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  1. Well shit, now I gotta add a baalbuddy eldritch horror waifu to my mod.
  2. Well I spent a couple days on it, and I have some sour results. Neither of us can probably ever get what we want with the way the games AI creates new species from gene modification. Though your idea to make the mutual exclusive rules more strict, is a nice idea. So credit to you for that. Zero cost traits kinda trick the game into not adding them to the trait limit. Back in the day when I first launched this mod like 90% of them were free, however, they all have costs now. RIP. It was fun while it lasted. But the latest version of the mod I uploaded today is some sour grapes for me in this regard. As far as there being too many traits, while I don't intend to remove any of the current traits, I can also promise I won't be adding any more.
  3. Lucky I have a gamesave with an ecumenopolis on it that I can open up... Nope, everything looks fine to me. It's an odd issue you are having. During development, I would only ever see blank portraits whenever there was a problem, I never once got black boxes, so I can't even offer up conjecture on what is happening.
  4. Overall, the trait's costs are currently a stop gap measure. I haven't taken the proper scrutiny to it yet, but I guess it oughta be next on the list now. kek. I'll have a good look at them within a couple days. Some traits will probably remain zero cost. During creation, under the hood you are limited to 15 traits total, positive or negative, but when in game this limit goes away and you can use science to pick up as many of the zero costs as you want. That's was the idea anyway, but like I said, I haven't actually done a "bug" review of all this. Traits that don't effect gameplay ought to be free, I agree, but the way empire AI will just grab every last one of them as soon as they get gene tech is kinda annoying. and I'll probably have to assign costs to everything ultimately... TBD. Like I said, I'll make this next on the list, and have something of an update within a week.
  5. Oh yeh I must've miss clicked when I was uploading. shoudl be good now
  6. OH, just go inside the mod, and delete the traits folders. Shouldn't create any errors if you do.
  7. Until Lustful Void gets an update, I won't know for sure. If you run LV by itself, as of today, you'll find that it also breaks the clone vats assembly. Since the Directors Cut runs on top of that mod, I'm having trouble diagnosing the problem. I some digging around on my end but I came up empty handed. Sorry. We'll just have to wait until LV get's a version that is ready for Stellaris Lem.
  8. Back in like 2017 both of these ideas were at one point on the table... Before getting cut. The hair and clothing variety, was just something I couldn't get working. That was a long time ago, so maybe I'll take another swing at it, but I doubt it. The main benefit of doing this actually, is how it would reduce the mod download size and also reduce loading time when launching the game. I had done some events/civic/initializers work way back in the day, but every time Stellaris has a new major update it broke everything. I know it's something every modder has to put up with, but one time it was so severe it was actually impossible to update my work. I was crushed, and it was a long time ago, so I don't remember the details. It just made me decide that I would rather stay away from that part of the game until after Paradox abandons the game. That way I know my work won't go to waste.

    So people can follow creators on this website, huh? Well I guess I'll make use of it.


         For the six of you that are here, you have my ear. Basically, I'm out of ideas and would like to do a custom species for y'all. Just reply to this status, or shoot me a DM.

         I plan on being collectivist about this, so the final result will probably be a mish mash of follower suggestions. Like for example, if I only get two replies to this thread, then you can expect those two species are going to have a lovechild abomination put into the mod. So be careful with what you wish for. I'll also point out that I'm more likely to pick up your idea if it makes me laugh a little. Like if someone posts, "Sans Undertale, but it's just Mii Gunner in a costume" then you're almost guaranteed to make it into the mod.


        Before posting, make sure to include a couple of bare minimum details. EXAMPLE show bellow...

    GIJINKA:: (me me want anthro strawberry girls)

    COLORS:: (strawberry red with photosynthetic green hair)

    STELLARIS LORE:: (stawberry shortcake, but her Catalytic Processors run on cheap cum. So she's taken the Free Haven civic in hopes of getting immigrant workers to boost her agricultural sector, but those pesky cartel plumbers give her "open border" more than what she was asking for.)


  10. This is THE only place on the net that I've posted my artwork. No twitter, no nothing. What can I say? I'm a lurker. But anyway, I doubt I'd take up a payed commission, though DMs are always free. I'll just point out that I did all this for fun. Hell, I drew orange Renamon in a hijab for no good reason. I think that says a lot. I will say though, that I'm totally out of ideas for xenos anyways. If people want to ask to have their favorite sci-fi girls added to Stellaris, then feel free to give it a shot. If anything, I'm very open to a public brainstorm to help me with new content. I'm happy to take donations, but I don't think I'd accept any offers for payed work. I know a couple of lewd artists IRL and both of them have gotten sick of drawing furry dick all the time. Really what is was, was that they started producing artwork that made them feel uncomfortable, but they couldn't turn down the money. You can imagine, right? How many times do you betray yourself in exchange for cash before it starts eating away at your soul? I know it would be financial suicide for them to quit, but a part of me wishes they would just get a minimum wage job like myself and learn to enjoy drawing for themselves again. Anyway, that was an odd tangent. Tip jar is open, DMs are open, commissions..... meh, I doubt it.
  11. No promises for the lizard girls getting a new pose, but I mean... I can still at least share what they looked like before I cropped out their heads. ::Cursed Image spoiler warning::
  12. Try reversing your mod order, 1- UI Overhaul, 2- LV, 3- Portrait Pack
  13. Ah interesting. Seeing as this is only effecting the custom species archetypes I made for the game, I can already tell where this "bug" is coming from. Not as easy fix, but I just need to get creative and come up with a "random species names" list for them to utilize. As far as the second question goes. It's intentional. I didn't know how else to show them as being really tall, but at least it's kinda funny too look at.
  14. Wowee. You basically put me on a syntax hunt that resulted in me finding an extra quotation mark down in the code. Man, I wonder how long that was there for? Hot fix has been pushed out, and available as the current download
  15. Okay, well, that's precisely why they don't work. Assuming you don't want to restore all the deleted files to fix this issue, I'll offer some specifics. At a bare minimum, you are going to need to restore the "common/graphics_culture" and "common/species_archetypes" folder to avoid potential game crashes "common/anomalies" - replaces some default human species with my hand drawn humans "common/country_customization" - when playing with the mechanist origin, ensure you have hand drawn robot pops on your starting planet. "common/diplo_phrases" - some vanilla species have custom dialogue that is unique to them, this ensure that my hand drawn species can also trigger this dialogue "common/fallen_empires" - tells the game to replace vanilla FE species with hand drawn species "common/scripted_effects" - tells the game to use my hand drawn species for the Horizons Signal DLC and the Bemat Thalassocracy end-game crisis "common/scripted_triggers" - tells the game which of my hand drawn species can be used for robotic, lithoid, or necroid empires in random generation "common/solar_systems_initializers" - tells the game when to use hand drawn species inside solar systems, such as putting japanese school girl roaches on a nuked version of Earth "events" - basically every quest that spawns a species is told to use my hand drawn artwork in this folder
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