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Carnalitas Slavery Expansion
expands on the Slavery System introduced in Carnalitas and tries to flesh out that part a bit more.
This mod introduces several new slave types and new interactions to work with.


Balance might be a bit wonky, but will improve based on your feedback!


Slave Prostitution Doctrine:

Adds a Slave Prostitution Doctrine to the existing Prostitution Doctrines.

Basically Prostitution is still shunned, but you won't lose piety by forcing your slaves into prostitution.

Also increases the money your slaves make.


New "Demand Sex" Interaction:

You will no longer be able to "Make Love" with your slaves. Instead you will be able to demand Sex with your slave.

This new interaction gives you the opportunity to have sex with anyone you have a hook on, including slaves.

Sex slaves are an exception though, demanding sex with them does not use their hook.


New Birth Control Interactions:

Instead of having a decision to use birth control you now get an interaction to start birth control on yourself, your consorts, your unmarried children, unmarried lovers at your court or slaves.

Players can choose between two options:

  • Classic Birth Control
  • Chastity Belt

Classic Birth Control gives a -100% fertility penalty and does reduce the pregnancy chance when having sex.

The chastity belt gives a -1000% fertility penalty, affects adultery triggers (treating the character like a chaste person) and will undress for sex.


New Gender Focus Interactions:

Players will be able influence the gender of newborns by using the interaction on yourself, your consorts, your unmarried children, unmarried lovers at your court or slaves.


New Slavery Tab:

Instead of being listed under relations, slaves will have their own tab on the character window, giving you a good overview which of your slaves is working in which category.

This is needed to keep track of the newly introduced slave types!


Labour Slaves:

A labour slave earns gold by working for their owner. The performance of a labour slave is based on their prowess.

An especially skilled labour slave levels the hunter lifestyle trait. The health of labour slaves take a hit due to the hard work.


Slave Soldiers:

A slave soldier gains prestige by serving in your army. The performance of a slave soldier is based on their prowess. An especially skilled slave soldier may become a talented Blademaster or even a great Commander, enabling them to lead armies as slave commanders. Skilled slave soldiers and commanders do cost gold though, as they are paid like mercenaries (see Mamluks).


Sex Slaves:

A sex slave is sexually available for their owner. They gather experience by having intercourse. Sex slaves with high attraction can be offered to other characters as a gift.


New Interactions to reveal or adopt children of Slaves:

Reveal the fathers of the children born in slavery and even adopt them by using one of two new interactions!


New Abdication Interaction:

Right click on your character to use the new abdication interaction, which also transfers all of your slaves to your primary heir!



Replaces/edits some vanilla files:

  • might_cheat_on_partner_trigger in 00_romance_and_seduction_triggers.txt
  • can_be_warrior_trigger in 00_war_and_peace_triggers.txt
  • can_be_commander_basic_trigger in 00_war_and_peace_triggers.txt
  • window_character.gui


Replaces/edits some files in Carnalitas:

  • carn_doctrine_prostitution in carn_doctrines.txt
  • carn_accepts_prostitution_trigger in carn_prostitution_triggers.txt
  • carn_slave_prostitution_values.txt
  • carn_slave_prostitution_events.txt
  • carn_prostitution_doctrine_seeding_effects.txt
  • carn_prostitution_default_religious_doctrine in carn_game_rules.txt
  • carn_birth_control_decisions.txt
  • carn_had_sex_with_effect.txt
  • carn_sex_interaction_triggers.txt
  • carn_force_start_prostitution_interaction.txt
  • slave in carn_slave_relations.txt
  • carn_sex_interaction.txt
  • carn_slave_events.txt


This mods also contains a fix where slave prostitutes would not stop working when freed.



  • This mod is save-game compatible! If you already have slaves in your save-game, right click on yourself and use the interaction "Setup Slave Categories".
  • Please delete older versions of this mod (Including my stand-alone mods "Forced Labour" and "Slave Prostitution Doctrine") before installing!


Supported Languages:

  • English
  • German


Load Order


LOAD ORDER without PA:

  1. Carnalitas
  2. Carnalitas Slavery Expansion



  1. Carnalitas
  2. CBO
  3. Physical Attributes
  4. Carnalitas Slavery Expansion
  5. Carnalitas Slavery Expansion - PA Compatch


Permissions Policy

You may use Slavery Expanded in your mod, but you MUST credit the author on your mod's description page.


Interaction icons taken from Interaction Icon Project Full

Everyone on the CK3 Mod Co-op Discord Server for answering my numerous questions!

Cheri for creating Carnalitas ;)


Tutorial on how to add the slave tab to your custom window_character.gui

  •  Find the BOTTOM AREA section and replace all buttons with
using = sm_slaves_button



  • Find the RELATIONS TAB section and add before it
############ SLAVES TAB ############

using = sm_slaves_tab


  • Edit the widget visibility of the relations tab to look like this
visible = "[And(CharacterWindow.IsTabShown('relations'), GetVariableSystem.HasValue( 'character_window_tab', 'relations' ))]"


Edited by LordDGP

What's New in Version 1.0.6


  • Updated Files to support CK3 Update 1.9 "Lance"
  • Overhauled how sex slaves, slave soldiers and labour slaves level up; made use of the new XP system (feedback needed)



  • Edited window_character.gui to support CK3 Update 1.7.0



  • Added decision to deactivate slave trait inheritance (now replaces carn_slave_events.txt)
  • Reworked gender birth focus interaction: You can additionally increase your chance for twins to 69% 
  • Fixed adoption interaction exploit where you could already see who the father is
  • Streamlined triggers that were stopping your ruler from leading your army in some cases
  • Added optional sm_slaves_button_lite.gui for modders that only replaces the family and relations tab instead of all tabs



  • Fixed a case where the slave relation is not properly set on slave children
  • Updated my "Setup Slave Categories" Interaction to fix save-games with the issue mentioned above
  • Birth Control and Gender Focus can now be set for unmarried lovers and soulmates at your court
  • Now replaces carn_sex_interaction.txt to not lose piety when making love to a prostitute while having the slave prostitution doctrine
  • Included chinese translation



  • Slaves can't refuse when you offer sex slaves to them
  • Minor Fixes



  • Renamed the main mod to better work with Compatches
  • Fixed a case where you could offer a sex slave to herself
  • Fixed sex slaves skipping rank 1 when leveling up
  • Added ability to use hooks when offering slaves
  • Added special Abdication Interaction that allows you to transfer your slaves to your heir
  • Added Compatch for Physical Attributes

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