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  1. Well, I broke down and updated and everything is working fine again. I don't understand it as EA didn't have access to my computer to change anything before because I kept it offline. I wanted to make sure all my mods were updated before patching my game. Anyway, patching it fixed the issue.
  2. Our situation is exactly the same and I still haven't found anything to fix it. It's really strange because absolutely nothing in my game or my system has been changed since the last time I played and everything was working perfectly then. At least all my other WW settings are fine. It's just the hotkey issue. Oh well, I guess I'll just go without.
  3. I decided to take a Sims break and haven't played in about 3 weeks so I fired up the game today. It hasn't been updated with the latest Snowy Escape patches as I've kept the game in off-line mode. Everything is exactly the same as when I stopped playing. For some strange reason, the hotkey function is not working. I've deleted the localthumbcache. I've done a WW save clean. I have Experimental Mode turned on. I even tried resetting WW back to stock default settings. Nothing is working. It's not just on one save either. It's happening with all of them regardless of what WW settings I have enabled. This is really frustrating as I can't seem to pinpoint the problem. Any clues as to how I can solve this? It was working just fine before I took a break.
  4. It's your preference really. Personally, I won't touch online until everything has settled unless I just plan on playing without mods for awhile. But I really think that for the benefit of a lot of the people that start new accounts on this site to post problems because an update borked their game, I honestly believe that the best advice is to put the game offline and wait for mods to settle before updating. You've been here for awhile so you can vouch for that yourself. I'm sure you've also seen an influx of brand new LL accounts post here about how an update has broken their mods and a lot of the frequent posters giving out the same help over and over again when an update drops. I'm not trying to be argumentative or anything of the sort. I'm just suggesting that the best piece of advice for newcomers is to stay offline. Of course, most of those people won't see that advice because they sign up here to ask for help after they've broken their mods.
  5. I wouldn't even chance it unless you know all your mods have been updated. It's strictly offline all the time for me until the game updates and patches settle in.
  6. I'm assuming the issue is that Nightcrawler's cc doesn't have all the tags required to play nicely with WW? I know it's not Alpha but maybe try Vanilla hair and see what kind of result you get.
  7. I have my settings set to Normal but customized longer through MCCC. It's a mix between Normal and Long. I just get bored seeing the same sims over and over again and I welcome new generations. If by some slim chance a random NPC gets spawned in, they come directly from my library so I'm already guaranteed that they will be someone I want to keep in the save. These settings keep the same save fresh for me. If I played with your settings, I'd never get through the first generation without starting all over again out of boredom. lol As I mentioned, it took a lot of trial and error to settle in on the settings that I currently have and they suit my playstyle perfectly. Jobs are always filled and everyone's lookin' pretty.
  8. I'm assuming you have aging turned off as well. Otherwise your world will run out of sims at some point and NPCC will still allow respawns for jobs as required, even though new spawns are turned off. As I'm sure you're already aware from private discussions, I use that mod as well and have been for awhile. I have aging turned on in my game but the only new spawns I get are the ones through birth (and vacation worlds). I have birth enabled in MCCC but very minimally. The reason for that is because I ran into an issue where my world was running out of sims fairly quickly when elders started dying off and WW wasn't keeping up with demand that I needed. Even though I was using NPCC, new EA spawns were being generated for service jobs. I could have set WW to more extreme settings but I didn't want to do that. It took a lot of trial and error to come up with a pregnancy rate between the two that was suitable for my gameplay and keep my populace balanced out. The trade-off is that I have to monitor new sims when they age up to teens but at least they aren't EA's green-haired horror shows. Side note: I've been using your suggestion for CAS editing with MCCC only and I don't seem to be running into any issues related to Attraction so far, so I think Manage Worlds might be the culprit. Once again - MCCC to the rescue.
  9. Thanks for the tips. I'll definitely try that and if it works okay, get into the habit of editing my NPCs that way. The reason why I use Manage Worlds is because periodically, I can scan through all the households and edit them all up as the need arises. Yes, I'm anal like that as I like to micromanage my world to avoid Maxis travesties. Thanks to MCCC, any generated NPCs are pulled directly from my library so CAS'ing them up is trivial. They are all very easy to locate and I can do them in one pass because, let's face it, this game has a knack for creating the most screwed up looking sims. I find that the vital time in editing is when they start breeding and creating new generations. That's when the Maxis funky outfits really begin showing up. But if that's what is causing my issues, then a new method of playing is going to be required on my part. It really sucks though because using the Manage Worlds function is an easy part of the game but it wouldn't be the first issue this game has in relation to mods.
  10. Sorry for my wording. I should have said "Just yesterday, I played the game and edited a random NPC in CAS". Here's the thing - I didn't switch households. I had my played household, went into Manage Worlds, edited the NPC in question in CAS and then went immediately back to my played household. When I checked my sim's friends list, all attractiveness details were missing and travelling to another lot regenerated them. (I don't know if they're necessarily being 'regenerated' or not). You're right though - maybe I have an obscure mod that's having a strange effect. I would be interested in any results or insights you come up with because after all the testing and playing around with the Attraction system in my setup, I still haven't come across the elusive Attractiveness settings that do what I want.
