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  1. Are you running the beta? This isn't the place for beta questions.
  2. The next burning question is, which of our esteemed animators is weeb enough to be the first to give us hot under-the-kotatsu and onsen action like our favorite doujins, hentai, and JAVs?
  3. VERY related to this thread. It can be safely assumed that the pre-EP patch will break a whole lot more than the last one did. With new personality features coming, it's a strong chance that WW will break HARD. We'll just have to wait and see.
  4. I don't think so, but they never hang around long enough anyway.
  5. It's the only chance my butler gets to have some fun on her own. And since Turbo thinks it's unprofessional for butlers (but not nannies, hmm?) to have autonomous sex, it's their only chance to get some of their own volition.
  6. The version released on 10/18 was the problem version. There was a change that didn't play well with WW if a sim tried to go outside in freezing weather. Just so happened the night that version released, my main save had a Loves Outdoors and Recycle Disciple sim plus a blizzard on New Years Eve. Just the right conditions to trigger the conflict. And it did. A fix has since been released.
  7. Who's gonna be first with a "sneak a BJ under the kotatsu" animation?
  8. How far down the wait list is Snowy Escape and all the potential Japanese schoolgirls?
  9. Change Into Everyday When Indoors has been updated to play nice with WW again.
  10. I see a new way to die... succumbing to the siren song of the kotatsu.
  11. The short version is "The Sims go to Hokkaido." Japanese expansion with ski resort and onsen.
  12. A heads up for those of us using LittleMsSam's mods: The 10/18 version of Change Into Everyday When Indoors mod from her Random Small Mods collection does not play well with WW. This comes from the lady herself. I can confirm. Had a save that would constantly hang after updating this mod, and taking it or WW out of the picture cleared it up.
  13. I came here to make this same joke. Also this...
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