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  1. Ragdolls and animation striking does not like each other. But the ragdoll in this case lasts as long as the bleedout and since I have a timer in place before any pose is called it should work. It will also have a toggle in case it is problematic for some users, you never know. Ragdoll after Sex is also a problem since it can kill the follow up animations. Can also break camera, and and and... So in general: yes you are right, but when integrated in this way it seem to work. But well, I await the reports of stuff ragdolling in a non-desireable way, haha
  2. I usually have a mix over overlays, so darker tones are better (or else you would see nothing of the dirty anymore). I will see if I can make a version that is a little less heavy on start (lower overall opacity) and/or find out how I can make bathing in skyrim apply a certain color (brown)...
  3. Naked Defeat - 2.3 - BETA 1b No New Game Required. Feature works, but is incomplete. Set "escape alarm time" to 2-3 seconds at least or you will be in a very bad spot after the whipping Bleedout Ragdoll Adds ragdoll effect on bleedout. no toggles yet, just enjoy how helpless you look there on the ground Killmoves dont work on essential target it seems, so I can have at least this pretty show DDe Integration (basic) New Option in MCM/Defeat: Captivity DDequip chance will provide a Soft Dependency Bridge to Devious Devices.
  4. some feedback due to latest attempts on testing several mod features: 1. can we maybe have "Hardcore mode" toggled OFF by default? I use DDe for debugging, but when I forget to set the settings right it fails in that regard because well, hardcore mode I know its more of a personal thing here, but I still wanted to make this suggestion because in my oppinion Hardcore mode "ON" by default is deactivating THE most usefull function of the mod: removing Devious Devices via MCM (the only mod that reliably does so atm. afaik). 2. can we somehow toggle OFF the magic effec
  5. I tried. I had 2 days off... then it dragged me in again like a black hole. It worked for me without New Game. to be fair it also reduces the aggressor count by 1 each round, hehe. And if species are mixed (2 humans 1 dog), it will most likely be: 3P human, 2P dog, then 2P human I think. But its up to chance where the "dog" lands. If he is actor #1 you see 3x doggy. I am very happy that I came that far already to get the creature sorting right. What you describe is what I desire to do. I alre
  6. ok. thx alot. I think then I have to give responsibility of the Outfit choice to the user I just saw there are also some systems in place inside DDe that can be customized to be helpfull it seems.
  7. DDe I think replaces all previously worn items. I have to check with inte if there is something to recognize collars from like SubLola. But is my memory correct? does Submissive Lola accept all kinds of collars from zaz and DD? and will it accept a yoke or prisoner chain as slave collar too?
  8. mod idea 1: - allows to save current outfit to a slot - if you equip an armor piece on the body slot, you will automatically equip the whole saved outfit -> meant for eye candy enthusiasts who still want robbery to occur. Basically this is my own roleplaying baked into a mod. mod idea 2: Naked Expression A mod that listens if the PC is member of zbf slave faction and then applies a preset expression as long as that is the case - will maybe detect sexlab scenes and pause then - will autorefresh in a configurable amount of time (seconds
  9. working on improving cane marks more zones convered (belly, legs, arms) and added random strokes too. will bit by bit replace all old texture parts with new ones I think.
  10. Questions to the crowd: 1. SL Defeat anybody wants to test if Sexlab Defeat works alongside Naked Defeat without SM Essential player? I mean for the NPC vs NPC function. In Sexlab Defeat when you turn off Follower Defeat and PC defeat and only leave activated: NPC vs NPC and PC rapes NPC if that makes the mod working alongside Naked Defeat? 2. DDe and Submissive Lola and Devious Followers when DDe equips an outfit it will remove all previous DDs equiped, including I think collars from these mods. How will this work out? @HexBolt8 sorry to summon you h
  11. ah, you make a good point there. reminds me how I tried to integrate the keys in my game way back in 2019. Should pick (lol) that up again since its a really good concept. Struggle thing is: DD has very nice animations for that. I think for some devices those even play when you are using a key. for me usually even the step to enter inventory and select a DD to drop was immersion breaking and "too much". maybe you also have a solution for this? I ll be honest, I might have missed 1-2 nice DD addons out there. I banned DDs from my game 2 years ago (still have D
  12. btw: can you prodive a papyrus log for this? there is another issue that is possible. because "You are Fucked" should not play when there is no enemy around. hmm.
  13. One of my goals is making this mod Defeat compatible, but I noticed in my tests, that the problem is on defeats side. When surrendering via hotkey (which is necessary for the "trick" to work, the PC is teleported from NPC to NPC instead of the NPC come to the place where the PC is to rape. That leads to alot of clipping and in general very bad sex. The whole "find a good spot" thing is what made Naked Defeat work for me as combat defeat in the first place. Even NDUN originally had the "fuck where you die" thing, which was 50% of the time just ugly (haha, pun intended).
  14. I cannot help you when you do not provide answers to my questions Pamas mod works very different and its whipping is more of a controlled scene.
  15. which version of simple slavery are you using? did this happen repeatedly or just one time? For me it looks like the crash happened on Simple SLavery side, hmm. Did not see that there was any changes to how their mod events work. in skyrim some crashes can happen. if it repeats itself check other mods that send you to SS and maybe ask there. it works for me here, both variants worked (debug hotkey and slavery outcome).
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