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  1. Seems like this is the must have essential mod for me in the future (and ALOT of other ppl for sure) thx so much for this!
  2. yeah, that is how I feel until I find out that it is my own error (user error). I mean its not like this mod works for everybody else, no?
  3. Hello Nymra

    i got a bug that you may know of so i write to you. it is that in all animations, even old Leito, Funbizz and Nibbles,  the table is too much down. it is connected with the victim, so victim and table will never come closer.

    that havent been always so. this happens even if i have not installed anubs animations, which is known of a table, which is too much down.


    1. Nymra


      This is connected to the fact that the AnimObjects are named the same in the ESP.


      I dont know anymore which way it was exactly but basically its like this:


      SLAL A uses "AOTable" (in ESP) with "small table"
      SLAL B uses "AOTable (in ESP) with "large table"

      whatever ESP comes last wins. 
      I fixed this by giving each SLAL pack individual AOnames.
      Meaning I renamed AOTable to AOTableA and AOTableB in BOTH ESP and FNIS.txt file (for reference)

      If you use my Rape Redux packs the problem should go away.
      Also I think Batastan Picks FUnnyBiz Pack solves the issue also but I never tested it. 

      I will get to SLAL packs when I get pack to sort my mods, but it might be mid december and I can make no promises :( 
      I want to solve the issue for good by talking to Anubs and the like to change their AnimObject names. 

    2. shiagwen


      is anub the only one that uses the small table ?



  4. Thx alot! While an update is in the making I am stuck with some basic problems that might be directly connected to the fact that I am not a coder and just guess and copy paste stuff I would LOVE to expand the feature and have like a dozen of ideas. First step would be to include the whipping scene that is from Naked Dungeons BETA Bug Free. This would extend the capture system (rape -> whipping in furniture -> escape game from furniture -> run away) I would love to have the NPC get back to the PC to whip when escape is failing. But I dont know enough about the original mod yet to pull that off. But yeah, when I find a way I will definatly implement more stuff.
  5. look through the thread, this came up before I think but I cant remember the outcome. I was cut short of time for my mods but will return and update/manage alot hopefully. But I do not report my stuff back to the conversion tracking page since I do not run SSE myself yet and cannot test it myself.
  6. whaaaaaa??? God since how long did I miss this!!!!! OMFG!
  7. Idea (sorry :D) for Bathing in Skyrim: Would it be possible to add a system like Cum Overlays for Bathing in Skyrim Dirt textures? There are several sets of cool dirt textures and I always tick different ones in my Load Order for variety. But I wonder if Bathing could have that integrated? So if Dirt textures are applied, BIS always chooses randomly between I dont know, 3-5 (matching) sets? Choosing a different one basically after every time we wash?
  8. I totally agree! SLadventures provides all options, so adding it would mean ppl can choose not to use it. I am toying around with the idea of forced bathing/washing but my attempts are not very well at the moment. I think I really need to learn animating myself first (tried to make Sexlab ANimations out of the ZAP waterwheels... and failed But since you are here: Any chance we see "Dirt Opacity" beeing tracked by Sexlab Disparity to allow customizing drawbacks from it? Like for example health regen. Just throwing ideas around tho
  9. what do you mean? FNIS files are always at the end for me, so they overwrite all mods, including TK dodge and Ultimate Combat. Or you mean I should let those two mods overwrite my FNIS generated folder?
  10. while really understanding your point behind this rant: I really really love that Tom, Dick and Harry do what they do. They make the modding scene actually exist and Skyrim worth playin still in 2020. If we would enforce what you propose in your rant, the modding scene would be dead in no time. I have also yet so see a professional software that is worth praising ^^most of the time I just wonder how it can be legal to release "professional" stuff for money that is so bugged or problematic. Adobe... *cough cough*.... just my rant As for the Sexlab Utility Plus defense: It does not change anything inside DDs script or architecture, just seems to scan for its HKX files. The same way people use "Estrus" Animations in their mods since the author is not responding to any kind of request. So basically with this enforced we would have no Estrus Chaurus, Estrus Spider, Estrus Traps in Deviously Enchanted Chests and many other mods also would not be possible.
  11. Hey, since you seem to be a pro when it comes to adding Crimes to Sexlab Adventures, any chance you could make a script that checks for Bathing in Skyrim Dirtiness? Ideally with a "dirty % adjustment" in the MCM (allowing us to choose which amount of dirt will lead to crime? Other than that, maybe above 50% dirt would be a good value to start as baseline? So meaning "IF dirtyness >50% -> Crime"? I basically miss any incentive to clean in my game, lol that is why I ask. Much appreciated. Your Patch is already a great thing!
  12. this is just a patch for Naked Dungeons. I changed only the standard MCM settings when u load the mod (basically disabling everything). I did not add new MCM options (yet)
  13. I cannot talk for the mods author but Sexlab Utility Plus also comes with its own DD and ZAP Animation filter integrated, maybe to avoid exactly that kind of isse. Still not sure how this will work out with the new DD5 filter system. We'll see. I wont say anything else to this because we already stepped on all that filter related toes before. As for bug reports: yeah, well. Every second bug report in my numerous own mod support threads is not related to my mods, too. Its just the nature of things here I m afraid
  14. Aaaah, not these two!!! I just uninstalled ALL my combat related mods (like 15....) and now the problem is gone. Since I had both Ultimate Combat and TK Dodge I maybe fixed it that way... Now for reinstalling all the mods again. And then try to figure out what causes the bug hopefully... Did you find a good alternative for TK dodge by any chance?
  15. Feel free to report back if it works that way around. I admit I havent tested yet if disabling the DD animations registerted from Sexlab Utility Plus in SLAL (or in Sexlab Toggle Animations) really prevents them from beeing called from DD. There SHOULD be a different solution by just deleting the HKX files in the DD folder and modifying scripts and FNIS.txt files but its been years since I did that for the last time. Would have to check if it works for DD5. A 100% sure working solution should be this: - if you dont like for example Scene "Yoke Animation X", go into DD folder, select the hkx files belonging to the Scene and delete them. - take the HKX files from your FAVOURITE Yoke Scene "Yoke Animation Y" and copy them (so they are now double). Rename them to match the deleted HKX files from "Yoke Animation X" This should work without rerunning FNIS, changing scripts or anything with the added benefit that you see your favourite animation more often (with a wrong SLAL name tho). Missalignments might happen tho and require manual edits via Sexlab Hotkeys (long story why this can happen, have the same issue with my Nymra Foreplay mod atm). thx alot 🙂 More might be coming in that direction of mods too.
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