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  1. Typical... Everything works fine finally and then something classic as the Grey Face bug happens (POP Jailer). I know that is not an uncommon problem, but I still could not find a solution with google. Anybody know where it comes from? ESP Load order? At least nothing overwrites POP in the normal (Left) Pane, hmm. I dont have a bashed patch either. I also want to add a little suggestion (or maybe I can do it myself): I want to change the time value of POP to something like 40/45. 30 is too slow, 60 way too fast, erm Can I do this with Tes5edit somehow? POP naturally only provides choice between 30 and 60.
  2. really? you know more about the conditions? never occured to me. I just think some mods treat stuff that seems to be non-consensual still as consensual (hentai creatures training just to mention one).
  3. I placed 1, 2 and 3 in the folders (a sound file saying "one" "two" "three") and it seems hot sounds are played from stage 1 in consensual sex too. in theory the number of hot sounds should increase each stage, but I did not take the test to the extent that I counted ones and twos Btw: IIRC the aggressor in rapes only uses mild sounds, never hot. the victim is always medium.
  4. Just wonder if this effects all mods. For example: I have SL Adventures and Osmel Sexlab Utility and naked Dungeons. I get captured and raped via Naked Dungeons, but the stripping from Sexlab Utility is not applied. (if an item has 50% chance, it is ALWYS unequiped. Items that I mark with "never" are still untouched). In the past (at least from my knowlegde) this worked. Seems I still have to make a test profile, lol Or anybody else has the issue? Maybe I m the only one even using the strip item chance of osmels SL utility
  5. just out of interest: does this mod in any way change the way aggressive sexlab animations strip the player? I am currently looking for a mod that messes up the "strip chance" option from osmel mod tweaks. Basically for me the strip chance does not work on aggressive scenes, only on vanilla. Sorry, I just want to ask before spending an hour to make a test profile.
  6. yes this happens from time to time. But it also happened with normal Sexlab. I think for me at least it usually happens when I go too far from the original location.
  7. removed traps and pitfalls (it doesent hurt sadly, too many issues anyway), blushing when aroused I found a "blush reduction step thingy" which applied a fade every 0,2 seconds. I put this to 1 sec and see. at least the last playtest had no issues (no CTD, no FPS drop), was the same save. will continue testing and then make a new game. thx so far. step by step, round the wall, in the pit, yay ya luv you allll, da da da da...
  8. thx for posting I hope u understand I brought this up to osmel. I dont want to harrass people for modding stuff, I know how valuable time is and how much time projects consume. So I just hope the best in terms of cooperation here, everybody can maybe do his part to improve the experience for all. And DH is some kind of a bridge mod and therefor quite important IMO. @osmel all good, I take what I get Regarding Sexlab Utility: I dont know if I brought this up yet, but would it be possible to add a "Move scene" function like we have it with "move actor"? Relocating a scene solves alot of problems already, but some animations just need a more... delicate way to move around. For example scenes that are meant to play at walls, on beds or tables, but dont bring the walls/tables etc. (so you jsut float) Adjusting these scenes to be cool is quite tedious and so I usually dont use these animations. I dont know if this is possible enginewise. What I suggest is for example: STRG+arrow keys: move whole scene (all actors) in the given direction (forwards backwards and up and down would be enough I guess). The changes are NOT saved in the animations profile like actor changes, they are one time only (to move the actors towards a wall for example). This should be used in conjunction with moving a scene maybe. Reporting back: The "animations" before sex work. in aggressive animations before the scene starts the PC holds up his hands in defeat. quite an improvement already. looking forward to see what you can squeeze out of that Post Sex is still all ragdoll for me. Maybe I just missed something in the changelog or your posts. Also also: Would it be possible to do this: ZAP Animation Toggle and ZAP/Masturbation Animation Pool 1. Register a list of ZAP furniture animations to Sexlab (toggle page like with toggle animations). There you could disable all zap anims you dont like (I think this is not possible at the moment, you get all or none. Same for DD anims so for example I can toggle all ZAP off and only use bound pole animations from ZAP. 2. When Sexlab scene is called, Sexlab gets a chance to use the ZAP Furniture anims. Meaning the PC is tied into furniture (in this example a random pole furniture) 3. The NPCs (attackers) are then placed around the PC (in steps of 45° so we have space for enough actors in a circle). 4. Then all NPC start masturbation animation OR whipping the player (in a dreamland... dunno if Sexlab can do that) PC has the same stage (furniture animation) for all the stages, the NPCs masturbate until orgasm, then Scene ends, all released. This way we could have a myriad of new Sexlab animations without needing one more SLAL pack. Just a wild idea. Sorry, I m only having ideas, I can do nothing myself It would mean that all the actors get their own sexlab scene virtually, no paired scene. Forced Masturbation: This could also work with masturbation. A toggle could allow to integrate masturbation animations to the list. So we get the PC masturbating in the middle, with the NPCs standing in a circle masturbating on the PC. and again we have alot of animations for free. ehem... In a 1vs1 situation the first NPC is directly in front of the PC (if possible). so that they face each other. Sexlab hotkeys maybe still work? allowing to switch actors direction. DD Integration If DD is installed and a worn DD detected, the same could be done with playing random DD solo animations (for example yoke escape, yoke struggle, yoke falling etc.) while the NPC masturbate.
