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    Terra, third planet in the Sol System, Milky Way galaxy
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    Games: Sims 4, Skyrim, Horizon Zero Dawn, Tomb Raider Series, Dark Souls Series, any RPG where that allows playing as a female character.
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    I like to stay off the grid, so you won't find me on any of the Contact Methods above. If I am on one, it's likely under a different identity.

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  1. She has a wonderful, dreamy, wistful look to her ❣️
  2. I like it! It's a nice change from the usual shaved bodies.
  3. Well, when it comes to a variety of body shapes, here's a short video I made featuring the WintersSong Fashions Board of Directors. I call it "BoardWalk": Boardwalk.mp4
  4. Hah, thanks for asking. Same body, sadly. I've been working on toning up my butt, but the belly fat just doesn't want to go. I'm a blonde. I'd really love to dye my hair blue, but it would be considered "unprofessional" where I work. Maybe some day.
  5. Thanks, dear one! I can't help being a romantic at heart! I hope to show more of our relationship in a future video. If you'd like to know how Heather and I met, look at the folder "Juliette and Friends 2020", particularly episodes 03 and 04.
  6. My girlfriend, Heather, never posed in the nude before. She was understandably a bit reluctant. However, Lana styled her hair, and Ashley fitted her with a nice WintersSong bra and panty set in her favorite color. Here's the first photoshoot: I never saw that hungry, sexy look in her eyes before! We came back to the studio the next day, and she felt a lot more inhibited. So here's a couple more pics from that session: I don't have to tell you what happened after that 😉
  7. A bit early... Ashley Winters kindly offered to take a glamor photoshoot of me and my girlfriend, Heather. Yours truly 💋:
  8. The way that her top blends into her upper torso is quite interesting. Nice use of light leaks in the first two shots. I love the glow of the candles! The realistic skin shader is very well done as well. I had managed to achieve something similar once, but it was only good for screenshots, unfortunately.
  9. Thank you! Yes, the Board is a wild bunch... I'll have to record the WintersSong Fashions holiday party in December 😛
  10. Lana's final fashion performance gets a reaction from the Board, in WintersSong 05: "A Convincing Performance": WintersSong 05.mp4
  11. In today's episode, Lana finishes the first half of her modeling show, and is examined by the Board of Directors. WintersSong episode 4: "Catwalk" WintersSong 04.mp4
  12. Thanks BatDood! I know... 'hundreds a year'! Dr. Stevens is sooo lucky 😄. Worth every penny of medical school tuition.
  13. Lana gets her "attributes" enhanced in WintersSong Episode 3: "A New Lana". WintersSong 03.mp4
  14. Ashley and Lana meet with WintersSong Fashions' Board of Directors, and present their case in: WintersSong, Episode 02: "Meeting the Board": WintersSong 02.mp4
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