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  1. You take this too literally - this topic should be closed by moderators .
  2. That was not my point... this is forum for mods for various games. Yes, there are tolls and they always appear on forums. Engaging in verbal duels and spending your free time on useless conversations is up to you. This is the world we live in and it will not change any time soon.
  3. If you dislike your neighbor will you kill him? This is site without obligations, just behave decent and there are no problems. If you don't like what you see, than don't see it or find alternative to this site.
  4. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11427
  5. And tutorial IS working for everybody who used it as should. Reading it is highly recommended.
  6. Just fuck - if I remember correctly, humping all on all is main feature...
  7. Maybe you noticed that on LL forums (and on Nexus) there isn't much going on. From my point of view, only Companion Ivy is actively developed (check Discord) in professional and passionate way. If you want pleasant and joyful experience from FO4, you should definitively install Companion Ivy. If you want generic follower just for humping, you have them on Nexus manufactured daily. And do yourself a favor and read Reginald_001 created a blog
  8. Your installed mods are messed up, judging from the pictures you are meddling with something you should not. Better remove everything and start from scratch. Decide what body you like to use and stick to it. If you like FG, install it with all necessary requirements posted on download page - it wouldn't hurt to read some guides about Fusion Girl and do not try to put a horse shoe on a frog...
  9. Clear previously generated fnis files - better, remove the old folder with generated files, run FNIS from the start. But that depends how you configured FNIS to run from MO.
  10. You'll have to remember the time problem started and the mods you installed at the same time. And problem is definitely from some mod that has magic effect and item effect.
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