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  1. maybe pamas interative furnitures is for you then. or just look up his mods in general, no idea which does what, but he works with the stuff.
  2. Do you mean just furnitures or you mean Devices? there is a big difference.
  3. this comes in the next version. But I planned a toggle, so yeah, % slider is even better. not exactly like that, but I plan scenarios, one of that will be hardcore scenario without the chance to escape for some rounds of whip/fuck/bound/repeat but I will not care for if all actors closeby are fucked out or not like Deviously helpless does I will not work with DDs at all during my mod, since they break everything. But it is planned to add scenarios based on bondage devices and furnitures, meaning a scenario can happen where you are in a yoke for all idles and scenes and also chained to the yoke in furniture. And another scenario where you are in a pillory furniture for all idles and all sex scenes. etc. etc. Those scenarios will equip suitable DDs after Naked Defeat is finished, but for the duration of the mod I will only use cosmetic items. since you cant access inventory during defeat you cannot remove those cosmetic items easily anyway (well you could use AH hotkeys or SkyUI, but Skyrim is not perfect ...) Thx alot for the flowers will do. I found some groove again for the mod and I m sure will see more regular updates now
  4. I was stupid and the line was in a different script. But thx to you I now put more thought into how the quests and scripts run their functions, because indeed an active function stays active and is not updated when the script is before restarting it in game, hehe. yeah, logic, I know, but I was raised by wolves thx so far, issue is solved.
  5. thx for the feedback. next version is almost finished and will be uploaded soon. I hope this solves some of this
  6. there will never be synchronized sounds without major effort, but that is not the goal that I have. Having more variety of sounds and more suitable ones would already be an 500% quality increase over what Sexlab can do now. I would even go so far, that this is one of its major design flaws, along with the voice file count. But I understand it was simpler times back when it first was created. yes, but the FNIS way will never be done, that is the difference I doubt even existing animations will be updated, maybe we get some on newer ones. And I have, to date, not seen a single animation with sound from any slal creator. ah, thats what you mean. Yeah well, MNC animations are mostly ages old and alot of ppl prefer to not use them. So its not even worth the effort of working on them. I mean, I m reaching a state where I only allow my own mods to ever start SexScenes anymore, so I can just integrate alternate sounds into my own mod, but it would never be as potent as a Sexlab based solution. And I think Sexlab would heavily profit from such a feature, too. I mean, dont you see the potential alone for having GROUP Sex sounds? if not for creatures, then at least for this reason alone its worth it? You never noticed that in a 3P where 1 girl sucks and fucks 2 guys we can only EITHER have fucking OR sucking sounds, never both?
  7. I will make a collection. no problem. hmm, I dont believe we have any limitations here. Sexlab should BEFORE it runs its sex sounds if the active scene is: BigCreature(Troll,Gargoyle,Dragon,Horse etc.) or (Group3P,4P,5P) and then check for "SexSound" and instead of playing the normal SexSound use a suitable different one. Meaning all the JSON can remain with "Sound = Sex" or "Sound = Oral" and we have all 1000 creature animations with new sound. I mean ppl can then replace their sound files for the required actors even, allowing even more customization. I dont believe this will go anywhere, knowing animators and how SLAL mods develop. We need a basic change in the system and I dont think MNC will see any script updates like ever?! I also dont see me editing 1000 json files of the SLAL packs that will not be adopted then and I have to do the work again for each update over and over...
  8. yeah, I know that is possible to do, but this way we would have to add the sound to ALL creature sexscenes in ALL the Json files. 90% of mod authors will not do that. The rest of the SLAL packs are no longer maintained, so we just lose a big opportunity For sex I am thinking primarily of creature beast races like Trolls, Gargoyles, Werewolves where the fucking should sound more brutal. Then there are horses and other big dick animals. Basically it would be possible to have bigger dicks sound different and maybe also more brutal. Tentacles could sound different. We could also have MIXED oral and vaginal sex sound AND we could have group sex sounds (currently sex sound does not care for number of actors). I mean the sound of sexlab currently is like... extremly underwhelming I dont see a viable way to do this other than via sexlab. I mean it should basically be no problem at all, it would just require editing the Sexlab ESP too to register the new sound files. I was already thinking if I could add the sounds via an external mod like Sexlab Extra Voices, but I think then there might be double sounds... and also I dont know how to check for animation stage specific json settings... and so it gets complicated without end.
  9. Hey osmel!! Now with the new version working so nice with its expressions, I have a suggestion (I posted it before, but that is long gone): What about race specific fucking and sucking sounds? This is something I try to achieve for a long time now, but it would require changing Sexlab AND the JSON files. So I wonder it would be possible to only achieve via sexlab and actor detection. Meaning when an Animation is tagged "SexSounds" in JSON and Sexlab sees it is a Troll animation, it could automatically use DIFFERENT sex sounds. I could make a collection for such sounds, no problem. Same for sucking sounds ofc (Oral). What do you think?
  10. you dont need CK, just TES5edit or zEdit. I looked up the scripts, but as usual it seems not to be an easy task to just disable fast travel from there without some time investment...
  11. you could maybe delete the faction in the ESP. or the keyword leading to it. should only return a "none" error in the log and not cause problems.
  12. might be a mod called Interactive BDSM. if they just slap you it might be Spank that Ass or Sexlab Surival. Also Deviously enslaved continue I think can trigger on furnitures now.
  13. thx alot for clarifying I was looking for that exact thread. I implemented it as described and it works out nicely (once I remembered that it is a Float not an Int, that is, haha
  14. this comes up again and again, but I wont add something like this. I dont do popups or "telling" and I honestly hate and uninstall all mods that do this Also teleporting around is not cool and most mods that try to do this are not working well in my experience. To make it easier for ppl to adjust, everything will have a toggle. so ideally (when I get it to work) you will have the chance to spawn ghosts or just be killed/regular death when no enemies are around.
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