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::100% Custom Artwork for STELLARIS:: -made by me, an internet guy
Other than that, this is yet another "portrait pack" you can just thrown into the dumpster. *ugh... We got enough of those.


REGULAR VERSION:: stellaris v3.1.*
   x78 Species - some have more variants than others... some are half assed. (examples shown above)


   Know that the original intention of this mod was to replace all of the vanilla portraits with hot pics. And, while I've been working on this project in secret for almost 5 YEARS, I've decided to pull the trigger on it because there is no way in hell I'll ever reach that goal. If you don't want a replacer, then just download the "Regular Version". It shouldn't conflict with your other mods. The "Directors Cut", however, adds a bunch of unnecessary fluff. The main reason I wanted to make a replacer pack was because well... How am I supposed to enjoy all the lewd mods that can be found for this game, with all those ugly ass vanilla MONSTROCITIES randomly spawning into my galaxy. Who would wanna fuck that thing?!?!? But that's it. That's the gist. No promises on any future development for this mod, other than me poppin' in to update it to the latest game version of stellaris every now and again. All in all, I'm satisfied with only having x5 of each archetype, as having the x176 total species I would need to match Paradox Interactive is WAY too much work.


DIRECTORS CUT:: stellaris v3.1.* + lustful void v0.5.7
   x76 Species - x5-x6 for each species class, + x10 bonus species
   x24 Extra Unplayable Species - unique portraits for all x3 endgame crises, all x3 enclaves, and some of the special event species, etc.
   x61 Extra Traits - designed for fleshing out each species with even more erotic flavor. lite on mechanical depth and perfect for building a diverse list of custom empires with


TRAIT PACK:: stellaris v3.1.* + lustful void v0.5.7

Brought to you by viewer request. This is a visual overhaul to Lithia<3's Lustful_Void and expansion pack.

   Visual Overhaul - all Traits and Leader Traits have been redrawn

   Increased Trait Limitss - at this point, game balance is not the objective anymore. Species can now have up to 15 traits so that players can design species to be as lewd as they want

   x61 Extra Traits - a list of all the new traits can be found in the spoiler bellow



FEMALE:: Small_Hips, Barren_Wombs, Fertile_Wombs, Hypersensative_Throats, Hypersensative_Nipples, Hypersensative_Vulvas, Hypersensative_Labias, Acrobatic_Vaginas, Prolapsed_Vaginas, Gapping_Cervix, Pseudo_Penis

MALE:: Sterile_Cum, Virulent_Cum,  Weak_Stamina, Endless_Stamina, Nutritious_Cum, Addictive_Smegma, Hypersensative_Glans, Hypersensative_Testicles, Hypersensative_Foreskins, Sudded_Penis, Ribbed_Penis, Bulbus, Tenatcle_Penis, Mating_Sement

NEUTRAL:: Rough_Skin, Entertainers, Hypersensative_Horns, Segregated_Genders, Sexually_Domesticated, Genetically_Procured

ROBOT:: Maid_Bots

BREEDING TYPES:: Continuous_Breeders, Oral_Breeders, Oral_Seeders, Cloacal_Breeders, Drone_Breeders, Angio_Breeders, Monogomous, Polyamorous, Polygamous, Pedophilic, Inbred, Sexual_Cum_Dumpsters, Sexual_Predators, Xenos_Cum_Dumpsters, Xenos_Predators, Creature_Cum_Dumpsters, Creature_Predators, Asexual, All_Clones

INTERSPECIES:: Human_Subspecies, Pleasure_Parasites, Disease_Breeders, Sex_Zombie_Cordyceps



   1a. download either the "REGULAR" or "DIRECTORS CUT" versions
      1b. if you have selected the "DIRECTORS CUT" download the Lustful Void mod by Lithia<3 as well
   2. place inside "C:\Users\*User_Name*\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod\" folder
   3. extract the contents of *insert_mod_name*.zip
   4. open the Stellaris Launcher and include the mods in your playset
   5.(optional) Highly recommend the UI Overhaul Dynamic mod on the steam workshop so you can actually see the portraits


   REGULAR:: this one shouldn't conflict with any mod, though it isn't designed to properly integrate with them either. Just a safe pick overall.

   DIRECTORS CUT:: this one obliterates a lot of vanilla files. Don't be surprised if shit don't work with other mods.

      REQUIREMENTS:: Lustful Void, I didn't make this version of the mod to run along side any other mod other than Lustful Void. It was primarily built for my personal use, and not exactly meant for the masses.
      Specifically this mod edits::
         1. Prescripted_Countries, files wiped clean
         2. Species_Classes files, wiped and modified
         3. Scripted_Triggers files, modified
         4. some files inside Anomolies, Decisions, Diplo_Phrases, Solar_System_Initializers, and Events folders are also modified


   TRAIT PACK:: lite, but does make one edit to vanilla.

         1. Species_Archetypes, increases trait limit to 15 for biological and 10 for machine species



      Overall, I am interested in utilizing the Vanilla Framework mod by Mugginnato, once it's out of beta and is feature complete. At the moment, my Directors Cut simply does more than what is on offer, but I'm not intent on splitting community. Mugginnato, if you are reading this, you are more than welcome to reference my files to see where in a couple places you are letting vanilla portraits slip into the game. For example, if you were to pick a mechanist origin, your empires starting robot pops will be paradox models. All in good time.


"So Calcifire?.. Were you even trying at all when you made the male portraits?"

   Lol, shit. I'm just a cis het male, I don't know what's good. I just drew the bare minimum of dicks that I had to, alright.



   *takes multiples levels of irony off for a moment*


   I wasn't interested in most, if any, of the naughty portrait packs already available on LoversLab back in the day because of how they're usually just someone's porn folder being dumped onto the game. The art isn't bad, that's not what I mean. It's just too visually inconsistent, with too many different art styles for my sensibilities. But we can't expect GOD TO DO ALL THE WORK. So I figured I could just make the mod myself. Though I am not a famously skilled, nor talented enough to produce high quality content like what can be seen in most packs, I still wanted to have a mod that maintained a consistent aesthetic throughout. That being said, in my efforts I knew the vanilla game already enjoys a wide diversity of creature types, so 200 anime girls wasn't gonna cut it. Therefore, I tried my best to make the monster girl designs "interesting". Making these portraits was a lot of work, and if I had infinite time, I'd've done more.


Donation box ::HERE::, for anyone who liked the mod

Edited by Calcifire

What's New in Version 3.1.2


Trait Cost Balancing Pass::

   Zero Trait Cost stop gap removed - traits now have costs, but by expanding the limits on archetypes should help maintain customizability without allowing the AI to go haywire.

   More Mutual Exclusivity - you should no longer find xenos who are sex crazed and also asexual, etc.

   Flavor Traits now have stats - some traits that used to not effect gameplay now do, which will help the AI know what to do with them.

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