  9. _tapmcm is from Traps and Pitfalls, hmm. Ok, can live without that. but BWANPC is from Blushing when aroused... that is a damn nice mod that I would not want to miss. I also think its quite a common mod.
  10. does it end too fast to your liking? you can always "virtually" increase the time spent in prison by chaging the time scale of pop. It sets Timescale 60 for example. Change it to 5 each and you can spent literal real days in POP
  11. Inside Dragonsreach? Where are you exactly when the crash happens? When exactly does the CTD happen? Are you using a door?
  12. I uninstalled MCM Custom order, cleaned the save, loaded the game... I noticed this time the lag starts when I open console and use teachword. At least in this particular case, two times in a row, but the stack dump looks different nonetheless. its all about the ski_configmanagerinstance now can this be connected to the MCM custom order still? I mean its about the MCMs and the ski quest is the MCM no? Will try setstage ski_configmanagerinstance 1 and see... Papyrus.0.log
  13. I now just went back to installing All-in-One Animated Pussy instead of Bakas BHUNPB. Will try the last one again, but maybe on my planned SSE build,... lets see. As for the "sudden FPS drop": I still got that one. And I got the Papyrus log. But I cannot read it. So I have no idea what causes the massive stack dump. See attachment. This is the point where the dump starts. Does that mean anything? (I did not have MCMCustom Order installed when the problems first happened, yet it now appears on top of the stack dump list here. Just not sure if its connected or two seperate problems). [03/17/2020 - 11:38:38PM] SLAX - GetActorExposure END Bandit Outlaw returns 16.907532 [03/17/2020 - 11:38:38PM] Suspended stack count is over our warning threshold, dumping stacks: [03/17/2020 - 11:38:38PM] VM is freezing... [03/17/2020 - 11:38:38PM] VM is frozen [03/17/2020 - 11:38:38PM] Dumping stack 52642: [03/17/2020 - 11:38:38PM] Frame count: 0 (Page count: 0) [03/17/2020 - 11:38:38PM] State: Waiting on other stack for call (Freeze state: Freezing) [03/17/2020 - 11:38:38PM] Type: Normal [03/17/2020 - 11:38:38PM] Return register: None [03/17/2020 - 11:38:38PM] Has stack callback: No [03/17/2020 - 11:38:38PM] Stack trace: [03/17/2020 - 11:38:38PM] [MCMCustomOrder (EF000D62)].MCMCustomOrder.OnConfigManagerReset() - (requested call) [03/17/2020 - 11:38:38PM] [param 0]: "SKICP_configManagerReset" [03/17/2020 - 11:38:38PM] [param 1]: "" [03/17/2020 - 11:38:38PM] [param 2]: 0.000000 [03/17/2020 - 11:38:38PM] [param 3]: [SKI_QF_ConfigManagerInstance <SKI_ConfigManagerInstance (18000802)>] Papyrus.0.log
  14. on a sidenote, Would you be interested in making a patch for Following problems exist at the moment: - threesome animations fail to draw more actors, so its always only 1 NPC and the PC in group animations (I think only 4 somes are effected, need to test again) - chain rape has no breaks: DH plays as many Sex animations as there are NPCs in the vicinity. An option to control the maximum animations played would be nice - DH equips a "rope" after every scene. This feature cannot be toggled at the moment and is very annoying (and also unimmersive, since DH is based on the idea of the PC already beeing bound before the scene anyway Feature ideas: DH could also use more triggers. - Player beeing in ZAP Furniture (maybe this could even be combined with ur furniture detection idea) - Player beeing naked (might be wrong, but I think at the moment this is not a trigger. As for compatbility with SL adventures and Survival, I dont know yet. Still investigating.
  15. how did you change the load order? I mean where did you put POP? I get the feeling I can help it when I open console the second I start a new game and the world appears. MCM kicker also does not help really, yeah
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