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  1. (just on a sidenote) Try Treasure Hunter Whore. Its basically Sluts but without the horrible cart. I tried everything to make the cart work and even tried to remove it from SLUTS but I failed. And for me the cart physiscs always break sooner or later making the mod unplayable. I just started with it THW has some nice ideas and I want to see if I can integrate it with DD Equip from inte for more customizeability. Curious to see what the pony game will be like! cooL!
  2. I have no idea. Usually SD+ worked without flaws. I did not change anything that should be of importance here. When you are in SD+ you should not be in combat anyway. This mod only works in a combat situation. I might not fully understand the problem here 😕 I can only imagine the way you start SD+ could interfere here. How is it going when Naked Dungeons -> Simple SLavery -> SD+ master? Same problem? Also: try on a new game with only Naked Dungeons and SD+ together.
  3. the latest version is applying free camera automatically when you enter the furniture. So when you use Free Cam you deactivate it again its not the ideal solution but at least for now it prevents instead "falling out". Also: its not my mod that causes the issue. Its Sexlab. When I dont play Sex Scenes before capture the controls are all locked. Somehow Sexlab is interferting and "reenabling" movement and also "free camera control key". From the Script only spacebar should work. I am still working on a solution here but it is rather complicated. Sexlab Submit was the most broken mess I ever installed. Amazing that you still use it Aside from that: I dont like skill checks because I want the experience to be the same all the time. When my character gets out faster over time it defeats the whole purpose of the struggle game (at least for me). It is meant to be a punishment and also aim at people who like furniture bondage and beeing restrained for a little while. If I get better with scripting there might be a MCM toggle for skill checks but no guarantees 😕
  4. might be but it also happens quite alot without SLAA even installed. even my polished profile and setup (fixes and ini settings) and high FPS and all in Order still it can happen. I dunno, I suggested an "emergeny penis" key of some sorts for creatures a while back.
  5. I ve seen alot of those vids. I will come back around extracting all those sounds sooner or later. the ones you posted are just spot on! But it takes time and I m busy with other mod projects for the moment. But definatly gonna happen (other champs and chars too!)
  6. The "Stay in Here" Event could be a temporary one like "keep a gag on" or "stay naked". so something between 8-24 hours? I would suggest configureable punishment times anyway Maybe the "gag" stayed only some ingame hours for me because the event is measuring real time (and with timescale 5 my hours are more realltime...). Also the punishment "stay here" could be on/off in MCM for playstyle. I thought also about a possible replacement for SD+ which does not suceed in keeping the player anywhere. Lola would be fun with a bandit master that makes the PC stay in his hideout in general. So you have a real incentive to do all the tasks to get out in time...
  7. I m not using SLSO. Funny enough the Better Blowjobs Mod is only overwriting the original Sexlab Script "sslBaseExpression.pex" Nothing else is overwriting it. I m just at a dead end investigating, now I have to remove mods to see which one is responsible since I have nothing that I can "turn off" in game. And from the recently installed mods only SLS has something with mouth opening in it. I looked at the script briefly and only saw that "open mouth" just seems to call the Sexlab open mouth which then should be applied with the "Better Blowjobs" modification. But maybe some expression or other thing is overwriting that. While I have mods doing so for a long time and sexlab mouth opening still always worked... hmm. (Expression mods like "PC Head Tracking" or "Random Expressions" all do not interfere with the open mouth. ah, I see the problem. Reminds me that I already started converting tongue messes for the height of my PCs mouth.... if I find the time I ll finish and upload so you can maybe integrate it too.
  8. Is this mod somehow interfering with the "mouth open" from sexlab? I am no longer having open mouths when the animation include oral. I am using this mod for this: Other Feedback: the tongues are all off when equiped. also they force third person or first person or whatever. When I equip a tongue my camera gets moved. dunno why Tongues in general can be autoquiped durving Sex via SexlabUtil1 btw. (even with changing tongues over time ticks or orgasm events) If "Open Mouth" in Self Menu is meant to be for blowjobs: It is not far enough. Not even close Its the original "open mouth" problem which the mod above is fixing.
  9. minotaurs on loverlab are pornvids, so I think that is where the horse schlong logic is coming from, teehee.
  10. the mod is not stripping Slot 48 in my game. Is this intentional? dunno if this slot is for some special gear?
  11. hey, would it be in theory possible to makea rule that forces the PC to stay in an area (like in a certain dungeon or house?)
  12. did u try to move nazeem to u via console? just an idea.. ´,
  13. hmm, I ll try on a reduced profile mod load to get clearer impression. sorry for the confusion.
  14. ah, forgot a suggestion: Bathing in Skyirm Integration? - Single Task: "clean yourself" - Punishment: "getting 100% dirt" (maybe it could play together with a "laying sex scene") - Longer Task: dont get dirty (not allowed to let dirt level raise above configureable value?")
  15. Thanks alot for the extensive description. This actually helped me alot. I am just doing extensive tests with mods before adding them to a longer playthrough, that is why I test each function and want to see if it works correctly and as intended. I will definatly make a longer test run with this mod and when I find the time will surely provide some feedback concerning descriptions if I see a detail that could be updated. For now the only suggestion I have is to change the "Debug Notification" - "Your Master Beckons you" to - "Your Master Beckons you. You should talk to him." to make it more clear that you have to pick up the dialogue again.
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