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  1. See... I created an Android, and you created an Alien... yes both Sci-Fi inspired but both completely different parts to the common theme... She is a cutie BTW...
  2. O.o! I got the idea to do a Sci-Fi type set because of your image... please do upload the next one you have, or had in mind! I would like to see it... As for the Reshade... it was a download but I have tweaked and changed it to go with my game and style (was Pumpkin spice... or something like that...) put an image from that preset next to mine and they now look nothing alike...
  3. A new Sim... Name THX-1138 OU-812 (hint.. more than one reference in the name... ) Her awakening on a dark ship very little working, some doors don't open... just a small pic story showing her trying to get things working a bit and find out where she is...
  4. Misunderstanding I think... I was just funning with my post and meant it purely for fun... No harm was intended. As for other new Sims... I have not created more at the moment... so just these girls and a few guys... Keep showing your Sims off though... You create some great looking Sims!
  5. Haven't I? Hmm... well This (the one I've been posting shots of the last few days or so...) is Amy I've posted images of Chloe... (Image I've posted before...) Also posted images of Sarah... (also an image I've posted before...) And also Shante...
  6. Yeah she is a little cutie... Thank you mrrakkonn!
  7. If I had any kind of video editing skills this would be better... I don't so...
  8. I do take inspiration from a lot of the sims and images you post... not surprising these to girls look close in appearance because of that... All out of thumbs for today... will add tomorrow..
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