, no? would be cool. but I think an easy fix for all instances would be to have "Disable NPC actors + Disable auto deflation for PC" MCM option. I m also rather confused. Is this now pure SE thread? I had the impression it was an LE thread before?!
  3. might be misstaken but I think sexlab disparity might be able to take care of that. Not sure.
  4. can you maybe change this mod to not "auto leak cum" like ever? Its the sole reason that keeps me from using this mod because it interferes with Sexlab Scenes, ZAP furniture and basically any other animation/idle mod. Mostly of course at the most inconvenient times. If 100% filled it should just be that, 100% filled and not trigger auto deflation. I also think the auto deflation triggers after some time regardless of the "fullness". I wanted to check the script myself some time but did not have time to get arround to that.
  5. anybody else have weird issues with " Bound Anal Rear Entry Bound Anal Missionary ? For me the male actor starts rotating back from the ground in some stages, making him misallgined. I checked the source but could not find any hint on what might go on here Just wanna see if this is true just for me.
  6. what is a modpack and where do you download it?! In general it should not be broken when u use all the mods in the pack combined and do not update any. As for SLAL packs. I dont know how "Mod Packs" as described are delivered, but it is absolutly save to install newer versions of SLAL packs without any possible problems or incompatibilites
  7. other mods might not work anymore or have bugs. Never overwrite without knowing what and why. This mod conflicts with Sexlab Utility Plus mod of @osmelmc Maybe you too can stick ur heads together and merge both patches. The desync is indeed a big problem and I would love for it to go away.
  8. I want to make my own animations, but I have a dozen of projects next to each other and learning new stuff is time consuming, the animation process itself, too. I started this project to learn basic things like SLAL and how to make the pack itself. I will use all the assets available and then I will go on to the next step (hopefully). First I want to make more "wiggle" and "struggle" animations for ZAP 8+, then continue from there.
  9. There is an animation involving a chopping block already in Psyche Animations SLAL pack (if you dont want to wait) I want to make animations like the one you suggested, I will see if I find suitable LEGO Pieces
  10. hmm, good point. Did not check the FNIS.txt because "too many animations - CTD" is no longer a problem Will check and update if necessary. yes. But I have no SE install so I cannot compile the scripts. I dont know if you can just copy paste them. No idea (I guess not, tho)
  11. Does it at least look good? I heard different stuff Would be a bummer to have anal animation working on some animation but then beeing forced to not use them anymore because it looks awefull. Everything related to anal gaping or stuff like that looked pretty gross and off. Dunno if this is different, seen only a couple screens and they were not promising.
  12. I heard that OSA has zero to offer in that regard?! Is it still developed? EDIT: From what I experienced with OSA is that it is just super complex for no reason and has little animations?! But well I never digged deep. What I mean in this thread is a useably, well made framework like Sexlab.
  13. CEO? Just requires a modder dedicated to BDSM and with knowlegde about BDSM content. I just lack the coding skill
  14. get Mod Organizer 2 instead. Watch all the tutorials. google is your friend. "Fnis Skyrim" https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11811 you will google more than ever before.
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