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This is an animated portrait pack I made using Stable Diffusion. I've been playing around with image generating AI and after seeing other portrait packs, I thought I could do that as well and here we are.

My goal was to have a diverse cast of characters, so that the leaders are easily identified during the game. I tried to have the leader classes to be recognizable, but also to fight the tendency of Generative AI to produce results that all look kind of the same, and I tried to have the portraits within each leader class to be distinctive.


The mod contains two species as of now, I do intend to add more later.


The first species are blue skinned elves. Why blue elves? Well, I initially generated a few things to get ideas, one blue elf looked nice, so I generated a few more and then I had a theme going on.


132 Elf Portraits.


I used the same portraits for governors and envoys. Quite frankly, I forgot envoys were even a thing at first. If you wonder why there are significantly more females than males. Well, I did the women first, it was significantly more work than I thought it'd be, and since I'm not into dudes... let's just say I emphasized quality over quantity at this point.


The second species are "The Swarm". Insectoid monster girls. The idea was to go for more disturbing than sexy with those.


44 Insectoid Portraits.


Now, I separated governors and envoys for those. There are only 4 male portraits in that one. I mostly went for an all female race and it wasn't easy to have much variety with the theme I wanted.


I don't take any credit for the portrait's animations, I just took the animation files from the mod "Stellar Legion", which is undoubtedly a much better mod than mine, but it's sfw!



Stable Portraits should be compatible with Lustful Void's all male and all female traits. Just load LV first. I don't foresee any other compatibility issue.




Edited by Karsus

What's New in Version 1.1.0


Added insectoid race.

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