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1 hour ago, mrrakkonn said:

Here's formal (1) and party (2-5) outfits, more or less happy here I think. Still room for more outfits in formal and 1 in party, though I never really set a goal of having to fill out those categories. Though some additional formal outfits might be neat, maybe something "casual formal"?



And athletic, sleep, swimwear and cold weather outfits. Also not much need for change or addition I think, maybe an additional, bit more wintery, cold weather outfit could be nice


Someone Aly would really wanna hang with.  Like the style.

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41 minutes ago, Thradra said:

Someone Aly would really wanna hang with.  Like the style.


Yeah, I've grown to really like making sims with this kind of clothing style. Got a couple of them now. 


edit: And I think rounding out her warderobe with 2 additional formal outfits and 1 additional cold weather outfit



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17 hours ago, mrrakkonn said:


I very much appreciate feedback so don't worry about that, even if I also tend to try to defend my choices (but again having to do that is useful in itself). Differences might not be immediately apparent here as I made very slight adjustments. I think part of the impression you have of the head being almost as wide as her waist might be from the hairstyle, though I decided maybe I could also try to make her body slightly wider. Again emphasis here on the slightly, small changes all around. 



> She is very cute, but I think she has too many tattoos for a teenager, imo ;) unless she is not teenager but has only petite body. :)

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