  11. I would love to know more about the inner workings myself. Asking NPCs about their preferences reveals information and I've run tests where I've changed my sim based on those preferences with very little effect. If, as you suggest, there IS major/minor details, that would be good information to know. As far as attractiveness changing, I understand that the mechanic should be fluid. For instance, if my sim is specifically into blondes who are adults, it would make sense that any NPC who ages would become less attractive because they've become an elder with gray hair. I'm absolutely fine with any kind of changes like that. But these random changes that are happening are boggling my mind. Just yesterday, I played and edited a random NPC in CAS. Not even one that my sim has met yet. When I went back into my household and checked my sim's friends list, ALL attractiveness details were missing. It's almost as if WW was regenerating attractiveness details all over again. I had my sim travel to another lot and it refreshed them all. Most were intact as they were before but a few were changed and that shouldn't be happening as I never touched those sims in CAS. It's weird.
  12. I really wish EA would stop milking this game and leave the modding community the fuck alone with their updates. How old is this game? Almost 4 years old? Move on to Sims 5 already and fix the shit that is currently broken in this game. I probably wouldn't need half the mods I have if they'd just fix the broken shit. But it is EA we're talking about so their greedy little fingers will continue to milk it for quite some time to come no doubt. And then you've got some YouTubers feeding into this shit constantly. It's all well and good for them because they get everything for free. Not every YouTuber is an EA dick-rider but there are some notable ones for sure.
  13. Normally, I don't base my sim's settings on one particular sim at all. As I mentioned; when I start a new playthrough, I'll randomly generate preferences for every single sim in my save including my own. I really like the mystery of finding that extremely attractive sim that my sim wants. The only time a do base my sim's attractiveness on one NPC is when I've already established who the extremely attractive sim is but the settings get changed for some unknown reason. It's kind of irritating to be honest and I wish I knew why they are randomly getting changed. I have 'player' sims as well but they'll have fun with anybody attractive and above. It's only my family-oriented sims where I'll try to scope out the extremely attractive one. I don't mind the moodlets to be honest as I'll use the predictable ones in gameplay. The ones that I'm not crazy about are the Playful moodlets you get from public sex. I would really like to see that changed to Confident because if you think about it, it would sure take a lot of confidence to have sex in front of a group of people in a public place. But it is what it is and Turbo has his reasons for setting it up the way it is. Also the moodlets when an established couple have sex. Couple moodlets just seem too random.
  14. I guess I wasn't explaining myself properly. I do that sometimes. lol Let's say for example, I have a NPC in my world that I want my sim to be partnered with and I want my sim to be Extremely Attracted to them. You can click on your sim and generate your sim's preferences based on that specific sim. What that does is sets your sim's attraction criteria to that NPC and that criteria will be used against all other sims in your save. I usually use the Moderate setting but you can set it to Opinionated which really narrows things down and makes it very hard to find other Extremely Attractive NPCs other than your #1. That's what I meant when I said it adjusts the attractiveness of all other sims. Let's say the NPC you picked has black hair. Any blondes or red heads will be set lower for your sim because they don't match the criteria of the sim you used. Once again, the amount will vary based on the intensity you used. Personally I really like the variety as I don't really want everybody to be really attracted to everybody. It just puts the game into sexual easy mode otherwise. Basically from my experience with Unique Appearance, if you give it to your sim it doesn't necessarily mean that every NPC will find your sim extremely attractive. For instance; if a NPC finds your sim very unattractive to start with, it doesn't mean that they'll magically become extremely attracted. It's just bumps the level up a couple. But if they're already fairly attracted, Unique Appearance guarantees Extremely Attracted. Speaking of unattractive; I actually like to use it as a game mechanic. If my sim finds an unattractive sim, I like to have that sim come over for booty calls occasionally. The reason being is that your sim will get an Inspired buff for quite some time because that sim was not quite their type. It works great with thoughtful showers and other vanilla mechanics for your creative sims when painting or wood working, writing, etc. That doesn't mean the your sim has to bang ugly sims to get inspired. It just means that your sim isn't attracted to that sim even though you as the player might personally find them gorgeous. But coming back full circle, when I start a new playthrough using my master file, I'll immediately randomly regenerate all preferences for every sim in my save before I start playing. That way I can use the same save multiple times without having the same attractiveness results every single playthrough which would make things too predictable and boring. The problem that I'm having is that method doesn't seem to stick and for some reason, attractiveness levels will change from doing something as simple as editing a NPC in CAS. I think there's some kind of bug or issue with the Attractiveness system that's doing it.
  15. No duplicates and I have no mods that would have any impact on the Attraction system. This has been happening since the first day that I started using attraction as I noticed it very quickly. It doesn't reset every single sim but I've noticed it happening to quite a few. I'm willing to bet that if you try experimenting with it and pay close attention, you'll find the same thing. I've always played with it disabled but I've recently set my WW settings to default and I've had Attraction active just to change up my gameplay a little bit. Anything that adds more depth is welcome AFAIK. I'm just finding that I can't really rely on it. The workaround I came up with was to take the NPC that my sim was originally extremely attracted to and reset my sim's attraction based on that sim. That seems to do the trick and it doesn't change that attraction regardless of any CAS editing I do. That sim is pretty much the only one I'm concerned about as far as attraction changes go anyway. Doing it that way, I'm not creating this false positive that Unique Appearance gives. Plus, it adjusts the attractiveness of all the other sims that my sim has had contact with and it seems to stick for all of them. I guess basically to sum it up, I'm finding that if I base my sim's attraction on another sim directly, I don't seem to have these random fluctuations as opposed to randomly generating preferences for my sim and having things change later. The problem with that solution is that it takes the mystery (ie: fun) out it and makes attraction totally predictable as you have already set up that special NPC for yours.
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